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Hi, folks, concerning this article, aluminium folded paper, do stops-up microwaves, but, in order to have it 100% all walls must be placed with aluminium folded paper, another thing onces you have all wallpapered it out, it must be put in some where in the place to the ground, otherwise it'll re-emit the frequency like an amplifier !

It must also be put to the ground, I have done it and the levels went down, but to be 100% effective, all walls including the roof must be placed with aluminium paper, and must be put to the ground, if you want to have it well done, from some printer workshop that employs aluminium plates, 100 Ctms X 50 Ctms will be the best option, this plates, must all be screw-up to the walls, than in some place in the room this plates should be put to the ground, this should also be done including the root-top of the room that you have placed all this plates, if there is a window or a door, this can't be done, in this particular site, there's this anti-flys closed wired screems that must be in Inox or yellow copper, this also must me put to the ground.

With all these preventions, than you can be sure that you're safe !

This should be done in every room, if a new construction is done, this can be put inside the isolating wall !

Never buy an appartment high in a building or tower, you're at a greater risk !

This is a way to protect you and your loved-ones from microwaves exposures !

Francisco Gabiola Guerra

86A : "Our estimate is that about three-quarters of the current annual incidence of breast cancer in the United States is being caused by earlier ionizing radiation, primarily from medical sources". John William Gofman MD . Book on line -

87: Letter of Concern By John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cell Biology

In simple terms, radiation seems to multiply the toxicity of ........

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Search term > "telomerase EMF":

EMF: Senior Scholar Award in Aging: Carol W. Greider Ph.D. - Senior Scholar Award in Aging Carol W. Greider, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine The Roles of Recombination and Telomerase in Telomere ...
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Effect of Electromagnetic Field Exposure on Chemically Induced ... - ... ELF-EMF at 1.0 (100) and 10.0 G (1,000 µT) stimulated cell proliferation 50% above the sham-treated cells. The activity of telomerase, a marker of ...
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Research into EMFs. - ... ELF-EMF at 1.0 (100) and 10.0 G (1,000 uT) stimulated cell proliferation 50% above the sham-treated cells. The activity of telomerase, a marker of ...

Effect of Electromagnetic Field Exposure on Chemically Induced ... - ... Figure 4, Figure 4. The effect of 1.0 G (100 µT) ELF-EMF on telomerase activity. Telomerase activity was measured using the TRAP assay....

A New View of ELF-EMFs Are They Linked with Cancer Promotion? ... - ... of the electrical field), the 60-hertz ELF-EMF caused a dose-dependent reduction of differentiation, as well as an increase in telomerase and proliferation. ...

KeelyNet emails for January 1998 - ... electrical generator takes a DC field and moves wires within the field in a circular motion which produces a counter EMF and a ... Telomerase - Fountain of Youth? ...

Gateway to Beauty Links - Life Extension - Anti-Aging & ... - ... Many have done so using Herbs, Body Electronics and energy work such as the EMF Balancing Technique.... Extension of human cell lifespan using telomerase. ...

Prof RF Newbold - cv - ... EMF Biological Research Trust. ... Title: Radiation oncogenesis mechanisms ? telomerase activation in radiation induced human cancer. Value: £146,000. ...

Bibliografia - Pubblicazioni (Abstract) - Bibliografia ... - ... ELF-EMF at 1.0 (100) and 10.0 G (1,000 &mgr;T) stimulated cell proliferation 50% above the sham-treated cells. The activity of telomerase, a marker of ...

CancerLIT: 701340 - ... in the shorter telomeric bands was observed in CML patients who displayed a high level of telomerase activity. ... However, no effect of EMF intensity was indicated ...
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Postersitzung 1 - ... bemerkbare Begleiterscheinung, die Einwirkung elektromagnetischer Felder (EMF), von nicht ... BIOLOGISCHE MARKERFUNKTIONEN VON SURVIVIN UND TELOMERASE IN GEWEBEN ...

