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Data from recent Omega newsletter

Dear Mr Rudolph;
In the recent Omega newsletter, which I received just today (5 February), I have found with interest the following brief note signed by Don Maisch:
..."Occupational exposure to RF/MW and "Microwave sickness" (excerpt) Some months ago I was contacted by the Trade Union responsible for Australian crane operaters. They are receiving many concerns about health problems from crane operaters who were working at elevations close to active microwave antennas, such as mobile phone antennas on top of buildings.

From our discussions it was apparent that there seemed to be a connection with health complaints and working in close proximity to antennas. The symptoms were the same as those listed under the condition of "microwave sickness" in the Russian medical literature."...

I would be obliged to you for receiving more details about the symptoms and complaints which occured in the Australian crane operators and were related by them to radiation from mobile phone antennas. Perhaps an e-mail contact with Don Maisch would be helpful. We work for years on occupational exposure to microwave radiation and the above informations would be of great interest for us.

Best wishes. Sincerely yours,
Prof. Dr med. Stanislaw Szmigielski,
Department of Microwave Safety, Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Warsaw, Poland.

The End of Innocence, Cellphones, Cellphone Antennas
Presentation by Dr. John Goldsmith


12 years old boy-against mobile mast!


Dovercourt: George, 12, takes on firm over scheme for mast

A schoolboy has objected to a planned mobile phone mast, claiming it is against his human rights. George Noble has written a letter objecting to Hutchison 3G UK's plans to use the Kingsway Hall, Dovercourt. George, 12, of Kingsway, lives only 40 yards from the listed building.

In a letter to Tendring Council he said: "As I use my bedroom, not only to sleep in but to study and spend leisure time, I and any of my friends who visit will be constantly bombarded with these rays. I think this is against my human rights. "The Convention of Human Rights of the Child (1989) states I have a right to protection and a right to live without fear of harm.

"Some of my friend's parents have already said that if the antenna is put in to Kingsway Hall my friends will not be allowed to sleep over or spend any length of time in my home. Do you think this is fair?"

He added he thought a listed building was supposed to be protected from change.

Residents have formed an action group to protest against the plan and also started collecting signatures on a petition.

Harwich Town Council has objected to the scheme but Tendring Council has the last word. Last year it rejected a similar application.

Mike Davies, a spokesman for Hutchison 3G, said the equipment met with all the required scientific standards. He added that the new generation of phones which the equipment supported were like broadband in your pocket and offered Harwich residents use of the most modern mobile phones.

He said the company, which is loosely linked to Hutchison Ports, did have other equipment in the port's area but it was not powerful enough to cover Dovercourt town centre.

Published Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Informant Iris from Israel

RF brain damage link found in Swedish study

* February 03, 2003

"If it's replicated as a study it may indicate an insufficiency in our current standard," said Robert Curtis

The study of Salford et al is already a replication (exactly confirmation in fact) of study of Tore, Aubineau in the French COMOBIO project. (Tore et al BEMS 2001). In the French study the limit of effect was: 0.5 W/kg (brain average) but animals were killed just after the exposition. int the Salford study the lower effect (not a limit !) was for 0.001 W/kg (but for whole body average) for animals killed 30 or 60 days after exposition.

In the Salford study the lower exposition is 0.24 W/m2 !!!! how many persons near a base station have this power ?

Docteur en pharmacie, biologiste.
Thèse de radio-immunologie
Ancien interne des hôpitaux de Paris. Président de l'association loi 1901 Taurens-St-Pierre

Dear Klaus & Michael,

Re: Worldwide CANCER and EMF increases during 20th Century

Could you ask your members to try to find a graph for:
Then we can compare the two graphs.

Please, for an (partial) answer, see the following references:

Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, "Melanoma incidence and frequency modulation (FM) broadcasting", Arch Environ Health 2002; 57: 32-40

Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, "Har tusentals personer offrats i onödan sedan 1955?" (="Have thousands of persons unnecessarily been sacrificed since 1955?"; in Swedish), Nord Tidsskr Biol Med 2002; 2: 26-27

Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, "Cancerdödlighet och långtidssjukskrivning" (="Cancer mortality and long-term sick leave"; in Swedish), Tidskriften Medikament 2002; 7: 40-41

Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, "Cancer trends during the 20th century", J Aust Coll Nutr & Env Med 2002; 21: 3-8

Best regards

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof. The Experimental Dermatology Unit. Department of Neuroscience. Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm. Sweden)

Report on the Russian Medical EMR literature (Part 3)

Messages from Don Maisch

Correspondence with Hans-Ullrich Balzer in relation to the Russian medical literature on EMF exposure and immune system dysfunction, characterised by the conditions Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

July 1999

Dear Don Maisch

Regarding your interest of the influence of EMF on patients suffering CFS we can affirm, that similar effects like CFS were described in many Russian investigations, which are mentioned in our study. Because CFS was unknown at that time in the CIS (Soviet Union), only the effects were mentioned and it was named a lot of times as Neurovegative Asthenia.

