* Mind-Blowing Poisoning Of US By American 'Industry' - Heat Shock Protein and other issues - Brainstem auditory evoked response in adolescents with acoustic mycotic neuroma due to environmental exposure to toxic molds - Correspondence with Ranka (part II) (5/1/03)
Mind-Blowing Poisoning Of US By American 'Industry' - 24 BILLION Pounds Yearly
By Lucy Chubb


(Note - The very same non-stop catastrophic destruction of the Earth is
occurring worldwide 24 hours a day. Do you see the 'captains of
industry' staying up at night worrying about it? Do you see any serious
efforts to curtail the terminal annihilation of the environment? Do you
see greed taking a back seat to our survival as a species? Not a chance.

A new report release Thursday finds that U.S. industry releases enough
neurological and developmental toxins to fill railroad cars stretching
from New York City to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Every year, U.S. industry
releases about 24 billion pounds of toxic substances that are believed
to cause developmental and neurological problems in children.

That amount could fill a string of railroad cars stretching from New
York City to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and yet there are no emissions
standards for these harmful chemicals.

This alarming finding is one of many in
Polluting Our Future: Chemical Emissions in the U.S. that Affect Child
Development and Learning, a joint report released Thursday by the
<http:// www.environet.policy.net/ National Environmental Trust,
<http://www.psr.org Physicians for Social Responsibility and the
<http:// www.ldanatl.org/ Learning Disabilities Association.

"That is the most startling thing," said Jeff Wise, policy director for
NET. "The amount and how little we know about the chemicals."

The collaborative effort to produce Polluting Our Future came about in
response to recent reports issued by the National Academy of Sciences.
These studies indicate a growing consensus among leading scientists that
neurological and developmental toxins are responsible for a wide range
of physical and mental problems among children.

Polluting Our Future looks closely, for the first time ever, at the
scope and sources of neurological and developmental air pollutants.

"This is the first complete snapshot we've ever had of toxic pollution
in this country that can affect the way that children's bodies and
brains develop," said Wise.

Nearly one in every six, or about 12 million, children in the United
States suffers from at least one developmental, learning or behavioral
disability such as mental retardation, birth defects, autism or
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Polluting Our Future determines that about one in every 200 American
children, or more than 360,000, live with developmental or neurological
disabilities caused by exposure to toxic substances
includingdevelopmental and neurological toxins.

The report also includes information about releases of developmental and
neurological toxins on a national level, a ranking of all the 50 states,
and data about the top releasing counties, industries and facilities
across the country. All figures are gleaned from data reported by
industry to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as is required by

According to industry-reported data used in the report, Louisiana and
Texas emit the most developmental and neurological toxins to air and
water. Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, Michigan,
Pennsylvania and Florida each release a significant amount of these
toxins as well.

Electric utilities, chemical manufacturers and the makers of paper,
metal and plastics are the largest emitters of neurological and
developmental toxins nationwide.

The researchers also found that African Americans are disproportionately
affected by the release of developmental and neurological toxins. In 14
out of the 25 counties across the nation found to emit the most of these
chemicals, African American populations exceed the U.S. average.

The authors of Polluting Our Future stress that policies must be put in
place to lower the health risk for children from neurological and
developmental toxins. This would include pre-market screening of new
chemicals, stringent testing of substances already on the market,
labeling, better pollution reporting, more controls for emissions from
electric power plants and exposure and disease monitoring.

Heat Shock Protein and other issues

TO RECIPIENTS OF THIS EMAIL: I respect and understand Roy Beaver's
decision not to distribute the information I am providing below due to
the fact that I am "not an expert." I am, however, in possession of two
necropsy reports in addition to having had personal contact with two
veterinarians. Barbara Lake also received a phone call from her
veterinarian and one of the necropsy reports I have mentioned pertains
to Barbara's hamster.

I should also add that a complete "metabolic panel" was conducted as a
part of the necropsy on my guinea pig and that the veterinarians were
unable to find any explanation for the toxic amyloidosis such as
elevated levels of minerals, parasites or bacteria.

