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Adey papers on web site

New postings on our Research Page -

Two new articles from EMF Researcher W. Ross Adey, M.D., Distinguished
Professor of Physiology, Loma Linda University School of Medicine, will
be published in upcoming issues of International Encyclopedia of
Neuroscience, Third Edition; B. Smith and G. Adelman, editors.
Elsevier, New York.

"Electromagnetic fields, the modulation of brain tissue functions -
A possible paradigm shift in biology." and
"Brain interactions with RF/microwave fields generated by mobile phones."

National League Endorses Legislation



RCR News- Suits, etc.

FCC may fine carrier for site violation


May 19, 2003

WASHINGTON-The Federal Communications Commission has proposed fining a
carrier for building a tower without seeking the proper authorization.

The FCC wants to fine Western Wireless Corp. $200,000 for constructing
and continuing to operate a 180-foot tower in Medora, N.D., on a ridge
overlooking a historic area.

The proposed fine-known as a notice of apparent liability-is the first
time the FCC has enforced its historic preservation environmental rules.
"Enforcement action, where necessary, will be an integral part of this
approach as demonstrated by our action today," said FCC Chairman Michael
Powell, referring to his recently announced environmental action plan.

In addition to the proposed monetary fine, the FCC also warned Western
that it must either stop operating the tower or bring the tower into
compliance within 30 days. Finally, Western must file an environmental

The tower in question is a "visual intrusion" on the Chateau de Mores
State Historic Site, the de Mores Packing Plant State Historic Site, the
Theodore Roosevelt Maltese Cross Cabin and the Peaceful Valley Ranch,
Michael Simonson told the FCC in 1999. Simonson is the review &
compliance coordinator for the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

The tower was built without getting the necessary FCC approval, said the
agency. The FCC has tried to work informally with Western and the State
Historical Society of North Dakota all to no avail.

"We are currently reviewing the NAL and look forward to resolving this
matter at the FCC. We are confident that our actions and continuing
service to the public is consistent with existing environmental
regulations and with the public interest," said Gene Dejordy, Western's
vice president of regulatory affairs.

In other tower news, a federal appeals court heard more on towers vs.
birds. The FCC is better suited to determine the cumulative impact of
towers on migratory birds than individual licensees, the Forest
Conservation Council, the Friends of the Earth and the American Bird
Conservancy told a federal appeals court last week.

"The FCC-not applicants for individual towers who now prepare
[environmental assessments]-is best suited to assess the cumulative
impact of the tens of thousands of towers registered and soon to be
registered," said the groups in a filing at the U.S. Court of Appeals
for the District of Columbia Circuit.

The groups are trying to have the D.C. Circuit force the FCC to
undertake an environmental impact statement on whether migratory birds
are killed by flying into towers.

The research is not conclusive as to whether the towers kill the birds
by the birds flying into them or whether the lighting-required under
Federal Aviation Administration rules-for towers over 200 feet attracts
and then confuses the birds.

The groups were not impressed by a notice of proposed rule making. "The
FCC persists in its refusal to comply with (certain laws). Instead it
proposes an amorphous undefined, and yet to be issued `Notice of
Inquiry' and to `clarify' the ESA's consultation process-a process used
daily by numerous agencies. It seeks to justify this continuing
violation of (the law) by arguing that it is under no deadline, that
scientific uncertainty prevents compliance and that it has more
important priorities. These arguments have no merit. In the mean time,
communications towers would continue to proliferate at a breakneck
pace," said the groups.

Appeals court pushes brain cancer suit to September

May 21, 2003 1:11 PM EST

WASHINGTON-The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has rescheduled for
late September oral argument in the $800 million brain cancer suit
against Motorola Inc. and others. U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake of
Baltimore dismissed the lawsuit last fall.

Oral argument in Christopher Newmans appeal was to have taken place next
month. The court gave no reason for the change.

The 4th Circuit, located in Richmond, Va., also is handling the appeal
of five health-related, class-action lawsuits against the mobile-phone
industry that Blake threw out in March.

Public-safety interference resolution likely drawn out

May 20, 2003 12:27 PM EST

ARLINGTON, Va.-It will probably take the Federal Communications
Commission until the end of the year to decide what to do about
public-safety interference in the 800 MHz band, said Jill Lyon, general
counsel for the United Telecom Council.

If Lyons prediction is correct, it will mean that FCC will have wrestled
with the thorny 800 MHz issue for more than two years, even after saying
that it was on a fast track. Lyon made her comments during a regulatory
issues panel at the annual conference of the National Spectrum Managers
Association on Tuesday.

The latest wrinkle is that Motorola Inc. recently said interference
problems can be solved by technical modifications. This is an approach
favored by Lyon's group of utilities and most mobile-phone carriers.

Nextel Communications Inc. and public-safety groups have expressed
concern regarding the Motorola proposal.

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Messages from Janet Newton, President The EMR Network

Effects of the EMF


I have some cell culture microscopic photos, before the exposure and
after the exposure of the EMF in the certain specific parameters: I
think, if you are agree, it can be a good demonstration for to people,
who like to see effects of the EMF by their eyes. If you want to
publish, please inform me. For publishing there is no problem, because,
owner of the microscopic photos are mine. I had this microscopic photos,
when I was working in the lab of the University of Hannover. I expect
your answer.

With my best regards.

Omega: see: http://www.grn.es/electropolucio/gorgun230503.htm

The notes of Cyril Smith on the topic An "Alternative Medicine"...
See the notes of Cyril Smith on the topic An "Alternative Medicine" View
of Mobile Phones from EMF-Omega-News from yesterday under

Showing Videos in Berkeley, California

Dear Fellows:

It appears that people are getting so attached to their cell phones that
they have no concern of the possible health hazards of these devices or
base station antennas. Many do not even know what base station antennas are.

In order to educate the public, we have decided to show several
excellent videos in Berkeley, California in the next two weeks. One
video is by a group in San Francisco, called SNAFU, which defeated
Sprint in 2002. Now, they have a video called "Bad Reception" that shows
their struggle in keeping Sprint out of their neighborhood. Also, we
will show two videos by Libby Kelley.

The videos will be shown in Berkeley. The schedule and locations are
posted below. Of course, you folks are quite knowledgeable about radio
frequency devices, but if you are in town, please join us. These videos
are must see.

Main Albany Public Library, Edith Stein Room
Free Parking
Saturday, May 31st, 10:00 - 11:30 AM

YogaKula Studio
1700 Shattuck Avenue (Upstairs), on the corner of Shattuck and Virginia
Sunday, June 1st, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Fertile Grounds Cafe
1796 Shattuck Avenue
Wednesday, June 4th, 7:00 - 8:30 PM (Coffee is on us!)

Elephant Pharmacy
On the corner of Shattuck and Cedar
Sunday, June 8th, 4:30 - 6:00 PM

Message from Radi

Recent planetary system interfaces


You may find these recent astrophysical and planetary images quite
thought provoking. Also, the notes on the Tesla tower/ionosphere
interface do not seem, however, to correspond to what Dr. Nikola Tesla
left as documentation - but are, nevertheless suggestive.

Your comments would be appreciated.

Andrew Michrowski

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