* Lets help Sarah - Info on bad effect from rf/mw cell towers etc from fcc - Electrophonic Ear - Fwd: congratulations on now being officially open to aggrieved Irish citizens (4/4/03)
Lets help Sarah

I am in the process of fighting to keep a cell tower antenna off the
school building that I teach at located in Chicago, IL. I did not become
aware of the public health issues until a month ago and I have been
frantically studying the issue. I'm familiar with the Freiburg Appeal,
and the Santini study, however, I have not seen the video of Dr.
Litovitz Congressional Staff Briefing. Could you give me a summary of
the video? Does this video deal with RF emissions? Who is Dr. Litovitz?

I have a grievance hearing with the Chicago Board of Education coming up
in two weeks and if I can show scientific medical evidence that cell
tower antennas (RF) emissions cause bioeffects perhaps I can win the
case and keep the cell tower antenna off 650 students including the
faculty. If you are aware of any studies or reputable sources let me
know I'm going to need all the proof I can get my hands on.

Message from Robert Riedlinger

Phone mas...

how do i find fcc charts page 50 re electrophonic effects in ears -or
anyother info on bad effect from rf/mw cell towers etc from fcc
thanks jackie many problems since installing wireless electric and gas
meters - and cell companies rigged the cith water tower down from our
home thanks does putting ear plugs in help with the drumming in ears?
jackie wahlig

Electrophonic Ear

Sorry to hear about the problems your wife is experiencing with her
ears. These complaints are everyday experiences for me since a cellular
tower was placed 700' from my home.

I have constant ringing to the point of headaches. At times, they hurt
like an ear infection. At night, it keeps me awake until about 2:00a.m.
I have lost complete hearing for minutes in my ears from this problem.

I went to our local ear specialist and he said I have wonderful ears and
cannot explain my problems. He also wanted information about studies
that show the relationship between EMF and ringing in the ears.

Dr. Neil Cherry has already confirmed my complaints as being related to
EMF overexposure. You can check his website for more info at
neilcherry.com. The FCC has already advised of the "electrophinic
effect" (ringing in the ears) base stations give off in one of their

I haven't found any solution other than leaving my home and staying
away from EMF.

Bonnie Hicks

Informant: Volker Hartenstein, Member of the Bavarian Parliament,
message from Roy Beavers

Dear Dr. Connelly and Dr. Manning:

I am so relieved to know that you are now in a position to send your
legal representatives "to appear in court alongside litigants . . .."
and that your commissioner Mr. Michael Farrell has reaffirmed "that
co-operation between the commissions North and
South was important." (THE IRISH TIMES, April 1, 2003, p. 3)

And I am also pleased to let you know that Judge P. Moran before whom I
appeared in Cork Circuit Court last Thursday morning, March 27, to
request a further time extension until such time as you would be in a
position to review my Civil case and extend me legal support has given
me until August 1 to serve papers on my named medical defendants. While
Judge Moran in court insisted that my Ph.D. qualifications indicated
that I had the necessary intelligence to bring my own case through the
courts as all that was required he said was a capacity to follow the
text on Rules of the Circuit Court and get some guidance from the staff
at Cork Circuit Court I respectfully disagree with him.

Indeed, for me to be directed to pit my amateur legal skills against a
fully trained, financially well-resourced and experienced legal counsel
for the defense is in my view grossly unfair and ludicrous.

I pointed out to Judge Moran that my doctorate is in the arts and not in
legal studies but he indicated it did not matter.

How could it be expected to be an even legal playing field for defense
and prosecution in my case if the odds of successfully completing my
court action are unfairly stacked against me from the beginning? To
call on some analogies: should a Ph.D. in the arts indicate that that
person has the intelligence to perform surgery, or win at champion
chess, etc., competitions while using a basic manual of rules for that

And so I am letting you know here that I continue to petition you for
the essential trained legal support I need to see my very serious Human
Rights grievance through the Irish court system.

I have now some excellent medical support: Dr. Jean Monro, the leading
international ES specialist, has sent me her medical evaluation of my
condition where she states unequivocally that it is her professional
opinion that I suffer from electrosensitivity and that that was what I
experienced also on the night of November 20, 1996, in Pasadena, CA.,
which led me to return to Cork to seek medical help for my ES symptoms
and where I was misdiagnosed as psychotic, locked up, and given no
treatment for my ES condition. Later this week, I will present you with
a complete copy of Dr. Jean Monro's medical evaluation of me. Dr. Monro
is also completing the necessary SHB forms for my G.P. so that I can
avail of the treatment abroad scheme to attend her hospital in
Breakspear, U.K. I will also submit to you a copy of my most recent (mid
March) affidavit to Cork Circuit Court.

I would urge you to read some facts I have included in an online
document about how often electrosensitives internationally are
misdiagnosed as psychotic. You can reach this posting by entering
"Citizens Initiative Omega" in Google search engine. Then click on 2002.
Open and roll to 19/9/02 and you will see my posting "EMF and
Schizophrenia." At this stage, I know either directly or through networkers on our ES issue
innumerable ES sufferers who have been misdiagnosed as I have been! And
this is a horrific Human Rights violation!

I look forward to hearing from you very shortly. As I've indicated above
I will be presenting to your office later this week for enclsoure in my
file further print data related to my court case.

Please acknowledge receiving this.


Imelda O'Connor

Hi Klaus: Attached (Omega: for lack of space we cannot attach this
document) is the newly released (March 31, 2003) Irish human Rights
Commission document: "Promoting and Protecting Human Rights in Irish
Society: A Plan for 2003 and 2006." Preceding the "Contents" section in
this is this quote from the Irish taoiseach (chieftain/prime minister)
Mr. Bertie Ahern T.D. (Teachta Daile which is gaelic for M.P.):

"In formulating the legislation it was my intention that the Commission
would be a model for others to follow. And one that would set rather
than follow standards of best international practice in this area."

Proud words those that promise a lot. Well, it remains to be seen
whether this commission will just look the other way when another ES
victim reports on "cruel and inhuman treatment" similar to what I
experienced in the first week of February 2002 when EMR levels where I
live appeared deliberately turned up to harrass if not kill me. You have
posted my account of this on your Citizens Initiative Omega on 15/2/03 with title
"an ES sufferer reports."

And will it look the other away when it studies evidence of ES sufferers
being misdiagnosed as pscyhotic, locked up and prescribed inappropriate
medication! Will it pretend not to see that ES sufferers need special
work conditions to enable them to reenter the workforce. It remains to
be seen if it will really be in the vanguard of Human Rights protections
or just drag its feet way back in the rearguard while taking the softer
option of just bragging of being the best!

Best wishes, Imelda, Cork. Ireland

Citizens' Initiative Omega

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