While the University veterinarian does not give an opinion that our
Kelley's (Project Z - Z-1) reactive renal amyloidosis may have been
caused by EMR exposure, the information I provided to the University as
background information for the necropsy in regard to EMR exposure
(includes mention of "powerwall"/electric meter exposure as well as
subsequent basement readings up to time of death as between 4.0
miligauss and 4.5 miligauss), remains on the necropsy report which is
currently being updated to include verification of the fact that
"REACTIVE amyloid" was identified in both the kidney and pancreas.
(Recent readings are as high as 8.2 mg in our master bedroom and over
5.5 mg in basement family room where the cage is kept.)

I have decided to add the following information to further clarify my
statements so that others can have enough information to conduct their
own research, if desired. As I said, I will be providing all of the
reference information when the journal article is complete.

The heat shock protein "ubiquitin" promotes the toxic build-up of
amyloid. There are medical journal articles that link ultraviolet
exposure to amyloid findings as well. It is apparently the "REACTIVITY"
to heat shock proteins that appears to be associated with several
pathological disease states. Literature supports that it is [apparently]
"the qualitative nature of the RESPONSE to heat shock protein rather
than its presence per se that is important........." [from "Heat Shock
Protein in Health & Disease: therapeutic targets or therapeutic agents?"
by A. Graham Pockley - Access info:
http://www.ermm.cbcu.cam.ac.uk/01003556h.htm ]

"Ubiqutin" is a potential molecular indicator of toxic insults....."
"The Toxicologist" 66:A1083.

I should also add that literature indicates that the words "heat shock"
are somewhat misleading (possibly "a misnomer") and that "heat" is not
necessarily a correct term nor is actual "heat" necessarily a part of
the process. I have countless notes here and there so am not able to
provide a better explanation regarding "heat" at this time but the
explanation is there.........I am only stating what I have gleaned from
the literature and realize fully that any such information is subject to
dispute and correction depending on the credibility of the information
and the person who wrote said material as well as the knowledge and
credibililty of any researcher/ scientist who has information that
contradicts what I have written.


Roy: Several weeks ago I became aware of a situation involving problems
in a home in Nova Scotia that are believed to be due to wireless
communication in and out of a University on a hill across from said

Barbara Lake made a plea for help to Milt Bowling who forwarded her
email to Klaus Rudolph's "Omega Group" because she and at least one of
her children are suffering from headaches, dizziness, sleeplessness and
other health problems.

After discovering Barbara's email, my friend, Stan Barker from
Philadelphia, phoned Barbara and discussed some potential mitigation
measures. During that conversation, Stan was informed that the Lake
family's hamster had died and another hamster is sick. I believe the
animals are/were about 4 months old. A neighbor's hamster also died
"with its' feet in the air" although it was not sent for necropsy.

Since that time, I have received a copy of the necropsy report on the
hamster. The veterinarian has sent a slide from the brain tissue to a
veterinary neuropathologist in Ottawa because of the questionable
"TSE-like" nature of the findings, the unusual circumstance of such
potential diagnosis in a pet hamster and the need for a second opionion.
The necropsy report regarding brain tissue states "suppurative
meningoencephalitis (focal, cortical with mineralization); extensive
midbrain mineralization; multifocal neuronal degeneration, neuropathy
and diffuse myelin vacuolation/encephalopathy."

Mark Purdey discusses minerals at length on a portion of his website
titled "The Wasting Lands." The site also has to do with "TSE-like
disease." Access info to the Purdey site is:

I had a discussion with my veterinarian yesterday while having our last
(Z-4 - Lucy) guinea pig examined and tested. I later received a phone
call from the vet advising that Lucy's lymphocyte/neutrophil ratio
continues to be inverted. She acknowledged that the findings of
"REACTIVE amyloidois" in the kidneys and pancreas of our guinea pig,
Kelley, in November 2002 (Z-1) also fall in the category of "TSE-like
effects" although certainly not "TSE!!!!"

I have a considerable amount of literature that discusses the connection
between misfolding, unfolding, etc. of proteins and their relationship
to a "TSE-like process." I am currently working on compiling information
toward preparation of a journal article, along with Dr. Marjorie
Lundquist,and my veterinarian, that will itemize the references and
hopefully help to provide a relatively simple explanation and a
connection to EMR exposure.

