* TheAssociations of HEALTH accuses the transmissions
of mobile communication to provoke notably cancers
(second part) - Mast pulled down by vandals -
Question concerning ES registrar (20/3/03)

* The Associations of HEALTH accuses the transmissions of mobile
communication to provoke notably cancers (second part)

Quotidien du médecin 10. March 2003

Antennas relays: 8 suspicious case of cancers to eight suspicious cases
of cancers with the child were kept at the end of the first step of a
sanitary investigation diligentée, in November, in the neighborhood of
Epi d'Or à Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole (Yvelines), were are build antennas for
mobile phone on a école school

According to the associations, all the other signaled pathologies are
eliminated « owing to the variety of the cases and weak inventoried
number ». Nevertheless, do they recall, « the variety of the
is the principal characteristic of the syndrome of the microphones
waves», consequence of an exposition to fields electromagnetic.

The associations regret that the regional direction of the sanitary and
social Matters (DDASS) and the national institute of sanitary eve (InVS)
refuse to realize an investigation with the body of the population of.
According to them, the DDASS and the invs assert « that they have not
for mission to realize a study on the syndrome of the microphones waves
around an antenna relays, complex study that raises teams of
researchers». This is this study type that the city hall and the
associations of parents of students claim since two years.

The mayor of the city, Philippe Lavaud (UMP), that already shouted at
the minister of Health, indicated that it wished that the investigation
is spread « to the 1 000 persons of the sector and that one passes in
every home to raise the pathologies under cover with DDASS ». The
mayor, as the associations, wish to know « the range of the problem » in
itself while putting back to the prefect of the Yvelines. According to
him, the collected data at the time of the first phase of the
investigation are « too partial and are numerous likely interpretations».


Quotidien du médecin 10. March 2003

Public health: the law project of programming should be ready in April

The boss of the state personal will announce, for the purpose of the
month, the cancer plan of the government. Two months later, the minister
of Health will present a law project of programming in public health.
The cancer plan took delay « because of the international context » but
it is practically ready. Of ultimate refereeing is awaited (« the
Newspaper » of January 17). Jacques Chirac, that did fight against the
cancer it one of the « big work-sites » of his five year mandat, will
present it himself to the occasion of the week against the cancer, on
the 24 to March 30. It will belong next to the Ministers of Health and
Research to specify the containing.

The national agency of the cancer, independent of the INSERM, has as
mission the expertise, the research, the observation, the evaluation and
the information of the public; it should be the one of the strong
elements of the device, with in the regions of the « cancéropôles »
mustering those that work on the cunning tumours. The orientation plan,
that implies a calendar and a financing, should constitute the
foundation of the health model public desired by John François Mattei. «
Cancer and public health, that will link », says the minister, that
hears to succeed there where its predecessors apprehensively risked
themselves, while opening to the preparation of a law project of health
programming public since September 2002.

A health system especially curative = => Ministerial report is the
following one: our system of cares a curative system, with, on 150
billion Euros of health expenditures, 147 billions for the cares and 3
billions for the prevention. Now, « it falls under the direction that it
is more better to warn than to heal », recalls the minister. GMO,
antennas relays, dioxines, pollution, toxicomanie are as much of «
public health problems, all at least for a big party, but they did not
well take charge of for public health did not obtain its nobility
letters ».

It suffices to see towards what orient themselves the less classified
goods of the competition of the internat: they choose for the medicine
of the work and public health. In reality, the formation is lacking. The
hospital frameworks go to the school of reindeers and the others most
often are formed abroad. And then, public health is the misunderstood of
the administration, of the governing and opinion, that has the
ayatollahs picture brandishing ukases against tobacco, alcohol and the

In the name of the more better to be of each and accounts of the Sécu,
equally, John François Mattei wishes than that changes. Next to the
financing law of the social security oriented towards the curative one,
it has the concern to build a health law public. Suggestions to discuss
in the Internet.

