* Comments on ES and tin/aluminium foil protection - Bad Reception: The Wireless Revolution in San Francisco - Is your cell phone safe? (19/3/03)
Hi Klaus: Torbjorn Lindblom who has recently replaced Leif S. as international liaison officer at feb.se (the online Swedish support network for electrosensitives) has said to go ahead and forward his following comments to me on ES and tin/aluminium foil protection.


If someone tries to make a Faraday Cage using aluminium foil the result should be checked by someone who has a proper measuring device e.g. a spectrum analyser. These are not cheap. A mobile telephone can be the poor man's choice to get an idea of how good the result is.

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and from Hans Karow to the same theme:


re: Del's message (your message, March 03, 2003)

Re: Foil protects against mobile mast

Del Parkinson states " that aluminum foil DON'T Block EMR"....is not quite correct! To my knowledge aluminum foil does block mobile phone microwaves/radiowaves. However Del is correct when he states that aluminum foil does not block magnetic fields, i.e. from electric kitchen stoves/burners.


Bad Reception: The Wireless Revolution in San Francisco

Here's info on Doug Loranger's new video "Bad Reception" --I viewed it and thought it was very good. I am sending it to you in case you want to include it on your website resources list. Marne Glaser, Chicago

Bad Reception: The Wireless Revolution in San Francisco"

co-produced by Doug Loranger and Gordon Winiemko, directed by Doug Loranger 2003 - Running time: 55 min. 23 sec.

The dot-com era in San Francisco provoked responses from community members over live-work lofts, illegal evictions, and the displacement of working people and artists from their traditional neighborhoods. Less widely reported was the response by ordinary residents to another by-product of this technological revolution - the proliferation of wireless antennas to feed the booming use of cell phones throughout the city. Spurred by credible but often suppressed scientific research, San Francisco residents formed the San Francisco Neighborhood Antenna-Free Union (SNAFU) to resist the potentially hazardous placement of wireless antennas near their homes, schools and health care centers.

"Bad Reception" uses San Francisco as a case study of one community among thousands across the United States raising concerns about the health & environmental consequences of proliferating wireless cellular technology. This conceptually fascinating one-hour documentary follows SNAFU as a growing number of grassroots volunteers takes on one of the most powerful corporate entities in the world.

VHS copies of "Bad Reception" may be purchased directly from the producer for $20 per tape. Make a check or money order payable to "Doug Loranger" and send it to 1835 Broderick Street, San Francisco, CA 94115. Please include your mailing address and allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Informant: Don Maisch

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Is your cell phone safe?

A recent publication in Environmental Health Perspectives, a journal published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, confirms that there is neuronal cell death and breakage of the blood brain barrier at radiation levels as low as 24 uW/cm2.

I set up an area at work to measure the power density output of cell phones used by my colleages at work and discussed the above research article. I'd like to pass on this information to subscribers since there appears to be a widespread range and consumers may want to select appropriate cell phone models if they have health concerns. Note that signal strength may be a mitigating factor in the amount of radiation produced by the cell phone, ie, the closer you are to the carrier's tower may influence how much radiation the cell phone puts out.

Numbers next to phone are radiation levels in uW/cm2

Sony Erickson T68i (GSM)
Nokia 8260
Kyocera smartphone
Motorolla ?
LG verison
Samsung Sprint
Motorolla T720
Star Tac

Informant: Bob Sklar

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