* Zoran Protest-Zoran on TV - Two more cancer victims in the shed of the antenna in Zoran - The causes of cancer (Parkinson Cancer Theory) - Greenpeace: Urgent Action Request before May 8th (29/4/03)

Zoran Protest - Zoran on TV

That was VERY strong: many many children from Zoran school, are in
front of the Knesset, shouting together:


They brought graves - like, and burned them with fire, with woods as
antennas. The big signs they brought said: "We irradiate and not from
happiness", "Who's next?" and more.

In a T.V news program was a 12 years old girl, she was interviewed: She
brought a picture drawn by children in the school: In the picture you
see antennas in the middle, and near both sides of the antennas there
are graves of children, on the graves pictures of the cancer animal, it
is written: death year: 2003. Israel, Zoran.

Interviewer: You are afraid
- "I am very afraid, I am afraid that today my father will get sick,
that tomorrow my sister will get sick, my friend will be sick,
especially I am afraid that I will be sick. I am afraid about the
radiation level in the village. My sister suffers from unexplained
headaches. She went to do C.T and they didn't find anything.

Interviewer: There is a 7 years old girl that got cancer.
- "Yes, she is fighting for her life now".

Int': You are 12 years old. What can you do?
All the big experts, Bezeq, they say that there is no connection to the
radiation, that it is not dangerous, they say that you don't know what
you are talking about.

Int': What do you tell them?
- "I want them to look me in the eyes [close up] and tell me that my
health is more in important than broadcasting to establishment agents
abroad. I want Ariel Sharon the prime minister, Ilan Biran- Bezeq CEO,
and Ehud Olmert (who is reponsible for the radiation) will look into my
eyes and tell me that my and others' health is more important than the

Int': You were studying in the same school all the years, right?
- "Yes, I moved school a year ago, the school is about 200 meters
from the antennas, and now they are going to build another school closer
to the antennas".

Int': Closer to the antennas ???
- "Yes. And my sister is going to study there. I am afraid for her, it
is already hard enough with her unexplained headaches".

Int': What now? Until when are you going to strike?
- "Until they give us our demand"

Int': What about your parents?
- "My father has skin cancer, he had got it before we came to Zoran but
it burst since we came. He had 20 operations, most of them while living
in Zoran".

Reactions: Broadcast Authority: the site belongs to Bezeq. We are ready
to broadcast from anywhere else in Israel.
Bezeq: We work by the strictest standard and by all the permissions of
the government authorities.


Zoran and Ein Vered

The press - co-operates. newspapers, TV. In a TV programm 2 weeks ago,
a resident said that Zoran is "A CANCER FACTORY". The public- supports
them loudly. The government - there was a government decision to move
the station. The court - they appealed. What a democratic country. But
how do you break "democratic" walls?


A 7 years old girl and a young mother were diagnosed last week with
cancer. The environment quality office: We support in moving the
transmission station, but it operates according to the standard.

By Nurit Palter and Oron Meiri, Yediot Ahronot
28.4. 2003

Two more cancer cases were found within a week in Zoran village in the
Sharon, which is near the Bezeq station. The residents claim that the
antennas radiation are responsible for the cancer cases.

Last week it was found that a 7 years old girl got lymphoma cancer, and
a mother of small children from the village also got cancer.

There are 27 cancer cases in the village of 5,600 residents.

Hundreds of Zoran residents protested yesterday in front of the Knesset
demanding to move the dangerous antennas which are close to the school.
Last months died a third grade girl, a 38 years old man and a mother of
3 children (34 years old).

The residents cheased the school studies until the station is closed.
Yossi Malka, the council chairman said yesterday: "THE ANTENNAS FARM IS

A mother of two in the school said: Last year I did not send the
children to study because I was simply afraid of the radiation there".

Also the near villages residents, Ein Vered and Porat, claim that the
antennas endanger them. The cancer rate in Ein Vered is 2 times more
than the average in Israel and almost in every second house in the
village there are cancer victims.

Yediot Ahronot investigation which was published some weeks ago, pointed
out that in Porat village, which is also near Hillel station, many
people got cancer, and they intend to sue the state for property damage.

The environment quality office informed that it is all for moving the
antennas but the spokesman said that the electromagnetic radiation does
not exceed what the law permits and the station operates according to
the WHO standard.

