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* Re: Detecting EMF Fields in Humans for Surveillance ... (28/12/02)

* Detecting EMF Fields in Humans for Surveillance - Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves (27/12/02)

* Document on epidemiology of base stations ... (26/12/02)

* Peace on Earth? - More on Non-Lethal Weapons - Dr. Eldon Byrd (25/12/02)

* German soldiers sue over cancer - Tom Bearden Website updates (24/12/02)

* Limits Sought on Wireless Internet Access - Dialog between Iris and Miguel (22/12/02)

* Mobile mast destroyed over cancer fears - SV: VS: mobilephone masts-Basestation-urgent (20/12/02)

* Electronic weapons against civilians, Russian work translated ... (20/12/02)

* RE: Ireland: Regional increase in cancer numbers... (19/12/02)

* Study: microwaves /produced by mobiles... (18/12/02)

* Israel: The people from Chernovil - Ireland: Regional increase in cancer numbers leads to checking of radiation levels (17/12/02)

* ISIS miniseries "Fields of Influence" - RE: 13 countries to study cellphones and cancer (Ms. Mary McBride & Her Connections) - Hermann Paul Schwan (Harlan Girard) - 'Sci-Fi' Weapons Going to War (15/12/02)

* Cost 281 does not seemed to agree with this study...? - Tory tycoon in phone mast protest (14/12/02)

* 13 countries to study cellphones and cancer - ISIS: Non-Thermal Effects - RE Dr. Munzert (13/12/02)

* Melatonin metabolite excretion among cellular telephone - ISIS miniseries "Fields of Influence" - Technology breakthrough harnesses energy from the molecular structure of water (12/12/02)

* Sleep Research Zurich - Residents block 'ugly' phone mast - Re: Dr. Cyril Smith's paper (11/12/02)

* Study of the University of Zurich: mobile radio changes brain activity - The sparrows of London -
A Plague on the Plains - TV crew that filmed BEMS Munich meeting

* The significance of melatonin-deficiency for the cancer origin - The Microwave Phaser (9/12/02)

* The genetic make-up of the mouse has been published - Re: Distance Related Effects near Radio and Television
(Prof. Olle Johansson) - Overall mortality of cellular telephone customers

*Distance Related Effects near Radio and Television Transmitters - State Ruling Acknowledges EMF/Cancer Link -
Tower Trauma in Nova Scotia Canada - Toxic exposures including EM
R (6/12/02)

* Mobile radio - Will the illness costs explode soon?? - Neurological changes induced by a mobile phone (5/12/02)

* Is driving while dialing worth it? - Is your laptop ruining your sex life? - GPS Spared...for now: FCC Rules on
UWB use - Bobbies to be 'guinea pigs' testing cancer fear radios -Ask Bush to let the inspections work

* Police officer settled a lawsuit against an Australian Police Service - New Pollution Rules Overpower California -
Mass demonstration with more than 100.000 participants prevents High-voltage power lines

* Industry Member Becomes Cell Tower Activist - Police radios gave us breast cancer - Orange ordered to cover
phone tower risks - Occupational EMF library hazard reported in Japan

* Messages from Italy - Non-thermal effects are based also upon resonance - A useful index of class actions in the USA (1/12/02)

* Cellular telephones and effects on the brain - Cellular phones or mobile phones - The cause of Cancer... (30/11/02)

* Legal threat to police radio network - Electrophonic Effects - Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity... (29/11/02)

* Various Testimonies - Low Frequency, High Tension - EMF-Omega-News (28/11/02)

* EMR health effects (samples) from Robert Riedlinger - EMF-Omega-News (27/11/02)

* Inoperable malignant brain tumor - Antenna assembly was placed on the roof top Portland, Oregon -
I have recently complained to my works department about my 6310 Nokia mobile phone -
Mobile masts fear after two friends die - Neurological effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation

* Did phone masts kill Ena, 87? - Letter of October 7 to the Chairman and CEO of AT&T - We Are Being Roasted
Alive By Phone Mast - Cell Towers sickness?? - History of health problems related to Cellular telephone use -
RE: Testimonial of Dalana MCaren

* European Greens on LFAS - Soldier's health damage due to radar radiation recognized as injury at work -
Emergency radios can jam patients' lifelines

* Testimonial of Dalana MCaren - Alex Gabor's Story - EMF Hypersensitivity - Tower Trauma In Canada (22/11/02)

* Mobile phones and health-a UK perspective - EU Research into possible health effects-Project Overviews  ...  (21/11/02)

* High-voltage transmission lines - Intensity of electric and magnetic fields from power lines -
GM warning on US trade deal - Florida firm seeks to microchip americans - White flags against the war!

* Big Anti-Mast March Planned For Next Month - New controls on phone mast sites - No need to ban mobile
phones in cars, says leading scientist - Thousands of families in Europe are suffering serious health problems

* Letter to Lord Rooker (18/11/02)

* Microwave exposure from cellular phone base stations - Your brain may soon be used against you (17/11/02)

* ELF-EMF Damage Mice Ovarian Follicles - Planned School Moved Away From Power Lines -
Attention Deficit Disorder By Wireless Waves.COM - The melatonin hypothesis: an introduction

* Project Z (Z-2) Necropsy report 11/02 - Using RF "non-thermal" effects for "non-lethal"weapons -
Silent Spring near a military tracking station - Faulty towers
? (15/11/02)

* Mercola: Cancer Cell Study Revives Cell Phone Safety Fears - Hyland: Physics and biology of mobile telephony -
WHO Director-General elections 2003

* Parent lobby derails school - School zoning can be changed (7/11/02)

