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In a message dated 1/18/2003 2:50:58 PM Central Standard Time, Imelda writes:

Subj:Fwd: urgent
Date:1/18/2003 2:50:58 PM Central Standard Time
To:EMFEFFECTS (James Beal)

Hi James: Am rushing this from an internet cafe as have to catch a bus in minutes. Am forwarding Ranka's message and feel it would be great if you could email her too to encourage her. Ranka is the ES person that Klaus posted our correspondence on his C.I.O. site.

Also look forward to hearing from you bout my other queries. Will be tel. my cousin Jo in a few days and would love to be able to tell her about your sanctuary.

All for now

From: "Ranka Sekulic"
To: "Imelda O'Connor"
Subject: urgent
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 10:09:38 +0100

Dear Imelda,
I just replied to your letter but when I checked for sent items it gave me the previous letter. I am not very skilled on the computer and don't know whether you received the letter.

Regarding contacting the hospital, I am afraid that would keep me in the hospital longer. They are very stubborn and I would rather not go that way. However, as soon as I get out of the hospital I will give you the address of my new doctor who is very understanding. He got his psychiatry degree in Germany. Thank you for the try anyway but I am afraid.Please keep in touch.I am at home only till Monday morning, this time they gave me only two days, maybe because they reduced my pills.

With best wishes, Ranka


Imelda, Ranka and all: This just came in today.

Subj: Fw: New electrical sensitivity web pages
Date: 2/13/2003
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 9:59 PM
Subject: New electrical sensitivity web pages

you can now read 6 papers on electrical sensitivities at:



Wanted to get this to all interested parties ASAP. I owe some of you more detailed emails on particular aspects of EHS bioeffects, which I will get to later.


Jim Beal
EMF Interface Consulting

How wireless technology may impact child developmentand central nervous system functioning.

Electrical Sensitivity: Arthur Firstenberg and Susan Molloy. The founder and director of the Cellular Phone Taskforce (Firstenberg) and cofounder of the Environmental Health Network (Molloy) provide a concise, referenced article on this emerging condition. (From Latitudes, Volume 5 #4).What Americans Need to Know about Radiation (or EMR) from Wireless Communications: Margaret Meade Glaser the author contends that Europeans and Russians know more than Americans about this important issue and she tells you where you can find the facts you need. Consumer Reports on Cell Phone safety: February 2003 issue. One of the first mainstream publications to question cell phone safety. Read the article! The Dark Side of Wireless Technology: Sheila Rogers, editor of Latitudes. A heartbreaking account of how a cell phone tower placed next to a family's farm devastated the health of a Midwest family and their farm animals. A Possible Association Between Fetal/neonatal Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Increased Incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorders Robert C. Kane, Ph.D, of The Associated Bioelectromagnetics Technologists, Blanchardville, Wisconsin, presents a theory that developmental exposures to electromagnetic radiation may help explain the dramatic recent increase in autism. A Physician Petition: the Freiburger Appeal Doctors unite to express concern for health effects of mobile phone technology.

Electrical Sensitivity. Arthur Firstenberg and Susan MolloyThe 750,000-watt Doppler weather radar at Fort Dix, New Jersey, overlooks the Township of Brick. Why is that of interest to anyone but meteorologists? It's not, except that eight out of every 1000 children born in Brick since the radar station was built in 1994 are autistic.The Brick Township Autism Investigation (1), conducted in 1998 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, uncovered 60 cases of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) among children aged three through ten in this town of 77,000 residents. As in much of the rest of the world, autism is increasing here. But the prevalence of both ASD and classic autism in Brick Township

Dear Colleague,

The January/February 2003 issue of Microwave News is now available

Here are a few highlights:

In a new paper that is sure to reignite concerns over the safety of mobile phones, two Swedish researchers report that exposure to extremely low levels of digital mobile phone radiation results in nerve cell damage in the brains of rats. According to the University of Lund's Drs. Leif Salford, a neurosurgeon, and Bertil Persson, a biophysicist, the cells are damaged by chemicals that leak through the blood-brain barrier following exposure to microwaves.

The January/February 2003 issue of Microwave News has full coverage. And in an editorial, we call for an immediate independent follow-up of these experiments. Because we think this is an important story (one that has been virtually ignored in the U.S. media, though not in Europe), we have posted the entire story, including our commentary, on our Web site: http://www.microwavenews.com

We encourage you to download a copy.

We have been reading some fascinating documents on mobile phone health risks that, up to now, no one outside the U.S. government has seen. Biologists at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded in 1993 -- as concerns about mobile phones and brain tumors were making headlines -- that the available data "strongly suggest" that microwaves can promote cancer. It's a very different picture from that painted by the FDA in its public statements on the issue. In a Microwave News exclusive, we have extended excerpts from the biologists' internal memo, We've also spoken to the authors and to other key players at the FDA, and tell you what they have to say about it now, ten years later.

