* Re: Newmann appeal on cancer suit - A little legal boost for an ES litigant - A DAY IN HISTORY..JAN 18-03 (24/1/03)
Re: Newmann appeal on cancer suit

Excerpt from a reply from Dr. Miguel Muntané to Roy Beavers:

We have the impression that the decision of the Judge Blake can be a reward to the activity of censorship in health investigation carried out like war-game, as documented by Motorola:

War-game that can facilitate the delaying tactic and to emit microwaves inside the brain of children, girls and pregnant women, with long-term health hazards and the risk to modify the behaviour.

1º. Mail of Motorola. Norm Sandler.


Norm Sandler. Motorola company mail: I think we have sufficiently war-gamed the Lai/Singh issue. This research was deliberately blocked for 5 ys. as reported by a BBC video programme.

2º. Judicial annulment of process by lack of sufficient scientific evidence.

Blake dismissed the lawsuit Oct. 31 after ruling Newman failed to offer sufficient scientific evidence to justify sending the case to trial. Over the course of a five-day hearing last February, each side offered up scientists and experts, who provided conflicting testimony on the question of whether Newman's cell phone led to his brain tumor.

3º. Present tactic. Norm Sandler.

"Judge Blake delivered a rather powerful decision in that case that should be difficult to challenge on appeal," said Norm Sandler, director of global strategic issues at Motorola.

Is a delaying tactic?

Dr. George Carlo said (October 1999): "Since I presented my findings, which they found surprising, they have failed to do anything. In that time there have been another 15 million users in the States and thousands more in Britain. From a consumer point of view the delaying tactic is not good but from a business point of view its great".

A little legal boost for an ES litigant

Thu, 23 Jan 2003

Hi Klaus:

Did well in court this morning where I appealed the court registrar's negative decision of Novemember 2002, in which she refused me a fourth extension of my time for serving papers on my medical defendants. I was prepared for a vigorous verbal defence of my right for another time extension but the court was brimming with cases to be heard so had just minutes to arguemy way to success. And it was a winner, I'm glad to say.

The judge gave me what I want: an adjournment of my case until such time as the Irish Human Rights Commission is on its feet, has reviewed my case, and made a decision whether to back it.

This of course will take long weary months but it means my case is still active within the Irish justice system while positive evidence for me, etc. keeps accumulating.

Best, Imelda


It was reported that some 500,000 gathered in D.C. today. I don't know about numbers, but I do know that pictures taken from a helicopter showed a sea of people forever and ever and ever! All religions-all colors-children-the elderly-Muslims-Jews-veterans-housewives-ministers- and students. I thought watching that Dr.King would be proud of his; I Have A Dream, all coming together. His words were everywhere. I thought to myself; you can kill and kill and kill all those with words of Truth..but they'll keep coming back down through the years! You can kill a man but not his Spirit-the blood of all those who've gone before will have even the earth cry out!

The most moving the part for me was when Ron Kovic, author of Born on The 4th of July spoke. He was shot 35yrs. ago today in Vietnam, and is paralyzed from the chest down. Paralyzed or not, this man is out there everywhere speaking for Peace. He said, "It's been an agonizing battle from battlefield to Peace...but I've made it! Keep fighting, endure the cold-the winter of our struggle will see a rebirth. This is an extraordinary time in history---YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS MOMENT!! This is your sacred responsibility ....believe in the dream!"

Liz McAllister, wife of recently deceased Peace Activist Philip Berrighan spoke. She said, "Let us not be deceived--we have to suffer for change. Bush exposes the lie. Our military is ready to strike anywhere using offensive not defensive weapons. These idols of war (nuclear) are desecrating the earth".

It was reported that today people in 33 countries around the world were in solidarity with the people in the U.S. That the people of the world were learning their own power! AFL-CIO spokesman stated "we must drown out the drums of war and build an economy on Peace.

