* CARLA, A FACE OF AN ANGEL. MORE SCHOOLS, MORE INNOCENT - Microwaved beaming of electricity to replace its transmission by pylons and cables - WWF News (1/5/03)


Carla Díez Garcia, a face of an angel, innocent, to which the future
with the excuse of the great progress for the humanity, has been denied
that supposes the "universal" public utility of the mobile phone system,
died on the 10 of April of 2003 in Madrid. We have proposed to ourselves
that nobody will forget the face of Carla Díez Garcia, student of the
School Garcia Quintana of Valladolid.

We diffuse to the internet a first list of 50 Centers of teaching
affected by antennas, that from time to time they were it, from antennas
and lines of high tension. The experts reported us that it fits to speak
of thousands of Schools in Spain.

We expand the list of Centers to the number of 60 Schools and 14
Institutes, recalling that we spoke always of conflicts that have had
its reflections in the press; concerning each center in fight there was
one or more news of press written.

Today, with the senting of the contribution of information with e-mail
from our Association, it fits us to expand to 90 the number of Centers
that integrate the list.

But it is besides that which fits us to add that, with the aid of
Citizens' Initiative Omega, who took charge of translating our written
"Grows the number of innocent, the ones to whom a future is denied" in
English. "The NUMBER GROWS of INNOCENT whose FUTURE is DENIED", the
phenomenon has transferred the borders.

We have received communications from different cities of the United
States of America, as for example Chicago or Berkeley and indeterminate
from places of the State of Colorado... They have reported us
fascinating from websites of other countries, as the Canadian
http://members.aol.com/gotemf/emf/schools.htm or that of the Asociacion
of Nanterre "No to antenna relais on the roofs of our schools!"
http://ecolesetantennes.multimania.com/. On the Canadian website of
"GOTEMF" it can be seen related Schools with data of locating and
distances to the antennas or sources of electropollution.

We have been able to know extensive details of the action against
antennas in Paris, in Nanterre (WEB antennas far) or in the sadly known
Primary School Ernest Bizet, in Saint Cyr-L' École, in Yvelines
(outskirts of Paris), with 8 childlike cases of cancer among its
students. From Saint Cyr they transferred us an emotional e-mail,
knowing that at the same day of the death of Carla Díez they withdrew
the antennas of Saint Cyr by judicial order. May it be, that some judges
begin to amend and to correct the errors of the governments and every
luck of interests created? Or may it be that the reason and the own Law
have been mocked in so great measure that patent results even for the
scrupulous eyes of the JUDGES? It was offered us from Saint Cyr, also,
the face of another innocent, Julien, 8 years, died by cerebral cancer
of trunk in 1996. And the face of another girl of 6 years of the same
school, that died in 1998 of the same type of illness that Julien had:
"an extremely rare cancer", admitted the French medical.

One day we knew our nearby pain. Later, we knew that there are other
parents worried about their children, students of Centers whose fights
echoed in the local press, that one must seek with magnifier. It was
said to us that our reflected pain is insignificant in comparison to the
real proportion of the effects of the electropollucion verified in
thousands of Schools of Spain. Later we could verify that our country is
not the navel of the world and that the phenomenon of the
electropollution is an international phenomenon. You are eaten from
"electromagnetic genocide", knowing from the risks for the health, that
involve the electromagnetic fields, when interfere the signs of the
brain and our nervous system, knowing these things for more than thirty years.

The guardians of the health in governmental institutions or in the
International WHO play the tactic of delay, knowing the economic
interests incalculable that there is in play, concerning the operators
of phone system or concerning the energy businesses.

We do not harbor doubts regarding who are the responsible for the death
of Carla and we are convinced that the life of a child is infinitely
more worth than the thousands of millions of turnover for all the
operators and energy businesses.

As in the case of the School Garcia Quintana of Valladolid the
technology of the tumor counted on the invaluable aid of the municipal
authority to grant some license, that has been shown to the satiety
(Interlocutoria of the Court of Instruction 2 of Valladolid dated
20/12/2001) that could not have granted an infraction declaration of the
General Plan of Valladolid and in collusion with the autonomous
authorities, that in no moment before the crisis, one must pursue
responsibilities and multimillion compensations that approach to that of
the cigarette factories, are being granted in judicial systems as the
American or the German system.

We initiate the campaign "The antennas out of the schools that are
killing our children! (Suggestion from the Coordinating Antilínea of Gavarres).

Although your Schools do not have antennas there is a lot reasons that
you show your support to the Centers affected and you take full
conscience of the problem.