More than 80 experts, in the framework of a national technical Group («
the Newspaper » of January 10), selected all the diseases presenting a
risk coefficient. They identified 70 responsible health problems of
morbidity and of avoidable mortalities. For example, the lack in iron,
the tuberculose, the infection to VIH, the tobacco use, the falls of
elderly persons, alcohol, the cancer, the suicide, the professional
diseases, affections iatrogenes, the road traumatismes or again the
health of the adolescent ones. For each of these problems, an objective
was quantified. For the cancer of the breast, that gives « of 5 to 10%
of earned life » thanks to the prevention and to screening, and an
identical provision is obtained by the coordination of the cares, just
like while resorting to new treatments, be a life gain global of 15 to

As early as this week, the 500 orderlies of the report of the group of
experts can be consulted, in an interactive way, on the site Internet of
the ministry (www.sante.gouv.fr), by the concerned professionals and the
corporations knowing desirous to bring their contribution. In April, the
law project should be to the point. It will mention the tools and the
strategies (education to health, prevention consultation, etc.)
Applicable, during four years, to some health problems, kept among the
70 responsible pathologies of morbidités and of avoidable mortalities.
A third chapter of the law, that will count altogether of 20 to 25
items, will concern the research and the formation, with the creation of
a national Institute of formation in public health. The DRASS, or
adapted structures, will be the orchestra bosses of politics of health
public at the level of the region, following the example of this that
will be the future regional agencies of health (ARS) for the cares
recommended by the boss of the state. To the national rung, every four
years, representatives and senators, that dispose henceforth of a
parliamentary office of evaluation of politics of health, will be called
to verify that the objectives of the new law (to which will be annexed a
report on the priority chosen programs) were attained.

The minister of Health hopes that all will be ready for a presentation
of it's text, the future law Mattei, in counsel of the ministers, in the
second May group of fifteen, and a first reading to the Parliament
before July. As for the national Lecture of health, it could know « some
adjustments to the margin ».

Philippe ROY

Message from Elektrosmognews (second part, first part see 18. March in
Omega-News); translated from French in English by Omega.

P.S. There were some words in German in the text from yesterday. Please
excuse: "Anwohner/Anlieger" means "adjacent resident" "Anrainer" means
"neighbor". "Hüllen" means "covering/stand/basis".

Mast pulled down by vandals

A controversial

The mast will cost about £30,000 to replace mobile phone mast in Devon
has been pulled down by vandals, causing damage put at £30,000. The
mast, at the Elmore football ground in Tiverton, had been the object of
a campaign by local people concerned about health risks.

The 15 metre-high, three tonne mast was only put up last August.
Hutchison 3G, which owns the mast, has said a new unit should be up in a
week and has offered a £5,000 reward for information about what

Several bolts fixing the mast to the ground were cut off. The vandals
used special equipment to rip the mast off its base and pull it down.
Wire netting around the mast was cut neatly, and just enough of the 14
bolts holding the mast in place were cut off to allow the structure to
be pulled down.

Gary Holley of Elmore Football Club said: "The base bolts have been cut
off by a disc cutter. "It has been pulled over by vehicle of some kind
and there was a rope left around about three quarters of the way up."

Mid Devon District Council had initially refused permission for the
operators to use it, but the government overruled that decision.

HAVE YOUR SAY - Join the debate on phone masts

Councillor David Nation said: "It shows just how frightened people are
by these masts. This is not just mindless vandalism, it is a criminal
act which cannot be condoned. "But the fact that people are driven to
this indicates just how important it is that councils and the government
should take note of what people are saying."

Hutchison 3G said bringing down the mast was a dangerous, irresponsible
and criminal act.

A woman living near to the site, who did not want to be named, said the
destruction of the mast had probably hampered the efforts of using
legitimate protests against mobile phone masts.


Message from Robert Riedlinger

Hi Klaus: I am very happy to see that you have offered to start a
registrar of people who are ES and willing to go public with their case
histories and/or serve as witnesses for Jesus ("Active Electronic
Surveillance" litigant, your 17/3/03)and anyone else who needs such
support. You can certainly put my name forward. I will also contact by
letter electrosensitives I know and ask them if they too would support
your registrar. For those ES persons who may be reluctant to expose
online their postal addresses plus telephone numbers, perhaps you could
come up with a safe alternative for an ES litigant to make contact with
them. Any ideas on this?

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland.

Omega: If anyone have an idea concerning Imelda's question, please give
us your advice.

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