Peace Activist (priest-I believe) John Dear said, "War is never blessed by God---War is terrorism. Keep speaking out--don't be silenced--don't be discouraged!" A U.S. Labor representative spoke saying they'd been to the Wall and saw the 58,000 names there and what of the millions of those in Indo-China also dead? He went on to say that "the chicken hawks bought their way out of war..it was the poor and working classes who died...that the people's grief over 9-11 had been exploited for war. That is was the poor and working class who will pay--who will die for oil!"

A member of British Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn spoke. He said that 80% of Britains were against the war and that they'd had 400,000 on the streets. That it's the arms manufacturers making money from misery. A minister from Plymouth Congregational Church stated that we weren't speaking of weapons of mass destruction-but words of mass deception. That Bush even lied to get into the White House...Ha, Trent Lott and the words he spoke when Bush was doing away with affirmative Action on the anniversary of Dr.King's death!! He went on saying that this was a war to advance imperialism. He ended by shouting "we want a regime change at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave!"

Next came Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General--who listed all the reasons why Bush should be impeached and that's what was being worked on. That Bush is not above the law...assassinations of people, secret holding of people ...You Cannot Be a Bystander at This Time in History!

Rev.Al Sharpton related how Bush had hung up a picture of Dr.King in the White House...but he needed to hang up his words. That they might have munitions inspectors in Iraq but the moral inspectors (today's crowd) had come to D.C. No money for states, no money for medicine, yet 1 trillion for war!! You won't fight in our name. And Dr.King, happy birthday, we haven't dropped the banner!!

Former Representative Cynthia McKinney quoted King saying "We've got guided missiles and misguided men". She went on about how Dr.King spoke out knowing it would mean his death...but he spoke anyway. She stated that Bush did not earn the privilege of being in the White House...What about Enron? She shouted, "as you drill for oil in Alaska? What about the quarter million homeless veterans in America?"

There were many signs in the crowd asking, "Where are the churches?" One woman (unknown) said "Yes we're extremists...Yes we're outraged and angry. This government must serve the people...Extremists? Who's doing the bombing -killing people, that's extremism. WE ARE THE ANSWER!". A demur woman from the Philipines spoke. She related how her sister was killed under Marcos and how she and her family spent years in prison...because of a regime propped up by America. No more Vietnam..U.S. out of Philippines!

Mahdi Bray from Muslims for Freedom advised Bush to read Matthew 5:9. He asked if anywhere in Scripture did it say, "Bless Enron-Bless Big Oil?" He said he was not ashamed to be a Muslim--that there is no deity but God ---together we must join together, all faiths, Jew-Christians...that this was King's Day-the right way. He went on speaking of how Dr.King was a drum major ---speaking truth to power. That we must eliminate weapons from the whole earth. Stop robbing us-spending money on Smart Bombs for a Dumb War!!

The actress Jessica Lang said she was there as a mother, that we must not be silent. That we must not leave our children with a legacy of greed-bloodshed-and shame. She went on about how this administration have mesmerized the people with war...trying to silence the voice of dissent ...to demonize and rival those who speak out....We cannot be silenced. She quoted President Carter who said, "We will not learn to live in peace by killing each other's kids"...ending with the remark that great movements start at the grassroots.

Brian Beck-of A.N.S.W.E.R said they (Washington) we're all liars...not telling the truth, that this was not a war to disarm anyone. That if they wanted to disarm anyone, go to the Pentagon! Go to New York City he shouted! I'm from New York where 1.5million!!! have to go to food pantries! Feed the people here! Jesse Jackson spoke.

Rev. Doughtery of the House of the Lord-Brooklyn, said," we can't want peace in one part of the world but not the rest." He announced that he had a 'scoop'. That he'd heard that Bush was going to train his cabinet and Congress and lead them into Iraq! That all he wants from us is to send him off with encouragement...that he'll do us proud...that he was going to keep the old generals over there and send the young kids home. He went on..."If, I, Bush return, all I want is a parade down 5th Ave, in New York City...but in the event I (Bush) don't return fold up the American flag..sing some songs, then give the flag to the grieving relatives"...Then the Reverend shook his head and said, "I woke up and realized I'd been dreaming". He ended by saying.."Bush wants an OK Corral-good let him and Saddam go at it! Bush is sending you...but We're Not Going!! We're not Going!"