We offer you only one thing: solidarity before the unnecessary death of
an innocent, the same that our children faced. Solidarity with so many
and so many anonymous parents that live with a personal drama that only
fits to understand for those that are convinced, as the Doctor Luís
Martín Árias, that in the sky of the children there are no antennas.

Who want to help us to maintain bring up to date the data or who want to
add to ours centers, can send an e-mail with the information to the
direction of the Association of Neighbors Against Harmful Radiation of
L' Scale (Girona) avecorn@hotmail.com.

Association of Neighbors Against Harmful Radiation of L' Scale (Girona)
L' Scale, 29 of April of 2003.

Text to the picture attached in the Spanish document:
Carla Díez, five years, with her mother. The girl carries a year of
processing, since Christmas passed, she was diagnosed leukemia. She
returned to school in June to find out that three other children were
afflicted, her friend Laura, of the same class, a boy of six years and
another of 10. The scientists are divided about the influence of the
mobile phone antennas to cancer.




Colegio Pedro Corchado - Bailén - JAÉN
Colegio San Ignacio (Jesuitas) - PAMPLONA
Colegio Santo Tomás (Dominicas) - PAMPLONA
Colegio Luis Amigó - PAMPLONA
Colegio Público "Martín Chico" - Illescas - TOLEDO
Colegio privado San Francisco de Paula - SEVILLA
Colegio García Quintana - VALLADOLID
Colegio Federico García Lorca - VALLADOLID
Centre Immaculada Concepció - Lloret de Mar - GIRONA
Colegio público Pere Torrent - Lloret de Mar - GIRONA
Colegio Número Uno de Foz - (GALÍCIA)
Colegio de Sant Joan - Sant Joan - EIVISSA
Colegio La Salle - PALENCIA
Colegio Atios - O Carballal Valdoviño - A CORUÑA
Colegio de Primaria Colón - CÓRDOBA
Colegio La Salle - CÓRDOBA
Centro escolar Jesús Nazareno - CÓRDOBA
Colegio público en el barrio de 'La Boleta' - Seseña - TOLEDO
Colegio Paula Montal-Escolapias - Figueres - GIRONA
Colegio de Enseñanza Infantil Lorenzo Palmireno - Alcañiz - TERUEL
Colegio Salesianos - CÁDIZ
Colegio Princesa Arecida - Mazo - LA PALMA, CANARIAS
Colegio Santa Catalina - VALLADOLID
Colegios Privados de Galicia (CONGAPA) - PONTEVEDRA
Colegios y guarderías de León - LEÓN
Colegio público Sagrado Corazón - SEVILLA
Colegio en Laguna de Duero - VALLADOLID
CEIP Jacint Verdaguer - Castelldefels - BARCELONA
Colegio Virgen de Lourdes - Mataró - BARCELONA
Escuela Castilla - Torrejón de la Calzada - MADRID
Escoles de Sant Francesc Xavier a la Mola - Formentera - BALEARES
Centro Escolar Gonzalo de Berceo - ZAMORA
Colegio privado Los Sauces - Torrelodones - MADRID
Colegio público escuela Migdia - GIRONA
Escuela en Aranjuez - MADRID
Guarderia El Guinyol - Figueres - GIRONA
CEIP Sant Pau - Figueres - GIRONA
Tres escuelas del barrio La Almozara - ZARAGOZA
Escuela del nucli de Balsicas - Torre Pacheco - MURCIA
Escuela de Primaria de Mutxamel - ALICANTE
Escuela de Alberic - VALENCIA
Colegio Federico Arce de Murcia - MURCIA
Colegio Cristo Rey de Murcia - MURCIA
Colegio La Fuensanta de Murcia - MURCIA
Colegio Jesús María de Murcia - MURCIA
Colegio José Castaño de Murcia - MURCIA
Colegio El Buen Pastor de Murcia - MURCIA
Colegio de Santomera - MURCIA
Escuela Fortià Solà - Torelló - BARCELONA
Colegio Público Macías Picavea - VALLADOLID
Colegio Virgen del Carmen - Barrio del Port - TARRAGONA
Colegio Público "Villaespesa" en Tercia - Lorca - MURCIA
Colegio San Isidro - Aranjuez - MADRID
CEIP Santa Maria - Salou - TARRAGONA
Colegio público Alvaro Cecilia - Fernán Núñez - CÓRDOBA
Escola Les Alzines - Palau-Sacosta - GIRONA
Colegio Los Robles de Aravaca - MADRID
Escuela de Castellfollit de la Roca - GIRONA
Colegio Eiximenis - GIRONA
Colegio Público Fray Luis de León - Delicias - VALLADOLID
Colegio San Francisco de Asís - Delicias - VALLADOLID
Colegio Nª Sª del Carmen - Delicias - VALLADOLID
Colegio del Salvador - VALLADOLID
Colegio San Juan Bautista de la Salle - VALLADOLID
Colegio Püblico Gonzalo de Berceo - VALLADOLID
Colegio Público Gabriel y Galán - VALLADOLID
CEIP del Barrio de Vallserrat - St. Esteve Sesrovires - BARCELONA
Guardería Barrio Vallserrat - St. Esteve Sesrovires - BARCELONA
Colegio Público La Florida - ALICANTE
Colegio Miguel de Cervantes - Marbella - MÁLAGA
Colegio Gregal - CASTELLÓN
Colegio La Inmaculada de Los Pinos - Algeciras - CÁDIZ
Colegio de La Salle - Plasencia - CÁCERES


