* Against the Corporate Takeover of Science - Storm in Limassol e.g. - SAY NO TO WAR IN IRAQ - stop this war before it starts, for the children's sake (30/1/03)
Against the Corporate Takeover of Science

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"Africa is waking up"

Zambia reaffirmed her rejection of GM maize-aid as famine looms and despite strong pressures from the US and certain UN agencies. But the rest of the world strongly supports her stance. African consumer leaders produced a 'Lusaka Declaration' after a stormy 3-day conference, rejecting both GM technology and patents on genetic resources for food and agriculture, affirming that African countries can address food security themselves.

An exclusive interview with Zambia's agriculture minister, Mundia Sikatana, gave grounds for believing "Zambia will feed herself from now on". Zambia has enough surplus food within the country to alleviate the famine, but lacks money to purchase and good roads to distribute the food. The government has started to purchase and distribute food within the country and to address longer-term solutions to food security.

Zambia's problems and solutions may be quite general to African countries, including Ethiopia, now sadly, hit once again by severe droughts and famine. But Ethiopian farmers are also busy recovering their traditional crops and farming practices that have effectively shielded them from famine before these crops were displaced by inappropriate varieties.

There are grounds for optimism as African countries are finding their own feet again, and the whole world is standing with Africa.

Mobile phones and cancer

The current debate over the health hazards of mobile phones is a continuation of the one over electromagnetic fields from power lines and other electrical installations in the environment that goes back to the 1970s and before.

The epidemiological data are now clearly indicating risks of cancer, and laboratory experiments are giving corroborating molecular evidence. The current exposure standards are set far too high to protect workers and the public. Yet, successive official reports still fail to give firm recommendations because there is said to be "no known biological mechanisms". How can fields that don't cause burns, or are so weak that they are below the threshold of random molecular fluctuations, have any effects?

We bring you the inside story of how bad mechanistic biology lies at the centre of the controversy, and how a new biology that can account for those effects has been systematically ignored and excluded from mainstream discourse.

Science engineering life and mind

The power lines and mobile phones debate bears too much resemblance to the debate over genetic engineering. The "academic-industrial-military complex" has matured with gene biotechnology. It is shaping every aspect of our lives, beginning with the kind of science and scientific research that gets done and gets reported.

Among the latest outrage is the attempt to make vitamins and affordable traditional herbal medicines illegal in Europe. This has provoked unprecedented protest. Join in.

Pharmaceutical companies have long been accused of manipulating results of clinical trials and controlling the experimental design. Now, advertising agencies are commissioning their own trials, and possibly hyping the drugs long before they are proven safe or effective. So watch out.

The great "National GM Debate"

Britain's 'National GM debate' has turned into a farce. The 'Economic Review' was an excuse to hype the (still) 'potential benefits' of GM when its failures had become blindingly obvious.

The 'Science Review' Panel is stacked with pro-GM molecular geneticists leaving little hope that critical evidence such as genetic instability of GMOs and horizontal gene transfer will get debated.

The head of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), John Krebs, is in dispute with environment minister Michael Meacher over the benefits of organic agriculture. Krebs is insisting on his 'independence', and has persisted in attacking organic agriculture, completely ignoring the copious evidence of its successes in stark contrast to the failures of GM crops, which Krebs and others in the scientific establishment are also ignoring.

The government's Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment has just issued its report on the public hearing over the GM maize Chardon LL, insisting again, that there is no evidence of harm; despite the stacks of evidence submitted by independent scientists and members of the

Risks of GM now undeniable

The British Medical Association (BMA), with a membership of over 120,000 and representing more than 80% of British doctors, called for the GM crop trials in Scotland to be stopped immediately on grounds of safety.

The FSA has underestimated and misrepresented the risks of horizontal transfer of transgenic DNA, even in its own commissioned research. We have sent them detailed scientific criticisms, which remain unanswered to this day.

Among the hazards of transgenic DNA is cancer resulting from the random insertion of transgenic DNA into the cell's genome. This prediction has unfortunately become reality. Gene therapy has claimed its first cancer victim. But the scientific establishment has yet to acknowledge that other exposures to transgenic DNA, as in GM food, GM dust and pollen, all carry the same risks.

We have also warned repeatedly against engineering food crops to produce vaccines, drugs and industrial chemicals. The United States has approved more than 300 field trials, and the inevitable contamination of neighbouring crops has now been uncovered. The extent of contamination of our soil, air and water remains unknown.

The risks of GM are now undeniable. It is simply wrong to say, "there is no evidence of harm". On the contrary, there is already reasonable suspicion of harm, at the very least. This requires all GMOs to be withdrawn in accordance with the precautionary principle, which is what the BMA is demanding.

And that's not all. North American farmers who have grown GM crops came to Britain to plead with British farmers, "Do not let our nightmare become yours."