* Homeowners paid to hide phone masts - Shell to reveal hidden phone masts   (6/11/02)

* Allan Rock Announces National Antenna Tower Policy Review - Victory for whales in deadly sonar case! -
Book recommendation

* Possible EMF-Interacting Biological Mechanisms(4/11/02)

* Mechanism for action of electromagnetic fields on cells (3/11/02)

* Implantable chip - Double the EMF - Neil Cherry's website is up - Power-line rules needed -
Parent lobby derails school

* Italian, German researchers link RF to disease - OSHA wants carriers to play role in tower safety (31/10/02)

* EMFs can induce DNA damage - Power Quality-New Discoveries ... - Clearer picture of radiation effects  (30/10/02)

* Alasdair Philips: How to classify base stations re height and power - Electromagnetic Pollution-Literature  (29/10/02)

* Mortality of chicken embryos exposed to EMFs from mobile phones / Hand-Scanning Technology Growing

* Canadian Radiation Protection Association Annual Conference (27/10/02)

* Cancer cell study revives cellphone safety fears (26/10/02)

* Police Radio's 'V' Officers health - Down-trodden tech companies still give campaign dollars (25/10/02)

* How mobile phones let spies see our every move (24/10/02)

* WHO handbook on "Establishing a Dialogue on Risks from Electromagnetic Fields" (23/10/02)

* Announcement of a research seminar on Mobile Telecommunications and Health (22/10/02)

* Just a normal town  ... / Reference literature to the theme: are electrical appliances dangerous to your health? (21/10/02)

* Are electrical appliances dangerous to your health? - Free Issues of Microwave News (20/10/02)

* First mobile phone masts ... now electricity cables /  Cancer Trends During the 20th Century by
Hallberg and Johansson

* References Prof. Olle Johansson /  Reference List for Some Reported Biological Effects from Radiofrequency
Radiation (RFR)

* 38 Studies proves biological effects of PEMR (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Radiations) of CRT's screens (16/10/02)

* Beasond/Semm: Study proves biological effects on brain cells through today's cell phone technology /
The EMF - mercury connection

* Microwave and Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure: A growing environmental health crisis? (15/10/02)

* Health Effects of EMF Exposure and Mercury poisoning (2) (15/10/02)

* Studies Relevant to Wireless Communications and Data - The Story Of Ein Hyam (Haifa, Israel)  (13/10/02)

* Cellular Phone Radiofrequency Alters Gene Expression - Building a Safer Cell Phone Antenna  (11/10/02)

* Acute mobile phone operation affects neural function in humans -
Hydro lines increase cancer risk: U.S. study

* Super-secret microwave weapons may be used in Iraq (9/10/02)

* Microwave weapons serviceable against Iraq (7/10/02)

* Mobile phones in cars can increase cancer risk - DNA And The Microwave Effect - EMF-News (5/10/02)

* New research commissioned by mep demonstrates real dangers from mobile phone masts (2/10/02)

* Prof. Olle Johansson is answering a question from a concerned -
Dr. Raśl Montenegro introduces the work of FUNAM - EMF-News

* Pulsed magmetic fields / EMF news (30/9/02)

* How mobile phone masts 'vanish' (28/9/02)

* Thousands of families in Europe are suffering serious health problems / news (25/9/02)

* Children and mobile phone use: Is there a health risk? (24/9/02)

* Lawsuit overruled. European court for Human Rights (24/9/02)

* Catania resolution (22/9/02)

* One of the most important library of studies concerning mobile radio (20/9/02)

* EMF and schizophrenia (19/9/02)

* The latest Mouse study in Australia (18/9/02)

* Mobile Phones and Brain Tumors: Public Remains Underinformed /
Second report may influence health lawsuit

* Latest news (17/9/02)

* Dr. Brundtlands story (17/9/02)

* Another tragic misdiagnosis of an EHS sufferer who have been locked up and forcibly medicated (15/9/02)

* Las abejas se suicidan ( Wildlife Vanished at Ouruhia) (15/9/02)

* DNA damage, cell kinetics and ODC activities studied in CBA mice (14/9/02)

* Study linking brain tumors and older cell phones could be used against Motorola (13/9/02)

* A report from a friend about the situation in Israel (11/9/02)

* EMF Induction of Audio, Visual, & Emotional Stimulation (10/9/02)

* Escrits referits al Dr. Reinhard Munzert, rebuts entre els dies 9 i 11/9/02

* Bad message from Dr. Munzert (7/9/02)

* Scandal: inconvenient German scientist was brought against his will in a mental institution (6/9/02)

* Tory Leader demands research into five-in-seven figures (28/8/02)

* Mobil phones and brain cancer (23/8/02)

* Fetal Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation (EMF/EMR) (22/8/02)

* How Exposure to GSM & TETRA Base-station Radiation can adversely affect Humans . New version (7/8/02)

* A criticism of methods used to assess radio microwave radiation safety and the politics of public RF exposure (5/8/02)

* Schools offered cash to put 'health risk' masts on site (1/8/02)

* Opinion: Escalating Incidence of Childhood Cancer Ignored (24/7/02)

* Cell Phones Kills 40 Million Birds (23/7/02)

* Lundquist BEMS poster paper on microwaves & carcinogenicity (20/7/02)

* Low-intensity radiation health effects (19/7/02)

* Alice Stewart & harmfulness of low-intensity EMR  (15/7/02)

* Occupational magnetic field exposure and melatonin: Interaction with night-at-light (14/7/02)

* Effects of ELF ands MICROWAVES on human lymphocytes from hypersensitive persons (10/7/02)

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