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Info request--urgent

Hi Klaus:

I cannot write my request for info below without first focusing on the
sad passing over of our stalwarth supporter, Dr Neil Cherry, N.Zealand.
and extending my condolences to his family. I do not wish to cause
offense to any non-believers in post-death existences when I say that I
feel strongly that Neil will continue rooting for our success on the EMR
adverse bioeffects issue and perhaps can do so now from an infinitely
more advantagous position to help us than is possible from our--mere
mortals--restricted perspective.

My info request to your list, Klaus is this: I have been asked to
furnish information to questions posed to me by a Human Rights
Commission who is investigating the EHS issue.

The information I have been asked to forward quickly to the commission
is as follows:

". . .whether there have been any statements or papers issued by the
World Health Organisation or any Health Authority in another
jurisdiction recognising the condition of "Electrical Sensitivity", or
any court decisions in other jurisdictions dealing with the condition (for
example, you mention a recent court decision in Spain). If so, I would
be most obliged if you could forward copies of the relevant papers
and/or decisions to the Commission."

It would help me enormously--plus probably many others on your list--if
I could be given accurate and comprehensive responses to those questions
as soon as possible.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland

" Do you know of any high profile cases that might be trying to claim
damages from the mobile Industry in America?"

The Company Secretary
Our ref: JR/sw/81/080285

Draft 27 January 2003
By Hand
Dear Sir

Telecoms equipment on mast at Bulls Lane, Wishaw

1. We are instructed by (names removed for protection of privacy), all
residents of the village of Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield and known as the
Wishaw Action Group. Our clients all live in close proximity to the site
of a telecommunications base station upon which you have equipment.

2. Our clients have on a number of occasions over the last twelve months
or so expressed their concerns to you over the detrimental impact they
believe your equipment is having on the health of themselves and other
occupants of the village as well as on their properties. We are aware
that you have in the past met with our clients and other villagers to
listen to their concerns but refused to accept that the presence of your
equipment was in any way responsible for these concerns and you were not
prepared to remove it.

To summarise those concerns they include:

1. 5 cases of breast cancer,
2. 1 case of cervical cancer,
3. 6 cases of pre-cancerous tumours,
4. 3 cases of unexplained severe skin rashes,
5. 9 cases of unexplained low white blood cell counts,
6. 3 cases of hormonal deficiencies and early menopause,
7. Numerous instances of headaches, dizziness, faintness,
tingling sensations, electric shocks and sleep disturbance,
8. Disruption to family life.
9. Devaluation of property.

3. The Action Group has repeatedly drawn to your attention worldwide
research linking the pulsing of masts such as yours to the disruption of
sleep patterns, causing the breakdown of the melatonin process and
subsequent immune problems leading to the inability to fight pre-cancer cells.

Several post Stewart, Scientific reports strongly reinforce this
hypothesis, in particular:

  • Saltzberg Resolution 2000
  • Ishido and Nitta, Japan's National Institute for Environmental
    Studies 2001
  • Catania Resolution 2002
  • Trower Report 2002
  • Dr Helen Irvines studies Glasgow Heath Board 2002
  • Dr Gerard Hylands Report 2002
  • Research Baconnier Lang et al October 2002 (Israel Department
    Chemical Engineering Negev.)
  • Freiburger appeal October 2002
  • Professor Dennis L. Henshaw, H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory,
    Bristol University.

Two independent reports on Wishaw have been carried out by Alasdair
Phillips of Power Watch and Roger Coghill, Coghill Laboratories and the
authors of those reports have described to our clients a "Piggy Back"
effect whereby the wrong siting of your equipment gives the microwaves
opportunity to ride on radio waves in direct line and penetrate deeper
into body cells. The Coghill report recommends that the equipment is
urgently moved at least 500 metres from inhabited property and that a
therapeutic mode is attached to it to reduce the risk of further related
ill health due to the non-thermal effects of pulsed microwave radiation.
Copies of all the above reports can be provided to you if required.

4. Our clients are no longer prepared to remain inactive and allow the
health of themselves and their families to be threatened in the
interests of financial gain and as negotiation has proved unsuccessful
we are now advising them on their legal options.

5. As you know it is our clients' fervent wish that the base station and
your equipment be moved to another location but, failing that, they have
instructed us to put you on notice, that at such time that these links
between your equipment and ill health in the village are firmly
established, you will be held totally responsible for the damage to
health and devaluation of property and compensation will be duly sought.

Henceforth, we will deem you to have full knowledge of the effects your
equipment is having on the local population and your future actions will
have to be judged in the light of that knowledge.

We await your response.

