* Tory Leader demands research into five-in-seven figures (28/8/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

Ilford Recorder august 16, 2002

MP in call for probe into mast links with cancer


TORY leader Iain Duncan Smith has called for an urgent government probe into the link between mobile phone masts and cancer. He made his comments after it emerged that people living in five of the seven homes surrounding Forest House in Carnarvon Road, South Woodford, - which has 16 masts on its roof - have contracted cancer.

Residents blame the masts and want them removed immediately and Redbridge Council bowed to public pressure last week and agreed to monitor the radiation levels coming from the masts to see if they exceeded recommended government guidelines.

Mr Duncan Smith, the Chingford and Woodford Green MP, said: "There is an urgent need for the government to carry out swift research into the connection between mobile phone masts and cancer. "Any decision taken in the interim regarding mobile phone masts in residential areas must be treated with great caution. If research shows that there are clear links between masts and cancer, there must be an urgent and immediate rethink of government policy."

Ace Residents' Association chairman Dr Frank Middlemiss said: "The mobile phone companies deny there is any connection but it is difficult to tell that to people who have cancer and live near the masts. They obviously think there is a connection. "Everyone I've spoken to is absolutely  horrified by the cancer rate along Carnarvon Road.

What we'd like to do is rid the building of the phone masts all together but it will be a long fight.' Constance Nash, 80, has lived in Carnarvon road for 30 years and says she was assured the masts were safe when the first one was constructed 20 years ago. But she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and both her neighbours have cancer. She said: "There is so much cancer about in this area it is frightening. Everyone is extremely concerned because cases have started cropping up in neighbouring roads. I certainly wouldn't move  here now."

At present planning applications to construct mobile phone masts cannot be turned down on health and safety grounds.


Message by Dr. Miguel Muntané forwarded by Roy Beavers

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