* Silence and cities cancer - Aspetuck Woods Group Meets with FCC Commissioner on Cell Tower National Policy - FCC proposes to FINE WESTERN WIRELESS $200,000 for unauthorized operation - Effects of Chernobyl disaster - Russia: stop stalling on climate treaty - Further delays on hazardous chemicals (14/5/03)

We found ourselves in Zaragoza when ultmábamos the details of the
relation participativa enclosed, that demands of all those that want to
offer information its shipment to e-mail of our Association. The present
is a parallel relation to the already more than consolidated list of
Schools and Central of Teaching affected by electropollution, that has
had an unusual answer of many places of other unexpected countries at
the moment to throw to walk the initiative.

A hug,

Association of Neighbors Against Harmful Radiation

Note.- just as you will be able to verify we have dedicated the prior
effort for the elaboration of the list to the Confederacy of
Neighborhoods of Zaragoza.


When we read that Carnavon Road was renamed with the name of the Street
of the Cancer, the news fancied us extraordinary. Nowadays, eight months
after that information, we have investigated; we have rescued
information placed under the epidermis of our "company of the
knowledge"; we have responded to the newspaper libraries to discover an
evidence: there are so many cancer streets near us that it amazes us
about the little knowledge of the medical history of our anonymous
neighbors or of our neighbors more nearby and acquaint.

The antennas of the mobile phone system and the electropollution, when
not the direct cause instigator of the tumors that are declared in the
persons that live near said installations, are real heads of the giving
up of the immune system of hundreds and thousands of persons... by
inhibition of the secretory function of Melatonin, by leaving
defenseless to every luck of patients and by descending to most minimum
levels the serotonin, by undermining the spirit, the vitality and the
will of the patients.

The present written does not intend to lucubrate, to imagine, neither
fabular. .., but to reflect a reality that is us more present than the
authorities want to give us to understand.

There is "unbalanced anti progress" everywhere, while we thought that we
were few, the ones that we permitted us to suspect that 20 cases of
cancer in a sole silence (C/ of the Carnations in La Coruña) are many
not to give account of the antennas that exactly are sifted since the
heights on the dwellings that harbored the patients.

Though in a previous article we permit ourselves to collect of way to
proof a bunch of streets of the cancer in our country, now we initiate
in a formal way an inventory of places where cancer has been present as
suspects insistent and clear and constant accusation to the antennas or
other demonstrations of the electropollution. We do not intend to be
exhausted, we leave ourselves to carry for the news appeared in the at
times microscopic, brave press, but always locally reflects what happens
in our streets and cities.

Who want to help us to expand the data or who want to add Streets, towns
or cities to ours ready can send an e-mail with the information to the
Association of Neighbors Against Harmful Radiation of L'Scale (Girona)
avecorn@hotmail.com. L'scale, 12 of May of 2003. Association of
Neighbors Against Harmful Radiation of L'Scale (Girona)