Yours faithfully

The John Hughes Law Practice

Informant. Dr. Miguel Muntané

Press link- cancer street

The cancer street ->



Zoran- leaving the village

Zoran residents: "every several weeks someone dies from cancer and
immediately another ill resident is found. Now they intend to leave the
houses and move to a protest tent.

Maariv 26.5.2003
by Eitan Rabin

For years Zoran residents cry out about the damages from the antennas
near their houses. Every time the issue rises again - the debate about
the dangers from the antennas farm. Every month new cancer cases are found.

Now they organize the next protest: Leaving the village and settling in
a tent that will be in Dror crossroad. The people of Zoran thought they
came to "the Savion of the Sharon" [Savion is one of the most expensive
and high quality areas in Israel] They were promised quiet and life
quality. Since then, most of the time they are occupied with the war
over the antennas. They protested again and again, they cancelled the
studies in the village, the state comptroller got involved, the
government discussed, and now the issue hangs in the supreme court. "We
remove the gloves, the houses leaving act will be dramatic" said Pnina Kanati.

"It can't be that people will die here from cancer, and the government
will be indifferent". Michael Akerman said "every several weeks someone
dies here from cancer, and immediately another cancer patient is found.
Only after dozens of people will die, will people say that we were
right, and it will be too late".

"People here are in shock" said Zion Michaeli. "We will close the
station here, whether in war or whether by protests. We have children
here, and we fight for their health".

The struggle stuff prepared a detailed logistic plan for leaving the
village within a week, unless steps for removing the antennas will be
taken. They already got permission to erect the tent on an area of 200
dunam in Bnei Dror village. They intend to put in the entrance of Zoran
a huge sign that will inform on the back count until they leaving day.

Head of the local council Yossi Malka said to Maariv that in the next
days he expects from Ehud Ulmert who is responsible on the broadcast
authority, to take measures to remove the antennas of Hillel station. He
said that if the situation will not change the residents will make
dramatic steps.

My mother died from cancer, and then I got sick too

59 of Zoran residents got cancer in the last 5 years.

"People die here, and nobody does anything"

Maariv 26.5.2003
by Eitan Rabin

Zoran residents escorted yesterday David Golan to his last resting place
for forever, he died a day before yesterday from cancer. In the village
they say that he is the last victim of the antennas farm. For now.
59 residents from Zoran village got cancer in the past 5 years, part of
them died. 59 from 5000 who live in the village.

In the last several months the disease hurt 2 families, in 2 generations.
Frida Zazkin died from cancer several months ago. After her death, also
her daughter, A' found that she's sick. "My mother was a very strong
woman, a healthy wonan" tells A', 49 years old. A year ago she felt
aches and then the cancer was found in the liver and in the bones. We
didn't know that it may be from the radiation. After she died, I found
that I also had cancer. I had to have a surgery and I am still afraid of
the burst of the disease". The checks that A had, prove that it is not
from genetic reason. She is afraid that the link between the cases is
the radiation from the antennas. A's daughter, a mother for 3 years old
child, is a fraid for her own fate. "I am afraid. I go to check myself.
People come here to live in a little quiet village and get hurt from
the antennas". The family deals quietly with the suffer and fear. They
expect from the struggle heads to do something to remove the radiation threat.

Sarah Sitbon, 47 years old, found several weeks ago that she has a tumor
in her foot. A month after that it was found out that her 13 years old
daugher was suffering from a tumor in her hand. "There is no doubt that
it's the radiation" said the father Aviv. "So that they won't tell
stories and present statistics. The fact is that people die here, and
nobody does anything. What needs to be done here is Kasach [very strong
word for making strong eccentric moves, eccentric war, e.g. breaking
things etc] . To close the village, to blow up the antennas. Also my
big daughter suffers now from headaches. It's our lives or nothing".

Sitbon family members consider to leave Zoran. They are sick of the war
with the government, with Bezeq. Several familes already left. The
rumors about every new cancer case move quickly. They all share the
fear. Also animals are hurt from the radiation. The situation is
unstandable, and one mustn't wait anymore, they say.

[Removing the antennas will probably happen not because of health issues
but because of profit interest:]

Bezeq arrangement may hurry evacuation of antennas from Zoran - in
favour of building thousands of flats

Haaretz 25.5.2003, Ziv Maor.

The arrangement increases the chances for removing Zoran antennas, the
reason is that Bezeq will be able to prepare the land for building and
put in its pocket a big sum of money. In Bezeq they say that the
antennas area is the natural expansion area of Zoran and so at the end
of things the farm will be evacuated, to enable building. There will be
a need to find another place for the antennas, less big. In the
arrangement, the rights will stay of Bezeq, but the company will have to
pay permission fee of 51% from the land expansion because of change in
the designation. But also after the payment Bezeq will earn hundreds of
millions of dollars profit from preparing the land for buildings.

