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Israeli experiment-genetic damage

An israeli experiment gets some newspaper attention. Though it is in a
little box not many people will notice to, as if it is some kind of a
not very important item, also was discussed on TV in a science programm,
again, in a channel most people don't even have, not to mention look on..

Yediot Ahronot, 5.5.2003
Ryvka Freilich (Health supplement)

A long period exposure to cellular radiation can damage the division of
the hereditary substance, according to the findings of Prof Rafi
Korenstein in an experiment in Tel Aviv university which was presented
in a fair of medical research in the medical department in the

The study examined how immune system human cells react to the radiation
of 830 MHz for 72 hours (with no break). It was found that the radiation
caused damage in the duplication of the hereditary substance which is
created during the cell division process. Lack of stability of the
hereditary substance characterizes the carcinogenic process in the body.
In addition a direct link was found between the radiation level and the
damage in the cell division. The lack of stability of the hereditary
substance was found already in radiation power level which is 30%
higher than the international standard level. The standard is based on
the assumption that the damage in the exposure to high level radiation
is because of heat but the experiment shows that the genetic damages are
not correlated to cell heating.

"The cell damage is caused by the effect of the radiation itself on the
cells, a fact that undermines the basis for the international standard"
says Prof Korenstein. Yet, he emphesizes that it is a primary study, and
that from examining the radiation effect on the cells in a cell culture
it cannot be concluded directly to the radiation effect on the human
body cells during the exposure.

The link to the study-


Paris- watch your Wi Fi !

Hopefully until then the parisiens will object:

Shortly: Until the end of the year it will be decided: Will Paris be
the first "wireless city"

At least 2 Wi Fi antennas near every one of the 373 metro stations,
The experimernt started on the 1 st of April, with 12 antennas near
metro stations, along the route of bus No. 38. Until now 600 citizens
have already registered to this service but that is before they
advertised it.

Map of bus 38 route- after you open the link and see the hebrew, press
on the link in the article, you will get the route where there are
already Wi Fi antennas in Paris:
Article in Herald Tribune

Informant: Iris Atzmon

News from Cindy Sage

Dear Klaus Rudolph,

Our morning newspaper has carried an article about the German
supermarket Metro AG that is testing a wireless system.

"Grocery shopping may never be the same" from teh Santa Barbara News
Press May 3, 2003 (Associated Press).

"The heavy use of wireless equipment, in combination with older
technology such as bar codes, is an attempt to find out what will cut
costs and attract customers over the next 5 to 10 years."

"We are just at the beginning of the technological modernization of
retailing," says Metro CEO Hans-Joachim Koerber.

"Perhaps the key feature at Metro AG is smart tags, or RFID chips -
short for radiofrequency identification - that broadcast data for
several feet - enabling receiver-equipped smart shelves or handheld
scanners to track what's in the store."

Klaus..... you might want to post the entire article, with some
information on the potential health impacts on consumers of being
exposed to more RF in daily life, on an involuntary basis. See the
letter I recently sent to McDonalds Restaurants about their plan to
install wireless internet at each site.

I am forwarding my original letter, and their completely irrelevant

Best regards,

Cindy Sage
Sage Associates
Santa Barbara, CA USA

Message from McDonald's Corporation
Your proposed use of WIFI (wireless) at McDonalds is a potential threat
to the health and safety of both visiting children and to your workers.
It is a "bad neighbor" policy for nearby residences, schools, day-care
and pre-school uses. My company is involved in charting the evolving
scientific evidence on low-intensity radiofrequency radiation (RF) for
decision-makers. There is sufficient evidence at this time for the World
Health Organization to have established a policy of "prudent avoidance"
for RF. McDonald's should not promote unnecessary RF exposure for
children. Please reconsider your position. We can provide you further
technical information if you wish.


Hello Cindy:

Thank you for contacting McDonald's. We truly appreciate customers who
take the time to let us know about their experiences at our restaurants.

On behalf of McDonald's Corporation, I sincerely apologize that we let
you down on your recent visit to one of our restaurants. Please be
assured that all of our restaurants strive to provide each McDonald's
customer with a very pleasant experience. Through crew and management
training programs, our employees aim to provide fast, accurate and
friendly service without exception...however, based on your recent visit
to McDonald's, it appears as though we've not lived up to our commitment to you.

Your feedback has been shared with the appropriate people who oversee
the operations of the McDonald's restaurants in your area. Be assured
that your complete satisfaction is our number- one priority. In the
future, please call our customer toll-free number at 800-244-6227 to let
us know the exact location of the restaurant where you have been
disappointed so we can immediately follow-up with that restaurant
immediate corrective action can be taken.

Once again, M. Sage, thank you for taking the time to share your
comments with us. We look forward to serving you again soon under the
Golden Arches.

McDonald's Customer Satisfaction Department


Please do not reply to this e-mail. If you wish to contact McDonald's
Corporation again, please visit

New power line tech. may delay building new lines

A new technological development may delay for many years the need to
build new transmission power lines.

3M is supporting the advanced testing of its new Aluminum Conductor
Composite Reinforced (ACCR) conductor. The new conductor uses a core of
aluminum-matrix-composite wires surrounded by temperature-resistant
aluminum-zirconium wires. According to officials at the Department of
Energy, the composite core is stronger than steel, but doesn't elongate
as do conventional cores.

The new conductor, which has been under development for many years,
carries up to 3 times as much current as conventional steel conductors
of the same size.

Accordingly, it is likely most of the need for new transmission capacity
can be met merely by replacing existing conductors with the ACCR
conductor. Therefore, it will no longer be necessary to build new
transmission lines, and it should now be possible to remove those
existing lines that have undue environmental or human impacts.

Much testing are underway. The National Transmission Technology
Research Center in Oak Ridge,TN is testing the new conductor. Separately, the
Tennessee Valley Authority has strung a test line near Oak Ridge. Using
a $4million Congressional appropriation, the Western Area Power
Administration has just begun a year-long test of a one mile, medium
sized 795 kcmil conductor in a 230-kv installation near Fargo, N.D.,
under some of the most challenging weather conditions in the U.S.

Pictures of this new wire and links to additional information can be
found at tp://www.powerlinefacts.com/EMF.htm#accr. A search on "Aluminum
Conductor Composite Reinforced" using Google or other search engines
will similarly provide much additional information.

Roger Conant President Power Line Task Force

Informant: PW.DM.WARD

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