* Reports from ES/EHS sufferers - Fire crews grounded over phone mast row - Work starts on Cornish police mast - Commentary about "We're poisoning our kids, toxins report says" - Submission details on the US/Australian proposed Free Trade Agreement (7/1/03)

Hi Klaus:

A friend who is moderately electrosesensitive relayed in a recent email that over the holiday season she suffered EMR effects while text messaging. A year ago, she had a severe reaction to using her mobile (severe earache, burning sensation to her ear and adjacent area, some numbing and jaw pain) and had switched to a hands-free model that she used very sparingly. But she had thought that text-messaging might be quite a safe undertaking for her. She wrote that after text-messaging. "I was aware of a slight pain below my eye for some days. Then I suspected the phone. One night after texting I knew it was the phone. The top of my cheekbone below left eye was as if it had become live--as indeed it probably had become a sort of aerial. . . . People think it is safer. But in fact the thing is in front of your face for ages."

Martine Charpenet, for instance, who runs a French electrosensitive group (refer to the Swedish FEB.se for listing of international ES/EHS support groups plus their addresses) recounts her experience in the September 1999 issue. I found parallels between Martine's account of her suffering and that of Ranka Sekulic's that you posted recently. Let me quote briefly here what Martine wrote in this 1999 issue of NO PLACE TO HIDE (pp. 9-10):

"I was unable to sleep because I continually heard vibrations. Things made of metal, electrical appliances, the electrical wires in the house and in the street, railway lines, traffic lights, cranes, computer terminals, aerials, telephones, all these things caused me to suffer when I was close to them. It was terrible and the sheer physical torment often made me cry. After about a year, and following a period where I had howled with the pain incessantly for several nights my neighbors called the Police. As a result I was shut up in a psychiatric hospital for two months because the doctors believed I was suffering from delirium.
. . .
Fortunately, from 1993, thanks to English documents written by Cyril Smith I soon heard about electrosensitivity. This also helped me to live a more normal life and to explain to my psychiatrist exactly what had happened to me.
. . .
When I am in a 3.5 Volt/m electrical field with a frequency of 50Hz, my symptoms appear immediately. If the field is weaker, some disorders will appear after a certain length of time, which can be several hours or even days. My muscles tetanize, my breath comes in short gasps, my heart rate increases and I experience great pain in my chest. If I am unable to get away from the source I feel nauseous and feel so tired I want to die. It was only then that I began to realize that the only way I could protect myself was by avoidance. At night I switched off my house's electrical circuit but my neighbor's television aerial cable affected me, as well as any electrical cables that are within a few meters of my body. Then I tried sleeping out in the fields in my car and finally, out in the coutryside, between a field and a wood, far from my village and a long way from wires and aerials. I built a very little wooden cabin. There my brain began to function normally, I could work and think."

Afraid I quoted more than I had intended to! But the more case histories of electrosensitives we have from each country the better for all of us. It enhances our (electrosensitives) sense of solidarity and a website given over to a vast compendium of anecdotal accounts by electrosensitives couldn't but help sway medical opinion in our favour.

Is there someone out there who would volunteer to set up such a website? There is a site for "Electric People" at www.amasci.com/weird/unusual/zap.html but the entrants do not appear to suffer the severe bio-effects that electrosensitives experience.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland.

Fire crews grounded over phone mast row

Thursday, 28 June, 2001, 15:24 GMT 16:24 UK

The drill tower has several mobile phone aerials Fire officers in Suffolk are refusing to use their drill tower because of fears the mobile phone masts on top are a health risk. The 18 firefighters at Sudbury Fire Station would normally use the 60ft tower every Thursday to practice their life-saving skills.

But the fire crews said they are not prepared to climb the training tower while the aerials are there. The Fire Brigades Union said similar action could be taken at other stations in the area where phone masts had been put on top of drill towers.

Suffolk Fire Service said the antennae were operating well within health and safety guidelines and posed no hazard to health.