Rethinking health and science

A lot of our present woes stem from the mechanistic bias of mainstream science and our inability to see nature whole. Read on to find what's on offer: homeopathy as nanopharmacology, the overriding passion of D.H. Lawrence to be "within himself the whole of the human species", and how to "science with love".

From: The Institute of Science in Society, PO Box 32097, London NW1 OXR (excerpt)

Overriding Passion
Rethinking Science
Sciencing with Love*
Another Knowledge, Another World


Hi Klaus: Hope the images below of the Limassol tornaod/storm sent to me yesterday (Tuesday, 28 January), arrived in your inbox c. 3 hours ago. Lost my lengthy accompanying text but unsure just how illuminating it would have been anyway. Will re-enter the gist of what I lost below.

Concurrently with receiving news of this weird tornado occurrence in Cyprus (a first in the area, I've been told) I had been reading about Nikola Tesla's (1856-1943) successful Colorado experiments c. 1900 in creating tornados/energy vortices/ball lightning--plus, c. 1940, lots of other futuristic mind-boggling emf-powered energy weapons/tools such as prototypes of our contemporary plasma/laser guns, the Death Ray, again a prototype of the decades later anti-missile shield --and couldn't help wondering if somehow this abberant tornado phenomena witnessed in Limassol was a natural or manmade event. (Tesla also held patents on methods for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere and/or magnetosphere. And this was way back in the early twentieth century!)

Also, Tesla's early and successful creation of ball lightning by increasing the power of his lightning machine is of course very topical with the recent media disclosures (which are posted prominently on your C.I.Omega site) that weaponry similar to this are planned for use against Iraq. I have just received from an overseas ES activist a print copy of the DAILY MAIL article of Monday, January 20, 2003 (page 6) entitled "The Lightning Bomb: U.S. Targets 'microwave' bolt on Iraq."

What I have found most troubling in the article are these observations: "Sources involved with the microwave programme say it is still not certain what effect the waves will have on people. At the very least, they will heat the water in living cells and create am 'uncomfortable sensation' although only for a very brief period. But HPMs could also knock out heart pacemakers and critical electrical systems in hospitals or aboard aircraft."

An interesting aside: Nikola Tesla arrived on our planet earth in the midst of a severe lightning storm on the stroke of midnight separting July 10th from 11th, in 1856. He was also very electrohypersensitive. (And loved showing off, for instance, would demo how he could light bulbs with the e-sparks leaping from his fingertips). Interestingly too, he was a visionary, a prophet who made accurate e-predictions about the future, an idealist who wanted to create free electricity for all citizens of our world, a mystic-cum-scientist (oil + water?) who was aware of the significance for world communication of the earth's natural frequency of 7.83 (the Schumann resonance), a healer who created prototypes of electrotherapy/electrovibrational machines.

A concluding word here about the Schumann frequency and how that oil+water (= mystical+cum+scientific awareness/insights) are churned pretty vigorously today. If you write in "Oam and Schumann Frequency" in Google search engine you'll get c. 16 results. Open up "Research Activities and Pulbications" there and just look through the scientific biography and you'll get an idea just how scientifically exploited/investigated that earth frequency has become. A google search using "Schumann frequency and yoga" has also c. 137 interesting postings. Click on #6 ("Sat Nam Gurusingh.com") to access "Well being Sound Effects." In the first paragraph it states: "Vibrational medicine can be traced to W.O. Schumann, an early twentieth-century German scientist, who identified a key resonance in the earth's atmosphere that hums at 7.83 cycles pers second. This frequency has been found dominant in energy vortexes, such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids, as well as in the brain waves of healers, clairvoyants, and meditators. Scientists later discovered that when the Schumann energy waves were introduced into the body fractures and injuries often healed more rapidly."

(A great little recent bio of Tesla is THE MAN WHO INVENTED THE TWENTIETH CENTURY: NIKOLA TESLA, THE FORGOTTEN CENIUS OF ELECTRICITY by Dr. Robert Lomas of Bradford U, 1999)

One last thing: Woke up with this idea this morning. What about getting a petition going among antiwar supporters to persuade two of the world's most respected Peace and Human Rights activists--Jimmy Carter and Nelson Mandela-- to go to Iraq and act as human shields there? Then they wouldn't dare bomb.


Imelda, Cork, Ireland.

From Todays Daily Mirror

John Pilger: His most damning verdict on Tony Blair Friends


Gulf War hero calls for UN weapons inspectors to get more time

I am sending this to all of you, because it is the most sobering document we have likely read in a long time.

Please distribute widely, and try and get people to stop this war before it starts, for the children's sake.

Thank you,

Omega: You can find this articles forwarded by George Paxinos under


First they came for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up,
because I wasn't a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up,
because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak up,
because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one
left to speak up for me.
-- Rev. Martin Niemoller, 1945

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