* A report from a friend about the situation in Israel (11/9/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

I will tell you some cases in Israel: There is a village "Osfia" which had antennas and the people were against it. Nothing helped them, they shouted, demonstrated and nothing. How they solved it: They burnt the antennas. Today they don't have antennas at all. Meanwhile: every place where there were the antennas, they had cancer. 3 young guys (17 years old) died.

Another place in my city (I live in Haifa), where there are antennas that don't work, because the people who live there (in a neighbourhood) are against that: they demonstrated and also burnt the antenna. They ere in the city council to talk with the Maire: the problem with him is that he cares only that it is legal, what is legal - he signs. These people declared on a public fight until they win.

We have a surgery in Haifa where I go, they are sandwiched between 2 banks with massive antennas. They will get sick. I went there and gave them to read about it, now they are going to make a petition.

In Haifa and Israel, in many cases if the people bring a petition with signs of many people  that they want the antenna to be taken off, it is taken off. But: nearly no one does it!! We have plenty, plenty, plenty of antennas, just everywhere, and people shut up. The problem is they don't believe in themselves, they think they can't do anything against a company or government. AND the second problem: lack of knowledge. People don't have any idea about what it causes, in most cases, they don't know that they have antennas, they don't know how it looks like, this is the problem, they are living in a lack of awareness almost totally. That is why I want to publish a book.

In Israel what happened is that we have 4 cellular companies. All of them gathered to one office (they present it as non profit thing with the internet letters org. while they are obviously for profit). This office's purpose is to move the fear of people out of the agenda.  How they do it: If someone complains about the antennas, they bring an expert to measure the radiation. Before he comes, they reduce the radiation and then they have a paper which proves that this is low radiation. Then the person shuts up. That's what happened with the surgery I told you about: They invited an expert and they didn't know they were cheated.
What they did in terms of law, is - they demanded from the government to cancel the law which says to inform the  people before they build antenna near their house. They said that it makes their work harder. Of course they got what they wanted.

Iris Atzmon

Citizens' Initiative Omega
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