C/ López Gómez - VALLADOLID (20/10/01 - El Norte de Castilla)
C/ General Millán Astray - Barrio de Aluche - MADRID (Feb. 2002 Discovery Salud)
C/ de los Claveles - A CORUÑA (5/1/02 - El Ideal Gallego)
Zona El Fuerte - Ronda - MÁLAGA (12/1/02 (El Mundo)
Barrio de San Agustín - CÓRDOBA (Feb. 2002 Discovery Salud)
C/ Comprensión - Barrio de San Juan del Palmete - SEVILLA (21/01/02 - Interviu)
C/ Felicidad - SEVILLA (21/01/02 - Interviu)
C/ Peralada - Figueres - GIRONA (15/3/02 - El Punt)
C/ Port - L'Escala - GIRONA (11/6/02 - El Mundo)
Totana - MURCIA (10/5/2000 - La Opinión)
Zona de La Cebollera - Quart de Poblet - VALENCIA (12/1/2001- Las Provincias)
Mislata - VALENCIA (30/1/2001 - Levante)
Alaquàs - VALENCIA (30/1/2001 - Levante)
Amposta - TARRAGONA (3/3/2001 - La Vanguardia)
Barrio del Cristo - Ondara - VALENCIA (16/3/2001 - Diario Información)
Barrio de las Flores - A CORUÑA (5/1/02 - El Ideal Gallego)
Guía de Isora - TENERIFE (13/1/02 - El Día)
Parque de Algeps - Elche - ALICANTE (25/1/02 - Las Provincias)
Calle Cuenca - VALENCIA (8/2/02 - Las Provincias)
Torrevieja - ALICANTE (21/11/2000 - Las Provincias)
Sa Rápita - MALLORCA (8/4/02 - Diari de Balears)
Urbanización Mas Matas - ROSAS (8/6/2001 - Diari de Girona)
C/ Juan de la Cierva - BADALONA (14/6/02)
La Cala - Benidorm - ALICANTE (30/8/01 - Información)
Portocolom - Felanitx - MALLORCA (13/7/02 - Última Hora)
Parque de bomberos - Villaviciosa de Odón - MADRID (6/11/02 - ABC)
Conil - CÁDIZ (17/2/03 - Diario de Cádiz)
Calle Mariano Andrés - LEÓN (01/05/03 - El Norte de Castilla)
C/ La Hoya - Totana - MURCIA (06/05/2003 - La Verdad)
Torreperogil - JAÉN (10/3/2003 - Interviu)
Avenida Asturias - LEÓN (01/05/03 - El Norte de Castilla)
Avenida San Ignacio de Loyola - LEÓN (01/05/03 - El Norte de Castilla)
Avenida Asturias - LEÓN (01/05/03 - El Norte de Castilla)
Zona Reino de León - LEÓN (01/05/03 - El Norte de Castilla)
Zona de El Corte Inglés - LEÓN (01/05/03 - El Norte de Castilla)
Paseo Cuéllar - ZARAGOZA (11/05/03 - El Heraldo de Aragón)
La Romareda - ZARAGOZA (11/05/03 - El Heraldo de Aragón)
Avenida Cesáreo Alierta - ZARAGOZA (11/05/03 - El Periódico de Aragón)
C/ J. García Condoy - Bº Actur - ZARAGOZA (11/05/03 - Heraldo de Aragón)
Paseo de la Constitución - ZARAGOZA (11/05/03 - El Heraldo de Aragón)
Gran Vía - ZARAGOZA (11/05/03 - El Periódico de Aragón)

Notes and dedication.- The present relation has been culminated in the
breast of the "Days on Dwelling and Electromagnetic Contamination", that
have taken place the days 10 and 11 of the present month in the Immortal
city of ZARAGOZA and the prior work of investigation, we dedicated it to
the Neighborhoods Associations Confederacy of Zaragoza, whose
hospitality and organizing effort to reach an ultimate level we are not
able to be less than.

Association of Neighbors Against Harmful Radiation of L'Scale (Girona)


Could FCC Commissioner Abernathy (see quote in red below) possibly be
signaling that The EMR Network Petition for Inquiry on the FCC RF
exposure guidelines is being given serious consideration?

BOX 277
EASTON, CT 06612
Tel: 203-286-2686, e-mail: WWW.AWPG.ORG

Press Release
For Immediate Release:

May 13, 2003

CONTACT: JANE DECOURT - 203-254-2594

Aspetuck Woods Group Meets with FCC Commissioner on Cell Tower National

Members of the Aspetuck Woods Preservation Group met Friday, May 9, 2003
with FCC Commissioner Kathleen Q. Abernathy at her offices in
Washington, DC to discuss environmental and health concerns regarding
situating telecommunication facilities and towers. As Commissioner, she
is responsible for representing the public interest in each of the
policy areas under the FCC's jurisdiction. These responsibilities
include regulation of broadcast television, cable, satellite, domestic
and international telecommunications, wireless telephony, consumer
protection and education and general enforcement of Commission rules.
Joining the Commissioner meeting with the AWPG was FCC Senior Counsel
Jennifer Manner.

