* Reaction to comments and questions of Jay in Australia - STATE ENCOUNTER ANTIANTENAS AND ANTILÍNEAS - Hearing microwaves (8/2/03)

Reaction to comments and questions of Jay in Australia:

After 11+ years of exposure to massive amounts of EMF via household current and exposure in my workplace, my husband & I finally realized the source of our multiple illnesses. Much knowledge & advice were acquired through this very discussion group and site. It will always be appreciated. For the past few years, I have basically read of others experiences and learned from them. The litany of symptoms evoked by EMF is amazing. Dr. Robert Becker wrote that if a healthy patient develops many seemingly unrelated symptoms and illnesses, look to electricity. I wish I had realized that 15 years ago before beginning to doubt my own sanity as a result of what was to come.

I have read of others symptoms and learned that I was not losing my mind. You are the first to describe this particular symptom that I first experienced about 10 years ago. At that time, the bumps with clear fluid were concentrated on my back, at the base of my neck, slightly above the level of my shoulders. It felt as though they formed a large circle in that area. I could not tolerate having any clothing touch this area. At times, even the weight of my hair was intolerable. Very cold cloths was my only relief when they were active. That lasted about 6 months. This was prior to knowing that we needed to move the wiring in our house, and to make changes in my workplace. I honestly don't know what caused that particular location and symptom to disappear. However, since changes were made at our home and in my workplace, my body has gone through several stages of healing. The bumps have been reappearing again with a regular frequency. They now appear mostly on the palms of my hands. They begin as a red pinpoint which causes me to feel as though I have a splinter beneath my skin. Within 2 days, the tiny fluid filled bump appears. It takes about another 2 days before the bump dries up. Some areas of my hands experience masses of these, and other areas only individual sites. The skin is extremely tender as they heal. My only relief has been provided by a thick medicinal balm.

Which of my exposures: household wiring, sharing a wall with an elevator in my office, working between 2 computers in a 10 foot office, caused this specific symptom? I suppose I will never know. Let me know if you think any of my other experiences would be worthy of your knowledge.
-- Debbie in the U.S.

STATE ENCOUNTER ANTIANTENAS AND ANTILÍNEAS (22-23 February/03. Llagostera (Girona)

The days 22 and 23 of February of 2003 will be celebrated in the localities of THE CASINO of Llagostera (Girona) the ENCOUNTER ANTIANTENAS AND ANTILÍNEAS open to all the groups, associations, platforms, coordinating, private, etc. that we fight against the installation of the mobile antennae of phone system and lines of high tension near our houses.

On Saturday 22 of February, from the 16 h., are predicted several round tables to exchange experiences among the different groups. On Sunday 23 of February, from 10 h., there will be given a series of conferences on themes of 'health and electromagnetic fields', 'regulatory and present legislation', 'measurements of the CEM', 'experiences and achievements', the finalize news in legislation: electric law and law telecommunications, etc. In the course of the days will be prepared the "MANIFESTO OF LLAGOSTERA" (programmatic statement of the Spain groups antiantenas and antilineas on the antennae of mobile base, lines of high tension and transforming) whose text will be arrived at by consensus among all the participants, and via e-mail, by the associations that have declared its adhesion. It recalls to all the groups, private and associations that fight against the installation of the antennae and the lines of high tension, to REQUIRE that in the programs of the candidacies to the municipal elections of May/03, the position of the candidate on the theme of antennae be evident and electric lines in the municipality. One must take advantage of this unique occasion so that the politicians themselves "they wet" and that the theme of the CEM be one of the points to keep in mind in the votings.

For inscriptions and/or more information: Josep M. Ricart COORDINATING ANTILINIA OF GAVARRES >>panedes@terra.es<< LLAGOSTERA (Girona) Spain
Telephone + 34 972831110 - Fax: + 34 972831452

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Health aspects of wireless communication: auditory perception of microwaves --- hearing microwaves

James C. Lin University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL



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