Concerning the difference you have seen between CFS and EHS we think, that the EHS behaviour is similar to the so called unspecific Hypersensitivity, which we found out in our patients suffering from stress and sleep disturbances. Based on our experience in long term studies, we know that Hypersensitivity can exist for both extended and short periods. Hypersensitivity can be the first step of activation of body reserves which could occur after long term activation, e.g. stress influences, or strong stressors having short time effects.

The CFS symptoms are often connected with depressive states, hypotonia a. o. In the vegetative emotional behaviour the depressive state is described by a loss of body reserves. Concerning your information about the differences between dream behaviour of patients with CFS and EHS we think, that this could be effected by an overload of the CNS followed by hyperactivation in case of Hypersensitivity and following blockage of the memory function of the CNS.

At the moment, the CFS condition is not the main task in our research. But we also think, that many of our patients could suffer from CFS, which in some cases could be based on EMF-influences. In Germany up till now we didn't have any special test for determination of CFS and of course there is no test to determine the EMF influence on CFS. Usually there is a whole test procedure for determination of CFS by excluding other kinds of illnesses.

In 96 we proposed to the University in Munich to perform a CFS-Study using our experience in chronobiology, sleep research and stress research. Unfortunately this study was not performed. In 97, as you know, we studied the Russian literature on the influence of EMF exposure with human beings and animals. Since 90 we have developed a special stress test in order to determine the stress levels of human beings. This test procedure was performed till now in more than 1000 cases. We think, that such test procedure (measurement of psycho-physiological parameters) could be a good instrument in order to determine CFS, because we can measure the so called unspecific Hypersensitivity too.


Hans-Ullrich Balzer.


Report on the Russian Medical EMR literature (Part 4)
1. Clinical and occupational health aspects of long term EMF exposure (excerpt)

1.1. General

Here we have mainly large scale medical (occupational health) investigations at the workplace, in the style of field studies

In this segment of the review a total of 60 papers ( 1960 - 1985) were included. In 23 of them were data given about the numbers of investigated persons. In total: 3549 patients and 477 healthy persons as control. In the other papers no numbers were given.

As cause of effect were given primarily EMFs common in the industry, as such from radar and high-voltage transmission line. It was distinguished between permanent, intermittend and in given periods (weeks/days) of only temporary exposure to radiation

The long term effects have been given from 200 hours up to 20 years. Most of the investigations deal with an exposure period of >3 years (on average 9 years). The age of the patients ranged from 26 to 60 years.

The EMF-exposure was partially in the range of the allowed set standard limits, but in some cases also 5 to 10 times above those.

As it can be deducted form the papers, the type of EMF as well as the limits are not the dominant factor in the genesis of chronic diseases but the exposure in years, if the irradiation was several hours a day (2- 8 h) Short term EMF irradiation of about 10 min a day showed even with repeated application no significant bio-active effects.

While in about half of the papers concrete data are given such are missing in the other half or a only given in approximation, e.g. "several 1000 patients". We also found summarizing reports on the clinical symptomatic of EMF effects of investigation over several years e.g. the years 1960 -1964 without any specific numbers. This actually means that the number of cases is higher than the above given count.

As the dominant symptomatic, the hypotonia related neuro-vegetative astenia syndrome been named as a consequential long term effect of EMF exposure.

Drogitschina and Stadtschikov (1964) categorised in 5 syndromes, that were used frequently:

1) Angio-dystonia syndrome: Disorders of the blood and lymph and their associated organs and tissues.

2) Asthenia syndrome: Loss of strength or energy.

3) Asthenia-vegetative syndrome: A combination of the above. It is described as a progressive weakness or wasting of the body.

4) Di-encephalic syndrome: Inflammation of the tissues under the forebrain which contains the thalamus, hypothalamus, hippo campus etc., all of which control all the major functions or vital organs of the body (Viscera, muscle, heart, heat regulation, etc.)

5) Vegetative syndrome: Becoming passive, wasting of body and mind,
loss of voluntary body functions.

1.2. Objective diagnoses

As main symptoms of long term exposure mostly starting with the 3 year of exposure and afterwards intensifying in effect with the growing number of years of exposure (often termed "years of service") and occuring more frequently, the following were listed:

- Neurasthenia, neurotic symptoms
- arterial hypotonia - Bradycardia or Tachycardia
- vagotonic change of the heart & circulatory systems
- EEG changes, (deterioration of the Alpha rhythm to Theta-, in some case Delta-rhythm )
- Over-activity of the thyroid
- Sexdrive disfunctions
- malfunctions in the hypothalamic-pituitary-suprarenal gland cortex system
- digestive disturbances
- sleep disturbances
- slow down of the sensor motoric
- tremors in fingers
- hairloss
- and more.

