* Euro-MP calls for ban on new TETRA mast - Region-wide moratorium on building a network of 'TETRA' phone masts - Halted installation of TETRA masts pending further investigation into health risks - People are deeply concerned about the health effects of the radiation - Suffering migraine, burning sensations, sleeplessness, and lack of concentration - Officers are reporting wide range of serious medical side effects - Concerns with the movement of calcium between cells in heart and brain - Research is flawed - Radiation pulses should be taken into account - Serious questions over the safety of the system as a whole - They have to demonstrate radiation emitted from masts is safe before they are built, not after ill-effects are felt - MW targeting/harassment can give victims seizures and epilepsy - Destruction of stress hormone (Addison disease) - Swiss Re informed all insurance companies to skip all liabilities regarding EMR in their contracts - 700-1000 MHz interact best with human tissue and refers to bone, fat, muscle, brain - Showing up as skin rashes - It is not an issue of power and or heating, but of signalling - Frequency of microwave absorbed by water is around 10GHz - Receipt and registered petition about "danger of abuse of Directed Energy Weapons" - Human Guinea Pigs - Nanotubes Highly Toxic (20/11/03)

Euro-MP calls for ban on new TETRA mast
this may be of interest to you, as campaigners against TETRA. Please
feel free to distribute among your networks.

very best wishes
Paul Steedman

Assistant to Caroline Lucas, Green Party MEP for South East England

From the office of the Green MEPs (excerpt)

18 November, 2003

SOUTH-East England's Green Euro-MP Caroline Lucas has called for a
region-wide moratorium on building a network of 'TETRA' phone masts
until questions over the safety of their radiation emissions have been

Dr Lucas has today called on local authorities across the South East to
follow the lead of Arun District Council in West Sussex, which has
halted the installation of TETRA masts pending further investigation
into the health risks. "Many people are deeply concerned about the
health effects of the radiation emitted by TETRA masts," said Dr Lucas.
"These fears have been heightened by the fact that users of TETRA
handsets have reported suffering migraine, burning sensations,
sleeplessness, and a lack of concentration. "People's real concerns
about the masts supplying these handsets must be allayed before further
masts are built, not after another public health scare erupts."

The TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) system is being rolled out
nationwide by O2 to provide a new national police radio network. Trials
of the system in North Yorkshire and Lancashire have seen officers
reporting a wide range of serious medical side effects after using the
handsets, which pulse at a frequency that a 2002 independent
investigation into mobile phones and health (The Stewart Inquiry) said
should be avoided.

The Home Office has claimed the Stewart report's findings do not apply
to TETRA, citing further research by the Defence Science and Technology
Laboratory (DSTL), which linked Stewart's concerns with the movement of
calcium between cells in the heart and brain.

Based on DSTL's findings, the Home Office says TETRA has no effect on
such calcium movements, but the DSTL research has been widely
criticised. Low-level radiation expert Chris Busby believes that the
research is flawed. Dr Busby said that the study failed to control
variables such as temperature and natural background static fields that
could affect the results.

Dr Gerard Hyland, a Warwick university physicist, has pointed out that
only the heating effect of radiation from TETRA has been investigated.
He has proposed that this radiation pulses at frequencies that may
affect the operation of the human body and should be taken into account.

Dr Lucas said: "The trials and the scientists' warnings have
concentrated on the handsets rather than the TETRA masts, but they raise
serious questions over the safety of the system as a whole. "Clearly far
more investigation is needed before we commit ourselves, and our
children, to exposure from these masts by allowing them to be built
across the region, especially in residential areas and near schools,
hospitals and offices. "The precautionary principle places the onus on
TETRA's advocates to demonstrate the radiation emitted from the masts is
safe before they are built, not after the ill-effects are being felt."


