* Information regarding dealing i.a. with FM-radio and cancer (Prof. Olle Johansson) - Electrosensitivity being another name for radiation sickness - Possible Association Between Fetal/neonatal Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Increased Incidence of Autism - Minnesota EMR activitiy (26/2/03)

Dear Klaus,

FYI: Several persons have lately asked for information regarding the following papers dealing i.a. with FM-radio and cancer:

Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, "Melanoma incidence and frequency modulation (FM) broadcasting", Arch Environ Health 2002; 57: 32-40

Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, "Har tusentals personer offrats i onödan sedan 1955?" (="Have thousands of persons unnecessarily been sacrificed since 1955?"; in Swedish), Nord Tidsskr Biol Med 2002; 2: 26-27

Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, "Cancerdödlighet och långtidssjukskrivning" (="Cancer mortality and long-term sick leave"; in Swedish), Tidskriften Medikament 2002; 7: 40-41

Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, "Cancer trends during the 20th century", J Aust Coll Nutr & Env Med 2002; 21: 3-8

To access them, please, have a look at http://home.swipnet.se/~w-78067/Cancers.htm.
Two of them are also indexed on WHO's webpage: http://www-nt.who.int/peh-emf/emfstudies/viewstudy.cfm?ID=991.
A more general way to get to them (as well as to other scientific publications) is through the PubMed:

Please, spread this information to all persons needing it.

Have a very nice day!!

Best regards

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof. The Experimental Dermatology Unit. Department of Neuroscience.
Karolinska Institute.
171 77 Stockholm. Sweden)

Hi Klaus: Apologies for sullying the name integrity of THE IRISH TIMES North America Editor, Conor O'Clery in my last email posting. I spelt it O'Cleary. And I can't pass the buck and say that his employer indulges in haphazard variant spellings of O'Clery. So, apologies for careless spelling.

Regards electrosensitivity being another name for radiation sickness. A number of authors point out this, among them Arthur Firstenberg in his 1997 (2nd ed.) text MICROWAVING OUR PLANET: THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF THE WIRELESS REVOLUTION. He starts his section on electrosensitivity (page 31) with this statement: "Electrical sensitivity is a new name for radiation sickness, so called because many suffering become aware that electromagnetic fields make them ill and they experience symptoms immediately upon exposure."

I believe this connection makes it absolutely clear that ES is indeed going to be the fate of many Iraqis given the well-known planned use of energy weapons.

Do any of your readers object to equating ES with the older term Radiation Illness. And if so, for what reasons?

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland.

To this theme: go to http://starmailgermany.tripod.com/emfomeganews/id4.html "Pentagon may use new E-Bomb during war on Iraq" nearly at the bottom and click on it.

A Possible Association Between Fetal/neonatal Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Increased Incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Robert C. Kane, Ph.D.


Recently disclosed epidemiological data indicate a dramatic increase in the incidence of autism spectrum disorders. Previously, the incidence of autism has been reported as 4-5 per 10,000 children. The most recent evidence indicates an increased incidence of about 1 per 500 children. However, the etiology of autism is yet to be determined. The recently disclosed data suggest a possible correlation between autism incidence and a previously unconsidered environmental toxin. It is generally accepted in the scientific community that radiofrequency radiation is a biologically active substance. It is also readily acknowledged that human exposures to radiofrequency radiation have become pervasive during the past twenty years, whereas such exposures were uncommon prior to that time. It is suggested that fetal or neo-natal exposures to radiofrequency radiation may be associated with an increased incidence of autism.



Prior to the twentieth century the only sources of radiofrequency (RF) radiation were the hyper-low levels of RF energy originating from our sun and the even lower levels of extra-solar RF noise. It is in this environment of low-level RF radiation that life on earth developed and exists to this day.

During the 1940s, primarily as a result of research and development performed as a part of the war effort, industry and the military establishment were successful in bringing the state of RF energy generation to maturity. From that time onward we have witnessed a broad range of commercial RF energy product applications including, most notably, broadcast FM radio, radar, television, public-service mobile communication transceivers, residential microwave ovens, and the portable cellular telephone.

