* Protection of health takes precedure over economic considerations? - Sullivan Heights School, Surrey BC, protest meeting - Please support appellants by sending e-mails - RE: OBTAINING SUITABLE GAUSSMETER (28/2/03)

The objective scientific evaluation indicates that there are reasonable grounds of health concern and an unacceptable risk.

Protection of health takes precedure over economic considerations?


Known as " Spherical Cow Concept " and has been requested in Luxembourg the day 24.2.2003 to the European Commission and to the WHO the definition of the characteristics and the NORM.


To be able to denounce this health fraud since does not exist a Principle of Precaution.

Message from Dr. Miguel Muntané see also attachment

Sullivan Heights School, Surrey BC, protest meeting

Roy A good turnout at a tower protest meeting,Sullivan Heights School.Surrey BC.,over 200 present,

Milt Bowling took on Mary McBride who was brought in by the school board to tell the people how safe EMF tower emissions are.As usual her song was, there is NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE OF HEALTH EFFECTS from tower emissions. She also stated that there have been no studies that pove evidence of electromagnetic sensitivity.

It was a real treat to see and hear the young kids, who were wearing aluminum foil caps, taking slices flesh of of the school trustees,who have signed a 20 year contract to place cellphone antenna's on the school roof,and Mary McBride. Parents have promissed to take their kids out of that school if the antenna's are placed.

Mary McBride stated that the cancer rate is on the decrease over the passed 20 years.I stopped her in her tracks when I produced a paper with her BC Cancer Research Logo, that reads,Leukemia is on a steady increase over the passed 20 years.

I mentioned the Catholic School ordeal in Edmonton Alberta,where she told the city council that there is no conclusive evidence of powerlines causing cancer, and I read the part from Microwave News where she is mentioned amoung the 9 epidemiologists that found cancer risk at 4miligauss and over. I aproached her after the meeting and told her that she should be there on behalf of the children to let them know of the possible dangers to having towers on the school roof,instead of promoting for the wireless industry.

I told her that she is talking out of both sides of her mouth and wearing many hats and that she,as a doctor,should live up to the Hippocratic Oath that she signed onto. I also offered to participate as a subject in EMF sensitivity test. I told the audience of her being on a website beside Sandler,CEO of Motorola.I don't think she likes me anymore!!

I also had chance to read from Dr Neil Cherry.That EMF is genotoxic and carcinogenic, and it is the cause of many illnesses around the world.Had a difficult time sayin what I had to say in three minutes. It amazes me how many are becoming concerned about EMF lately, your work has help tremendously!!

Milt Bowling tore a slice or two off Mary as well.

The following is note to Chris and me from Milt.
Thanks for the support tonight gentlemen. Mary McBride could barely respond to me when I said at the end, "well Mary, another interesting evening." It looked good on her.
Parents are planning a protest rally at the cellphone company headquarters downtown Vancouver.Should get media cover.Will keep you posted.

Regards Robert

PS Any one want to write to Mary McBride I feel she could use some scientific facts.mmcbride@bccancer.bc.ca

Message from Robert Riedlinger

Sullivan School Photos - Surrey BC


Message from gotemf

Dear Fellows and Members of EMR-EMF:

It was brought up to your attention a month ago that neighbors in Berkeley, California are trying to stop Sprint that plans to install base-station antennas on a two story building in a residential area. The plan was approved by the Zoning Board of Berkeley on December 12, 2002.

But, the neighbors appealed the decision of the Zoning Board to the City Council and the Mayor. They have submitted two appeals to the City Clerk in the past two days.

Please support the appellants by sending e-mails to:
Mayor and Council Members
Regarding 1600 Shattuck Avenue


(The last e-mail is an address where the neighbors keep backups of all e-mails, in case e-mails are lost in the City offices. Therefore, CC your e-mails to the City officials to this last address as well.)

You can tell the Mayor and the City Council Members how bad these antennas are.

The next few weeks are very critical in our appeal process. During this period, we need lots of support from people who are concerned with the radiation emitted from base-station antennas. Our appeals will be taken into consideration on March 25th.

We believe that people all around the globe should and can keep base-stations antennas away from residential areas.

Neighbors in Berkeley greatly appreciate your support.



Dear All,

I am electrosensitive and was compelled to move from my home due to ill health caused by the radiation from a nearby (15 - 20m distance) sub-station (mini-sub). I have become sensitised and can now no longer live in a flat (as I used to be able to do) where there are electrical distribution boards on the other side of shared walls. Apart from 60 Hz radiation, I am also sensitive to 25 000 Hz (TV and computer monitor) radiation. I suspect therefore, that I will be sensitive to cell tower/base station radiation, if exposed.

My first house move was born of desperation. The flat that I am now in, is better than my previous accommodation because it is 170 m from the nearest sub-station. However, I cannot use the kitchen and can only use the sitting room for about 30 mins a day before my neighbours start cooking their evening meals. The only answer therefore seems to be to obtain gaussmeters so that I can take readings before committing myself to the next accommodation.

Having read correspondence on this site, I know that gaussmeters for the layman are available for sale in the US and UK. They are not for sale in any of the stores here. I am therefore looking for one or more gaussmeters to cover 60 Hz frequency and the frequency from cell towers. Searching for the right piece of equipment is difficult if one has never seen the instrument nor knows any one who has one. (Neither electricians, private 'environmental' companies, universities, technicans, local authorities nor the electricity supplier have portable gaussmeters.)

I would therefore be extremely grateful for help from knowledgeable list members as to where I could obtain what I need.

I picked up one website from this list that advertised gaussmeters but the supplier's advertising seemed to imply that the gaussmeters would indicate a safe or unsafe range for the average person whereas I need an exact reading so that I can learn exactly what density of radiation causes my symptoms. Is there any one who can recommend a website or contact to me? Cost is also a consideration because of the unfavourable monetary rate of exchange on to which post and import duty will have to be added.

Many thanks in anticipation of your help.

Dorothy, Cape Town, South Africa

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