* Don't worry, it only fries what we want it to fry - Police mast causes TV interference - Mobiles to monitor children - I'd Rather Go Naked - The garbage cans of the technic (25/3/03)
Don't worry, it only fries what we want it to fry

The israeli newspaper "Haaretz" reported on the microwave bomb, while
wondering - will the US use it or not? While they refer to frying
electronic systems only, it is very obvious they ignore the capability
of frying people. As Dr. Hyland has already indicated, the sensitivity
of electronic devices is recognized while human sensitivity, although
much greater, is ignored when discussing about EMR.

The only thing left for us is to hope for the soldiers that they won't
find themselves several years from now with the second gulf war syndrom.
Just one question: Where did the song of "no conclusive evidence"
disappear, when we are told so surely that "The strong electromagnetic
waves do not hurt humans" ? Did they suddenly find the conclusive
evidence that proves that people are indifferent to this radiation? Show
us this research!

The microwave bomb will fry electronic systems

Message from Iris Atzmon

Police mast causes TV interference

People living in a Gloucestershire town are furious after a new
communications mast blacked out their televisions.

The Tetra mast at Dursley was switched on last week for tests - but
residents have complained about a loss of TV signals ever since. Tetra
is the new communications system for the police force, aimed at
replacing radio. Communications company O2 has admitted the problem is
being caused by the new base station.

O2 admits the mast is at fault But the company says it is transmitting within frequencies
given by the Radiocommunications Agency. The two groups are now in discussions to
decide who will pay for the problem to be corrected.

The government insists the masts are safe, but residents are concerned
about their health implications.

Graham Morgan said: "Obviously something has been omitted from it
because it is reaching here and blocking the aerial - I am naturally
concerned for our health."

Anti-Tetra campaigner Lynne Edmunds has been monitoring radiation levels
in the town. She said: "Before, I did not find any sign of radiation
close to the masts or close to the houses. "But in the last week I have
been finding spots of radiation."



Mobiles to monitor children


Informant: Robert Riedlinger

I'd Rather Go Naked

by Mary Starrett
March 13, 2003

Fashion designers from New York to Milan have filled the runways in
recent weeks with all the latest Spring looks. Hemlines are up, heel
heights are down and pink is all the rage. But regardless of what you
think of this season's haute couture you should be made aware of a trend
that's catching on... it could make you think twice before buying new
clothes. Tiny specks capable of tracking virtually every single item are
now being imbedded by manufacturers. This Orwellian technology, called
RFID (radio frequency ID) will now be used by Italian clothing designer
Benetton in the form of trackable chips woven into it's apparel. The
chips, which function as itty bitty radio transmitters will be inserted
when the clothes are made and will remain intact throughout the life of
the garment. According to chip manufacturer Philips Electronics, the
devices will be "imperceptible" to the wearer.

Sound like something out of a futuristic sci-fi thriller? Welcome to
your brave, new world.

Benetton is not alone in implementing this frighteningly invasive
technology. Gillette has already purchased 500 million of these tracking
devices and starting in July will imbed them in shaving cream and razors
sold at Wal Mart stores. The chipped items will sit atop "smart" shelves
that will work in unison with the chipped products to tell Gillette and
Wal Mart all kinds of things; and the info-gathering doesn't end there.
As an extra added bonus ,when shoppers take their Big Brother -branded
purchases home (and wherever RFID "readers" are located,) their purchase
will be tracked. RFID Journal touts the technology as a way to eliminate
bar codes, cut down on labor costs and theft and says it will be a boon
to inventory control.

The founder and director of a group called C.A.S.P.I.A.N. (Consumers
Against Privacy Invasion And Numbering) sees it differently. Katherine
Albrecht, a Harvard University doctoral candidate says what Benetton,
Gillette and over 90 of the world's biggest corporations are doing, in
essence, is "registering" those products to you. Albrecht has been
warning us about this for years. She says consumers have no idea that
these RFID chips actually track the owner .. " then anytime you (go)
near an RFID reader device the (product) would beam out your identity to
anyone with access to a database - all without your permission".