For more information please contact Ben Duncan on 020 7407 6280,
07973823358 or
press@greenmeps.org.uk www.carolinelucasmep.org.uk

Ben Duncan
Green MEPs' Press Officer, Suite 58, The Hop Exchange, 24 Southwark
Street, London SE1 1TY, 020 7407 6280 (tel), 020 7234 0183 (fax),

Paul Steedman Assistant and South East Co-ordinator for Caroline Lucas
MEP Suite 58, The Hop Exchange 24 Southwark Street London SE1 1TY Tel:
020 7407 6281 Fax: 020 7234 0183 For more information please visit
Caroline's website at http://www.carolinelucasmep.org.uk


Health statement about Dr Miguel Muntané and his family

Dear Klaus

I send you the health information about our family.

Best regards


----- Original Message -----
From: Imelda O'Connor
To: m.co-di.eic.ictnet.es
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 3:58 AM
Subject: Re: Query regards your health

Hi Miguel: I think you should send to Klaus for general posting what you
have told me below.  Again it points up so clearly how MW
targeting/harassment can give its victims seizures and epilepsy.  And
your datings of cause and effect are very clear.


--- m.co-di.eic.ictnet.es wrote:

Dear Imelda O'Connor

The translation in correct.

I suffer form epilepsy since the operator increased the power in January
2001, without any information. (Surprising in December 2000 I did a TV
program with 10 hours emission about microwave form base stations and
mobile phones)

a.. We leaved our house immediately.

I have cancer control form 1999, and the base station (5 meters from our
house with direct
radiation) is operating since 1996.

In Luxembourg I started the conference with this health description but
the indifference of WHO and Dr. Repacholi is rigorous.

I do not care about microwave hearing, that is very high near base
stations. One of my sons has destruction of stress hormone (Addison disease)

That is the reason I inform about microwaves.

And you are doing a very good work

Best regards

----- Original Message -----
From: Imelda O'Connor
To: m.co-di.eic.ictnet.es
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 5:51 AM
Subject: Query regards your health

Hi Miguel:  I have read what you wrote and is now posted on Citizens
Initiative Omega dated 10/11/03 under the heading: "Nonthermal Mechanism
of the Biological Interaction of Microwaves." You have stated in this
that you now have cancer, epilepsy and microwave hearing.

My question: is this an error/inaccuracy caused by translation from
Spanish to English or have you  really developed cancer and epilepsy
from RF exposure?

Regards,  Imelda,  Cork.


Swiss Re informed all the insurance companies to skip all liabilities
regarding EMR

Dear all,

As far as insurance is concerned Swiss Re has informed all the insurance
companies, that they have to skip all liabilities regarding EMR in their
contracts. AXA e.g. did so!!!

Jack Justus

Stichting Electro_Smog
The Netherlands


Re: Comments on Iris Atzmon's Wi-Fi message
It's worth mentioning that the separation between thermal and a-thermal
is not really accurate,
or as Robert Kane calls it- it's red herring because there is absorption
of energy anyway- and the water reacts whether it's food or human being.

As for the 2450 Mhz versus cell phone frequencies: Again I find Robert
Kane's book very useful: He writes that frequencies of 700-1000 MHz
interact best with the human tissue and refers to bone, fat, muscle,
brain- that control the absorption of RF. So of course there is a
difference between us and food, but my message was focused on water,
which we have in abundance.


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From: Don Maisch
Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2003 11:54 PM
Subject: Comments on Iris Atzmon's Wi-Fi message

To All

Comments on Iris Atzmon's Wi-Fi message

From my understanding the maximum absorption (penetration) occurs at
around 750 to 915 Mhz. So that the GSM mobile phone frequency range
would have been a better frequency for microwave ovens than the 1250 Mhz
one originally chosen.

2450 Mhz would be even less efficient for a microwave oven as at that
frequency the energy is deposited mostly near the surface. - So a
comparison with Wi'Fi and microwave ovens is not appropriate as heating
is not the issue -  what IS the issue are  non-thermal effects, one of
which is the electric field interaction with skin, showing up as skin
rashes. This is what should be looked for in schools with WLANS.

Don Maisch

RE: Comments on Iris Atzmon's Wi-Fi message
I believe the thermal / non-thermal distinction is essential, though it
should be called 'thermal' vs 'informational'. The life effects being
seen are due to electromagnetic (electrical and magnetic) fields
interfering with living cells and living beings internal natural
bio-electric communications used to determine what the various cells in
our bodies should be doing at any time. It is not an issue of power and
or heating, but of signalling.