1.3. Subjective complaints

- exhaustion, fatigue
- inability to concentrate
- headaches
- dizziness
- breaking into sweats
- short temper in hypotonic situations, especially under stress
- pain of the heart

1.4 Diagnoses after more than 5 years of EMF exposure

Not all symptoms occur in all patients (at least it is not so stated in the various papers) As an example the investigation by Lysina and Rapoport(1968) is quoted:

VHF exposure > 5 years - 85 patients - 60 healthy persons as control group

Neurocircultory Distonia - 20 persons
Vagotonic vegetative Dystonia - 14 persons
Asthenic Syndrome - 11 persons
Bradycardia - 26 persons
Tachycardia - 8 persons
no symptoms - 6 persons

In most of the other papers the dominant symptom named is neuro-circulatory dystonia and vagotonic condition ( arterial hypotonia with Bradycardia or sometimes Tachycardia) and a general slow down in senso-motoric, superseeded by periods of elevated temper, as well as a deterioration in physical and mental capabilities.

1.5. Three-step-symptomatic

From the research it can be further more concluded that the first 3 years of exposure have either no symptoms or show only a sympatic tendency. In the 3. to 5. year of the exposure the change into the vagotnic region takes hold.

Von Shuk, Chrupina, and Kaznelson (1967) distinguish 3 steps of long term exposure effects (without a time frame)

1. Step: beginning compensative symptomatic
2. Step: light level symptomatic
3. Step: full blown symptomatic

The first two steps are reversible - the third is irreversible.


Reply on the Russian Medical EMR literature messages

Thank you for very good information. I want to say that I 1995 wrote for a conference in Copenhagen about sensitivity and after I had read about what they did in USSR, I wrote about what I knew about CNS.

In Sweden some scientists said that "Hypersensitivity to electricity" came from stress. Companies had bad organizations and some of the employees suffered of hypersensitivity when they were sitting in front of a VDU. When medical persons measured levels of stress-hormones, they found that these persons had a higher level than others of some stresshormones. But we could see that these persons could work with computers if we made them shielded with military equipment. So there was a connection between their hypersensitivity and fields they were exposed for.

If you have seen the WHO site, You can also see the discussion about intermittent radio-signals. There has been a problem for ordinary people to measure this and persons working with human safety has often measured analog fields up to 400 kHz. When they have measured they have said that "levels are so low that they cannot be measured". Why? Because their instruments are not measuring the higher frequencies or digital signals. But the hypersensitive persons have noticed these fields. So it is interesting to see the Russian reports. I hope someone will give the needed money to translate the rest of these articles from Russian language to English.

As You knew there has been investigations about the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier) here in Sweden, as you saw in their latest report there is a growing understanding in how this happens.


And also the report of how EMF can be compared with the well known hormone-disruptions of loud noice and hard work (RFR-as a stressor)

Martin Andersson

Re: Interactive effect of chemical

Dear Klaus,

Thank you for your continuing daily news letters.

Regarding your posting of Tuesday 4th. February "Interactive effect of chemical substances and occupational electromagnetic field exposure..etc.":

This is to be expected. There is a duality between chemical structure and electromagnetic frequencies. If this was not so, chemical analysis by spectroscopy would be impossible!

The spectra associated with chemical bonds come in the regions far-infra-red infra-red, visible, ultraviolet. However, living systems are coherent systems having a long-range coherent order. Within a coherent system the constant parameter becomes the coherence length. This means that there can be interacting frequencies proportional to any velocity with which the coherence can propagate within the domain of coherence. One such frequency is the velocity of light 300 Mm/s, another is of the order of 1 m/s which is the velocity with which the coherence propagates when it interacts with the entire mass of the coherence domain. Thus, there can be chemical spectra interactions with frequencies in the ratio 3E8-to-1, that is down in the RF and ELF.

Some EM hypersensitives are sensitive to frequencies corresponding to their chemical exposure. The endogenous frequencies of their acupuncture meridians become entrained to the chemicals' frequency signatures. T-lymphocytes cultured with an environmental chemical show modifications to their cell cycle and frequency entrainment to that chemical. The frequency emission pattern of my mobile phone is a good match to endosulfan sulfate - a neurotoxin with no known antidote.

Regards to all,
Cyril Smith.

Can someone help Michael Abel?

But I really want to know about specifically and nothing else:
SPAIN TOWERS REMOVED over 2000 of them! Where? When? Who ordered? How many? What was needed to get this removal?
Also the Switzerland towers removed. Where? When? Who ordered? What was needed to get them removed? How many removed.
Please may I have a specific list of the Cities these were removed from?
I do not need any more scientific studies - Thanks!
Thanks for your help.

Michael Abel
Message from Robert Riedlinger

In Spanish:

Puede ayudar alguien Michael Abel?
Pero quiero realmente saber acerca de específicamente y nada más:
ESPAÑA DOMINA QUITADO sobre 2000 de ellos! Dónde? Cuándo? Quién ordenó? Cuántos? Qué necesitó debía obtener esta eliminación?
También la Suiza domina quitado. Dónde? Cuándo? Quién ordenó? Qué necesitó debía obtener ellos quitaron? Cuántos quitado.
Pueda por favor yo tengo una lista específica de las Ciudades que éstos se quitaron de?
Yo no necesito los estudios más científicos - Gracias!
Agradeza para su ayuda.

Michael Abel
El mensaje de Robert Riedlinger


Mobile phones 'may trigger Alzheimer's'


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