Initially, the contribution of each radiating device was imperceptible when weighed against the background of incoming solar radiation. However, over the span of decades the number of terrestrial RF radiation sources, now counted in the billions, has increased to the degree that, presently, the base radiation level is many thousands of times higher than from solar RF energy impinging on the earth.

Notwithstanding the proliferation of RF radiation sources during the early decades of the radiofrequency age, the 1940s through the 1970s, humans were seldom exposed to RF radiation at levels that might cause concern. Since the late 1970s a number of commercial products have become ubiquitous, which provide human exposures to levels of RF radiation that are significantly higher than either of the previous or present background levels. Research reports indicate that RF exposure levels, typically encountered from some commercial products, may induce alterations of biological processes or damage to the genome 1-13.

Concurrently the incidence of autism diagnoses demonstrates a pronounced, approximately linear, nearly three- fold increase occurring during the last twenty years. The question as to when autism begins in any child remains to be answered. Some studies provide support for a prenatal or perinatal origin for autism. 14 For several decades prior to 1980 autism incidence remained essentially invariant; reportedly at about one diagnosed case per 2000 children. Byrd has reported a present autism incidence of about one per 700 children.

RF radiation sources have become commonplace in the personal human environment from approximately 1980 to the present. Operation of an RF radiation source such as a two-way radio or a cell phone exposes the operator to levels of RF radiation shown to be biologically active. Operation of an RF radiation source also exposes others, in the near proximity, to similarly biologically active levels of electromagnetic field intensities 15.

Some of the known effects of exposure to RF radiation include cognitive impairment 16, memory deficit 17, EEG modifications 18, DNA damage 3 - 12, chromosome aberrations 6, micronucleus formation 7, 22, fetal malformation 1, 2, increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier 19, 23, altered cellular calcium efflux 20 and altered cell proliferation

RF radiation exposures from residential microwave ovens are, typically, on the order of 1 milli-watt per cm2. RF radiation exposures from cell phones range from about 0.1 to 10.0 milli-watt per cm2. Portable two-way radios provide similar exposure levels. The scientific literature confirms that RF radiation exposures, at levels more than 1,000 times lower than described immediately preceding, or on the order of 1.0 micro-watt per cm2, induce significant changes in biological processes or molecular repair mechanisms 12.

During gestation the possibility of unobservable embryonic and fetal damage is increased as mothers-to-be utilize and are exposed to the emissions from RF radiation devices. Researchers have emphatically reported that an embryo or fetus should not be exposed to radiofrequency radiation such as that emitted by the portable cell phone or portable telephone. One particular reason to avoid RF radiation exposure during pregnancy is that an embryo or fetus may not be fully protected by amniotic fluid for extended periods of time due to the natural movement of the embryo or fetus within the womb. Secondly, the pelvic structure promotes deep RF radiation penetration and that radiation can be absorbed within the developing embryo or fetus.

Other researchers have postulated that there may exist a previously unidentified environmental toxin associated with the observed increased incidence of autism. For example, the works of Byrd (California - 1999) 14, Bertrand 24, (New Jersey - 2001), Taylor 25, (United Kingdom - 1999), and Chakrabarti & Fombonne 26, (United Kingdom - 2001) clearly support the proposition that the identified increased incidence of autism has an origin at about 1980: an increased incidence that has its origin established at the very time the personal RF radiation devices came into popular use about 1980. We propose that RF radiation, a new form of exposure of the human embryo, fetus, and infant, and an acknowledged environmental toxin under many exposure conditions, may be associated with the increased incidence of autism. This proposition is further based on the fact that these radiating products are periodically and typically utilized in the embryonic, fetal and neonatal environment. RF radiation is the only known toxin, exposure to which is wholly correlated with the repeatedly documented increased incidence of autism: now reported by at least some researchers as greater than 1 per 100 newborn.

Correspondence to: Robert C. Kane, The Associated Bioelectromagnetics Technologists, P.O. Box 133, Blanchardville, Wisconsin 53516-0133. FAX: 608 523-6500; E-mail: rkane@tds.net


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Possible Association

Informant: Elektrosmognews

Minnesota EMR activitiy......

