* EU directive on cell phones and masts expected - Subjective symptoms among mobile phone users - Re: The people of Porat - Database of RF and ELF ill-health symptoms - Danish and German military cannot agree on HAWK radiation measurements! (22/3/03)

EU directive on cell phones and masts expected

The Portugal News has obtained a copy of a confidential document
outlining the details of an EU investigation into the health dangers
caused by electromagnetic fields generated by mobile phones, telephone
masts and electricity pylons. It will be of special interest to the many
readers who during the past few months have contacted our offices to
complain about masts and pylons that have been built close to their
homes and schools.

The document coincides with a decision by the worlds largest insurance
body, Lloyds of London, to refuse insurance cover to cell phone and
power generating companies against damage to workers and consumers

It also comes at a time when the Dutch Parliament has called for an
urgent investigation into the health dangers posed by EMF emissions. A
meeting of the European Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer
Affairs Council (ESHCAC) took place on March 6th. The ESHCAC has
appointed a working party to look into the findings of a meeting of
radiation experts held in Luxembourg last September.

The Danish and Greek governments have called for these findings to be
included in an EU Directive concerning safety limits on EMF emissions.
As far back as 1992 concerns were growing regarding radiation emissions
in the workplace and residential areas.

Informant: Colette O'Connell message from Roy Beavers

* Portugal News: EU directive on cell phones and masts expected (22/3/03)

Subjective symptoms among mobile phone users - A consequence of
absorption of radiofrequency fields?

Jonna Wilén*, Monica Sandström, Kjell Hansson Mild
National Institute for Working Life, Umeå, Sweden
*Correspondence to Jonna Wilén, National Institute for Working Life, Box
7654, S-907 13 UMEÅ, Sweden.


In a previous epidemiological study, where we studied the prevalence of
subjective symptoms among mobile phone (MP) users, we found as an
interesting side finding that the prevalence of many of the subjective
symptoms increased with increasing calling time and number of calls per

In this extrapolative study, we have selected 2402 people from the
epidemiological study who used any of the four most common GSM MP. We
used the information about the prevalence of symptoms, calling time per
day, and number of calls per day and combined it with measurements of
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).

We defined three volumes in the head and measured the maximum SAR
averaged over a cube of 1 g tissue (SAR1g) in each volume. Two new
exposure parameters Specific Absorption per Day (SAD) and Specific
Absorption per Call (SAC) have been devised and are obtained as
combinations of SAR, calling time per day, and number of calls per day,

The results indicates that SAR values >0.5 W/kg may be an important
factor for the prevalence of some of the symptoms, especially in
combination with long calling times per day.

Bioelectromagnetics 24:152-159, 2003.


Message from Reinhard Rückemann

Re: The people of Porat

The people of Porat are probably victims of electrical pollution
elecrtic fields coming from modern high efficiency electric power
equipment. It can come into homes over the electric power distribution
system or through the earth.

You can obtain more information on the web site


Message from Martin Graham

Database of RF and ELF ill - health symptoms

Jackie Wahlig and Klaus Rudolph wrote yesterday that a list of symptoms
of sufferers would be useful not only to the sufferers but for helping
to promote awareness of electrosensitivity. Bob Sklar set up such a
database in January 2003. His database is at
Hope you find it helpful jackie.
Kind regards


Danish and German military cannot agree on HAWK radiation measurements!

According to the Danish engineering magazine "Ingeniøren" (www.ing.dk)
this week there is a huge discrepcency between the Danish military's
measurement of radiation from the Pulse Acquisition Radar (PAR) used in
the HÁWK Radar system, which uses the Thyraton 5949A klystron tube.
According to the previous statements by theDanish military and the
minister of Defence, the Danish measurements showed "no appreciaciable
radiation" from the Hawk Thyratrons.

However, the German military has apparently measured a radiation 100
times higher from the same equipment!! Neither the Danish military or
department of defense has yet (17.03.2003) come up with a plausible
explanation for this one! The minister of defense has now called for
a quick investigation to "put all the facts on the table".

Scott Hill
the bioelectromagnetics group
Copenhagen, Denmark

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