* Pentagon may use new E-Bomb during war on Iraq - US army of 'embeds' prepares to sell war to Americans - Wall, Cordless and Cell Phone information - Question: Who sells MILLIGAUSS METERS in Australia? (24/2/03)

Hi Klaus:
Both items in subject slot above are drawn from articles in yesterday's ("Pentagon may use new E-Bomb during war on Iraq", page 12) and today's ("US army of 'embeds' prepares to sell war to Americans" page 12) editions of THE IRISH TIMES. Both are written by Conor O'Cleary, THE IRISH TIMES N. American Editor.

Given the strong statements quoted below, I wish to make my own stance on this impending war clear: I stand in solidarity with people everywhere who oppose war-- and that of course includes those millions of salt-of-the-earth peace loving Americans who also oppose war--this war and all wars, anyplace, anywhere, urged by any government for whatever purported reasons.


"Pentagon may use new E-Bomb during war on Iraq"
THE IRISH TIMES, Friday, February 21, 2003, page 12.

While awareness of the U.S. planned use of an E-Bomb in its proposed offensive against Iraq has been given wide media coverage last week, Conor Cleary includes in his article on this further insights from a recent interview he held with Greg Mallo, director of a nuclear watchdog organisation called, The Los Alamos Study Group. I'll quote the relevant passage:

"On January 10th, 32 senior officials dealing with US nuclear weapons met in the Pentagon to plan a secret conference at US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) headquarters in Nebraska in August. The minutes were obtained by the Los Alamos Study Group, a nuclear watchdog organisation and the Defense Department said they were genuine.

The agenda for the August meeting revealed that 'the brakes are off' in planning for new nuclear weapons, the director of the Los Alamos Study Group, Greg Mallo, told THE IRISH TIMES. 'What is really breath-taking is the very explicit connection with nuclear testing requirements,' he said. 'We are supposed to be negotiating the end of the arms race, and it is nuclear armament rather than nuclear disarmament.'

The January meeting arose from an internal Pentagon memo last October by Mr Pete Aldridge, Under-secretary of Defence, requesting that nuclear weapons laboratories examine the benefits of low-yield nuclear testing. It was chaired by Dr. Dale Klein, former vice chancellor of the University of Texas and a friend of President George Bush, and who is now an assistant to Mr Rumsfeld. 'Many of the people at this meeting have held ideas like this for a number of years and they have been waiting for their opportunity to advance those ideas,' Mr Mello said.

It was impossible to overstate the challenge to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, the existing nuclear test moratorium, and US compliance with the Nuclear Nonproflieration Treaty, he said. The last nuclear test in the US was in September 1992. 'These plans deserve outrage--first in the United States, and throughout the world. It may or may not e obvious that if allowed to proceed further--especially in the present jingoist atmosphere now prevailing in Washington--the process outlined here will be quite hard to stop."


"US army of 'embeds' prepares to sell war to Americans"
THE IRISH TIMES, Saturday, February 22, 2003, page 12.

The entire of this article on 'embeds' is well worth reading. It's a cruel eye-opener for any believers in non-partisan journalism. Will have to confine it here to a few apt quotes.

Conor O'Cleary's introduction reads:

"War has not yet been declared but an army of journalists, known as 'embeds' has been mobilised by the Pentagon and has been getting its marching orders for service in the Gulf. 'Embed' is military jargon for a reporter who will be embedded in a specific unit of the US forces. He or she will live, eat, sleep and travel with the unit, will not be allowed to move around independently, and may not return after leaving. Nearly 500 are being embedded, among them 100 from foreign media, including the Arab TV network Al Jazeera.

The idea of integrating journalists into the military structure, as happened last in the second World War, was endorsed by Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld and the top brass. They see it as an improvement on the pool system used in the 1991 Gulf War, when a pool reporter would be taken to the 'front' and would share his material. . . ."

"Pool reporters were not allowed to provide a single eye-witness account of a battle. By the time they were taken to the scene of action, Iraqi bodies had been removed or ploughed underground.