Think this is waaaay out there? It's not. According to a 2001
INFORMATIONWEEK article on the RFID scheme, proponents are looking ahead
to a seamless, network of millions of RFID receivers in airports, stores
and even your home. And remember, you can't turn these things off.

Benetton, which had sales of over $2 billion last year apparently thinks
spending the 25 cents to 50 cents per chip will be money well - spent.
The company has ordered 15 million chips for starters. So along with
your mock turtleneck you'll be getting an RFID gizmo which operates at 13.56
MHz, and stores 512 bits of information. RFID Journal says "unless there
is a big public outcry, Benetton is not going to be the last retailer to
adopt RFID".

Don't just SIT there, DO something...Be part of that "big public outcry"
they doubt will happen 'cause you're either catatonic from too much TV,
or you just plain don't care.

Know that the likes of Kimberly Clarke, Coca- Cola, Philip Morris,
Target, the U.S. Department Of Defense and the United States Postal
Service (just think of the implications of THAT!) are watching this
Benetton thing very carefully. They're poised to begin their own
chipping programs in the not-too-distant future.

Where is all this technology coming from? From the brilliant minds at
MIT's Auto-ID Center. In just a few years the center has raked in tons
of money from some heavy-duty global corporations who are raring to go on
this. The effects of this RFID technology are truly chilling. Consumers
wouldn't be able to escape the watchful eye of manufacturers, retailers
and marketers. Law enforcement would have a field day with this as well.
Individual's behavior could be monitored to the nth degree.

So what can YOU do about it?

Spread the word. Boycott Benetton.... (Gillette, too, while you're at it)
and make sure they know you've stopped buying their products and WHY.

Get educated, a good place to start is C.A.S.P.I.A.N.'s web site: at:

Call your local media (radio talk show hosts, newspaper editors, TV stations).

And think about going naked. Katherine Albrecht has. She says "I'd
rather go naked than wear clothes with spy chips".

As for me, I have no problem wearing the old stuff I have hanging in my
closet. I might not make any new fashion statements but I'll be making a
statement that doesn't ever go out of style in a free society. My
statement's summed very well in something called the 4th Amendment.

Mary Starrett was on television for 21 years as a news anchor, morning
talk show host and medical reporter. For the last 5 years she hosted a
radio program. Mary is a frequent guest on radio talk shows.

Source: http://www.newswithviews.com/Mary/starrett4.htm

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Informant. Don Maisch

The garbage cans of the technic

Hundreds of million telephone cell result in the dump each year. A
ecological and sanitary disaster is to foresee.


20/03/2003 - Recyc-Québec will announce tomorrow Friday the creation of
an entity having the mandate to favor the recuperation and the recyclage
of the residues of the technologies of information. This new type of
losses becomes in fact more and more preoccupying. In the United States,
the number of telephone users cell is passed of 340 000 to 135 million
in 15 years. In the turn of 2005, one evaluates that 130 million of
these devices will be thrown each year. The life length of the cell
reduces to seen eye: it attains 18 month in average at the present time.

A time in the garbage can, these devices become small bombs to
retardement. Their composing contain toxic, dangerous substances for the
environment and human health. « The lead as well as the products
containing bromine, used to return the plastic one telephone
ininflammable, are particularly dangerous », exposes swiss chard K.
Fishbein, experte for the inform account Inc., a research organization
American specialist of the environmental questions.

Other chemical products such as arsenic, antimoine, beryllium, copper
and cadmium, persist also in the environment. They can cause cancer and
are associated with different problems neurologiques and reproductive.
The telephone manufacturers have leaves for them to do, to regulate the
problem, estimates Ms Fishbein.

Now, the users must buy a new telephone when they change supplier and
the incidental are not compatible with all the devices, this contributes
to increase the quantity of put objects to the rancart.

Informant: Marion Dupuis message from Catherine Dubé

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