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Sprint placed antennas illegally atop a St. Mary's in Boston

Sprint also placed antennas illegally atop a St. Mary's in Boston - a
women's & infants' center.

The results? Four deaths within the first several months of antenna
operation. People fleeing homes. Properties are not selling; the owners
are required by law to divulge medical problems that have occurred.

For information, contact: Joan Banfield, 617-365-5259.

Message from Susan Clarke

Help! Need to wake up Harvard School of Public Health

The Harvard School of Public Health is posting old information
(http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/ats/Jul16/) about cell phone safety,
which I feel is longer correct because of Salford's recently
published findings and this constitutes a fraud against the public
welfare. Have we learned nothing from the tobacco cancer fiasco?
Please write to the Dean of the HSPH and let him know that you are
concerned (Barry R. Bloom, bbloom@hsph.harvard.edu) and would like
this article removed or a counter article reviewing the current
status of RF radiation safety.

Message from Bob Sklar

Answer from Susan Clarke:

Bloom was brought to Harvard precisely because of his "friendliness" to

Whatever you say, he'll ignore it, particularly if you demean real
science by lowering it to mere personal "concern" (as below). Guys like
Bloom use that word "concern" to disdain "ordinary" people.

Scientific facts, not "concern", have a chance of getting Bloom's
attention, if only for the purpose of his encouraging of political moves
against poor Salford. Consider potential words and moves with rigorous
thought before acting!

Especially where the difference may be life or death to some.

Feedback COST 281

Dear Klaus and Imelda,

My feedback is that COST 281 did not consider the possibility of
synergism between the chemical and electrical exposures. The nearest
they came to this to this in the report is:

> Dr. Johan M. Havenaar observed relevancies between
> the EHS syndrome and a number of other syndromes deriving from exposure
> to "ionising radiation, toxic chemicals, chemical or biological weapons . .."

He has not appreciated Dr. Bill Rea's concept of "Total Body Load" of
interacting stressors as having a synergistic causal effect.

I am attaching my notes on this topic.

Regards to all,

Cyril Smith

* Smith, Cyril. An "Alternative Medicine" View of Mobile Phones (Format Doc, 35 Kb)

Question from Sheila

Dear Klaus,

I have a question. I'm finishing a book on tics/Tourette syndrome. I am
wondering if you can find out if any of the people on your e-mail list
have tics, and if so whether they have found that cell phones or
microwaves trigger their tics. If so, I would like to be in touch with
them so we could include something on this in the book (no need to use
their name.)

We also have a survey on our site www.Latitudes.org (at the top of page)
that allows for someone with tics to record environmental factors that
make their tics worse.

Thank you for any help you might be able to be!
Best wishes to you, Sheila

Sheila Rogers

Recent actions of Representative Lois Capps to protect Central Coast

I am extremely pleased at the recent actions of Representative Lois
Capps to protect Central Coast residents from long term affects of
military pollution. Recently she has:

1) Opposed the war in Iraq, knowing the long term detrimental impact
that weapons testing has had on our water, soil, agricultural crops,
coastal wildlife, and health of our children and babies here on the
Central Coast.

2) Voiced her opposition to the Bush Administration and Republican
Party's attempts to weaken the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act
and Marine Mammal Protection Act, the Clean Water Act and superfund by
creating an exemption for the military from the above environmental
standards (Readiness and Range Preservation Initiative).

3) Introduced legislation to curb perchlorate poisoning in the Colorado
River and vegetable fields of California. The Preventing Perchlorate
Pollution Act would accelerate the establishment of an EPA standard for
perchlorate, and require the enhanced access to community "right to
know" information about perchlorate contamination from Vandenberg and
Edwards AFBs' missile launches, and weapons testing from other military sources
on the Central Coast.

Representative Capps speaks for millions of Californians concerned about
military toxics in our state. My cap's off to Capps!

Sheila Baker
793A Foothill Blvd. PMB 178
San Luis Obispo, California 93405
(805) 215-9168

Tom Bearden Website updates

The Correspondence Section of the Tom Bearden Website has been updated
with some provocative new correspondence.


Tony Craddock

Subject: [friendsoftheirishenvironment] this virus warning isn't a hoax

Dermot advises theres a nasty virus being sent from various addresses,
including support@microsoft.com (a rather clever hack). The attachment
is .pi, .pif or .uuf and the subject is usually re: movie, re: my profile

Anyway it's a bad one.

You should all go to www.grisoft.com and download avg, its free you just
have to register. Before installing you'll have to remove any other
anti-virus software but this is the best anti-virus software. And update
every 3 days


Informant: Colette O'Connell

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