IES María Bellido - Bailén - JAÉN
IES Martín Rivero - Ronda - MÁLAGA
IES Rodríguez Delgado - Ronda - MÁLAGA
IES Pérez de Guzmán - Ronda - MÁLAGA
IES "Juan de Padilla" - lllescas - TOLEDO
IES Roca Grossa - Lloret de Mar - GIRONA
IES de Laguna de Duero - VALLADOLID
Instituto Beatriz Osorio de Fabero - LEÓN
IES Santiago Sobrequés - GIRONA
IES Ramon Muntaner - Figueres - GIRONA
IES Josep de Ribera - Xàtiva - VALENCIA
Instituto Eusebio da Guarda - A CORUÑA

* Spanish version: Carla, un rostro de ángel, más colegios, más inocentes (1/5/03)

Microwaved beaming of electricity to replace its transmission by pylons
and cables

Hi Klaus:
The following article complete with illustrations appeared in THE SUNDAY
TIMES, April 27, 2003. (News section, p.11)

by Roger Dobson.

"SCIENTISTS have successfully applied the technology used in microwave
ovens to beam electricity without the need for unsightly pylons and
overhead cables. The power is fired through the air in the form of
microwaves and collected in special antennas that reconvert the
microwaves into electricity. A prototype of the wireless power
technology has shown the system works and a fullscale version is now
being built to make a remote village on the French-governed island of
Reunion in the Indian Ocean the world's first microwave-powered community.

According to a report to be published this week, the system is a cheaper
way than either solar energy or local generators of supplying remote
areas not connected to a grid. "[Electricity] network distribution is
effective at the centre but the costs increase quickly when you get to
the edge," said Dr. Guy Pignolet of CNES, the French space agency, which
has conducted the trials. "Extending it to remote areas is very costly,
but with microwave technology you do not have those costs. You also do
not have pylons, which you may not want in sensitive areas."

The technology works by converting direct current (DC) electricity into
microwave power at the transmitting end in the same way that switching
on a microwave oven converts electricity into waves using a device
called a magnetron. Residents are unlikely to be baked as the
frequencies in the two applications are entirely different. Microwaves
for the electricity are targeted via antennas and reflectors at a "rectenna" (from the
words rectifier and antenna), which absorbs the microwave energy from
the beam and converts it back into DC power with diodes.

In Grand-Bassin on Reunion, which lies at the bottom of a 3,000ft canyon
with no road access, electricity is currently provided by solar panels
placed on the roofs of the houses. But increasing the amount of
electricity solely by using the panels is difficult because of the
amount of surface area needed. It is also expensive.

The researchers have successfully produced a field prototype to
illuminate a handful of light bulbs. A second prototype is being
finalised and will be in operation in about 10 months, while the whole
project to supply the village with power is scheduled to be completed
within three years.

Additional reporting: Nick Speed."

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland.


Update/Postdate on BBC 2 program re. "God is dead . . . Nietzche.
Nietzche is dead v. . . God."

Hi Klaus: At your Citizen Initiative Omega site dated 20/3/03 you have
included my posting regards the sceduled showing of the BBC 2 T.V.
Horizon program: "God on the Brain." As anyone who sat down to watch
it at 9.00 P.M. on Thursday, March 20th knows it was a non-event on that
date due to realtime bombs filling the TV screen. I have now become
aware that it was shown instead on Thursday, April 17th. If any of your
readers would like a brief print review of Horizon's "God on the Brain"
plus related publications on this fascinating topic of mystic v. scientist--a
topic which has meaningful contiguities with some EHS experiences--the
website bibleandscience.com/godpartbrain.htm might be worth a visit.

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