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UVF [Ulster Volunteer Force] BLAMED FOR ATTACK AT BALLYMENA SITE by Staff Reporter

Terrorists have damaged a controversial phone mast, the latest communication installation to be targeted in Northern Ireland, it emerged today.

The UVF was being blamed for making unusable the base of a mast being built in Balymena. It follows the toppling of a communications mast at County Tyrone earlier this month, although no paramilitary involvement is suspected in that attack.

The spectre of terrorism in mobile phone mast protests is likely to prove an unwelcome development for mainstream anti-mast compaigners.

The Ballymena incident comes just days after the paramilitary gang issued a statement that they were in support of local people who opposed the erection of the structure in an industrial estate in the Harryville area. A loyalist source confirmed: "The base was removed on Sunday night/Monday morning. "I was told about this at 6.40 am and went round at first light and a number of the fixing studs have been sheared off at concrete level and the rest are bent. They are unusable. "A couple of pieces of cardboard with the words 'UVF' written on them were left at the scene. "It is safe to say that the UVF carried this out," said the source.

Last week, in their statement, the paramilitary group said they were opposed to the mast because the people in the area were against it because of health concerns. The terrorists' statement had pledged their full support to the people of Harryville in "whatever meansures they feel they must take to prevent the erection of the mast." It added: "Our volunteers will continue to monitor the situation and will abide by the democratic wishes of the people in the area in the course of their campaign."

Work on the mast base started in recent weeks but was halted for the Christmas and New Year holidays. A spokesman for Hutchinson 3G, which is erecting the mast, said: I have no comment to make at this stage other than to say that we have been engaging with residents and councillors in connection with the overall issue." Police examined the scene on Monday.

The mast is set to be discussed at a meeting between Ballymena Council and planners this Thursday night. The telecommunications industry says masts are necessary for mobile phone coverage, for which there is widespread demand."


Welcome to 2003.

Studies find electromagneticwaves affect childhood leukemia


A midterm analysis of survey results research institutes compiled by Saturday has found a correlation between childhood leukemia and infrasonic electromagnetic waves.

According to the analysis, children who are often exposed to such electromagnetic waves, emitted from high-voltage power lines and some household appliances, are on average more than twice as likely to get leukemia.

The report was compiled by institutions such as the National Institute for Environmental Studies and the National Cancer Center, in a three-year survey project carried out by the then Science and Technology Agency from fiscal 1999. It is Japan's first nationwide epidemiological study into the correlation between electromagnetic waves and childhood leukemia.

A final analysis of the survey results will be made by the end of the year. An analysis is also being made on the correlation between electromagnetic waves and brain tumors in children.

According to the report, children who lived in areas where infrasonic electromagnetic waves were more than four times stronger than normal were twice as likely to get leukemia.

Though such environments are exceptional, the report may prompt the government to consider establishing health guidelines and measures to cope with infrasonic electromagnetic waves.

The report was based on surveys conducted on 700 healthy children and 350 children with leukemia. The children were aged up to 15.

Statistical analysis was conducted on data such as the amount of infrasonic electromagnetic waves in children's rooms measured in a week, the use of household appliances, the distance between the rooms and outside power lines, and the overall strength of such electromagnetic waves in the household.

The results indicated that when an infrasonic electromagnetic wave exceeds the average of 0.1 microtesla (1 mG) seen in everyday life to 0.4 microtesla (4 mG) or more, the chance of getting leukemia is likely to double.

Infrasonic electromagnetic waves with wavelengths of 1,000 kilometers or longer are emitted from personal computers and other household appliances as well as from high-voltage power lines. Cell phones and microwave ovens emit high frequency electromagnetic waves with wavelengths of 10 to 100 meters.

Experts have been especially interested in the health effects of infrasonic electromagnetic waves since a report in 1976 in the United States indicated the risks of childhood leukemia were high where children lived near high-voltage power lines.

Many countries have since conducted epidemiological studies, but their results have been mixed and inconclusive on whether electromagnetic waves affect childhood leukemia.

Some experts say the recent report is no cause for alarm. Hiroyoshi Otsuki, a journalist knowledgeable in electromagnetic wave issues, said most people live away from hazardous environments.