Roy - It may take "my new people a while to "catch up" on the information but I am grateful I am able to refer them to you to either be included on the list and/or to review your website!!!! I also include some information regarding a couple other sites such as Roger Conant's "powerlinefacts" and when I can find the reference, to one or more other sites. Last night I happened to have Don Maisch's site access information available and chose it because of all of the symptoms that fall under the "CFS category."

Bud and I distributed 170 flyers along the high voltage lines and are receiving some feedback. Last night, I heard from a young couple I am very concerned about. They moved into their home (down our street) about four years ago. Since that time, the female has suffered three miscarriages. The couple's son is now two years old and she states "he plays near the huge pole" every day!!!!!! I don't know yet if they will invite me over to take miligauss readings but I am trying.

Right now, I am not going to mention what I think one of the "symptoms" might be (she avoided citing her other concerns) but if I am correct, that information, along with other information I have, will be "staggering." I am betting on a birth defect that I have not been including in my writings. As soon as I am able to confirm and have permission to share the information, I will do so.

Our house is at the northwest edge of our city of Coon Rapids, so we also distributed some flyers over in Blaine. I received a call from a woman who still has an open wound from brain surgery three months ago. The surgery was done at the Mayo Clinic and was done to help alleviate severe epileptic seizures. She was sick on Friday but I hope to go over and measure today.

The neighbor woman suffers from up to 30 epileptic seizures a day and has survived lymphoma and brain cancer!!!!!! I understand she and her husband want to meet with me. I am very concerned that the stress of dealing with the realization that the high voltage lines are most likely responsible for the problems might be causing them to be in an even more
fragile condition. It is not that they "hadn't wondered," but it is yet another example of the need to "keep lighting candles........."

I did take some measurements at a house that is very close to the lines in another area of Coon Rapids and was amazed to find the readings in the house were very low!!!! I was told by the power company that those lines are the same lines that go by our place -- a 69kv line and a 230kv line. Miligauss readings were .08 and .09 mg in the childrens' basement bedrooms, a little over 1.0 mg in the kitchen and a reading when using the Graham filter of 5.5 milivolts at a kitchen outlet. I got a reading of about 3.0 miligauss about 1/2 way from the house to the lines which were about 30 ft. away. Readings in our front entry were 6.5 miligauss and over 8.0 miligauss in my yard about half way to the lines which are 50 ft. from our house.

Dave Stetzer, who is also working with Dr. Martin Graham, recommends the level of the "trash" being measured when using the filter be reduced to a number as close as possible to 8.0 milivolts or below. To accomplish this, small capacitors can be plugged into electrical outlets. Information about this is on the site: "toxicelectricity.com." In the case of the 5.5 mv reading in the kitchen, they very likely would be able to reduce even that reading by using capacitors and I provided that information. As you may know, capacitors can be purchased from various suppliers and I have no financial interest whatsoever nor do I make any claims other than what I have written.

The websites do tell stories of persons who have made dramatic recovery after Dave Stetzer installed capacitors, one of whom is Marilyn Wilson, a social worker from Madison, Wisconsin, whose story is on your website, I believe. Marilyn continues to work with the group, Physicians for Social Responsibility, as far as I know.

In this case, it is the mom of the family who suffers from headaches and lack of sleep. The 3- year old is a girl and the 4-year old is a boy. They are both apparently very healthy at this time which didn't surprise me. I am concerned about more subtle effects on the children cropping up in the future but their conditions do correlate with much of what is known about significant health problems developing in homes with readings between 2.0 miligauss and 4.0 miligauss. As to the mystery about their readings versus our readings, I need to call back to verify the lines are the same as ours and if so, to learn why their readings are so much lower.

While I have not been sharing a lot of the information, I can tell you that there is "a whole lot going on" in regard to EMR activity not only here in Minnesota but also in Michigan and California. Dave Stetzer and Dr. Martin Graham, along with other knowledgeable persons, are working very hard "for the overall cause" and Dave has reported many changes have been made. Capacitors are now being placed in schools in addition to homes. Hundreds of persons have reported dramatic improvement in their health after capacitors have been installed...........

Take care - Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, MN 55448

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