* Some comments from Imelda - Planning debacle forces radio towers to seek new home - Re: Workers to AM radio transmissions in Sydney from Penny Hargreaves (21/2/03)

Hi Klaus: I would like to thank your readers for the great response so far to information on how EMR may cause miscarriages. I'll pass these to sources involved with the upcoming BBC TV program. When I have concrete data on the actual showing of the documentary, will of course let you know.

I'd like to add a few comments, non-specialist though I may be, to your posting today on possible bioeffects of microwave weapons, specifically on similarities between bioeffects suffered from ionized and non-ionized sources or, in the context of war, from atomic and non-lethal weaponry. It is my understanding from some texts I have consulted that the bioeffects overlap. To cite just two. Yesterday, I chanced again on Bert (Omega: Bertha) Dumpe's statement on this in her vastly informative 1989 text: X-RAYED WITHOUT CONSENT: COMPUTER HEALTH HAZARDS. She states:

"NASA reported that biological symptoms and resulting maladies are the same whether people are exposed to ionizing or nonionizing radiation (Table 9-7). VDT users are irradiated by every form of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum, and contract the same illnesses as radiation victims." (page 346) Detailing of these symptoms is then given in Table 9-7.

Professor Olle Johansson, in an October 16, 2001 interview of him, posted at the FEB.se site, makes some similar observations.

I bring this up in the context of the planned war on Iraq. Last week, the media reported that U.S. led nuclear warfare would not be ruled out. Also, we know that microwave weaponry (non-lethal weaponry!)is planned for use. And as I've pointed out above, the symptoms suffered by victims of ionized and non-ionized forms fo weaponry are similar/identical.

So: In a humanitarian gesture to the Iraqi people who might all too soon experience severe ES symptoms, should they not be forewarned of what these symptoms are so that they at least realise they are not just going crazy. And may the Forces-For-Good prevent that these Iraqi civilian victims should experience the final indignity and horror--being pronounced insane when they try to explain what bioeffects they are experiencing--and may continue to experience for the rest of their lives! Perhaps Red Cross medical personnel and other humanitarian agencies should also be informed.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland

The following article about a development of luxary apartments built right next to major AM radio towers in Sydney fails to mention that the real debacle was that the developer created a workplace where for 14 months workers were exposed to high levels of Radiofrequency radiation possibly in excess of the occupational exposure standard limits.

Perhaps a health survey of the workers employed by the developer would be a worthwhile study to undertake and I hope the relevant union people on this list take note.

Also consider that perhaps the developers and planning authority knew exactly what they were doing by creating a situation whereby the rightful occupiers of the Homebush Bay site, the AM radio Broadcasters, who have been there for over 50 years, have to vacate the land.

What happens to this large tract of land afterwards?

Neat trick: The developers can now move in and reap millions with more luxury apartments while the broadcasters have to foot the bill for moving while the workers pay with their health.

Don Maisch

The Sydney Morning Herald, Feb. 17. 2003, Page 5
Planning debacle forces radio towers to seek new home

Anne Davies
Urban Affaira Editor

Sydney's AM radio stations will be forced to move their transmitting towers from Homebush Bay - at a potential cost of $40 million - because of health and safety risks to residents in a 1200-unit development now being built.

The two federal communications watchdogs have warned the NSW Government which allowed the luxury unit complex in 1998, that the electromagnetic radiation from the high-powered transmitters will be unacceptably high in units on the third floor and above.

"I am not joking when I say you'd get Alan Jones through your toaster," one broadcasting executive said.

When construction began about 14 months ago the broadcasters, concerned about the proximity of the buildings, alerted the Australian Communications Authority. The authority's manager of radio communication standards, Ian McAlister, said: "We alerted the planning authorities that the high-powered electromagnetic field that AM transmitters emit had the potential to adversely affect electrical and electronic products and the potential for possible health exposure issues."

At three stories and above, he said, there was significant risk of interference that could cause electrical equipment to switch on and off. Scientists are still divided over whether electromagnetic radiation causes cancer.

The eight-story Waterside development on Bennelong Road, which is being sold off the plan, is within 200 meters of the tower shared by 2UE and 2SM.

It is so close to the tower that one eight story building in the complex is within the "drop zone", the area usually kept clear in case a tower falls.

Several other buildings have been approved, raising problems for all the broadcasters. There are five towers on the site, and the industry estimates it will cost between $5 million and $8 million to move each of them.

The planning debacle could be an expensive embarrassment for the Carr Government. Any loss of audience for radio stations could expose it to damages.

A planning NSW spokeswoman could not explain how the question of electromagnetic radiation had been overlooked. The broadcasters had put in an objection to the 1998 masterplan, and the issue had been considered during the Olympics planning because of the possible impact on timing equipment.

Planning NSW is helping to find an alternative site for the towers, but the broadcasting authority, which licenses the commercial radio stations, warns this will be difficult. Homebush bay is ideal because it is the geographic centre of Sydney and salt marshes improve the propagation of AM signals.

Brian Boyd, the managing director of the site's developer, Payce, said it had stopped selling the affected units - which he said were on the fourth floor and above, not the third - until the matter was resolved.

But Mr. Boyd said sales of lower-rise units were continuing. Buyers who had bought affected units had not been notified because he expected the problem would be solved by the time they moved in.

He suggested the radio stations might have their own agenda. "Maybe they are looking for some assistence with the move. People have been living in the shadows of TV towers for years."

But Joan Warner, director of the industry body Commercial Radio Australia, said: "The broadcasters have been at Homebush for over 50 years and were not looking for wanting to move but have been forced to consider this eventuality by the Payce development."

Re: Workers to AM radio transmissions in Sydney from Penny Hargreaves

It would be interesting to see if the workers exposed had problems after AM exposure as found in Chiang et al. Their research results found WBC phagocytosis increased or tended to increase in the group exposed to relatively low levels of AM while the phagocytosis decreased in the highest exposed group. Interesting results.

The information I sent you re metal referred to RF signals transmitted from the antenna may induce a perceptible charge in large rubber tyred vehicles and ungrounded metallic structures was from AM radio towers. Hagaman 1989 and Shepich 1990 and Henins and Curis 1990. I wonder how high a readings the men would have been exposed to when working next to the vehicles and so close to the AM towers in Sydney. Would be interesting to know if there were increased heart problems. Have I sent you the info on cardiac problems that I compiled ? In cardiac problems as we found at Ouruhia even before the FM was added. Sounds like a fantastic research opportunity. Wonder how long it took to build the apartments and how many men were working there? The interesting people to talk to would be those who operated the cranes.

Best wishes Penny Hargreaves.

Message from Don Maisch

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