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Earth's magnetic poles start to shift
BIRDS go bazzirk, Birds start dropping dead,
PEOPLE start dropping...
the world suddenly goes nuts and officals begin talking all about...


Playing in Movie theatres NOW
CAUTION : Dont expect to hear about Cellular Antennas, it is never mentioned.
However HARRP is mentioned - and even SHOWN, re-named as "MAD"...

A friend was beside me said to me...
"wow its talking exactly like you do....
all that talk about Dead birds may not be so crazy afterall"



New - Mega Tower

New West -- Now with tower Photos (NEW)


For two years I had the privilege of getting toasted by this mega tower
at a distance of just a few blocks. I owe it all to Bell Mobility, they
changed my life forever. Feel free to congradulate them for their efforts.

But dont forget they are still carrying on their hard work with my
friends that still work there to this very day. One person there needs
to have their Second Eye surgery for fast growing Cateracts.They are
only in their 30's.


France School removes Antenna - MARCH 10 2003


Accueil > Accueil Administrator,
11/04/2003 - 00:44:46


Thursday 10 March:

there is no longer any antennas on the roof of the school Bizet!!!
there is no longer any antennas on the roof of the school Bizet!!!

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Aller au début

Messages from Gotemf

Re: Your message of Sunday, 13 Apr 2003

Dear Klaus Rudolph,

"Police officers in England, where the Tetra system has already been
introduced to 10 forces, have complained of ill-health after using the
mobile handsets. According to one report, more than 170 officers in
Lancashire claimed to suffer from migraines, sleeplessness and lack of
concentration after using the system."

This is to be expected!
I understand that TETRA is on the 380-415 MHz band. This is sufficiently
close to the endogenous heart acupuncture meridian frequency of 384 MHz
for that meridian to become entrained by TETRA transmissions which will
behave just as if there was a toxic chemical having the same frequency

The Heart Meridian, includes the function of the heart and circulation
and also the function of the brain especially consciousness, the
activity of the mind and feelings traditionally associated with the 'heart'.

> Tetra transmits a signal with a frequency of 17.6Hz.

This is probably near enough to the endogenous frequency 14.3 Hz of the
Ren Mai acupuncture meridian to entrain to it. This is a coordinating
meridian in respect of the activity of the spleen, liver, kidney, lung
and heart.

The frequency 384 MHz also affects certain properties of water as
described in:

Cardella C, de Magistris L, Florio E and Smith CW. (2001) Permanent
Changes in the Physico-Chemical Properties of Water Following Exposure
to Resonant Circuits. Journal of Scientific Exploration 15(4): 501-518
(2001). Correspondence: 16(2): 256-259 (2002).

Regards to all,

Cyril Smith

Help Wanted

I am in the midst of compiling a list of news items pertaining to
complaints of serious health effects from EMF,from different groups, in
different countries. Leaving out personal complaints.

I want to construct the list, complete with original press releases
and references. I have so far obtained information on the following,
which I am working on. Any help in supplying research information would
be appreciated.

Robert Riedlinger

1 Spanish School near towers,claim of high rate of cancer.
2 French School near towers,claim of high rate of cancer.
3 Street in UK with many antenna's,Named Cancer Street.
4 Israel, homes near towers,claim of high rate of cancer.
5 The Vatican, homes near shortwave towers,claim of high rate of cancer.
6 Out Oruhuia New Zealand, homes near towers. Claim of high rate of illness.
7 German Dairy farm near towers,claim of high rate of deformities and other illness.
8 Hocking survey in Sydney Australia, homes near towers claim of high
rate of child leukemia.
9 New Foundland Homes near powerlines,claim of high rate of cancer and other illness.

15 attachments about specific biological effects of the RF

I expect your opinion, please feel free to write to me.
With my best regards.

Dr Suleyman Seckiner Gorgun

All documents in format pdf

Lung cancer (50 kb)
Gliobastoma multiforme1 (213 kb)
News paper article 23-5-02 (134 kb)
Balkan kongresi1 (485 kb)
Temple3 esas1 (962 kb)
Regeneration of Parenchyma1 (244 kb)
Regeneration bone and cartilage (50 kb)
1Physica scripta 7 Mhz (154 kb)
2Physica scripta 7 Mhz (677 kb)
3Physica scripta 7 Mhz (688 kb)
4Physica scripta 7 Mhz (688 kb)
5Physica scripta 7 Mhz (582 kb)
6Physica scripta 7 Mhz (688 kb)
Osteoporosis May 2001 (1,37 Mb)
H.Tosun 26-7-02 (429 kb)

Another article in * Studies on the Interaction Between Electromagnetic
Fields and Living Matter Neoplastic Cellular Culture (962 kb)


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