Bill Fletcher of Trans Africa says that we have this push to war with no explanation. Speaking of the Roman Empire he asked, "what will Bush do with oppression at the gate? Failure is not an option!"

Congressman John Conyers of Michigan said, "Pray for a better world-for courage to fight for justice. You are the best patriots in the country...who is Bush fooling, he can't wait to launch war..there's still time to stop this. This will cost billions. This is about an oil empire. They thought it would be a cold day before country turned against war...well here we are. (Temp. 9 degrees F.)" Representative Conyers went on about how opponents are labeled as unpatriotic--but so what, President Johnson attacked Dr.King for the same thing---but King was not cowed. Rep.Conyers quoted Dr. King, "A time comes when silence is betrayal!..this is no time for apathy or complacency but action. Aroused citizens have always altered the course."

A statement was read from Representative Rangel, "After a period of silence --silence itself becomes a betrayal..tell your children you spoke out for peace and justice. You are the voices of all corners of the country. I totally oppose this war. Those in Congress who support it can send their own children. If they won't enlist I have a plan to draft them." A song was sung by two women, "But You Take My Children".

Iam Mousa..said, "It's not a regime change but a systems change that we need to get rid of a corrupt Congress...it's revolution time...the people of the world are waiting on us....ordinary people can't run for office costing ten, twenty, fifty million!! There will be no peace with these greedy murderers." Patty Smith then sang, Human Voice..."the people have the power to redeem the work of fools, People have the power...we are ONE."

Then Doctors and Nurses got up and read a letter they'd sent to President Bush, "Tell the American people the truth..read the Hippocratic Oath, how many lives have you saved...you can't kill 200,000 Iraqi people and call it collateral damage...this is about the O word, say it, OIL. Tell the people the truth about smallpox vaccinations that it's just a propaganda campaign ...Do No Harm! Does the President take any such oath?"

Professor Menke of George Washington University read from a government document (Freedom of Democracy coverage)..called Strategic Attack. It told of how the water supplies had been deliberately attacked...against
international law.

Professor Bob Jenson said, "All empires have subjects...we are citizens --it is our moral responsibility to dismantle the Empire from within peacefully."

Eric Gustason a Gulf War Vet stated that with depleted uranium being used (and now again) that from the first Gulf War, there are 159,00 veterans on disability. That depleted uranium affects the soldiers and the civilians. That cancer in children has increased by 5 times since '91.

The group CHUMBAWAMBA a British Group sang...The name is drawn from a one of the musicians' dreams in which a men's restroom was labeled 'chumba' and the ladies "wamba". They said they sing for those without a voice. They sang, Jacob's Ladder: Jacob's Ladder (Not In My Name)

Jacob's Ladder

Like the Sermon on the mountain says dumber got dumb Hellfire and brimstone swapped for oil and guns When we're pushing up daisies we all look the same In the name of the Father, maybe, but not in my name On this Jacob's ladder, the only way up is down One step from disaster, two to make the higher ground Jacob's ladder.

And they sent him to the wars to be slain, to be slain And they sent him to the wars to be slain A million lifetimes left dying in the sun In the streets down in Whitehall, dogs pickin' at the bones Nine eleven got branded, nine eleven got sold And there'll be no one left to water all the seeds you sowed
On this Jacob's ladder, the only way up is down One step from disaster, two to make the ground.

And on..ending with; I've been in and out of wars
I've seen the lonely and the bored
They're like cattle in a pen
Round'em up, throw'em in (repeat)


Message from Judith Moriarty forwarded by Romy

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