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EMF effects with various waveforms (square, pulsed, sine) and steady DC

To all:

Here is the latest in effects of EMF on human cells from Cindy Sage, who is a very worthwhile contact in the area of EMFpollution detection, protection and mitigation.

(Sage EMF Design offers professional EMF services and will be happy to answer questions you may have on EMF. Contact them at:1225 Coast Village Road, Suite G, Santa Barbara CA 93108, Phone: (805) 969-0557 FAX (805) 969-5003, sage@silcom.com , www.silcom.com/~sage/ emf/)

Also, would advise review of Mae-Wan Ho's book "The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms", chapters 9 and 10 (description of coherence, actions of low level EMFs and static magnets, cell communication, biophotons and dynamic order). and chapter 12 (Chrystal Consciousness) on the primary living system component of Liquid Crystals (these chapters contain the least amount of complex formulae) This book has more physics and formulae than I can handle, however, it is worth a read to skip those and plow on thru to her conclusions, because, based on my experience, she is on the right path in her investigations of EMF bioeffects and associated liquid crystal phenomena. Her hypotheses and backup examples of living systems, as primarily liquid crystal structures, provide some very possible answers to the low level quantum sensitivity phenomena routinely encountered (but not understood) in biosystems.

Please note the attached paper on liquid crystals, which I gave at the Annual Review of Research on Biological Effects of Electric & Magnetic Fields, sponsored by DOE/EPRI/EPA, San Antonio, TX, November 17-21, 1996.

Jim Beal
EMF Interface Consulting /
EMFEFFECTS@aol.com / www.emfinterface.com

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In a message dated 01/03/2003 10:21:14 PM Central Standard Time, sage@silcom.com writes:

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Date:01/03/2003 10:21:14 PM Central Standard Time
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Hi Jim,
Nice website. I'll be referring people to you.. Seen this on the NASA patent? Transients, fast rise-time issues.... major implications for EMF policy, if true.

Cindy Sage
Sage Associates
New addresses: 1396 Danielson Road. Santa Barbara, CA 93108
and www.sageassociates.net

NASA (JSC) Collaborations

Robert G. Dennis, Ph.D.

In a collaboration with Tom Goodwin at NASA Johnson Space Center, we have developed 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional bioreactor systems to subject tissues to controlled electromagnetic fields. Experiments are currently in progress, and our preliminary data is extremely promising.

We have subjected normal human neural progenitor (NHNP) cells to low level electromagnetic fields generated near electrically conductive plate electrodes (2-D) or within a field generated by a solenoid coil (3-D). The waveforms tested included sine waves, narrow pulses (delta function), and square waves. Cells were subjected to 17 days of electromagnetic field stimulation of all waveforms as well as a DC field.

The cells were not subjected to transverse electrical fields through the culture medium, as is often done in cell culture experiments employing electromagnetic fields, rather the cells were grown within the induced magnetic field surrounding the electrical conductor. For both the 2-D and 3-D systems, the magnetic field intensity was limited to ~ 70 mG. Magnetic field intensity was measured using a linear Hall effect sensor. For comparison, the Earth's magnetic field is approximately 500 mG at 45o latitude. Rate of change of the magnetic fields was estimated on the basis of Maxwell's equations and the measured current transient response in both the conductive plate and the solenoid coil. The mB (micromagnetic) fields were applied in 5 separate interventions as:

(1) 10 Hz bipolar square waves,
(2) differentiated square waves (â?odelta functionâ??); narrow pulses (200 ms) corresponding to each square wave edge,
(3) sine waves of the same amplitude and frequency as the square waves,
(4) DC (steady) mB fields, also of the same amplitude as the square wave, and
(5) control (no mB field).

Cell Responses: (relative to control)

Proliferation rate increased up to 4x
Morphology changes were macroscopically evident for large colonies of nerve cells in 2-D
Glucose metabolism +~60% in 3-D system
Gene array profiling indicated very significant increases in expression of classes of genes related to extra-cellular matrix production, growth, and metabolism.

All effects were greatest for square and delta functions, no difference between DC fields and control (no field).

