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Dear Klaus & Imelda,

For the "EMF and miscarriage" issue, please, see "The California Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Program" which very recently has published the report "The Risk Evaluation - An Evaluation of the Possible Risks From Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) From Power Lines, Internal Wiring, Electrical Occupations and Appliances"

Best regards

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof. The Experimental Dermatology Unit. Department of Neuroscience. Karolinska Institute. 171 77 Stockholm. Sweden)

Re: EMR miscarriages

Dear Klaus,
I have a true story for lmelda, Cork, Ireland.
I was working with DR. Henry Lai in Woodinville, WA. We were fighting a cell tower in Woodinville. A gentleman named Mr. Woods asked if someone could come to his home to check out the EMR levels. I told him that I conduct EMR, EMF, and Geopathic Radiation checks of private homes.

At Mr. Woods home, there was a cell tower in the back yard about 50 yards from the house. As I began to check the home inside, his two year old son was running and jumping around the home like a normal two year old. The home checked out OK. Next we walked around to the back deck which was about 50 yards from the tower. On the deck was a hot tub. The home had a metal siding next to the hot tub. I found a high level of radiation coming from the metal siding towards the hot tub. This is when they told me that after having installed the cell tower, the wife has had four (4) pregnant miscarriages at 8 to 12 weeks in the last two years. They used the hot tub almost every night after work.

Mr. Woods told me that the Cell Phone company had told them that there would be no problems of radiation from the cell tower.
Regards Del.

Message from Del Parkinson


HERE are the two great new papers on miscarriage and EMF exposure.

Note that its apparently tied to intermittent exposure at 16 mG and over.

Cindy Sage
Sage Associates


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I'm passing this information along as requested. Could you please send this info along to your lists to see if there is anyone who can help her? She is obviously VERY SICK from this stuff. I don't understand the info on the letter but I haven't visited the website yet. Can anyone out there comprehend this and help her?? I do not believe the cats are the only cause of her illness; I only know from personal experience that they only made me feel WORSE as somehow all this electrical pollution simply adds to the bad stressload of pollution saturation into the body. The body can only take so much of all types of pollution until it is so rundown that it collapses from exhaustion and goes into what I would call "non-function."

Dear Mrs. Wahlig,

Thank you for contacting We Energies. The manufacturers of the new AMR meters is Schlumberger-Sema and I believe their website address is www.schlumbergersema.com.

In regards to the cell towers, we actually do not use this type of equipment. The data is collected through a pole-top device known as a micro cell controller (MCC) from meters within a one-third to half-mile radius. A gateway device known as a cell master retrieves the data from the micro cell controller and passes the information through a telecommunications network to a central hub located at a We Energies facility. The information is retrieved/downloaded through the micro cell controller each day around 1:00 p.m.

If we can help you with anything else in the future, contact us at CustomerService@mail.we-energies.com or call us at
1-800-242-9137 (available 24 hours a day).

Shawn Wheeler
TRACKING NUMBER: A00000197332-00000234516

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marcie, darlene
here is what we energies sent me - i dont know what it means - i know the frequency is 930 megahertz every 5 min from electric meter ad every 15 minutes from gas meter -= getting very ill - can yo figure out what they are say about the meters? is it like a cell tower? starting to geel like i want to jump off a cliff the sick intense feeling from electricis so strong.

The mold is behind my shower wall - so dont think it is from cats? There is a leak back there it drips into basement - after taking a shower. i get extremely ill taking a shower. wish i had a safe place to stay until we could move or build? if i could get names of others with this same problem (the people around green bay. i would have more proof that it also hurts other people. can barely tolerate it here anymore much longer - dont have dave' s email.


narcie, darlene,
i know they still do something at night - some kind of working on meters or something - i wish i knew but they wont tell me - they say it downloads once at 1pn but night is very hard up all night sweating and sick and dehdrated...maybe your friend who changed meters for you could tell me what they do? this system is slowly killing me.....
blessing jackie
www.schlumbergersema.com is the meter website.

Marcie - i tried sending this to you tit came back -it didnt go to darvn@newnorth,bet i hope you get this info from we energies - it didnt sent right and it talks about the new meters plz tellme if you got the message and can forward it to soomone who can help decipher it thanks marcie
God bless


Good morning Don. I am interested in sharing the skin problems I, other people and animals experienced at my farm Ouruhia, New Zealand, when we lived there when 3 FM and two AM were transmitting from the neighbouring radio tower.