Informant: Iris Atzmon

THE CAUSES OF CANCER (Parkinson Cancer Theory)

Jan. 2003

THE MAIN CAUSE OF CANCER is the Combination and Concentration of "Man
Made" Petroleum Based Synthetic Linear alkylbenzenesulfonic acid (LAS)
also called DDBSA Powder Laundry Detergents. The Benzene in the
LAS/DDBSA is absorbed into our bodies through our skin from our moist
clothes. Most Powdered detergents have 8 to 12 different types of
sodium. When you wash your clothes and if you add softener, bleach, or
use anti-static in the dryer, the number could total 15-20 different
concentrations and combinations of sodium powder detergents.

In 1965 the U.S. switched from DDB foaming to LAS/DDBSA non-foaming
detergents. Cancer has been increasing ever since the U.S. changed to
the LAS/DDBSA detergents. With 1 to 3 % of the LAS/DDBSA detergents
remaining in our clothes after being washed. The LAS/DDBSA powder
detergent levels are 500-1,000 times stronger, when compared to the
patches that we use on our skin to administer other drugs. See patch
information below.

When we sweat, we absorb the above LAS/DDBSA BENZENE POWDER DETERGENTS
into our moist pelvic area and in time this can cause Prostate, Colon,
Rectal, Liver, Pancreatic, Ovarian, Vaginal, Vulva, Testicular, Penile,
Bladder, Kidney and other types of Cancer. The skin's moist areas on our
bodies are very large compared to the size of all moist patches.


We also absorb the LAS/DDBSA "BENZENE" powder detergents into our moist
underarms lymphatic glands, which can also cause breast cancer. This is
10% of the American cancer rate. We have over ten drugs or chemicals
that we absorb into our bodies using different moist patches. Our skin
is a very porous receptor. All moist patches are in the millionth or
billionth of grams.
24 hrs of Nicotine @ 7 Mg, this gives you 290 Micro grams per hour.
"This is @ a millionth."
72 hrs of Estrogen @ .05 Mg, this gives you 694 Nano grams per hour.
"This is @ a billionth."
72 hrs of Duragesic @ 25Mcg, this gives you 250 Nano grams per hour.
"This is @ a billionth."
10 hours of Nitroglycerin @ .013 Mcg, this is 130 Nano grams per
hour."This is @ a billionth."

The 1999 United States Atlas of Cancer Report shows that from 1970 to 94
(25Yrs) we had a Cancer death rate of 10.6 million Americans. Question:
Is this an American Holocaust?
1.2 million will contact Cancer this year. 552,000 will die (50%). At a
cost of 107 Billion.
On page 9 of the Atlas, the 1970-94 (25Yrs) national mortality rates for
all cancers combined were 54% HIGHER for white females and 84% HIGHER
among black females compared to 1950-70. Today this would be equal to
65% for white females and 100% for black females.

The Washington State Cancer Registry says that we have a CANCER
of 40%. This is 28 of your friends and families from Washington dying
each day from Cancer.

Wring out your HANDTOWEL or laundry item 4-5 times in hot water to SEE,
SMELL and FEEL the LAS/DDBSA "BENZENE" CANCER SLIME on and in the water.

THE MAIN CAUSE OF CANCER is the 7-13% of Linear Alkyl BENZENE Sulfonic
acid (LAS) in Powder Laundry Detergent. The LAS chemicals remain in the
clothes when they are washed. They are absorbed into the body when worn.
See Dr Henry Lai, University Washington message below.

I think the most interesting paper is the first one. It shows that
linear alkyl benzene Sulfonate is a potential carcinogen.
Dr. Henry Lai

Wu Y, Shen Y.
Genotoxic effects of linear alkyl benzene Sulfonate, sodium
pentachlorophenate and dichromate on Tetrahymena pyriformis. J Protozool
1992 Jul-Aug; 39(4):454-6
Institute of Hydrobiology, Academia Sinica, Wuhan, People's Republic of China.

DNA in macro- and micronuclei of Tetrahymena pyriformis treated with
linear alkyl benzene Sulfonate (LAS) and sodium pentachlorophenate
(PCP-Na) were determined by microspectrophotometry. The effects on rate
of formation of macronuclear DNA extrusion bodies were also studied. We
found DNA content of micronuclei in 0.14 PPM LAS and 0.9 ppb PCP-Na was
lower than in that of the control, and LAS was able to increase the
formation rate of macronuclear DNA extrusion bodies (the formation rate
was 54% in 11.3 PPM LAS and 25.6% in 16.7 PPM dichromate). We concluded
that 0.14-PPM LAS (below the maximum acceptable toxicant concentration)
were Genotoxic, whereas 0.014-PPM LAS were not. Dichromate 0.05 ppm and
0.9 ppb PCP-Na, equal to and below the maximum acceptable toxicant
concentration, respectively, were potentially Genotoxic.

