* EMF Induction of Audio, Visual, & Emotional Stimulation (10/9/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

There are many beneficial, as well as potentially hazardous, biological interactions with the artificial EMF and natural (geomagnetic) environments in which we live and work.  It has long been established (40+ years) that electromagnetic therapies of controlled specific pulse-type (sharp rise time or square-wave) waveforms and pulse rate frequencies can produce: (1) visual and hearing effects (without lights or speakers), (2) induce sleep and anesthesia, (3) suppress pain, (4) ease depression, (5) improve tissue and bone growth healing, and, (6) successfully treat addictions to hard drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  The applications mentioned above (in my "Bioelectromagnetics --2002 Health Effects Update" publication on my website <www.emfinterface.com>) are considered the body-penetrating effects of the magnetic field pulsing components and have been primarily conducted in other countries (Germany, Russia, Italy).  Electromagnetic therapies appear to be rapidly emerging as the medicine of the future.

I hope the references below will be of use to you and your colleagues...and help Dr. Munzert in some way. Let me know the results, if any, of sharing this information.

It seems interesting that research reports on visual and emotional effects of EMF are still readily available, while reports on EMF stimulation of hearing have become very scarce since 1980.  Both visual and hearing stimulation with EMFs have been investigated for prosthetic devices.

I have reviewed Dr. Munzert's presentation, which you sent me, and find that the statements made back up in a general way what I have heard in bits and pieces during the past 10 years.


James Beal
EMF Interface Consulting

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Electrical stimulation of hearing:

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