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Brain damage fears over plan to erect 700 police radio masts

Health and environmental concerns over £2.5bn system

By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor

Plans to erect 700 police radio transmitters across Scotland are running
into fierce opposition from local residents and environmental campaigners
alarmed about the dangers to human health and damage to the landscape.

The mobile phone company O2 wants to install new aerial transmitters in
every region of the country over the next two years in order to give the
emergency services a comprehensive new digital communications network.
It has already submitted 200 planning applications, predominantly in the
south of Scotland.

Between 90 and 100 transmitters are planned in each of seven police
force areas: Strathclyde, Lothian and Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Central,
Tayside, Grampian and Northern. A further 30 have been proposed for
Fife, the police force smallest area.

O2, which used to be part of BT, says that for at least 40% of the new
transmitters it will have to erect masts. The company is hoping that the
remaining 60% can be fitted on existing masts or buildings.

But there are growing fears about the health risks of the new
trans-mitters, which some experts regard as more dangerous than
conventional mobile phone masts. The new £2.5 billion system being
introduced throughout the UK is known as Tetra -- Terrestrial Trunked
Radio -- and transmits a signal with a frequency of 17.6Hz.

This is very close to the frequency which the government's Indepen dent
Expert Group on Mobile Phones warned might affect brain activity. In May
2000, it said: 'As a precautionary measure, amplitude modulation around
16Hz should be avoided, if possible, in future developments.'

Some studies have suggested that radio waves around this frequency could
cause calcium to leak from the brain and other tissue. This in turn
could trigger damage to the nervous and immune systems.

According to Gerald Hyland, a biophysicist from the University of
Warwick, the electromagnetic radiation may also cause mood swings,
headaches, sleep disruption and short-term memory loss. It could even
retard the academic development of children.

Some people would be more susceptible than others, he argued. He said,
'Is there an established potential risk to human health from exposure to
Tetra radiation? The answer is undoubtedly yes.'

Alison Mackay lives just 200 metres from the site of a proposed new
Tetra radio mast on Tarvit Hill near Cupar in Fife. She is organising a
campaign to oppose it, and other masts planned for the area.

'It is a techno-nightmare. This system has not been tried and tested,
which means that anyone living close to one of these masts will in
effect be a human guinea pig,' she said.

'O2 should be required to prove conclusively that there will be no
long-term impact on human health before permission is given for the
system to be installed.' She accused the company of trying to erect
masts with as few people as possible knowing about them.

Other local residents are worried that the masts will be an eyesore in
an attractive landscape. 'We will take the campaign to the Scottish
Executive,' Mackay promised. 'And, if necessary, we will take it to the

Police officers in England, where the Tetra system has already been
introduced to 10 forces, have complained of ill-health after using the
mobile handsets. According to one report, more than 170 officers in
Lancashire claimed to suffer from migraines, sleeplessness and lack of
concentration after using the system.

Tetra radio waves could also interfere with life-saving equipment in
hospitals. A government regulator, the Medical Devices Agency, has
that the operation of heart pacemakers, defibrillators and ventilators
could be affected.

An expert group set up by the government's National Radiological
Protection Board was equivocal about the health risks. It concluded that
'current evidence suggests that it is unlikely that the special features
of the signals from Tetra mobile terminals and repeaters pose a hazard
to health'.

But it added: 'Although, when viewed as a whole, the epidemiological
research that has been carried out does not give cause for concern, it
has too many limitations to provide assurance that there is no hazard.'

Although the Scottish Executive insisted that it was not complacent
about the risks, it welcomed Tetra as 'the cutting edge of 21st century

The system will, a spokeswoman said, 'improve police effectiveness
through a range of new features available to officers, including greater
clarity of voice communications, improved security and the potential for
officers to be linked to the public telephone network'.

O2 also stressed the benefits to police effectiveness and public safety
of the Tetra system, which it has branded Airwave. 'Airwave aims to
secure the level of service requested by police forces, whilst taking
into account local views and concerns about the siting of transmitters,'
said a spokeswoman for the company.

'Health and safety issues are very important to us. Science cannot
categorically prove anything to be absolutely safe, but the World Health
Organisation holds a database of over 450 studies on the biological
effects of radio frequency emissions and no risk to health has been

The company's reassurances were dismissed, however, by a group called
Mast Sanity which is campaigning across the UK against the Tetra system.
'There has been no significant research into the effects of Tetra and it
is a totally unproven system,' said the group's director, Lisa Oldham.

'It is becoming an increasing problem for many campaign groups in every
corner of the country as the government tries to force this dangerous
system on us and on the police.'

Source: http://www.sundayherald.com/32689

Informant: Volker Hartenstein, Member of the Bavarian Parliament

A pupil of 3rd grade of Zoran died from brain cancer

The dread of the antennas in the village is not ending: In addition
to the death case, cancer was found in 1st grade pupil. Breast Cancer
was found in 2 women. A 39 years old woman from Zoran died from cancer.
Tomorrow the residents will protest.

Eitan Rabin

A girl of 3rd grade from the school in the village Zoran died in the
weekend from brain cancer. Several days ago it was found that a girl in
first grade at the same school, got cancer. Several days ago died from
cancer a village resident, 39 years old, mother of three. The doctors
say that her cancer was found while she was living in the village. In
addition two women were found with breast cancer.

These numbers are added to cancer cases and misscarriage cases in the
village. Michael Akerman chair of battle told Maariv:
"Everything that surrounds our children is radiation from the antennas
of Bezeq which cause grave diseases. We are going to remove our gloves.
We will block the crossroad, will strike the school and village. A whole
village is going with the head in the ground. People die here from
cancer, and nobody does anything to close here the radiation station".

Remember the critisicm committee decision to remove the non transmitting
antennas by now? Remember the "good news"? Nothing. Nothing was done.

Informant and translation in English: Iris Atzmon

To Susan Clarke

In your response to the residents of Berkeley, California who are
fighting a proposed cellular base station, you state that you have
fought 'hundreds of these battles all over the U.S.' Can you name one
such case where the local government used health considerations to deny
an antenna proposal, was sued in Federal court by the wireless carrier,
and won its case on the basis of the distinction you make between
'environmental' and 'health' effects of the RFR from these antennas?

Such information would be helpful, not only in Berkeley, but to others
around the country.


Doug Loranger, San Francisco, CA

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