* MANIFESTO OF LLAGOSTERA (4/4/2003) - Re: Fw: Brain damage fears over plan to erect 700 police radio masts - Re: having your cell phone ringing in the Microwave - Group of neighbors in San Francisco - Question and answer: neighbors fought the installation of antennas - Semen quality and hormone levels among radiofrequency heater operators (16/4/03)


The associations and companies related in the enclose, met in Llagostera
(Girona), the days 22 and 23 of February of 2003, or adhered later the
document, we declare:

That before the problematic that involves the unfold of the present
energy model and the establishment of the new technologies of
communication, especially before the affectation in the health of the
persons is common of the uncontrolled and permissive electromagnetic
contamination, as well as the impact on the environment of its
installations and infrastructures, precise:

To maximize the prevention of the increase of the risks, applying with
the most maximum severity the principle of precaution that supposes the
electromagnetic contamination or electropollution, putting the health of
the citizens before other considerations of development or economic.

To promote the information and the participation citizen in it takes of
decisions related to this contaminants installations type.

To preserve the environment and the landscape, rural or urban.

To promote, as objective end, a sustainable energy model based on the
renewable utilization of energies, the savings and the energy
efficiency, and the production of energy in the same place of consumption.

To prioritize the network of telecommunication by cable, avoiding in the
possible thing the way radio.

To reduce the legal limits of labor and/or residential exposition of the
electromagnetic fields that generate the mobile phone system, the
electric lines and the transforming stations. The creation by exempt
residential law of zones of radiation, establishing in all the places
more "sensitive" (schools, geriatric, hospitals, etc.) zones of security
with "level zero". Also for those citizens, that like or they need for
motives of health, to live without mobile telephones or without another
electromagnetic contamination.

That, for the attainment of these objectives, we compromise to:

To diffuse the present information truthful and contrasted and that go
generating, referred to lines of high tension, transforming stations,
mobile antennae of mobile phone system, etc. (Independent studies of
investigation, sentences, etc).

To demand that the public institutions also report with transparency with
absolute independence of the companies of mobile phone system or electric.

To promote the implication of the social agents: media of communication,
professional, university, citizens, ecologists, etc.

To demand the independent investigation of new studies elaboration that
abound, with greater reliability if fits, in the risk on the health of
the electric installations and of communication.

To ask an adequate legislation that revise the existing and put remedy
to their evident lacks, recognizing explicitly the existence of a
sanitary risk that behaves the electromagnetic contamination or electro
pollution; regulating the values, distances and other measures of
protection; giving priority to the true "general interest", as are the
health, the welfare and the quality of life of the persons; without
renouncing the right of promoting a popular legislative initiative..

To require the immediate fulfillment of the legality in force, with the
paralysis and immediate dismantling of all the mobile antennae of phone
system, electric lines, stations of transformation and other
installations of risk in illegal situation that have dispensed with the
mandatory municipal license or break any other regulation or
recommendation that assure the prevention of the risk.

To require the excavation and/or removal of the electric lines that do
not comply to the most minimum garantias of preservation of the health,
by their proximity to dwellings, nuclei inhabited or installations.

To require electromagnetic measures of protection in the "hot points" to
avoid the permanent exposition of the affected, subsidized by the
businesses contaminants: operators, companías electric, etc.

To demand an unlimited civil insurance of responsibility, to subscribe
in consortium by the Government, companies and manufacturers of all the
teams, networks and electric installations, that cover all the possible
wildlife, architectural, real estate damages, landscapings, monuments,
tourist, etc., and above all, the sanitary, so much physicists and
neurological as psychic or moral, to short and long-term.

To request from the political parties, electoral coalitions, groups of
voters, etc. that they concur to the next electoral combats, that they
keep this manifest in mind and that they should be positioned, including
in their electoral programs concrete proposals (that would be true
"commitments" in case of leaving chosen) as the ones that subsequently
are enumerated:

It it put in efficiency plans practice and energy savings. Mainly in the
lighting and the public equipment.

The promotion ordinances approval that contemplate subsidies for those
citizens, businesses and companies that install sustainable systems of
energy, they adopt energy measures of savings, etc.

The solar approval of ordinances that oblige the solar installation of
energy (thermal and/or fotovoltaica) in the new constructions.

The creation of "local Agencies of Energy", offices for the information
and the advice of neighbors, private or development, relating to energy
themes and of telecommunication (antennae, mobile)

The regulation of mechanisms that make the participation of citizens
possible (with clear tendency to surpass the consultative character and
to reach the decision-making power).

The regulation in the general planning of the apt places for the
installation of antennae, electric lines, transforming stations, etc
Application with the maximum one rigor principle of precaution. The new
installations will be limited, and they will be dismantled and they will
move away the existing, according to the most recent recommendations of
the Conference of Salzburg, Karolinska, Statement of Alcalá, etc.

The execution of a program of monitoring and control of the
electromagnetic levels of contamination and of their effects in the
health of the persons.

The making, and subsequent public exposition, of electromagnetic maps of
contamination in which the electric installations be evident (electric
lines, transforming stations. ..) and those of communication (antennae
and other), and the determination of the "hot points" and "sensitive places".

The recommendation, in exercise of the competences of health and
consumption, of the responsible use for the mobile telephone, with
warning of the risks that involves the contrary thing.


