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Radio waves As A Weapon Against The Plague
By Alfredo Flowers
11 of February 2003

Although the efficacy to utilize radio waves to kill the destructive insects in the agricultural products has been known for 70 years, the technique never has been applied in a commercial scale. Methylbromide, by several decades, has been the main processing to kill an extensive variety of the plague, that require quarantine.

A recent cooperative effort from four laboratories of investigation of the Agricultural Service of Investigation (ARS) and two universities has the goal to surpass the technical impediments to the utilization of the warming-up by the radio waves to control the plague in a commercial scale in places such as the orchards, stores of package, and installations of food.

Electromagnetic waves of radio frequency can cause that the molecules vibrate and that they are heated, in the same way that the microwave heat food. But it is difficult to kill the insects without changing the flavor or the texture of the food that they infest.

Since the year 2000, a group directed by Juming "Jimmy" Tang of the State University of Washington (WSU by their acronyms in English) in Pullman, together with four laboratories of the ARS and the University of California Davis, has collaborated in a study of four years to determine, if the radio waves would be a not harmful and economic alternative to the environment instead of methylbromide and other efficiently the alive insects in the fruits and the pecan nuts.

In the Central one Subtropical Kika Of The Agricultural Heron of Investigation in Weslaco, Texas, the entomologist Guy J. Hallman is investigating the processing of citrus fruit with the radio frequency to control the Mexican fly of the fruit. Hallman is developing an apparatus to simulate what is needed to commercially treat citrus fruits with heat, such as the oranges and the tangerines, with radio waves.

In contribution with the group directed by Tang, who is a professor in the biological engineering of systems in WSU, James D. Hansen, an entomologist in the Laboratory Yakima of Agricultural Investigation in Wapato, Washington, wait "to bathe" barrels containing apples and cherries with radio waves to determine the times of exposition that will kill the larva of the worm of the apple without affecting the quality of the fruit. Hansen is collaborating with Stephen R. Drake, a horticulturist (in the Laboratory of Investigation of the Fruit of Tree in Wenatchee, Washington, and Smooth G. Nevens, an entomologist in the laboratory in Wapato.

In the meantime, in the Agricultural Center of Sciences in the Valley of San Joaquín in Parlier, California, the entomologist Judy A. Johnson is practicing the use of this technology to eradicate the larva of the worm of the apple, the worm of the orange one umbilicada, and the polilla India of the flour.

More information appears in the magazine "Agricultural Research" of February and in Internet in:


ARS is the main agency of scientific investigations of the Department of Agriculture of United States.

Source: http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/espanol/pr/2003/030211.es.htm

Message from Alfonso Balmori

Message from Imelda to the article below:

Hi Klaus: Media heading sometime soon: Tinfoil stock quotes rise dramatically as worried mastificated residents stockpile to create tin walls."
Imelda, Cork, Ireland

Foil protects against mobile mast

Mr Brookes decks his walls with foil
A man thinks mobile phone masts are such a serious health risk that he has devised his own protection - aluminium foil. Alan Brookes has wallpapered his bedroom with foil to protect him from what he believes are harmful emissions from a mast 15 metres from his house in Kensworth, near Luton, Bedfordshire.

Orange, which owns the mast, says the installation is low-powered and that there is no conclusive evidence of health risks, but Mr Brookes claims it has given him mouth ulcers, nausea, and headaches.

Ingrid Dickinson, the director of scientific studies at lobby group Mast Sanity said that she has heard of people taking desperate measures because they believe masts make them ill. She said: "Very often people who live near masts have the very same symptoms.

Unusual method

"Are all these people psychotics? I don't think so." Mr Brookes admitted his method of protecting himself was unusual and had become a topic of conversation in his village. But some of his neighbours told BBC Look East they also believed more studies should be done on the possible effects of the masts. Mr Brookes said that until something was done he would continue to use the aluminium foil as a shield. "I'm not really happy about it. Why should I have to do it?" he said.



Our Croatian zoologist friend, fellow ES sufferer and campaigner on environmental issues, Ranka Sekulic (you have posted my correspondance with Ranka, in two parts, on your C.I.Omega site) has said it is ok for me to let it be known that she was awarded a Henry Ford European Conservation Award (honorary)for 1996-'97 in Belgium. Her topic: electromagnetic pollution.

She also published a full page feature article some fifteen years ago in a regional paper [unsure which country--I.]on possible links between miscarriages and computers. She has noted that around that time a law was introduced in the U.S.A. to protect pregnant women from computer radiation. It stated that they had to be given other types of work within a company during their pregnancies.

