* Sprint plans to invade a school in Berkeley, California - The radiation directly below the base station antenna is not always extremely low - Compensation for phone mast blunder - THE MISSING WMD (22/5/03)

Sprint plans to invade a school in Berkeley, California

Dear Fellows:

While neighbors of 1600 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, California, are
fighting to keep base-stations antennas out of their neighborhood, they
heard a discouraging news: Sprint PCS has managed to sign a contract
with St. Mary's High School to install antennas on the school gym. This
school is on Hopkins Avenue, just a few miles away from Shattuck.

This is one of many cases that shows Sprint has no concern for the
health of young adults. I think, soon, neighbors will send the message:
SOS (Save Our School).


Omega: see the article below concerning the meaning that the radiation
below the base station is always low:

The radiation directly below the base station antenna is not always
extremely low

"COST 281 Workshop "Mobile Phone Base Stations and Health", May
15th-16th, 2003, Dublin

Results of a Measurement Programme Concerning Mobile Phone Base Station
Emissions in North Rhine-Westphalia

Dr. Christian Bornkessel, IMST GmbH (principal author)
Dr. Elke Stöcker-Meier, Ministry of Environment and Nature Conservation,
Agriculture and Consumer Protection (MUNLV)

This paper summarises the results of a measurement study, performed by
IMST GmbH and financed by the Ministry of Environment and Nature
Conservation, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, North

The measurements were performed on 87 measurement places around 24 base
stations. The here described study differs from similar measurement
campaigns in the following points:

· The emissions were investigated systematically,

· Most of the measurement places were not outside, but inside buildings,

· Starting from the results, a categorisation of the base stations was

On some sites, RF emissions emanating from cordless telephones, broadcast
and TV towers as well as other sources were measured additionally to
compare the base station emission with.

The measurements were performed with a combination of broadband
isotropic field probe and frequency selective spectrum analyser equipment.
Special attention was laid on an accurate maximum finding procedure in
indoor sites due to the locally rapidly varying electric fields there.
All temporary measured values were extrapolated to the maximal
operational state of the base station.

Although all measurement places were in direct vicinity of the base
stations the results show, that all measured fields are well below the
ICNIRP limits.

The Swiss "Installation Limit Value (ILT)" was exceeded at only one
place, although a few sites reached the ILT nearly.

As an interesting point it was discovered, that the radiation directly
below the base station antenna is not always extremely low, but may
reach values in the ILT region as well. This seems to be contradictory
to the so called "umbrella effect".

A 24 hours instantaneous measurement impressively shows the dependence
of the time varying traffic on the emissions.

Finally it was tried to divide base station installations into different
categories, depending on morphographical as well as technical
parameters. The idea was to look for possibilities of predicting the
radiated fields in surrounding sites just before the installation of the station.

Although the categorisation was done carefully, the results showed that
the radiated fields in similar sites around stations of the same
category were completely different, suggesting that the variety of
existing base station installations is too large for an easy categorisation.

Address of principal author:

Carl-Friedrich-Gauss-Str. 2,
D-47475 Kamp-Lintfort
Phone: +49 2842 981-383, Fax: +49 2842 981-399,
Email: bornkessel@imst.de

Source: http://www.cost281.org/documents.php?node=49

Informant: Reinhard Rueckemann


Compensation for phone mast blunder

Families living near a mobile phone mast have been awarded £117,000 in

Seven families will get between £10,000 and £20,000 depending on their
proximity to the 20ft telecoms mast in Swindon.

Swindon Borough Council was ordered to pay the compensation after its
planners failed to object to the One2One mast within the necessary 28
days due to an administration error.

The award is thought to the first of its kind.

Local Government Ombudsman Jerry White found the council guilty of
maladministration causing injustice and has ordered the payment of
compensation for the loss in value of the homes affected.

But most families said they would much rather the mast was removed.

This was our ideal home, but from our back garden and my daughter's
bedroom all you can see is this mast Melanie Hall, resident
Melanie Hall, one of six residents to bring the complaint against the
council, said: "It should not have gone ahead in the first place, it's a
residential area. "This was our ideal home, but from our back garden and
my daughter's bedroom all you can see is this mast. "The compensation
doesn't mean much to us really, ideally we wanted the mast to come down."

A spokeswoman said Swindon Borough Council had apologised to the
families for the error - which was caused by the application being put
on the wrong pile of paperwork.

This delay meant One2One - now named T-mobile - could put the mast up
even though planners had objected.

Council chief executive Simon Birch said: "The council has accepted the
ombudsman's findings in full and has offered affected householders
compensation. "The council has introduced new procedures for dealing
with future applications for telecommunications development to prevent
this maladministration happening again."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2003/05/19 16:22:57 GMT


Informant: Robert Riedlinger

Please note in your reference to Andrew Michrowski, the website is:

http://pacenet.homestead.com (for the Planetary Association for Clean
Energy, a learned society) The Association is willing to send, as a
sample, the current issue of their official periodical, which includes
the last paper by the late US Navy Research Scientist, Dr. Eldon Byrd,
about "Consciousness Technologies", which includes references to
advanced mind control systems. The request can be made by e-mail:
pacenet@canada.com, or in writing: PACE Inc., 100 Bronson Avenue, Suite
1001, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6G8 Canada


By Gwynne Dyer (Dyer is a London-based independent journalist whose
articles are published in 45 countries.)