Stenton SC, Dennis JH, Walters EH, Hendrick DJ.
Asthmagenic properties of a newly developed detergent ingredient: sodium
iso-nonanoyl oxybenzene sulphonate. Br J Ind Med. 1990 Jun;47(6):405-10
Chest Unit, Newcastle General Hospital, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

The suspicion that a newly developed detergent ingredient, sodium
iso-nonanoyl oxybenzene sulphonate (SINOS), was inducing asthma among a
workforce led to a series of inhalation challenge tests to determine the
specificity and dose response characteristics of its asthma provoking
properties. Three previously exposed workers, three non-exposed
non-asthmatic controls, and three non-exposed asthmatic controls were
challenged with SINOS 0.01-100 micrograms and another chemically similar
surface active detergent ingredient, linear alkyl benzene sulphonate
(LAS) 0.01-100 micrograms. Asthmatic symptoms, late falls in FEV1, and
increases in non-specific bronchial responsiveness were seen after the
inhalation of SINOS in all three workers, confirming SINOS as a cause of
occupational asthma. No changes were seen after the inhalation of SINOS
in either group of control subjects nor after LAS in any subject. These
findings suggest that SINOS causes asthma through a specific
hypersensitivity mechanism unrelated to its surface-active properties.

Misra V, Lal H, Viswanathan PN, Murti CR.
45Ca uptake from water by snails (Lymnaea vulgaris) in control and
detergent-polluted samples. Ecotoxicol Environ Saf 1984 Feb;8(1):97-9

A biostatic assay method involving 45Ca uptake into shells and tissues
of snails (Lymnaea vulgaris) in 72 hr was developed to follow the effect
of detergent-polluted water on ecosystems. There was a marked decrease
in the 45Ca uptake by shells and tissues of linear alkyl benzene
sulfonate-exposed animals as compared to controls. No change in 45Ca
uptake was observed in dead shells, thereby excluding the possibility of
passive exchange.

Question: Would you knowingly absorb small portions of poison into your
body all day long? You are if you are washing your clothes that were
laundry with powder detergent.

There are four-web sites to help research the cancer-causing LAS
1. www.chemistry.co.nz/detergent_class.htm this web site will provide
you with all of the LAS information in powder detergents. They call LAS
with a different name of DDBSA.
2. www.netcomuk.co.uk/~rpeters1auf1det.htm this web site will show you
how the powder detergent is assembled.
3. www.pg.com/about_pg/corporate/sustainability/fabric_home.jhtm1 this
web site will show you the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) that are
required and are reported to OSHA. When you link any of the powder
detergents, you will see the 7-13% of "Linear alkyl benzene Sulfonate"
(LAS) that is in all of the powder detergents.
4. http://chemacx.cambridgesoft.com/chemacx/chemacx/

This web page shows you the 11 different Synonyms for DDBSA and LAS.

To check for powder laundry detergent that is remaining in your clothes
after you have washed them, rinse and wring out in hot water your
underclothes 3-4 times to see, feel, and smell cancer slime that is left
in the rinse water from your clothes. The amount can be very small, but
still very toxic.

The 10-12 "moist" patches that are used to administer/deliver chemicals
into your body are at Micro to Nano gram levels. The "moist" detergents
that remain in your clothes when you wear them can be 1000 times
stronger then the level in patches.

The bottom line is to prevent most cancers. Don't use powder laundry
detergents that have benzene in them. Liquid detergents don't use the
benzene molecules.

Regards Del.
9327 Classic Dr. NE
Lacey, WA. 98516

Greenpeace: Urgent Action Request before May 8th

The EU commission is currently considering new laws to control toxic
chemicals in Europe. The first chance to influence this process finishes
soon. The chemicals industry is lobbying hard now to ensure the laws are
weak and allow it to continue its polluting practices.

We need you to express support for strong EU law on toxic chemicals and
help in the fight for a toxic free future:

Take action here:


Help required

Does anyone know the name of the fabric that is worn by our military
when going into battle. It resembles netting and protects against EMR,
which I understand is why they use it. I wonder if this is the material
they use over their helmets.

Many thanks for any help that can be given.


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