Best wishes Penny Hargreaves

Skin Problems occurring after Electromagnetic Exposure while working and living at Walnut Tree Farm:-

Effects on Penny

a. Skin became harsh and dry when previously was soft and pliable. Skin, especially on thighs, was like sandpaper.

b. Oozing sores on mouth and hands. This occurred a week after an operation to remove the end of finger on her right hand. The hospital doctor then took her off all medication but the sores remained for more than 6 weeks and the scars still remain on her hands. (Refer research showing microwave interaction with drugs, Michaelson and Elson) When she is in sunlight or works on a computer the scars became more pronounced, red and raised. Left hand becomes very painful and swollen. This effect is not quite so pronounced now as two years ago when she could not bear to drive with her left hand gloveless because it became so painful.when the sun shone on it .. It still becomes very painful, red and swollen when near sun or RF but not quite as bad.

c. While living at Walnut Tree Farm her skin would feel as if it was burning, tingling and would go red as if sunburnt. This usually occurred on overcast days. Often inside the house or stables. She thought this must be due to 'change of life' but when she went to live with mother the burning feeling vanished and when she returned to work at the farm each day it would return. Many, many people in the area complained of the itchy, burning skin after the FM was increased. Animals also experienced skin problems. Lumps, welts, oozing sores on their faces, hair falling out, patches where hair would not grow, itchy areas.

d. Penny developed sores high up in her nose and on her nose where the metal rim of reading glasses rested. Dr McDonald, dermatologist, removed this lump although he said it was so deep he could not cut it all out without major surgery.. She has not had a problem with this again except when after a meeting at a kindergarten which is close to a cell phone tower. She developed a very swollen painful red nose for 24 hours , especially in the area where he removed the lump.

e. Developed sores under breasts, especially her right breast in the same area as the underwire of brassiere rested. Still has scars in this area and if in a high RF or strong sunlight sometimes experiences a searing burning in that area. She no longer wear underwire brassieres.

f. While she wore wire rimmed glasses in her office at Ouruhia she would find the skin on cheeks reddened where the metal rested on her cheeks.. Now usually use plastic rimmed glasses and does not have a problem unless she wears wire-rimmed glasses to work on the computer and after a while the redness returns on cheeks in the same area and eyes become red and blur.

Dr Vasil Kerdemelidis Christchurch electrical engineer comments:- electric potential are always induced on metal objects whether on humans or located elsewhere. The fact is that potentials applied to skin,(head, breast) will have bio-chemical effects in addition obvious thermal ones.

g. Penny developed blister like sores on her cheeks adjacent to where the amalgam in her teeth is. Winter of 1996 would get awful toothache in the evening while in the house but would go away when she left the farm. Gums shriveled up, Lumps in mouth, down throat and the roof of her mouth cracked open.. Had a metallic taste in her mouth. She had a painful lump on the tip of her tongue opposite where she had a metal pin in my front tooth.. When she had the pin removed the lump disappeared also the burning tongue sensation. After Penny left the farm the blister sores on her cheeks went except for one which disappeared in 2001 when she had some amalgam removed. The lumps adjacent to the fillings inside her mouth have vanished since fillings removed but return in a smaller form when she is near RF, computer or sunshine. These also aggravate the scars on her cheeks where the blisters were.

Research shows the higher the electrical current the more mercury will be released from amalgam fillings.

In 1996 a young man stayed with his sister in a two storied house approximately 1400 metres line of sight from the radio tower. He told Penny when he stayed there he experienced excruciating toothache at night and when he went to work each day the toothache vanished. Night time it returned. The baby born there suffered an unusual heart complaint and the sister has died of melanoma aged 38. The previous occupants had heart problems and an eye tumour.

h. While living at the farm Penny's feet became very painful, red and swollen and she had to wear shoes two sizes bigger than previously. She developed small lumps where the metal eyelets were on her shoes. Since she has left the farm her feet are less swollen and only one size bigger shoe is required. On the grass area outside her house if walked in barefeet she would experience feelings like prickles in her feet. This is the area where the vets found higher pulses on their electric fence monitoring equipment. However there was no electric fence interference and the licences show the FM beams go through this area. The grass even after rain did not grow well in that area and became dry and crunchy. Prior to 1995 it had been the same as the surrounding paddocks.

Soon after leaving the farm her doctor diagnosed her with Raynauds disease. Sometimes her feet go white and very cold or red and painful. Fingers similar. If she has a hot bath her feet, especially toes, go from very white and cold to very red and painful. She now has to be careful with hot water as she cannot now feel when it is very hot.

In early October 1996, she developed dark marks on arms which looked like bruises but were not.

Horses :- Some of the horses suffered from skin complaints the last two years they were at Ouruhia. Some had bare itchy patches, one grew white spots on his body which is most unusual for a thoroughbred. Two horses, Scrumptious and Pukka Tukka, six weeks after they were gelded developed oozing burn like blisters on their cheeks. These improved when moved from the farm in November 1996,but took two weeks to go away completely. They were in a paddock approximately 300 metres from the radio tower. They were given drugs for the gelding and the sores were identical to those Penny developed on face and hands after she was given drugs for the removal of finger tip. The radio network claimed the sores could have been caused by flies but at the time flies, birds, rabbits, mice, rats, spiders and other wildlife had vanished. (see wildlife doc) Many dogs and horses in the area suffered skin sores and hair loss and it is well documented. Another mare, Sweetie Pie, was given drugs while at Ouruhia when she cut herself badly and is now allergic to the sunshine and cannot be kept near an electric fence or she comes out in oozing sores similar to the two geldings. The vet treating her has not seen anything like it before. Many of the horses developed sores around their fetlocks which went away after they were moved. Penny's cows in 1996/97 developed sores on their teats which would not heal. Little sores in their noses.

