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EMF Report

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Here's the link (http://www.reach.net/~scherer/wma/test/emfde ) to the German report on a review of the Russian medical literature. Perhaps someone, or a group fluent in German/English might like to finish off the translation?

Don Maisch


Good morning Don. I sent you this info after you had emailed the story of the man getting burns on his scrotum after using the lap top on his lap. I questioned if the effect would be exacerbated by the metal zip in his trousers. Our experiences at my farm situated next door to a radio tower were several men suddenly dying while working within 1400 metres of the mast on on near metal tractors. There was also a man who used to do the hedgecutting in our area with a high metal gadget attached to his tractor. He worked 8 hours a day certain months of the year and became ill and died of cancer. I used to wonder when I saw him working if he was getting a good dose of RF down the 15foot high cutting apparatus as well as sitting on the metal constructionof the tractor. I did not have all my research at the time or I would have talked to this nice 45 year old man about my concerns. Hope this info helps best wishes Penny Hargreaves

Metal exposed to RF causing higher reflections and higher conductivity.

Nearly all the adverse effects experienced at Walnut Tree Farm Ouruhia have been where people and/or animals are on, near, or wearing metal.

Mr Gledhill, 1999, noted when he monitored high levels close to the maximum at the Corrugated Iron Barn at Walnut Tree Farm PAN. The exceptions are two points at about 730 metres which stand out above the rest. These were measured very close to stables clad in corrugated iron and it is possible that the higher values may be the result of reflections from the iron." He says "the exposures at the site are almost all below the envelope of predicted maximum values as given in Appendix 1 of the Environment Court Consent. The two points that exceed the envelope are within the upper limit for measurement uncertainty."

There is no record of Dr Gledhill monitoring any other areas to ascertain if there were other high areas in front of these corrugated iron stables and barns where the racehorses were kept so can only assume they were all liable to have similar "hot spots" .

In October 1996 when Penny left the farm due to the adverse effects experienced by animals and people the measurements would have been higher as the licences show FM station 96.1 was removed spring 1996. When these high measurements were taken in 1999 one FM, 96.1, was no longer transmitting, and FM 99.7 was monitored as transmitting such low power it would only cover a very local area. 94.5 seemed to be transmitting at normal power.

The "Hot Spot" area outside the barn was the daily working area for the builder, his help and Penny. This area was used for preparing and painting, drilling, welding building materials for renovating the buildings.

There would have been a combination of Effects from EMF and RF and high reflecting Metal. These accumulation of effects are not allowed for in the ICNIRP standard setting. In addition to the high RF exposure people were using powerful electric equipment and carrying metal objects such as hammers. The EMF associated with the use of electric power is documented in 'EMF The National Institute of Evironmental Health Sciences and U.S. Dept of Energy" 1995. The magnetic field measurements in units of milligauss ( 9mG):
Drills, 6 inches from the body:-Lowest exposure 100, highest 200.
Power Saws, 6 inches from the body. Lowest 50, highest 1000.

In addition to the high EMF levels from this equipment and the RF from FM transmission the exposed people were also some or all of these : - wire rimmed glasses, metal buckles, under wire brassiere, metal tooth fillings ie gold and amalgam, watches, rings. Research shows metal increases exposure.

The Australasian Society of Oral Medicine and Toxicology reports a Battery effect from amalgam fillings in the mouth. The higher the current the more mercury will be released from the amalgam fillings.

Davias and Griffiths (1989) 'Found that metal framed spectacles perturb microwave fields between 2 and 12 GHz. They determined this by locating a field probe, (monopole antenna on a ground plane) near a human phantom composed of lossy materials that stimulate tissues. The reception pattern of the probe was compared when the phantom was fitted with eyewear and when the phantom wore no eye wear. They demonstrated the difference in the radiation patterns at the field probe when the spectacles were mounted on the phantom. Their analysts indicated that the resonant frequency of the eye wear was 900mHz and that of the spectacle component (wing, hook, and rim) is resonant between 1.4 and 3.75GHz'

Feucht, Richardon and Hines research work found wire implants and metal plates increased measurable temperatures.

