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New fears on mobile phones

(Reprinted in the Mercury from the article in the Daily Mail, 18 March, 2003). London

MOBILE phones are at the centre of new safety fears after scientists found the first evidence of a link with brain cnacer.

Users who spend more than an hour a day talking on the phone are almost a third more at risk of developing a rare form of brain tumour, a study has found.

The cancers were found most frequently on the side of the head to which the phone was held. Scientists found the cancer link with digital mobiles, old style alanogue mobiles and digital-enhanced cordless phones.

The findings, published in the International Journal of Oncology, will renew health concerns among mobile users. One expert yesterday said another large study would be needed to confirm the apparent link.

Radiation from mobile phones has been shown to alter the workings of brain cella and affect memory.

But a big British study three years ago found no evidence of a risk to human health.

A report by the American National Cancer Institute in 2001 also failed to find a link between mobile phone use and brain cancer.

The latest findings are the first to show a link between the instruments and disease in humans.

In the study, lead researcher Professor Kjell Mild examined the medical records of 1600 tumour victims who had been using mobile phones for up to 10 years before diagnosis. Mild, a biophysist at orebro University in
Sweden, said the evidence was clear: "the more you use phones and the
greater number of years you have them, the greater the risk of brain

Scientists compared tumour sufferers with a control group who lived similar lives but did not use mobile phones. They also compared sufferers with tumour victems who did not use mobile phones. The study found that spending more than an hour a day on a phone increased the risk of a type of tumour known as acoustic neuroma by 30 per cent. Such tumours occur in one of the nerves in the brain and can lead to deafness in one ear. They are usually curable by surgery.

Although the cancer is rare, experts say numbers have increased from one tumour per 100,000 people in 1980 to about one per 80,000 today.


Informant: Don Maisch

See also http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/articles/3852657?version=1

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The Figaro 10.March 2003: Autor Muriel Frat

The Associations of HEALTH accuses the transmissions of mobile communication to provoke notably cancers

Antennas relays: Mattei facing the worries of the residents

Nothing is not regulated between the residents of the antennas relays mobile communication and the operators.

In Paris, the crisis, for those that believed in the process of regulation, threatens to resume more beautifulness, while the opposed associations to anarchic establishment of the pylons are received today by the office of the Minister of Health, John François Mattei. They claim a parliamentary debate on a matter more engraves, to their eyes, than asbestos or the contaminated blood.

The City of Paris wishes that the exposition threshhold maximum of the public is understood between 1,2 and 2,5 volts/meter (v/m), a very inferior threshhold to the fork of 41 to 58 v/m fixed by the governmental decree of May 5 2002.

Since some months, in the capital, the worried inhabitants or victims of disturbances that they ascribe to the proximity of antennas, had put their hopes in the signature of a charter between the city hall and the three operators. The City wished to see to figure in the document an exposition threshhold maximum of the public understand between 1,2 and 2,5 volts a meter (v/m), very inferior to the fork of 41 to 58 v/m fixed by the governmental decree of May 5 2002. But, after the weeks of discussion, the negotiations did not not yet have a result.

«It is impossible for the Paris city Hall and the mobile communication operators to register in a charter a precise figure setting up an exposition threshhold to the waves emitted by the antennas relays, the spokesperson of the French association of the mobile communication operators (Afom) explains to the Figaro. We have not any statutory strength. If we indicated a figure, we are in the illegality more complete, and the charter could be attacked in front of the administrative court or the State Counsel. To bypass this difficulty, we will determine on a basis statistics with the city the average current exposition level, and we to assure, each year, by measures on 600 particularly exposed places that no site surpasses this level »

The assistants to the loaded mayors of the file want to believe that the discussion will unstop soon: «The things quietly advance, person does not undermine the necessity to apply the precaution principle, comments cautiously Yves Contassot, assistant Green loaded with environment. «I think that the charter could be signed for the purpose of the week».