Informant: Iris Atzmon


* La Verdad: Ordenan retirar una antena bajo sospecha de
perjudicar a unos alumnos de Cartagena

The end of the illegal antennae

Sunday, 25 of May of 2003

The City Hall will approve in the next commission of government the
demolition of various posts in an initiative that intends to put an end
to all the installations that break the regulation


DEMOLITION. The antenna that stirs up the polemics in the school San
Vicente of Paúl.


Dangerous antennae yes, dangerous antennae not. That disjunctive one
returns to be of present time because of them you complain of the
parents of the school San Vicente of Paúl in which ask that they
withdraw a post that utilizes a mobile operator of phone system, and
that according to them it is originating serious inconveniences in the
health of its children.

The municipal answer before this polemics has been, in this occasion,
unequivocal: the antenna will be demolished because lacks license and is
illegal. But the surprising thing is that is not the unique one that is
in the same situation. There is a whose group expedients, after to be
studied, the City Hall has resolved to pass them to Commission of
Government so that its dismantling be approved, according to municipal sources.

This action against the irregular antennae has its origin in the new
regulatory policeman on these installations that obtained the seen good
last year. A time limit was supplied so that the different businesses
that make use of antennae or stations of base were put al day with
regard to the new limitations that marks that new municipal order the
one that contemplates the guidelines that of obliged fulfillment, set by
the Department of Science and New Technology.

That period of reciclaje expired in March and from that moment proceeded
to study the situation of each one of these installations. The result
of this poll has carried to determine that a group of antennae it exists
-the councilman of Town planning, José Fidel Saura, it did not know to
say cuántas were- that in the next months will be destroyed.

The demolitions will not finish here, says Saura, because still there
are pending expedients of study and remain antennae by I check.

Despite this initiative, in the air remains for knowing how did they
achieve the businesses to be installed and to function during years
without problems.
In this situation the one is found that has lit the alarms in the school
San Vicente of Paúl. To such an extent that the passed Thursday there
was a group of mothers that refused to leave its children in the school,
exactly by the presence of said antenna in the immediacies. Although
finally they could enter, does nobody be tranquil.

As they report the parents, the installation belongs to the business
Amena and despite do not have license, carries various years raised in
the same point. Is from the enlargement of the central student, with the
transfer of the school San Miguel to this new building, when begins to
be looked at of reojo to the antenna; more, still, when leave to the
public light the death of two girls by cancer in the last three months
and the illness of a third boy, that is entered.

To less than a hundred meters

The antenna is installed, according to the parents, in lands of a gas
station situated in the immediacies of the school, to less than a
hundred meters of the center, that is what marks the new municipal
ordinance approved by the City Hall. Attending to this argument and to
that does not have license, the Consistorio the reason in its petition
has given them, dealt with before the town council Seat of Town planning
the passed day 19, of removing the post.

One of the parents affected because preferred the anonymity, indicated
that, because of this problem, the state of tension has arrived al point
to be produced strong discussions among parents and member of the
direction of the school although, finally, this has opted for being put
available to the parents for what these desire.

All the controls of emissions carried out to the antenna have given
negatives. But, nevertheless, do not they finish there the fears. As it
related the same father, in the same interior installations of the
school there is a transformer of average tension, al that also looks
herself with certain fear.


contact: PACO_ROJAS@terra.es


THE DIGITAL TRUTH - http://www.laverdad.es/

Mothers of the San Vicente of Paúl refuse that its children go to class
by a cellular antenna

Friday, 23 of May of 2003

Mothers of the San Vicente of Paúl refuse that its children go to class
by an antenna


The proximity of a mobile antenna of phone system al school San Vicente
of Paúl, best-known as school of the Rambla, has alarmed the parents and
mothers of students, to the extent of that a group of them was denied
yesterday in the morning to that its children entered to class, by fear
to the radiation that said telephone installation emits.

Nevertheless, after some moments of discussion, all the students entered
to class. This situation is only an example of the tension that, in the
last weeks, is living himself in the center.

The Students Parents Association (APA) of the center has presented
before the City Hall a formal petition so that withdraw said antenna
that, according to the parents, does not have license. But this solution
is not sufficient for all, because the installation continues there.

The fear enlarges when the own parents link, although without medical
neither scientific any type of confirmation, the presence of the antenna
with the apparition in the last months two two cases of cancer among the
students of the center. The direction of the San Vicente of Paúl
themselves there is available to position the parents of students, that
anticipate to create a commission and to call an assembly of parents,
that will take place this afternoon, at 18.00 o'clock hours, in the
casino of San Antón, where the actions will be decided to adopt.

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Informant: Gotemf

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