After a wide-ranging and in-depth discussion a number of action points
were agreed upon which could potentially affect national policy
concerning cell tower construction. Commissioner Abernathy noted that -
we have been made aware that we have not been paying attention to
important issues [like migratory bird kills and human health research]
and that we are now and will continue to as technology changes and the
research shows issues we need to address with respect to [potentially
harmful electro-radiation] emissions -. The AWPG and FCC pledged to
exchange research and broaden the knowledge base. The need to weigh
legitimate technical needs against opportunities for exploitation and
corporate corruption was also discussed. As Ms. Abernathy noted, - We
need to promote technology but at what cost? -

Early this month FCC Chairman Michael Powell acted decisively to ensure
the FCC become more sensitive to wildlife and natural habitats as well
as areas of historic significance as important considerations in
locating telecommunications towers and facilities. AWPG member Bruce De
Court stated, - We are grateful the FCC is not only recognizing the
environmental affects of cell towers but willing to act proactively to
balance long term consequences with commercial needs. -

There are currently cell tower proposals in or near Easton that fall are
under the jurisdiction of the Connecticut Siting Council. The town's
zoning regulations are considered advisory in the siting process for
freestanding towers. For telecommunication installations on or in
preexisting structures, Connecticut towns maintain all siting control.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent United
States government agency, directly responsible to Congress. The FCC was
established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with
regulating interstate and international communications by radio,
television, wire, satellite and cable.

The Aspetuck Woods Preservation Group was formed to preserve the
environmental integrity of Southwestern Connecticut's natural beauty and
natural assets. Its mandate includes fighting any inappropriate
telecommunications tower facility and power line expansion in Easton and
the surrounding area, and protecting the interests of taxpaying citizens
to live peacefully free of unwanted and unnecessary corporate and
industrial intrusion

For information, call the Aspetuck Woods Preservation Group,
203-286-2686 - WWW.AWPG.ORG


FCC Levies $200,000 Fine under NEPA

At issue in this case is compliance with Historic Preservation under the
National Environmental Policy Act.

The next step needed is for FCC to consider human health effects of RF
under NEPA.

A note in response from Ron Shems, attorney for Forest Conservation
Council, Friends of the Earth and the American Bird Conservancy's suit
against the FCC. The subject of that suit in communications towers along
the Gulf of Mexico which are killing migratory birds as they pass
across those flyways in spring and fall.

All of these latest announcements have coincided with our briefing
schedule. We filed our reply with the DC Circuit this afternoon.

Ronald A. Shems
Shems Dunkiel & Kassel PLLC
87 College Street
Burlington, Vermont 05401
(802) 860 1003 (voice)
(802) 860 1208 (facsimile)


May 12, 2003
David Fiske at (202) 418-0500


Washington, D.C. - Today, the Commission released a Notice of Apparent
Liability for Forfeiture ("NAL") proposing that Western Wireless
Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiary, WWC Holding Co., Inc.
(collectively "Western"), be held liable for a $200,000 forfeiture for
operating radio transmitting equipment from an unauthorized location in
violation of the Communications Act.

Western constructed a 180-foot tower on a ridge overlooking Medora,
North Dakota, near sites that are listed or eligible for listing in the
National Register of Historic Places ("National Register").

The NAL concludes that Westerns tower significantly affects these
Historic Properties and that Western was required to comply with the
Commissions environmental rules and obtain authorization prior to
constructing its tower and operating from the tower. As a result,
Western did not have authority to operate its tower and its continued
unauthorized operation apparently violates Section 301 of the
Communications Act. The Commission, therefore, proposes that Western be
held liable for a $200,000 forfeiture.

This is the first case in which the Commission has proposed a monetary
forfeiture for an unlawful operation that stems from an apparent failure
to comply with the Commission's environmental rules.