The Jordan Times -- Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The favourite fantasy headline of British comedian Spike Milligan was:

We are unlikely to see a similar headline in any American paper soon,
but in the rest of the world, the continued failure of the US and British
occupation forces in Iraq to find any of the `weapons of mass
destruction' that were the alleged reason for their invasion is both a
diplomatic disaster and a joke in very bad taste.

Tony Blair ran into both phenomena and came away severely shaken when he
visited Moscow last Tuesday. The British prime minister thought he had a
good personal relationship with the Russian president, but Vladimir
Putin is a former intelligence officer and, like his American and
British counterparts, he was outraged at the way the US and British
governments misrepresented the intelligence they got from their own
agencies in order to justify their war. Unlike the people at the Central
Intelligence Agency and MI5, however, Putin was free to speak -- and did
he ever.

Putin openly mocked Blair for the failure of the "coalition" to find any
of the fabled WMD even weeks after the end of the war: "Where are those
arsenals of weapons of mass destruction, if indeed they ever existed?
Perhaps Saddam is still hiding in an underground bunker somewhere,
sitting on cases of weapons of mass destruction, and is preparing to
blow the whole thing up and destroy the lives of thousands of Iraqis."
The Russian journalists at the press conference roared with laughter --
maybe it loses something in translation -- but Blair looked distinctly
grim. He is going to have lots more practice at that.

Two months ago, Blair talked a reluctant parliament into supporting the
attack on Iraq by warning of Iraqi WMD ready to strike on 45 minutes'
notice, and President George W. Bush warned of "mushroom clouds" if the
US didn't invade Iraq. It was all so desperately urgent, so hair-trigger
dangerous, that Washington and London couldn't wait for the United
Nations arms inspectors to finish their job; they had to bypass the UN
and invade right away. So many thousands of Iraqis (2,500 civilians and
perhaps 10,000 soldiers) were killed, 137 US and British soldiers died,
looters destroyed most of Iraq's cultural heritage while "coalition"
troops stood idle by -- and nobody has found any WMD.

The rest of the world never really believed the White House's
justification for war anyway. As UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix
said in late April, Washington and London built their case for going to
war on "very, very shaky" evidence, including documents that
subsequently turned out to have been faked -- and with the war now over,
Washington isn't even bothering to insist that Saddam Hussein posed a
threat to the United States anymore. "We were not lying," a Bush
administration official told ABC News on April 28. "But it was just a
matter of emphasis."

The real reason for the war, according to the ABC report, was that the
administration "wanted to make a statement" (presumably about what
happens to countries that defy US power). Iraq was not invaded because
it threatened America, but because "Saddam had all the requirements to
make him, from (the administration's) standpoint, the perfect target."
The assumption, at the White House and the Pentagon, was that everybody
else could be bullied into forgetting the lies about WMD and accepting
the fact of American control of Iraq.

They probably could be if the occupation turned out to be a brilliant
success that produced a happy, prosperous, united and independent Iraq,
but that does not seem likely. Instead, it is going sour very fast, with
US troops shooting civilian demonstrators, the Shiite majority seeking
an Islamic state, and the beginnings of a guerrilla resistance to the
foreign occupiers. Even if the US were willing to let the United Nations
have a role in occupied Iraq, the desire of other powers to get involved
in any way in this proto-Vietnam is waning from day to day.

Washington continues to insist that the UN weapons inspectors will not
be allowed back in, which means that the rest of the world is unlikely
to believe the US and British forces even if they do claim to have found
something. And frankly, hardly anyone in Britain believes in Iraqi WMD
anymore either -- not even former Cabinet ministers.

On April 22, former foreign secretary, Robin Cook, said he doubted that
there was a single person in the intelligence services who believed that
a weapon of mass destruction in working order would be found in Iraq,
and accused the White House of trying to bridge the credibility gap by
"reinventing the term `weapon of mass destruction' to cover any
artillery shell with a chemical content, or any biological toxin, even
if it had not been fitted to a weapon". Even on that preposterous
definition, they have not found any WMD in Iraq yet -- and as former
British Defence Secretary Doug Henderson said on April 18: "If by the
turn of the year there is no WMD, then the basis on which this (war) was
executed was illegal."

The post-Sept. 11 patriotic chill still prevents any senior American
politician from questioning the existence of Iraqi WMD in public, but
this issue is not going to go away. As the situation in Iraq
deteriorates and the American body count rises, questions about how
America got talked into this mess will keep coming back, and sooner or
later they will have to be answered.

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