Most persons who receive your posts know that my guinea pigs were
initially exposed to the "powerwall" (wall opposite wall where electric
meter is mounted on outside of house) and that they were then moved to
our basement family room where miligauss readings were initially in the
3.0 to 4.0 miligauss range. The miligauss readings have continued to
climb with more recent readings between 4.0 mg and 5.0 mg at the sides
of the cage. Last night, the readings were 5.5 to 5.6 mg beside the
cage!!!!!! I took a readings of 8.1 and 8.2 mg on my husband, Bud's
pillow!!!! We are awating evaluation by a neurologist specializing in
memory problems since he has "unusual memory problems affecting both
sides of his brain and his problem is said to be profound
.........(doctors state the lack of "typical Alzheimer's pattern)......

I should mention also that I asked Barbara Lake if her hamsters were
possibly exposed to any other source of EMF/EMR and she wrote back that,
"yes, she had moved their cage to the cupboard in a spot between the
microwave and the refrigerator." She has since moved the remaining
hamster to another location and has indicated that she will have a
necropsy performed when it dies.

The information Barbara and I are providing should be considered "very
carefully" insofar as using the words "mad cow disease," "mad deer
disease," etc. in conjunction with our fight to "get the word out" in
regard to potential health effects of EMF/EMR. The findings do not
confirm "mad cow disease" or even "mad cow-like disease" but rather are
findings of changes in proteins that "are similar" to the changes in
proteins involved in "TSE-like" disease.

Barbara has given me permission to share the above information for the
purpose of helping others. She also asked me to provide contact
information for her which is typed below and is interested in hearing
from anyone who might be able to offer suggestions/help in her situation
regarding the wireless communication problems:

Mrs. Barbara Lake
1111 Ridge Road RR #1
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada
B4P 2R1
Email address: barbaralake@ns.sympatico.ca

More information regarding my Kelley's necropsy report will soon follow
as will the additional report regarding Barbara Lake's hamster's brain

Take care and have a Very Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, MN 55448
Email: JCMPelican@ aol.com


Joanne, I have just finished reading a book by Paul Davies (a
physicist at the Australian Centre for Astrobiology, Macquarie Univ.,
Sydney, Australia) titled THE FIFTH MIRACLE. [A later edition of this
book is out under a new title, I believe.]

The miracle referred to in the title is the creation of life. He
presents a good deal of evidence indicating that life probably first
developed deep underground, or maybe beneath the ocean, in rocks.

The curious animals that were discovered relatively recently to be
living near hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean, where
superheated water issues from the rock, live off these hot mineral-rich
waters. They don't use photosynthesis to convert inorganic materials to
organic ones; they metabolize sulfer and its compounds.

There is good reason to believe that these creatures are highly
primitive --that is, they are probably more like the earliest living
things than the familiar creatures that live on land are.

And they produce heat shock proteins! This suggests to me that heat
proteins have an extremely long evolutionary history. [In fact, the name
"heat shock protein" is probably a misnomer, because it appears that ANY
environmental stressor can stimulate their production, not just heat.
They probably ought to be called "environmental stress proteins".]

The recent reports that EMF exposure can stimulate the production of
shock proteins is interesting. It is generally accepted that living
things colonized the ocean before they did the land. In water, a sensory
system that can detect electrical currents and voltages is far more
valuable than in air (because water has a higher dielectric constant
than air). The duck-billed platypus, an Australian monotreme (primitive
egg-laying mammal), has been found to possess electrical sense organs
along the edge of its leathery bill. It feeds in fresh-water streams,
and scientists have long been puzzled how it located its food, since its
eyes are closed underwater, and also its nose (meaning it cannot see or
smell while swimming). Now they know that it detects the crustaceans
that it eats by the electrical signals they emit when they move!

I have the impression that an electric sensory ability may be very old,
in evolutionary terms, and that it has been lost relatively recently by
land animals that did not benefit from it. Since heat shock proteins
appear also to be very old, in evolutionary terms, it may well be that a
major benefit they provided to early life forms was to minimize damage
from EMF exposure.

So I think it possible that the relationship between EMF exposure and
production of heat shock proteins may be very, very old, going all the
way back to the most primitive forms of life. -- Marjorie

Marjorie Lundquist, Ph.D., C.I.H.
Bioelectromagnetic Hygienist
P. O. Box 11831. Milwaukee, WI 53211-0831 USA

Int J Adolesc Med Health 2002 Jan-Mar;14(1):67-76

Brainstem auditory evoked response in adolescents with acoustic mycotic neuroma due to environmental exposure to toxic molds

Anyanwu E, Campbell AW, High W.