Hand Book for Health Professionals, Radio frequency and ELF Electromagnetic Energies by R. T. Hitchcock, and RM Patterson published by Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York. "page 184

"Gandhi and Chatterjee (1982) determined the magnitude of the electric field which would produce short circuit currents in common objects. Generally the necessary E Field strength varied as a function of frequency and the object being irradiated. For example, perception (let go parenthesis)currents were produced if a metal roof, fence, car and truck were irradiated at respectively 250, (1040), 160 (850), 80 (440), and 20 V/m(110 V/m),between 10 to 100kHz. The E field then decreased with increasing frequency up to 10 M Hz.

Radio frequency signals transmitted from the antenna may induce a perceptible charge in large rubber tyre vehicles and ungrounded metallic structures" (Hagaman 1989a). In these reports the RF sources were AM radio station transmitters. (Shepich 1990 Heins and Curtis 1990)"

The builder had been working at Walnut Tree farm since 1993 and in early 1996 after he had been roofing the house with corrugated iron,(high reflection area) he had such bad headaches he could not get out of bed for three days, and his muscles so weak he could not lift a hammer for two months. Monitoring is normally undertaken at 2 metres above the ground. There would have been increased RF at the high levels of house and barn roofs.

The painter after working on the house gutter and roof for a week, 800 metres from the aerial, suffered a major cardiac arrest and was in intensive care for three days. He has refused to complete the work. Added to the increased RF from the corrugated iron roof he was also using high powered sanding equipment.

Three farmers died in three years while working with tractors, or wire fencing, near the Ouruhia radio tower. As demonstrated above these would create high reflection areas. One man, died from a heart attack in 1990 while driving his tractor 1000 metres from the aerial. Another, 1200 metres from the aerial, fell from his tracter while feeding out hay and was crushed, 1988. The third died of a heart attack while moving a fence 250 metres from the aerial, 1989. He was the previous owner of Walnut Tree Farm. There were only ten men/women living and working in close proximity to the radio tower at that time.

In 2002 farmer working 1200 metres from the tower was standing next to his metal truck loading vegetables when he fell to the ground unconscious and stopped breathing. His daughter tried to phone for help but the cellphone would not work. She ran for help. By the time she returned the man was sitting up. His cell phone had worked earlier and worked afterwards. FM frequency transmitting from that low site can interfere with cell phone reception.

When horses loaded daily in the metal trailer, to go to the beach, they would become very fractious near the trailer. They would kick out for no reason and sometimes be quite unmanageable. The trailer was always parked line of sight to the aerial. Now the horses are moved from the farm they are quiet again when loading.

After the building equipment had been locked up in the "Hot Spot" barn for the night the racehorses would come into the adjacent yard and sheds to sleep and eat. Their metal shod hooves were badly affected. Refer evidence on animals.

Dr Hocking, Dr Joyner and Dr Fleming also established the interaction of RF fields with metal implants.

The research on interaction with RF fields and metal would explain the reason why horses aluminium and iron shod hooves became so misshapen. Many of these valuable horses hooves changed shaped, turned up at the toes and became very brittle. Horses hated having nails banged in when being shod. Penny had never experienced this problem before moving to this area. One of them the sole of her hooves was red when the hoof was rasped. When she left Ouruhia she had developed such bad cracks in her hooves where the nails were that her hooves split to the coronet and had to be riveted.

Another winning mare, over time her hooves changed shape so drastically they became like claws and eventually she had to be destroyed. She had the symptoms of laminitis, (loss of circulation), which is usually found in too fat horses, or too much grain in the diet. She was a very lean, very energetic horse who was never just grain fed. The gradual decline of her hooves, over a period of time, was heartbreaking to see. She became unable to walk without great pain. She would also fall over for no reason. Her hooves are kept on ice if anyone wishes to examine them. Another horse grazing under the radio tower experienced the same hoof effect and also had to be destroyed.