Informant: Josep Planas, Translation

Re: Fw: Brain damage fears over plan to erect 700 police radio masts

We in Ireland were very interested in reading the O2 story. This is
exactly what O2, formerly Esat Digifone, did in Ireland some years ago.
The anti-mobile phone mast groups in Ireland were able to use Esat
Digifone's attempts erect new masts and transmitters at police stations,
which are located in the hearts of our towns and villages, and often
beside schools, to highlight the health risks of microwave technology. A
huge backlash resulted with the government forced to host a conference
in Dublin castle to assuage public fears. It failed with several hundred
people from all over the country, protesting outside in the rain. The
choice of speakers added to the alarm.

Michael Repacholi was in attendance and was paraded continuously on the
national airwaves. If the WHO said there was no scientific evidence of
any harm then we would all be okay, we had nothing to worry about!
However Repacholi's own study results were/are well known as well as the
fact that he sat on these research results for nearly two years before
releasing the results. (This study showed a doubling of the incidence of
lymphomas in mice subjected to GSM phone radiation over an 18 month period.)

Donal O'Riordan has and will forward more information about the
insurance certification that Esat produced in Ireland, which will be of interest
to groups in Scotland.


Re: having your cell phone ringing in the Microwave

Dear Sir,

I'm writing about the "Milt Bowling test" of having your cell phone
There is a few important things that were left out of the answer.

The Microwave does operate at 2456 MHz or 2.456 Giga Hertz. The
radiation signals inside the microwave are analog and are UN-polarized
and UN-modulated waves. They are 800-1000 watts.

You can't compare the microwave analog and the digital cell phones,
these are two completely different types of radiation's.

Your cell phone radiation's are one of the digital systems of CDMA,TDMA,
or GMSK modulations. The GMSK digital signal have ten times more
damaging radiation's than the microwave radiation's of analog.

In Europe they use GSM multiplex system. This has the Gaussian Minimum
Shift Keying (GMSK) modulating radiation's. Cingular and VoiceStream use
the GMSK system in the USA.

I believe that the GMSK is the most dangerous and damaging system for
your body.

The small holes in the microwave door are a few wave lengths above the
2.456 GHz. This allows for you to watch the food while its being radiated.

The lower frequencies wave lengths that were given in the message are
longer and shouldn't be able to pass through the holes in the microwave door.

If the microwave is mounted above the stove, then I call this level
"Cataract eye level". You should never stand in front of your microwave.
My TriField meter reads +100 milligauss on the magnetic and electric
ranges at two feet away. The meter will be fluxing up and down all the
time, that is because the microwave normal operation is to turns on and
off every 500 milliseconds. No, I was not operating in the defrost mode.
I use the above test to show people HOW STRONG the radiation's that are
INSIDE THEIR HOME from the local cell tower.

Regards Del.

Group of neighbors in San Francisco

Dear Fellows:

A group of neighbors in San Francisco, California managed to fight
Sprint in 2002 and keep their antennas out of their neighborhood. This
was a true success story. The neighborhood group, called SNAFU, has the
following site:


This group has made an inspiring video that tells the story of their
fight to stop antennas. The video is well done. It is about 45 minutes.
We have seen it and believe that it a must see. See it if you got a
chance. You can reach SNAFU at:



Dear Fellows:

As you might know, we are fighting Sprint to keep their antennas out of
our residential neighborhood in Berkeley, California. Our big day is
June 17, 2003, when there will be a Public Hearing in the City Hall of Berkeley.

We would like to ask a question. Do you know if Sprint had tried to
install antennas, say in your neighborhood, but did not succeed because
neighbors fought the installation?

We know of one case in San Francisco, California that happened in 2002.
We are looking for other instances. This information would help us to
know more ways to stop Sprint (and other wireless providers).

Thank you,



Lots in Massachusetts!

We're collecting a list of the many people whose leadership has helped
to keep antennas away from MA residents.

Most of them worked against several or all carriers. Offhand, I believe
Concord, Lincoln, Wayland, Carlisle, Reading, among many others, had
gotten Sprint in particular denied. I personally delayed Sprint's
initiation in Boston from June 1997 to October 1997. As we proceed,
we'll see exactly which communities kept them out.

I believe the current Stamford CT situation involves Sprint. As of about
a month ago, things seemed to be going well for the community.


Semen quality and hormone levels among radiofrequency heater operators

Grajewski B, Cox C, Schrader SM, Murray WE, Edwards RM, Turner TW, Smith
JM, Shekar SS, Evenson DP, Simon SD, Conover DL.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention, Cincinnati, OH 45226, USA.

Approximately 9,000,000 US workers are occupationally exposed to
radiofrequency (RF) radiation; over 250,000 operate RF dielectric heaters.

Our purpose was to determine whether male RF heater operators experience
increased adverse reproductive effects reflected in reduced semen
quality or altered hormone levels. We measured incident RF heater radiation
exposures and RF-induced foot currents at four companies.

For 12 male heater operators and a comparison group of 34 RF-unexposed
men, we measured 33 parameters of semen quality and four serum hormones.
Despite wide variation in individual exposure levels, near field
strengths and induced foot currents did not exceed current standard levels and

We observed minor semen quality and hormonal differences between the
groups, including a slightly higher mean follicle-stimulating hormone
level for exposed operators (7.6 vs 5.8 mIU/mL).

Further occupational studies of RF-exposed men may be warranted.

Source: J Occup Environ Med 2000 Oct;42(10):993-1005

Informant. Reinhard Rückemann

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