* Our study is quite different from the Salford study - Zoran Lawsuit - Phone mast may have to move - You're in the Picture - Questions & answers on everyday scientific phenomena (10/4/03)
Our study is quite different from the Salford study
Our study is quite different from the Salford study. We are doing cancer
epidemiology, they are doing laboratory studies and we are not co-workers.

It is embarrassing that spokesmen for industry do not even bother to
read the different studies. Our findings are statiscally significant for
overall increased risk for brain tumors among analogue cellular
telephone users.

Lennart Hardell

Zoran Lawsuit

Appeal to High court of Justice: Close the transmission station near

by Edna Adato,
Yediot Ahronot

Residents of Zoran village in the Sharon appealed yesterday to the high
court of justice in demand to order the state to stop immedietely the
transmission of Hilel station, near the village.

In the appeal it is claimed by lawyers Yehuda Rasler and Eyal Rozen,
that the antennas site, that is operated by Bezeq for the broadcast
authority is near schools with 1200 children from the village, [about
230 meters distance. I.A] that are exposed to the dangerous EMR.

In the expression of opinion of Dr. Eliahu Richter, a lecturer and head
of the unit for occupational and environmental health in the medicine
school in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, that is enclosed to the
appeal, it is claimed that radiation in the levels that exist today,
is able to cause Zoran residents to serious health damage, including cancer.

According to the appeal, in Porat village, near Zoran, whose residents
were exposed to the same radiation for longer period of years, many
cancer cases in particular, were revealed.

A high illness rate is found also in Ein Vered village. In addition it
is claimed that there is no doubt that the multitude of cancer cases
gives a real and perceptible character to the fears of Zoran residents.

Message from Iris Atzmon


Phone mast may have to move

Protesters say the phone mast is ugly

A mobile phone company has been ordered to re-apply for permission to
place a mast in a Leicestershire village. Residents in Countesthorpe
have waged a three-year campaign against the antenna - which they say is
too close to their homes. More than 1,000 people signed a petition
opposing the mast.

Bronwyn Martin said: "It's a very ugly structure which has been painted
dark brown gloss and it's highlighted against the skyline from every

It's just too obtrusive
Brenda Davies, campaigner

Her neighbours Brenda and Dennis Davies have also been campaigning for
the mast to be moved. Mrs Davies said: "We can see it from every window
of the front of our house - it's just too obtrusive".

Blaby District Council has now given T-mobile - the company who put up
the mast - 60 days to re-apply for planning permission. If this is not
granted, then the company will be forced to move the mast.

Resident Dennis Davies has welcomed the move: "This will give residents,
everyone in Countesthorpe, a further opportunity to object to the siting
of this mast."

T-Mobile declined to comment.


Informant: Robert Riedlinger

TIME EUROPE / Feb. 24, 2003 | Vol. 161, No. 8

You're in the Picture / BY BRUNO GIUSSANI

* Time Europe: Mobile phones that send and receive images are the latest threat to privacy (24/2/03)

Informant: Janet Newton at EMRNetwork

Questions & answers on everyday scientific phenomena

Call me for dinner


I placed my mobile phone in my microwave oven, closed the door and then
called it from a landline. I expected the oven to shield it from the
incoming microwaves, but to my surprise the phone rang. Does this mean
the oven is tuned or that it is leaking?
Tam Anderson , Kirkcaldy, Fife, UK

The principles of the answer lie in part in Inside Science No. 158 (New
Scientist, 15 February) and in part in the question itself.

Mobile phones and microwave ovens are designed to operate efficiently
within a narrow band of radio frequencies. The microwave oven is tuned
to 2450 megahertz, which is 650 MHz higher than the highest band which a
European dual-band mobile phone can use and 550MHz higher than an
American phone. You might say that the oven and the phone are not on the
same channel. The oven is designed to keep in all the energy it
produces, in order to cook food. It does this well, thanks in part to
regulations limiting leakage of the 2450 MHz microwave energy that it
uses. But at other frequencies say the 900 MHz, 1800 MHz or 1900 MHz
used by mobile phones, but for which the oven shielding is not designed
it might well leak energy in or out, which would permit a mobile phone
to work from inside the oven.

Michael Brady , Asker, Norway

A friend of mine placed a mobile phone in the microwave and turned the
oven on. This is not advisable. Because I am an electronic engineer, my
friend then asked me if the phone could be repaired. It could not.

By e-mail, no name supplied

I have made some interesting observations about microwave ovens.

In Alberta it is legal to drive with a microwave detector in the car.
This, the manufacturers of the detectors tell us, is for our own safety,
because the instruments alert us to the shower of microwave radiation
which is emitted by emergency vehicles speeding to save property and lives.

Perhaps of more interest to many owners of these delicate scientific
instruments is that they can detect the radiation emitted by police
vehicles intent on reducing the bank balances of speeding citizens. Out
of concern for my safety, I carry one of these machines in my 260
horsepower automobile, and guess what? Every time I pass a supermarket
which uses microwave ovens, the microwave detector goes off about 200
metres away, in fact.

Jamil Azad , Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The answer lies in the sensitivity and different tuning of your
microwave detector and the shielding of the ovens. The ovens will leak
some radiation across the spectrum which you can pick up but not
normally enough high- energy microwaves to make the ovens dangerous.



Informant: Vicky

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