Center for Immune, Environmental and Toxic Disorders, 25010 Oakhurst,
Suite 200, Spring, Texas 77386, USA. eanyanwu@hotmail.com

Indoor air contamination with toxic opportunistic molds is an emerging
health risk worldwide. Some of the opportunistic molds include:
Stachybotrys chartarum, Aspergillus species (A. fumigatus, A. flavus, A.
niger, A. versicolor etc.), Cadosporium, Alternaria, Penicillium,
Trichoderma, Fusarium graminearum etc. These molds flourish in homes
that are moist and damp. Reports of floods are now evident in many parts
of the world. With these global changes in climatic conditions that
favor the opportunistic mode of living among these molds, some health
authorities are beginning to feel concerned about the diversity and the
extent to which opportunistic molds can cause adverse health effects in
humans. Mycotoxicosis is the collective name for all the diseases caused
by toxic molds. Frequently, we have cases of acoustic neuroma due to
mycotoxicity in our Center. Mycotic neuroma probably has not been
reported before and the application of brainstem auditory evoked
response (BAER) techniques in acoustic mycotic neuroma have not been
reported either. The aim of this study, therefore, was to report cases
and measurements of acoustic mycotic neuroma in adolescents using the
brainstem auditory evoked response. The patients' case history,
clinical neurological and neurobehavioral questionnaires were assessed.
Then, the BAERs were recorded between Cz and Ai, with a second channel,
Cz-Ac. The case histories and the questionnaires were analyzed in
conjunction with the outcome of the objective brainstem auditory evoked
response measurements. The prevalent subjective findings in the patients
were headaches, memory loss, hearing loss, lack of concentration,
fatigue, sleep disturbance, facial swelling, rashes, nosebleeds,
diarrhea, abdominal pains and respiratory difficulties. Objective BAER
showed overall abnormalities in all the patients. Although the waveform
abnormalities varied, 1-3 interpeak latencies were abnormal in all the
patients. Overall results showed the presence of acoustic mycotic
neuroma and confirmed the sensitivity and usefulness of BAER in
screening acoustic mycotic neuroma and sensorineural auditory

Publication Types:
Review, Tutorial

PMID: 12467209

Informant: Don Maisch

Hi Klaus: Below is my email correspondence with Ranka. Is there anything
we can do to help her situation, and especially in supporting her in her
struggle to get her doctors to understand her electrosensitive
Please let me know what you think.

Best, Imelda.

From: "Ranka Sekulic" ranka.sekulic@kvarner.net
To: "Imelda O'Connor" imeldaoconnor@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: ES contact

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 16:25:17 +0100

Dear Imelda,
it sounds like your symptoms are worse than mine. I only had a month
period about five years ago when I couldn't watch TV. When the TV was on
I got disoriented and bumped into things.I am also sensitive to many
scents which give me what I would call neurological problems. I cannot
use many computers but I don't know why I can use some and some not. The
computer at the Natural History Museum in Zagreb is terrible; I get
pain in my head and chest. This lap-top I am using is more or less ok
but when I work on it a lot I seem to get nervous. I've had periods when
I had pain all over my body which is when I finished up in psychiatric
hospitals. The pain is really unbearable and I feel as if I am going to
die. The medicine promazin helped me which is, among other things, for
radiation sickness. Unfortunately, I am no longer on that medicine but I
feel ok now. I think the reason I feel well is partly due to the fact
that this hospital is in a forest and I live in the city center. I have
also heard voices a few times which would point to schizophrenia which
confuses me. If it wern't for the voices I would be sure I have only ES.

Finally, I believe that inability to sleep is related to ES. About 10
years ago I was in a camp miles from nearest electricity and I couldn't
believe how quickly I fell asleep. Now I need 10 mg valium to fall

I think that would be all. Please feel free to pass on this letter to
anyone who may be interested in it. Thank you for your interest in my
problem. Where do you live?