Dr Black, witness for the Radio Network, agreed that EMR exposed horses' hooves could be affected by their aluminium, or steel shoes, which could cause heating in the hooves. The nails in the hooves would also act as aerials conducting the RF.

Dr Cyril Smith, Author of 'Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution' discusses his research showing 'Wet biological materials show a lot of electrical charge effects.' The horses would have metal shoes on their hooves and often be in wet conditions. Penny and her daughter used to move the 25 foot aluminum irrigation pipes in the paddock adjacent to the aerial. This would involve not only carrying these [pipes for 20 minutes three time a day but also wet high reflections from the irrigated ground. Experts say bodies and the metal pipes would act as aerials.

Feucht, B.L., Richardson, A., and H.M.Hines., "Effects of implanted metals on tissue hyperthermia produced by microwaves." Arch. Phys. Med.30,164-169, 1949.

Hagaman, B.G. "Submission of revised work procedures for Haiku Site"(Letter to H. Tateishi) Alexandria,VA, Kershner Wright and Hagaman, P.C, 1989

Shepich,T.J., "Safety Hazard Information Bulletin on radio-frequency radiation caused burns," 1990.

Granlund-Lind R, Lans M, Rennerfelt J, ["Computers and amalgam are the most common causes of hypersensitivity to electricity according to the sufferers' reports"] [Article in Swedish], Läkartidningen 2002; 99: 682-683 Ziff, S. "Silver Dental Fillings, The Toxic Time Bomb", Santa Fe; Aurora


Mobile phones 'may trigger Alzheimer's': http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/low/health/2728149.stm

Another article on Salford study on mobile phones

Note: The abstract from Environmental health Perspectives is available from

Mobile Phone Exposure Causes Brain Damage in Rats
Study Published Today in Environmental Health Perspectives Finds
Significant Impact and Raises Questions about Use

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, Jan. 29 -/E-Wire/Business Wire/-- A study published today in the online edition of the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) found for the first time that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by certain mobile phones damaged neurons in the brains of rats.

The researchers studied 12- to 26-week-old rats because their developmental age is comparable to that of human teenagers, who are some of the heaviest users of mobile phones.

"The situation of the growing brain might deserve special concern," the study authors wrote, "since biological and maturational processes are particularly vulnerable. We cannot exclude that after some decades of often daily use, a whole generation of users may suffer negative effects as early as middle age."

Three groups of rats were exposed for 2 hours to GSM mobile phone EMFs of different strengths. GSM, which stands for Global System for Mobile Communications, is the main standard for mobile phones used in Europe, as well as in many countries in the Middle East and Asia. GSM is one of several standards by which mobile phones in the United States operate. The study found that EMF exposure was associated with leakage of albumin through the blood-brain barrier and neuronal damage that increased in response to the amount of exposure. The authors acknowledged that the study sample was small, but stated that "the combined results are highly significant and exhibit a clear dose-response relation."

Earlier EMF studies have focused on whether exposure might cause cancer, with some studies finding increased risk but most showing no effects or even decreased risk. "Scientists have been looking for some time at the possible effects of exposure to the energy coming out of cell phones," says Dr. Jim Burkhart, science editor for Environmental Health Perspectives. "These scientists decided to look in a new place, studying potential nerve damage, rather than cancer growth. Their results suggest a strong need for further study as we all rely on cell phones more and more."

The study team was headed by Leif G. Salford of the Department of Neurology at Lund University in Sweden. Other authors include Arne E. Brun, Jacob L. Eberhardt, Lars Malmgren, and Bertil R.R. Persson. The study will appear in a future print issue of EHP. EHP is the journal of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. More information is available online at http://www.ehponline.org/.

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Missing link: The End of Innocence, Cellphones, Cellphone Antennas
Presentation by Dr. John Goldsmith now at http://www.feb.se/Bridlewood/GOLDSMTH.HTM

Electromagnetic weapons - Come fry with me

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