Abstracts fra SMFs årsmøde 1999 Session 1 Miljø og cancer (PDF) - ... er for nyligt vist, at udtryk af to oncogener og telomerase, der bevarer ... Hälsoeffekter på grund av exponering för elektriska magnetiska fält (EMF) är ett ...

Biomedical Research 2001 - ... The application of the resonant recognition model to telomeres and telomerase. Savage, N., Cosic, I. 10:00 am. ...2:00-3:15. EMF Session -- Session Chair Andrew Wood. ...

CRR Faculty:Tom K. Hei, Ph.D. - ... of ataxia telangiectasia fibroblasts with extended life-span through telomerase expression. ... of 60 Hz extremely low frequency magnetic fields (EMF) on radiation ...

IEEE EMBS (Vic) "Biomedical Research in 2001" - ...9:45-10:00, The application of the resonant recognition model to telomeres and telomerase. ...2:00-3:15, EMF Session -- Session Chair Andrew Wood.

News in Bioethics & Biotechnology - May 1998 - ... On origins of telomerase, Cell 92 (1998), 587-90. ...Some EMF effects are through hormones, Science News 153 (10 Jan 1998), 29-31. ...
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The 18th Annual International Symposium on Acupuncture and ... (PDF) - ... Role of Telomere, Telomerase, Aging, Apoptosis & Cancer, Anti-aging; How to Increase... Qi Gong; how to detect & prevent (-) Qi Syndrome & EMF hypersensitivity. ...

The Rice Genome - ... Cells for Repair-tissues engineering-Telomerase- diagnostics, cancer therapeutics and ... engineering-Upregulation of basal TGFß1 levels by EMF coincident with ...

Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Medizin - ... Eduardo MF ¬de: Fundamentos de biología celular y molecular de De Robertis / EMF De Robertis ... **** Verfügbarkeit Signatur: Se 1881 -8- Telomerase, aging and ...

Untitled Document - ... Detection of ovarian cancer cells: comparison of a telomerase assay and ... Preston-Martin S. Childhood brain tumors and residential electromagnetic fields (EMF). ...

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American Roulette: "Forget about the Russians with a revolver and a single bullet. We Americans use products and services" http://www.angelfire.com/nm/redcollarcrime/Itisnot.html There is no way out of this. All of us have to play this game, regardless of if we are aware of it, or not.

Son Of Kazzoo

Similar to many other ES persons, I have some very peculiar interactions with computers anyway at times. On occasion, it is as if a sentient energy is interacting with me when I use them. Perhaps that is what happened yesterday with the blank screens on the vital research below. (A very striking similar incident happened to me just about a year ago when I was writing a lengthy defense of the merits of the Irish Abortion Bill which was coming up to a referendum. The info just kept disappearing off my saved drafts, while all other saved items had no problem. Then when I eventually reentered and send it along to some papers, it did the weirdest things like triplicating itself, and so on. It--the interacting computer energy that came through--obviously disapproved very strongly about what I was doing!)

Also, I see that Tim Rifat's REMOTE VIEWING book, especially that important large appendix in it on declassified Russian documents about the relatedness of radiation illness to RF/MW features. It was referred to I see by a N. Ireland EMR campaigner. And it was just yesterday that I spent hours in music stores carrying around with me page 124 of that very REMOTE VIEWING book, where Tim Rifat specifically recommends playing Baroque music (especially Henry Purcell's Pavanne and Chaconne--which is slow moving dance music--and Marcelllo's Oboe Concerto in C Minor) for quickly achieving the desirable alpha brainwave stage which is best for learning languages, and so on. Such wonderful synchronicities and serendipities almost make the adverse bioeffects of ES worthwile! It certainly forces us into awareness of the vast complexities of our universe and of life itself and of off-the-beaten-track ways of knowing that science can not even fathom.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland

Imelda - How might one contact Ranka Sikulic and read her research?

~ Susan

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