[EMR-EMF] inquiry

Does anyone on the List know electromagnetic-sensitive persons who would like to testify in a US federal case about electromagnetic surveillance & sensitivity therefrom? Those testifying would not have to travel, if they are unable to do so on account of their sensitivity.

Kindly send any names to Mr. Jesus Mendoza at:


Message from lachanteuse1

Please find below the 'open mail' send today to Pr Moulder and the list of works on effects of EMF on the BBB permeability

<<Pr Moulder,

In your FAQ* updated on 23-Feb-2003 You find 4 papers on the biological effects of EMF on the BBB permeability: 2 by Salford et al, 1 by Tsurita et al, 1 by Finnie et al

About Salford-2003 you said :<<The authors do not address the fact that other studies using longer and more intense exposures have found no evidence for such effects>>

I invite you to visit the WHO Database** where you will find a lot of others works...All these publications and others, listed below, show that effects are real, and so, you will can also address the fact that other studies have found evidence for such effects.

Dr Richard GAUTIER
http://taurens.stpierre.free.fr/page7.html (in French)

1. Williams et al Brain Res (1984) 319:165-212
2. Neubauer et al Bioelectromagnetics (1990) 11:261-268; Radiat Res (1994) 137:52-58
3. Salford et al Microsc Res Tech 1994 Apr 15;27(6):535-42
4. Fritze et al Acta Neuropathol (Berl) 1997 Nov;94(5):465-70
5. Persson et al Wireless Networks 3 (1997) pages 455-461.
6. Schirmacher et al Bioelectromagnetics (2000) 21: 338-345
7. Tsurita et al Bioelectromagnetics 2000 Jul;21(5):364-71
8. Persson et al BEMS 2001
9. Merritt BEMS 2001
10. Finnie et al Pathology 2002 Aug;34(4):344-7
11. Okhubo et al BEMS 2002
12. Tore, Aubineau et al BEMS 2002
13. Salford et al Env. Health Persp. On line, Janvier 2003
20. Albert et alBrain Res (1981) 230:153-164;Radio Sci (1979) 14:323-327; J Microw Power (1977) 12(1):43-44
21. Sutton Radio Sci (1979) 14:329-334 and Sutton CH, Balzano Q, Garay O, Carroll FB J Microw Power (1982) 17(4):280-281
22. Ohmoto et al Int J Hyperthermia (1996) 12:321-34
23. Quock et al Bioelectromagnetics (1987) 8:45-55
24. Lange Bioelectromagnetics (1991) 12:335-348
25. Goldman et al Bioelectromagnetics (1984) 5:323-330
26. Moriyama Surg Neurol (1991) 35:177-182
27. Oscar et al Exp Neurol (1982) 75:299-307; Brain Res (1981) 204:220-225; Brain Res (1977) 126:281-293
28. Frey Radio Sci (1979) 14:349-350; J Bioelectr (1984) 3(1/2):281-292
29. Ward et al Bioelectromagnetics (1982) 3:371-383; Bioelectromagnetics (1985) 6(2):131-143
30. Burchard et al Neurochem Res 1998 Dec;23(12):1527-31
32. Merritt Radiat Environ Biophys (1978) 15:367-377
33. Gruenau Experimental Neurology 1982, 75: 299-307
34. Lin et al Radiation Research (1982) 89:77-87; Bioelectromagnetics (1986) 7:405-414; Bioelectromagnetics (1994) 5:323-330; Bioelectromagnetics (1980) 1:313-323
35. Preston et al Brain Res (1979) 174:109-117; J Appl Physiol (1980) 49:218-223
36. Bortkiewicz Med Pr 2001;52(2):101-6



Professor Moulder,

First of all I thank you for your answer

I am quite familiar with that data base, Naturally, but I wondered why you did not quote all the existing publications ?

I would not agree that these papers, as a group, demonstrate that RFR effects on the blood-brain barrier occur in the absence of heating. It' very interesting, because I thought the ICNIRP'standard was also the limit of thermal effects (...) and I note in the different papers some values which give BBBP :
Salford, Persson : 0.002 W/kg (whole body) at 24 microW/cm2
Tore, Aubineau : 0.5 W/kg (brain average)
Neubauer : 2 W/kg (brain)
Schirmacher : 0.3 W/kg (cells)
Frey : 75 and 100 microW/cm2

These scientists say that it is not thermal effects ! And I think that we can agree, it is not ?

And what you think of the problem of the sensibility of detection of the albumin in the different negatives works (as in Finnie's works that you quote) ?

BTW: Have you thought about what happens to the field in a 12x12x7 cm TEM cell when you stuff a 350 g rat into it? Not really different from a room 5x5x2m whith a 35 kg man into it and 5 meters in front a cell phone base station !


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