You can get signalling information from underneath noise if the
signalling (pulsing) is regularly repeated. That is how we got pictures
from satellites on the fringe of our solar system. The power received on
Earth was 'sub-microscopic' and below the noise floor.

The human eye and the human ear in a healthy human, especially a child,
are so sensitive that they can detect 1 photon/quanta - and normal
power-based noise theory says that they should need to be at near
absolute zero temperature (about - 273 deg C) - when, in fact they are
at body temperature. Their operation defies the power sensitivity approach.

A new type of cells have recently been found in the human eye (not rods
or cones) that signal the presence of light to the pineal gland (Russell
Foster). They may also be sensitive to EMFs - they haven't been tested yet.

Alasdair Philips


Correction is needed in one article on "Wi-Fi"
Dear Klaus,
I'm very much appreciated to the ML "Bi-Omega". Your ML is very useful
to protect our lives.

Unfortunately, I found a serious mistake on the property of microwaves.
In the article about "Wi-Fi", one stated that " The same frequency of
Wi- Fi -  2.45 GHz  -  is the one that was chosen not accidently to the
microwave ovens. Why -  because in this frequency, the water absorbs
electromagnetic energy in maximum speed, and that enables the food that
contains water, to heat rapidly. "
This statement is completely wrong!!!! This is a incorrect claim that
often stated by persons for mobile phone industry saying that "mobile
phone is safe because the frequency of which is not 2.45GHz". One can
remember that the frequency of microoven in U. S. is sometimes 0.9GHz.
The frequency of microwave that is absorbed by water at a maximum rate
is not 2.45GHz but around 10GHz. You can ask specialists (microoven
makers etc.) for this point.

Since we wish you to keep a quality of the article, not to be attacked
by persons for industries, please correct incorrect statement as quickly
as possible, to save you ML and our lives.


a reader


Petition about DEW
Dear Omega-team and list members,

On the 14th of November, the division of Deputy activities of the
European Parliament has acknowledged receipt and registered the petition
about the "danger of abuse of Directed Energy Weapons" (English =
http://members.aol.com/ccapt2001/petition-en.html) which had been posted
on this list.

117 people mainly from France, Germany, Great Britain and a few other
countries have signed it. Now it has to be examined by the "Petition
Commission", which can take a fair amount of time says the letter. If
more people would wish to join and sign it, the signatures could be
collected the same way it has been done and regularly forwarded to the EP.

Many thanks to those who have participated and signed or forwarded the
text. This issue has to be acknowledged and the petition could
contribute to it thanks to your participation.

Best regards
Nathalie Luthold


Nanotubes Highly Toxic


Next to the Stanford Research International

Dear Klaus.

Once again thanks for you respond.

As my wife Klaudia and I may read your - e-magazine, we notice that
majority of the people do have knowledge of electro magnetic and related
to it aspects. As I wrote to you once before, my family and I are reside
in Palo Alto CA US, right next to the Stanford Research International.
Consequently, my family was chosen and forcefully subjected to became
Human Guinea Pigs in classified medical research conducted by the
Government of USA. During routine operations while being under the
general anaesthesia, doctors implanted plantation of microchips into the
heads of the member of the Kats family. One of the main courses of
studies is exploring program-involving studies of human eyes. Most of
the chipsets implanted into our sculls are perfectly visible on X-ray
but surgical removal will involve loss of vision, vegetation of death.
Some details of this draconian experiment could be review in our site:

My question to the visitors of your site is:

How possibly we can protect ourselves to eliminate interception of
transmitted in our heads waves?

Perhaps somebody know what type of waves is being transmitted and on
what type of frequencies our body is function on?

Is it existing anything that could dysfunction chip implanted into the
human body without surgical involvements and anyhow effecting
environments of the human body?

Please help us to provide information in regards of our questions.

Sincerely. Edward Kats.


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