Best wishes, Ranka

----- Original Message -----
From: "Imelda O'Connor" imeldaoconnor@hotmail.com
To: ranka.sekulic@kvarner.net
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 11:37 AM
Subject: Re: ES contact

Dear Ranka:
Really good to hear from you but sorry for your terrible ordeal. Could
you please let me know far more details about your symptoms that have
resulted in your being confined to psychiatric facilities. This is very
important for me to know because perhaps your symptoms are similar in
many ways to what ES sufferers report. Many ES sufferers have been
misdiagnosed as psychotic due to medical ignorance about ES/EHS. I am
going to forward to you within the next half hour or so from another of
my email accounts a short statement I wrote and got broadly circulated
among ES networks on ES/EHS patients being misdiagnosed as paranoid
schizophrenics. So it is very important Ranka that you give a full
account of your symptoms and right from the time you first experienced
them. Also it is generally known among ES sufferers and experts in this
(ES) field that when in a high e-allergic state they experience what may
be called paranormal events. Their sixth sense can also be extremely
strong, almost to an alarming degree. So, don't be afraid to write about
these aspects when you write to me. I can--that is if you haven't
already got to read them--direct you to a number of published sources on
this aspect. For instance, Dr. Cyril Smith (he has a Ph.D. and not an
M.D.), a leading authority on ES in the U.K. has stated this fact quite
bluntly in his 1989 text on electrosensitivity. (He states that if a
patient discloses that she/he is experiencing what might be called
paranormal phenomena, then the chances are that the patient is ES. Can
give you the exact page ref., etc. later).

You said you are sensitive to fluorescent lights. What other e-sources
are you sensitive to? I can't watch T.V. nor use any e-equipment in the
eves or I will experience brain seizures when I start going to sleep. I
have to minimize all e-sources. I use computers outside my residence (I
am writing this at my village library) and walk a lot after finishing,
to try and get rid of radiation saturation.

So please Ranka give me very specific details on your symptoms. I can
also put you in touch with some really supportive people, if you like.
Look forward to hearing from you soon. I also lived in the U.S.A. It was
from 1980 to 1996. I left CA with severe ES symptoms, returned to
for treatment and was misdiagnosed! Am still trying to straigten out the
terrible mess the misdiagnosis has caused.

Warm wishes,

From: "Ranka Sekulic" ranka.sekulic@kvarner.net
To: "Imelda O'Connor" imeldaoconnor@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: ES contact
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 10:34:12 +0100

Dear Imelda,
Thank you very much for your letter. I first came into a psychiatric
hospital around l987 in the States when I spent two days at the airport
when I felt sick and my brother wouldn't help me. This was after I had
been for three days in two hospitals Holyoke center (Harvard) and Woman
Brigham. I was extremely sensitive to fluorecent lights then. After that
I spent many times in hospitals for 6 weeks. I did not take medicine
that I was given for Schizophrenia paranoides which is my diagnosis. I
don't know about schizophrenia but I am definitely ES.

At the moment I am at home for 10 days on leave from a psychiatric
hospital where I have spent a year and seven months. I feel ok but they
don't want to let me out yet. That's my story in short. Do you know
whether ES comes and goes because that has been my experience. There
have been times when I was very sensitive to ES.

With best wishes,
Ranka Sekulic

Original Message -----
From: "Imelda O'Connor" imeldaoconnor@hotmail.com
To: ranka.sekulic@kvarner.net
Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2002 1:01 PM
Subject: ES contact

Dear Ranka: Leif at FEB.se kindly gave me your email address because
he knows I am also an EHS (electrohypersensitive) who has been
misdiagnosed as psychotic (and by one intern-trainee who was at the
beginning of her learning curve in things: a paranoid schizophrenic!).
Since September, I have also been in good contact with an English woman
who has suffered the same fate: "sectioning" as it is called in the
U.K. Her G.P. pretended to believe in her ES condition (she can't use
computers nor telephones) but he really didn't and she was tricked into
a psychiatric facility under the guise of being given a sanatized
hospital room. I will put you in contact with her if you like. She
wants to remain anonymous due to professional reasons so she doesn't
use her professional name. She has a Ph.D. in biology. Leif mentioned
that you also could have a Ph.D. So have I--it's in comparative arts
(western) but I haven't been in paid work for a number of years due to
ES and choosing to become a full time unpaid activist in trying to get
the condition officially recognised.

I really look forward to your contacting me and if you think I can share
any information with you (e.g. listing of doctors, etc. who support us)
I will be happy to. And please let me know how you landed up in the
psychiatric facility. It's what happens to a number of EHS sufferers if
they do not get into the right medical hands. Most don't, but this is
changing for the better.

Until I hear from you,

Warmest Regards,


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