It was all just a silly mistake, say Australian researchers: Their widely reported study showing no increase in cancer in mice exposed to mobile phone radiation was not fatally flawed just incorrectly presented in their paper in Radiation Research. They stand by their results. But the Australians critics say they are baffled by the explanation for the errors. We might add that we are somewhat incredulous too especially since the Australian team headed by Tim Kuchel continues to refuse to give interviews or explain how such an error could have been made. He calculated the age of the mice in terms of the number of days they had been exposed. No one we talked to had ever heard of presenting data this way. Or knew why one would ever do so.

A panel appointed by the National Academy of Sciences­National Research Council says that it needs more data to determine whether radiation from the U.S. Air Force PAVE PAWS missile defense radar on Cape Cod poses a health risk to those living nearby. Meanwhile, the USAF researcher whose concerns about PAVE PAWS radiation helped prompt the NASNRC investigation is once again the target of attacks by Yale University physicist Dr. Robert Adair. This time, Adair is joined by the editors of Radiation Research. But some are saying that the attacks are unfair.

Taking a new look at an old question, epidemiologists in Spain, Sweden and the U.S. have investigated whether EMF exposures contribute to the brain cancer risks of workers whose jobs bring them into contact with toxic chemicals. They report that these two types of agents can act synergistically to increase risk a finding that may shed new light on earlier EMF epidemiology.

* The ongoing debate about the value of studying the health of those who live near mobile phone base stations.
* If you keep your mobile phone in your shirt pocket, Motorola has some advice for you: Don.
* The former head of IARC, the world's leading authority on what causes cancer, backs the precautionary principle.

Of course there is much, much more.

Go to: http://www.microwavenews.com

Louis Slesin, PhD
Editor & Publisher

Informant: Don Maisch (excerpt)

22 and 23 of February of 2003

It organizes: Coordinating Antilínia of The Gavarres and Coordinating State against the Lines of High Tension and Transforming.
It collaborates: City Hall of Llagostera.

Saturday 22/02/03. - - 16 h. Inscriptions. Act of welcome. Round tables with the participation of the representatives of the collective antilíneas and antiantenas: present State, exchange of experiences and demands; general coordination and joint actions (state, autonomous); strategies for the next municipal elections. Elaboration of the conclusions of the encounter and of the MANIFESTO OF LLAGOSTERA: (programmatic Statement of the absent and participating groups adhered)
- 21 h. Supper.

Sunday 23/02/03. - - 10 h. Presentation and start of the conferences:.
Carlota Huidobro. Lawyer. Regulatory and legal dispositions of the antennae base and the lines of high tension.
Carlos M. Requejo. Environmental auditor. Field study of electropollution.
Pere Carbonell. Medical. Health and electromagnetic fields.
Enric Brown. Associació Naturalistes of Girona. Environmental aspects of the energy.
Miquel Muntané. Industrial engineer. The scale of nine sanitary degrees of risk.
(Upon finalizing each one of the chats there will be a conversation on the fear treaty).
Reading and adhesion of the MANIFESTO OF LLAGOSTERA Closure of the Days 14 h. Lunch All the acts are celebrated in the localities of THE CASINO of Llagostera (Pza. of Catalonia). The inscription to the round tables and conferences is free (are admitted contributions to help to vote the expenses of the organization). The tiques for the supper of on Saturday and the lunch of on sunday are sold in the table of inscriptions. It is thanked to send with the greater brevity a mail to >panedes@terra.es< with the names of the participants, organization if is the case- that represent; the number of tiquets for the supper and the lunch; as well as suggestions to be treaties in the round tables. Telephone for urgent messages: Josep Mª Ricart. 00-34-696290139.

Hi Klaus:

Yesterday, under the heading "Occupational Exposure to RF/MW and Microwave Sickness" you posted Kathy Hawk's account of the Doe family's adverse experiences with RF/MWs. I noticed with particular interest Kathy's observation that it was most likely during the time the "'independent'" measurements were taking place that "the facility appeared not operating at full capacity" and cellphone users found their phones wouldn't work within a radius of some miles. In other words, the power source appeared deliberately to be turned down to ensure desired results.

I would like to share my experiences with what would appear to be the opposite: the strength being deliberately turned up and used as a form of
harassment. This occured just about a year ago.

And I bet my experience is not an isolated one!

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland

My journal entries on a severe EHS week


FRIDAY (FEB. 1). Yesterday, I engaged in a certain action online, that resulted in our EHS condition being brought directly to the attention of an unnamed Irish telecom network. Below is an account of its response. Or perhaps it was just a co-incidence that the below started within 24 hours of my confrontation with it on our EHS issue.


Today, Friday, February 1, ushered in unusually high/severe radiation levels in my place of residence a housing estate) in a town, c. ten miles from Cork. It was the worst for c. two years. Especially strong after 8.00 P.M. Had a number of brain short circuits/seizures as I lay in bed before eventually dropping off to sleep.

SATURDAY NIGHT, FEBR. 2 was similar. I'd rate the ambient radiation pretty strong (c. 8/10) from 9.00 P.M. Had to wear aluminium helmet again in bed and still had a series of brain seizures.

On MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4 returned from Cork c. 5.00 P.M. and the radiation levels in the house here seemed unusually high, even at that early hour. Cork had been just fine. The levels got progressively more severe during the eve. Lots of inward airwave suction (most probably, the usual microwaves/radio frequencies) through my ears throughout the eve. Tried to read in bed with the tinfoil helmet firmly in place but each time I started falling off to sleep I'd get a sharp short-circuiting of my brain/brain seizures. A bad night's sleep again. Very broken and many quick seizures.

TUESDAY MORNING, FEBR. 6: Radiation levels fairly low as they usually are in the mornings here. But when I returned from Cork (where again levels were very tolerable) to the house here, c. 4.45 P.M., the ambient radiation levels were already very forceful and uncomfortable and felt lots of inward airwave suction (MW/RFs) through my ears.

A terrible night--hideously awful. Felt as if I were under some kind of microwave siege right through the night with no letting up. Signals kept moving swiftly inwards through my aural tract and felt as if they were going ping, like metal balls, off the centre of my brain and then resonating throughout my brain. Just as one would fade out another would come through and each time it really hurt deep inside my brain. Then I also had brain seizures right throughout the night. Of course, I wore the aluminium helmet throughout. Felt wrecked in the morning and my eyelids were all puffy and violet. The upper contour of my left eyelid looked very odd--it had become twisted in shape like a very crooked line. It returned to normal by later in the day. The other occupant of this small house, said that she didn't sleep all through Tuesday night to Wednesday morning but she put it down to being wound up after a supervisor monitored her work. She also remarked, though, that one of her eye's appeared as if it were developing a sty. She had never had this ailment before and was unsure what she should do. She thought that this might be due to laptop screen distress but wasn't sure. I didn't mention my violet and puffy eyelids and odd contour of left eye lid. (My housemate adamantly refuses to consider anyone could possibly be affected by radiation or electricicy). On Thursday she mentioned that her "sty" had disappeared.

On Wednesday morning I telephoned the Southern Health Board and asked for an appointment with the person in charge of GMS contracts. (That means General Medical Services--the GPs who treat public patients). I relayed that I had had a really quite dangerous night of continuous brain seizures from high radiative levels and MW/RFs bombarding me throughout the night. When I turned up for the appointment in Cork was told she had a meeting and couldn't see me. Met another S. Health Board employee instead but it was most unsatisfacory. Didn't get past the door. My most urgent query, I said to her, was trying to locate a G.P. who would take my brain seizures and what is causing them seriously and help me attain an early appointment with a neurologist who specialises in seizures, either within Ireland or in another EU country. As THE IRISH TIMES had reported (in profile article on EU commissioner, David Byrne whose brief includes health that appeared in Friday, Febr. 1, p. 13) ". . . patients are entitled to treatment in another EU country, at the expense of their own health authority, if they face undue delays at home." Felt really dejected and depleted in energy as I headed back to where I live. Felt I could die any night from severe brain seizures and this Irish Southern Health Service couldn't careless.

High levels again throughout Thursday night. Fully awake from c. 2.00 A.M. to 4.30 A.M. Then drowsed off and shot awake shortly afterwards by signals coming through my aural tract. The first of these came through very clearly at exactly 5.00 A.M. I became alert and checked the time. Then was drifting off to sleep again when I was shot awake by a new batch of signals. Again checked time and it was exactly 5.30 A.M. The third time I was awoken by strong signals coming through ws precisely at 6.00 A.M. Each time the signals comae through my aural tract I got a brain seizure/a short circuiting of my brain.

Tel. the Dublin Head Office of BRAINWAVE--THE IRISH EPILEPSY ASSOCIATION and spoke to the Information Officer there. She had never heard of electrosensitivity so said I'd send her a packet of info. She was unsure what the medical convention is for validation that a patient is really getting seizures. It's easier to determine this when it's epilepsy and there are witnesses to the epileptic episode.

Need to get a neurologist urgently and get EEG tests done. No brain could stand up to the punishment that I have outlined above, without getting irreparably damaged.

Not as severe a night as earlier ones this past week, although radiative levels did shoot up c. 9.00 P.M. Woke to signals coming through just after 5.00 A.M. Not so severe right now. It's 1.55 P.M. Yesterday, had to stop using my laptop after ten minutes in the afternoon because the radiation was too strong. Now, it's somewhat more tolerable. But physically I look wrecked from ordeal of last week.

It was a surprisingly OK night but wore the tinfoil helmet just in case. Woke a few times but got back to sleep. Woke to some signals coming through after 5.00 A.M. Feel OK and have been able to use the laptop for a longer period than I could throughout all of last week.

Links from many different sources:

America's Ultra-Secret Weapon
http://news.independent.co.uk/world/politics/ story.jsp?story=378163
http://www.commondreams.org/views03/0211- 03.htm

A question

Has your group done any research on Wireless Area Networks a way of delivering Broadband without the cable. Could you direct me to research done on this matter.

Davie Philip

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