«One would understand poorly that after 8 to 9 month of discussion, a vote unanimously of the Paris counsel in favor of the lowering of the threshholds and a series of positive, certain signals points of the document are undermined, launches Stéphen Kerckhove, responsible for the association to act for the environment. If the not consisting of document any exposition threshhold, the resistance actions of the Anwohner/Anlieger would resume, and the development of the telephony of third generation UMTS, that necessitates the doubly number of antennes-relais, would be compromised in the capital».

The reluctances of Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR are understandable. The experience parisienne are observed to the magnifying glass in France and abroad. Set up a threshhold of 2,5 v/m, could back to to create a preceding of which the Anrainer could do usage, including in front of justice. At present, the opposing to the antennas are, in most of the cases, disavowed by the courts. Thus the court of Nice, separating «all risk for health», canceled in January the municipal stop of seventeen cities of the alpes-maritimes and Var forbidding the installation of pylons. The individuals who seize justice obtain rarely cause gain, their complaints most often being classified without continuation. Some files nevertheless are taken an account as the one of a young one of Lyon, victim of several miscarriages, of which the complaint was kept. An encouragement for this inhabitant of Saint-Maur, attains of a cancer of the throat, that has just deposited complaint to Créteil.

These cases will be evoked by the defense associations of the Anwohner, Priartem and Act for the Environment, that have an appointment, this afternoon, to the office of John François Mattei. Before becoming Minister of Health, he had with parliamentary of all edges, a law suggestion aiming to regulate the antennas relays composed. At the end of January, he explained: «Any scientific expertise does not show the least risk for the living persons to proximity, but the concern of the government is a transparency concern, and if it is necessary to modify the May decree 2002, it will be modified »

The associations await notably explanations on the sanitary investigation taken in Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole (Yvelines). The matter is tragic: three children deceased in the quarter Epi-d'Or, two in the school group Ernest-Bizet, there where 4 antennas, one in another school. Other children as well as adults suffer from diseases and of disturbances more or less engrave. The Institut de veille sanitaire (InVS) and the regional Direction of the sanitary and social matters have pressed on an investigation, of which the first conclusions, that come from public officials, not satisfied the associations of parents of students: «Eight suspicious cases of cancers with the child were kept, but all the other signaled pathologies are eliminated owing to the variety of the cases and weak number Name of the collective of associations of Saint Cyr. The DDASS and the InVS accept to push their investigations on the air and water but assert that they have not for mission to realize a study on the syndrome of the microphones waves around an antenna relays. This is nevertheless this study type that request the associations and the city hall since two years »

Created in last November, the French agency of environmental sanitary security (AFSSE) received for first mission of look into the mobile communication. «The problem, this is that the professor Zmirou, scientific director of the agency, is loaded to evaluate his own report, underlines Stéphen Kerckhove. It would be astonishing that he himself retract».

«This health matter public is well wider than the preceding ones, asserts Janine The Calvez, president of Priartem, lance iron of the fight for the transparency. The concerned population is a lot more important than the victims of asbestos or contaminated blood. That can be each of us.

Many persons suffer from rare cancers, of nervous depression; women do miscarriages, people commit suicide, without that any response convincing is not brought. We claim a law allowing to take into account the body of the facets of this file. This one widely deserves a debate parliamentary»

1 638 zones «white» on the French territory

This is not the least one of the paradoxes: if the big towns balk in front of the multiplication of the antennas relays, the rural regions complain about not to benefit from the service that they bring. Currently, 95% of the population has the possibility to telephone thanks to a portable, assert the operators. But 1 638 towns again are not covered. The project «white zones» soon should reduce the number of private towns of the mobile communication. At the end of February, the departments addressed to the operators a list indexing the villages excluded, a lists of which the coverings should be finished in the spring. After which, the installation works of some 1 300 pylons will be able to begin. This vast work-site should spread out over itself at least a year. The state and the territorial groups participate in the financing of the project. They foresaw to allocate 88 million Euros (the half for the state, the half for the groups) to the deployment of the pylons.