The Service has mobile telephone base stations fitted to training towers of three of its fire stations at Sudbury, Felixstowe and Woodbridge.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Paul Hayden said in a statement: "Permission to use our training towers was only given after a full risk assessment was completed in order to identify any possible dangers to health.

Safety first

"The installation meets the safety requirements of the National Radiological Protection Board and we are fully satisfied that there are no risks to the health and welfare of our staff or members of the public.

Adrian Mayhew, from the Fire Brigades Union in Suffolk, said: "Our members won't use the towers until there is a guarantee they are safe. "We've seen this happen up and down the country. It's more to do with money than health and safety."

Prime sites

Barrie Turner-Smith, from One2One said training towers were prime sites for their aerials up and down the country because of their height. "This is the first one we have had a problem with, as far as I am aware. "If there are any concerns we go and meet with the fire people and discuss it with them." "We are satisfied that mobile base stations operating within national and international guidelines are safe and do not present a health risk," he added.


Informant: Robert Riedlinger and also:

Work starts on Cornish police mast

Tuesday, 17 December, 2002, 15:48 GMT

Contractors started work on their sixth attempt

Residents of a Cornish village are again protesting at the site of a new police radio mast. Contractors, accompanied by six police officers, arrived early on Tuesday morning at the Bossiney site to start work.

It was the contractors' sixth attempt to add an extension to the existing telecommunications mast owned by NTL. Local residents are concerned the mast poses a risk to health.

Improve communications

"The fight's not over at all," said Deborah Squires, who lives next to the mast. "This is definitely a very sad day but we shall now lobby NTL, who have said they will look into a feasibility study to move the mast. "We have also asked the North Cornwall planning office to postpone the decision on the mast in Delabole."

Charles St George of Airwave, the company installing the system, said: "There has been a mast here for over 20 years and the exisiting telecoms and TV equipment on it has been transmitting for many years apparently without ill effect. "The planning system says that wherever possible you should site your equipment on exisiting telecoms masts otherwise it will lead to a proliferation of these masts around the country which obviously is undesirable."

The existing mast is owned by NTL.

The new system is designed to improve communications for the police and other emergency services.


Al Qaeda launching nationwide chemical attack on the USA

Imagine the outcry if the New York Times carried the front page headline "Al Qaeda launching nationwide chemical attack on the USA". The reaction to such a headline would make the US government's old Anthrax hoax panic pale in comparison. The collective public response would probably even exceed the horror that followed the 9/11 WTC attack.

This chemical attack is already well underway - but by a far more dangerious group than the Al Qaeda 's of this world.

While the Bush administration continues down the path of appearing to be making the USA secure from future terriorist attacks, it is allowing a far more insidious attack to take place - one that is doing to the America people far more damage than anything Al Qaeda could ever hope to achieve.

Blow up a scyscraper or nuke a city and they will eventually be rebuilt. Slowely poison the entire nation however and the world's sole superpower inevitably goes the way of the Roman Empire to become another antique ruin.

Why should Al Qaeda bother making further attacks on America when all they need to do is bunker down in some cave somewhere and wait until the US chemical industry does the job for them?

Commentary from Don Maisch about the CI Omega report from january 4, 2003


"We're poisoning our kids, toxins report says"

Sunday, September 10, 2000
By Lucy Chubb

Submission details on the US /Australian proposed Free Trade Agreement

On 12 December the Senate referred the issues of GATS and Free Trade Agreement between the US and Australia to the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee, for report by 27 November 2003. Submissions close on March 21 2003.

For more information:
Senate Hansard extract of 12 December showing Terms of Reference and Senate agreement
http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard/senate/dailys/ds121202.pdf (pages 7221 and 7222)
Senate Committee page detailing how people can make a submission, closing dates
Statement by Democrats' Trade spokesperson, Senator Aden Ridgeway;
e-mail: senator.ridgeway@aph.gov.au

Informant: Don Maisch

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