In the Vietnam War, journalists had free access to soldiers and civilians, and 'through the magic of television', viewers were able to witness what the military was capable of, a major factor in turning Americans against the war. . . ."

"Many Americans get a different take on world events than Europeans because they watch and hear different news. The networks' coverage of the anti-war demonstrations last weekend underlined that, with a Fox television presenter describing the crowd in New York as 'serial protesters', Networks may see their job as selling the war, wrote Paul Krugman in the New York Times. Another big factor shaping American views is radio.

Under the 1996 Telecommunications Act, corporations can buy up as many radio stations as they want. The two biggest now own more than 1,400 stations, with centralise play-lists and 'world-in-a-minute' news broadcasts on local stations where the staff have been fired. The most widely broadcast talk shows are hosted by conservative pundits like Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North, Sean Hannity and Howard Stern. Limbaugh, obsessed with 'feminazis' and 'environmental wackos', is heard on 650 stations with more than 15 million listeners, and is currently whipping up sentiment against both Saddam Hussein and Jacques Chirac. He is so popular with the administration that President Bush invited him for a sleep-over at the White House. . . ."

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland.



The cordless and cell phones just keep increasing higher with frequency and power. I have a new report that I just finished today for your information. Regards

Wall, Cordless and Cell Phone information

Wall phones.
1. Wall phones have NO RADIATION, they operate with -48 volts Direct Current from the phone co. The wall phones are the best phones to use.

Cordless Phones.
1. The 1st cordless phones operate with an analog signal at 43-49 MHz. They radiate with MICROWATTS. In my opinion these phones are safe to use for a short period of time.

2. The 2nd cordless phones operate with analog, digital and spread spectrum digital at 900 MHz. They all radiate with MILLIWATTS of radiation to the base station. The analog phones transmit a continuous signal like a traditional FM radio broadcast station. In my opinion these analog phones can be operated for a few short minutes.

The 900 MHz digital and digital spread spectrum phones SHOULD NOT be used for a long period of time. These 900 MHz digital and the 2.4GHz digital phones are offered with HEADSET JACKS. That should tell you something.

3. The 3rd cordless phones operate with digital spread spectrum at 2.4 GHz (2,456 MHz). They radiate with about 1 watts. The signal between headset and base is digitally encrypted. These digital encrypting signals mean that they can affect your brain cells. This 2.4 GHz frequency is the SAME FREQUCEY THAT YOUR MICROWAVE OVEN OPERATES AT. *

Analog Cellular Phones.
1. Analog Cell Phones operate at the 800-900 MHz frequencies with a modulated radio Signal. These cell phones operate at 2-3 watts (+34DBm) of power from the antenna. This is a very strong radiating signal even with the analog signal.

Analog and Digital Cellular Combined Cell Phones.
1. Analog and Digital combined cell phones operate at .6 watts (+27 DBm) while using either Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA- Verizon) or Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA- AT&T). These cell phones should not be used at this power level.

Digital Cellular Cell phones.
1. Digital Cell Phones operate only with digital transmissions. These operate at .6 watts (+27 DBm). These cell phones should never be used at this power level. If you don't care then use these phones until you have Cancer, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer's or you memory is gone. In my opinion these phones should only be used in a 911 emergency.

*If you want to use your cell phones, then you should stop when your ear becomes medium reddish brown. When your eyes have a few cataracts, your brain is well done, your memory is long gone, and your sinus is running, your tinnitus is very loud and your normal everyday headaches turn into super migraines. It's a free world so enjoy your phone for a few years. Microwave location in your home is also very important. If your microwave oven is above your stove, I call this level "cataract eye level". If your microwave is on the counter, I call this level woman's Breast and Ovarian Cancer level. If the children use the microwave oven, I call it the Brain and Leukemia cancer level. My point is, all phones keep going up in Frequency and radiating power. This is a long-term deadly condition.


Question: Who sells MILLIGAUSS METERS in Australia?

Dear Robert,

I would like too go on to your mail list so I can get up todate information on health effects on EMF.

Do you know who sells (MILLIGAUSS METERS) in Australia, as I am finding it hard to fine a shop.

all the best
from Allan Jones.

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