When the radio company employed two vets to undertake a 'study' in the area they refused to take skin samples or blood from any of the animals.

In November 1999 (after one FM had been removed and one of the two remaining FM shows much lower power usage than normal) the measurements taken at Pennys barn were within the upper limit for measurement uncertainty. Dr Gledhill (works for the National Radiation Laboratory ) who represented the radio company at the two hearings claims the reasons for the high readings was because of reflections from the corrugated iron barn. This was the area most of afternoons were spent working with the builder or preparing and painting pipes, corrugated iron and painting showjumps. In the evening the race horses used to come into these areas to rest and eat. Horses stabled in this area suffered from bone, lymph, skin, heart, hoof problems and changes in personality during 1995 and 1996.

In January 2001, after two FM had been removed, Pennny let the land for horses but on condition they did not keep them in or near the sheds and barn. Three have been kept in the forbidden areas for a short time. One suffered from bone problems near her fetlock and when removed from the area recovered.

Another suffered from lymph and an allergic skin reaction similar to hives and when removed from the area recovered. The vet said it was an allergic reaction to something.

The other had a mystery lameness in its hoof which would not heal until removed to another paddock away from the barn. The vet reports are available.

The horses wear aluminum shoes, metal buckles on their halters and rugs. The yard rails are made of metal pipes. Their feeders are also metal.

In the Handbook for Professionals- Radio Frequency and Elf Electromagnetic Energies by R.T. Hitchcock, R.M Patterson published by Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York City page 184:

'A few studies have evaluated the interaction of radio frequency and microwave energies with metal implants or metal objects worn by people. Metallic objects may perturb the field, concentrating the RF energy in the vicinity of the conductive object. This may lead to localised heating such as that observed by Feucht, Richardson and Hines (1949) These researchers found that wire implants and metal plates increased measurable temperatures in vitro and in vivo experiments with 2.45-GHZ microwaves. Larger temperature increases were observed when metals were closer to the surface and with larger metal plates.'

Davias and Griffiths (1989) 'Found that metal framed spectacles perturb microwave fields between 2 and 12 GHz. They determined this by locating a field probe, (monopole antenna on a ground plane) near a human phantom composed of lossy materials that stimulate tissues. The reception pattern of the probe was compared when the phantom was fitted with eyewear and when the phantom wore no eye wear. They demonstrated the difference in the radiation patterns at the field probe when the spectacles were mounted on the phantom. Their analysts indicated that the resonant frequency of the eye wear was 900mHz and that of the spectacle component (wing, hook, and rim) is resonant between 1.4 and 3.75GHz'


From the ICNIRP report page 15.

Michaelson and Elson, 1996 Both laboratory data and the results of limited human studies make it clear that thermally stressful environments and the use of drugs or alcohol can compromise the thermoregulatory capacity of the body. Under these conditions, safety factors should be introduced to provide adequate protection for RF exposed individuals.

C.S.I.R.O., Australia report on RF 'states that other physical and physiological factors which reduce the ability to adapt to an extra heat load include old age, obesity, hypertension, and effects of many drugs such as diuretics, antihistamines, tranquillisers, B Blockers, and amphetamines.'

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Johansson O, Liu P-Y, ""Electrosensitivity", "electrosupersensitivity" and "screen dermatitis": preliminary observations from on-going studies in the human skin", In: Proceedings of the COST 244: Biomedical Effects of Electromagnetic Fields - Workshop on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (ed. D Simunic), EU/EC (DG XIII), Brussels/Graz, 1995, pp 52-57

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Message from Don Maisch

Act for the environment - Communicated Priartem of press of February 14 2003


To the coming from a long consultation process, the Paris city Hall and the operators succeeded in an agreement aiming to limit the exposition of the public to the waves electromagnetic generated by the antennas relays. Well that referring itself, previously, to a lax national legislation, the operators finally engaged themselves to lower significantly the exposition threshholds. These threshholds will be understood in an understood fork between 1,2 and 2,5 volts by meter included for the UMTS, third generation mobile communication. While engaging a country of measures to proximity of several thousands of parisian sensitive sites all in imposing to the operators to put to the norms the sites to proximity of which ones the exposition threshholds are surpassed in a delays of 1 following month measures it, the Paris city Hall obliges the operators to take into account the worry of the inhabitants. Act for the environment and Priartem congratulate themselves that a territorial group succeeded doing to hear reason to the mobile communication operators while reducing very noticeably the reference values of exposition of the public and call the body of the French cities to engage the same consultation process. The threat of a suspension of the conventions securing the operators to the Paris city Hall has without any doubt possible allowed of result in this agreement encouraging. Received by the Mister office Matteï on Mondays 10 March 2003, the associations will claim a generalized lowering to the body of the French territory of the exposition threshholds, in the name of the equality of the citizens with regard to the sanitary potential risks. The transmission threshholds French to this day of 41 and 58 volts a meters, threshholds set up by a circumstance decree signed May 3 2002.

Message from Patrick Lhullier

French version: Charte parisienne: un exemple à suivre! (18/2/03)

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