Action by the Commission on May 6, 2003, by Notice of Apparent Liability
for Forfeiture (FCC 03-109). Chairman Powell (issuing a separate
statement), Commissioners Abernathy, Copps, Martin and Adelstein.

FCC Enforcement Bureau Contacts: Lisa Fowlkes at (202) 418-7450 or Kathy
Harvey at (202) 418-7514. TTY: 1 (888) 835-5322


Re: Western Wireless Corporation and WWC Holding Co., Inc., Licensee of
Cellular Radio Station KNKN343, CMA583 North Dakota 4 McKenzie RSA;
Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture

I recently announced a comprehensive, proactive approach for addressing
the Commission's responsibilities in the communications tower-siting
area. Enforcement action, where necessary, will be an integral part of
this approach as demonstrated by our action today.

As I described in the Action Plan, the siting of communications towers
places a number of worthy, but competing, federal interests in tension
-- widespread deployment of advanced telecommunications networks, the
protection of birds and endangered species, aviation safety, and the
preservation of historic and cultural sites, to name a few. Balancing
these interests requires cooperation from a number of interested parties
-- including state and federal agencies, Indian tribes, environmental
groups, and the communications and tower industries.

The text of the complete Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture is found at:

Informant: Janet Newton at EMRNetwork

More on Chernobyl: A published letter rebuttal to Professors Walton and
Van der Putten

Hi Klaus:

As THE IRISH TIMES can only be accessed online by paying subscribers, I
have transcribed today's letter below. Might be of particular interest
to readers on your list who are eye specialists.

Transcribed from THE IRISH TIMES, Friday, May 9, 2003


Madam,- I refer to the letter from Professors Walton and Van Der Putten
(May 6th) and entirely agree with their desire to reduce the level of
radiation phobia in the community.

I would like to point out, however, that there are 50,000 registered
blind and partially sighted children in Belarus (Chernobyl region), in a
population of 10 million people. In the whole of Ireland, for a
population of about five million, there are fewer than 1,000 registered
blind and partially sighted children.

On a recent visit to Belarus I visited several institutions for the
blind. A lot of the eye diseases noticed in the children are diseases of
the aged and are not normally seen among children in western Europe. The
ophthalmologists in charge have no doubt that the eye diseases are
related to radiation.

While many of the affected children are the offspring of children who
themselves were severely exposed to the initial disaster, not all of the
parents where so exposed.

I respectfully suggest that the above facts speak for themselves.
- Yours, etc.,

Paddy Casey, FAOI, FAAO, Optometrist, Cornamagh, Athlone, Co. Westmeath."

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland

Russia: stop stalling on climate treaty

Prevent a bureaucrat in Moscow from wasting the efforts of over one
hundred governments, thousands of companies and millions of people!

The Russian government and the Russian parliament have it within their
grasp to make the Kyoto Protocol - the world's only international treaty
to combat global warming and climate change - a success NOW.

One person is holding up the world's progress on reducing greenhouse gas
emissions: the Russian Minister for Economic Development and Trade, Mr.
German Gref.

Send your message now -


Good news, bad news and further delays on hazardous chemicals

The good news is that the European Commission has now published new
draft chemicals legislation which includes chemicals that accumulate and
endocrine disrupting chemicals in the list of chemicals of very high
concern, as WWF has been asking for.

The bad news is that their proposals are not strict enough to ensure that
these chemicals will be phased out when safer alternatives are available
- industry will continue to be able to use them.

Another problem is that the European Commission has not endorsed this
draft legislation, and is instead publishing it for an eight week
internet consultation, which will further delay efforts to properly
regulate the hazardous chemicals that are found in common consumer items
like televisions, perfumes, sportswear and cleaning products.

Environmental NGOs blame the Commission President for failing to take
leadership on one of the biggest reforms of this Commission. Read more -

Kind Regards
Sarah Bladen
WWF International

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