Europe could constitute a supplementary financing source. In fact, the European the Political regional commissioner, Michel Barnier, has just confirmed to the French Minister of the installation of the territory, John Paul Delevoye, his «agreement on the mobilization of the European structural funds in order to cofinance certain infrastructures allowing the access to the mobile communication and to the internet of regions» from which some are devoided.

Message from Elektrosmognews

Re: A discriminatory and retaliatory abuse of Active Electronic S...

Seems this man needs others to come forward to state their problems with electrical fields/rf/radiation etc. There are 1,000's out there including myself......we need a list of people to be put together who are sick showing there names/phone etc. to support people like the defendant so he does not end in a mental ward along with others sick from electrical pollution.

I am becoming more and more sensitive to electric fields since the home i am in has been set up with wireless electric and gas meters 930 mgz transmitting every 5 and 15 minutes..........same as defendant skin pain, body pain, severe sweating all night leaving me dehydrated by morning, painful vibrations/humming in ears, feeling like i will burst open any minute from intense feelings inside, horrible, horrible skin pain, spasms through the temples, eye pain, balance problems, weaknessthis is a horrible afflection. The power companies ignore and and call you crazy.....as long as i continues alot of people will get sick. They are planning to go with this new wirless system throughout SW Wisconsin - i think everyone afflicted needs a list of people with same problems so they cannot ignore the problem...........somehow lets start a list of people so we all have some back up to use - is there someone that can collect a list of people for this purpose? My name sure as heck can be used....i dont think i will make it out of my home in one piece..........i have become so electrically sensitive it is hard to find a place to live....have also chemical sensitivities which developed first..i can feel high electric areas outside! assume i am reacting to radio frequencies which are everywhere. You can use this for this mans case - i hope, and that others come forward witht here story. i have been here in this home 1 year, at was bad before they tightened the neutral connection coming into myhome. but when they installed the new meters i felt it immediately - pain/ balance problems etc........the meters have a computer chip in them which transmits to a "master computer type thing and then to the electric co....................i myself would appreciate a list of names to use as support. thanks hope this helps and is useful -

jackie wahlig, 4580 coral dr, brookfield, wi 53045

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If our readers are interested we would like to help to create such a list of names. Please contact us if you would like to be on this list. We will provide the list to all their participants.

Upcoming BBC T.V. program: scientists on mystics: its all in the mind e-circuitry

Hi Klaus: Some of your readers might be interested in the BBC2 T.V. program (Thursday March 20th, 9 p.m.) entitled "Horizon: God on the Brain." It includes references to some ES persons experience of paranormal events and argues that these are delusions induced by closeness to electromagnetic fields. The (vocally) militant British atheist, Professor Richard Dawkins, will subject himself to being wired up, to demonstrate that God is all in the head.

Below is the printed review of the program as it appears in THE SUNDAY TIMES (Culture Magazine) March 16, p. 75.)

"'Could it be that the make-up of our brains programmes us to believe in God?' The thesis explored in this intriguing Horizon is that stimulation of, or damage to, the temporal lobes may generate experiences that may be interpreted as 'religious' or indicative of a 'presence'. It is an idea with profound implications: the 'blinding light' experienced as an epiphany by Paul on the road to Damascus may have been the result of temporal lobe epilepsy, the new discipline of neurotheology might argue, and perhaps the 'burning bush' seen by Moses had a similar physical basis.

The programme hears from epileptics who describe feelings of being in hell, or the belief that their son was Christ, and makes reference to the case of Ellen White, the founder of the Seventh-Day Adventists, whose religious visions could be traceable to her being hit on the head by a large stone and left comatose for three weeks. Catholic nuns at deep prayer and meditating Buddhist monks are shown to have the same areas of their brains suffused with blood; and it is suggested that for some people, the proximity of electromagnetic fields may make them suspect paranormal activity.

Dr. Michael Persinger, a specialist in the field, insists he is able to induce 'religious' experiences in anyone, and the avowed atheist Professor Richard Dawkins volunteers to have his lobes electronically tweaked to test the claim."

Happy viewing--for those who can tolerate T.V.'s EMR emissions.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland

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