Conclusions: Cells respond to the rate of change in the mB field (dB/dt), not to the peak field magnitude (Bmax) or total flux exposure. The high dB/dt of the square waves and the delta were both effective at influencing cellular response, whereas slowly varying (sine) or non varying (DC) fields had significantly reduced or no effect. Equivalently high peak fields or long exposure times (sine and DC, as well as square wave) were clearly not as important as the rate of change of the mB field. In this study, peak magnetic field amplitudes were ~ 70 mG, whereas the Earth's magnetic field on average is ~ 500 mG, but is not time varying (i.e., it is DC). The electromagnetic interventions carried out in this study were of course superimposed upon the Earth's DC magnetic field. It is the time varying nature of the fields that apparently has the most significant influence on every aspect of the cellular response. We collectively term these time varying electromagnetic fields as TVEMFs.

The instrumentation and protocols for this series of experiments have been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and two manuscripts are currently in preparation.

Informant: Jim Beal see also attachment: Biosystems Liquid Crystals



Hi-tech US weaponry could be used in conflict with Iraq

WASHINGTON (AFP) Jan 01, 2003

Military experts say the Pentagon has developed a series of accurate and powerful new weapons, including a microwave bomb, that could be used in a war against Iraq. But they point out that it is the round-the-clock reliance on precision-guided munitions known as JDAMs and unmanned drones that is expected to make a difference in the war against the regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

The electromagnetic E-bomb, designed to destroy electronic nerve centers, could already be in the US arsenal, although Washington has not announced it publicly.

While it does not kill people, it is capable of causing burns. On top of that, the E-bomb "could sever communications between Saddam Hussein and troops that might be ordered to use chemical and biological weapons," said John Pike, a military affairs expert. "It could freeze weapons of mass destruction, at least that would be the hope," he added.

Similarly, the blackout bomb BLU-114B, which can be delivered by planes or cruise missiles, is capable of disrupting electricity grids in urban areas. However, cutting off electricity could be a bad idea in the event that US military should want to broadcast to the Iraqi people the death of their president.

The defense industry was also improving deep-penetration weapons that could be used against underground bunkers or mountain caves. Some of these weapons have already been used in the 1990-1991 Gulf War and in Afghanistan. Last March in Afghanistan, the US army used the thermobaric bomb BLU-118S, which is often referred to as a air-fuel weapon capable of knocking down walls and sucking out oxygen from enclosed spaces.

In September, aerospace giant Lockheed-Martin tested, in the state of New Mexico, the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM), a cruise missile launched from F-16 fighter jets that is capable of penetrating the hardest surfaces and finding its target even through fog and cloud cover. "We will throw everything at him that we have ... including thermobaric and bunker buster weapons designed to get at buried arsenals of chemical and biological weapons," said Chris Hellman of the Center for Defense Information, in a reference to Saddam Hussein. "As long as we suspect they are there and that Saddam may resort to using them we will throw the kitchen sink at him, short of weapons of mass destruction," he added.

But first and foremost, military experts count on using proven systems like JDAMs and other precision-guided munitions that rely on global positioning satellites to home in on their targets. Precision-guided weapons represented only seven percent of all munitions used against Iraqi troops in the Gulf War, according to retired military officer Mike Vickers. Their share rose to 30 percent in the 1999 Kosovo campaign, to 60 percent in Afghanistan and was expected to reach 80 percent in Iraq, Vickers said. "The air drop will be almost entirely precision-guided, and the bulk of it will be satellite instead of laser-guided," Pike pointed out. To quietly monitor enemy movements, the pilotless drones Predator and Global Hawk are already in the arsenal. The Marines Corps has a prototype of Dragon Eye, a mini-drone that can spot snipers in urban environments like Baghdad. The US Army has just unveiled its future spy plane called Shadow 200.

But ultimately, despite all technological progress, it is armored ground units that will bring about the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime, according to Pike. Iraqis may be accustomed to air strikes but not to seeing M-1A2 Abrams tanks at the gates of Baghdad. These tanks, as well as the armored, tank-like Apache helicopters, have also been modernized.

Informant: Gotemf and Robert Riedlinger

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