'It is difficult to imagine an ordinary household that has electromagnetic waves of 0.4 microtesla (4mG) or more,' Otsuki said. 'I wonder whether the results of this survey alone make it all right to say there are direct effects on ordinary people.'

He said he thinks most people are unlikely to be affected and that there is no need to become overly concerned.


Commentary Joanne C. Mueller to Roy Beavers:

This journalist who is supposedly "educated re EMF's," makes the statement:

"......I wonder whether the results of this survey alone make it all right to say there are direct effects on ordinary people......"

The study is one that you have mentioned previously that affirms a connection between EMF's and leukemia in children. The news release is dated August 4, 2002, by Kyoto News Service.

The journalist, Hiroyoshi Otsuki also states: ".......it is difficult to imagine an ordinary household that has electromagnetic waves of 0.4 microtesla (4.0 mg) or more......"

I can tell Mr. Otsuki that we consider ourselves to be "ordinary persons" who were trying to live peaceful lives in "an ordinary household" until a giant power company decided to run two high voltage powerlines down our street!!!!!"

I can also tell Mr. Otsuki that we personally know of two families in our neighborhood where children have died from leukemia in the past couple of years!!!!

Mr. Otsuki and any others who may be so "uninformed," should know that electromagnetic fields/waves in our "unfortunate households" often exceed 7.0 miligauss and that we have a great many rare and unusual health problems!!!!!

He is correct the -- "ordinary households" do not have readings throughout their homes of 0.4 microtesla (4.0 miligauss) BECAUSE "ordinary households DO NOT HAVE HIGH VOLTAGE POWERLINES IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO THEM!!!!!!!"

Officials from our Minnesota Department of Health apparently attended the same college as Mr. Otsuki........

As for me, I am just a dumb grandmother with only a few college classes, who managed to save two grandsons from developing leukemia at an early age by reading information provided by those who actually DO CARE about "ordinary persons!!!!!"

Those who know me also know I have had and continue to have lots of "angel incidents" that keep me going in the fight to help keep children from dying from leukemia in spite of obstacles that persons like Mr. Otsuki present!!!!!

Take care - Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis, MN 55448
Phone: 763-755-6114

Electricity allergy 'incurable'

A woman who is allergic to electricity has been told that her condition cannot be cured. Doctors have told 78-year-old Christine Moody that they can do nothing to stop the pain she experiences when she comes into contact with electricity.

Mrs Moody, from Southdown near Bath, has suffered from the allergy for 20 years. She developed the unusual condition after being in a violent electric storm while on holiday in Cornwall. She is so affected by the allergy that she cannot wear a battery- driven watch. Her shoes are specially lined so that she does not feel pain when she steps over underground electric cables.

Mrs Moody has to wrap up in a survival blanket and wear rubber boots during electric storms to stop the pain from becoming unbearable. "I have great sensitivity to electricity," she said. "I find it difficult to walk on pavements because of the underground cables. "Life is very difficult. Even to put my arms up I can feel my sensitivity to electricity." Mrs Moody takes homeopathic de- sensitising drops every day, which costs her up to £190 each month. She has been told by doctors that treatment will only reduce her problems and not cure them. "I can't get depressed. I try to stay positive and get through one day at a time. "If I did think about it I would get very depressed." But Mrs Moody is becoming worried after hearing of plans to erect a telephone mast within a mile of her house. "I'm very worried because we love the house where we are and I know I will be racked with pain 24 hours a day and housebound."

The 78-year-old is also allergic to chicken, fish, anaesthetic, aspirin, penicillin, bee and wasp stings, nuts, citric acid, and gas. She has to wear a special medical bracelet every time she leaves the house, in case of a medical emergency.


Informant: Robert Riedlinger

Re the Sparrows of London

Prof Dr. P.Semm and R Beason, published their avian brain study, 'Response of neurons to amplitude modulated microwave RF.' We noted with particular interest the following comment made by the authors, that " Although individual neurons in the zebra finch brain responded to the pulsed RF stimulus, we do not know whether these responses by the nervous system are manifested in the bird's behavior or its health. "

Reports on file, and now the London report on sparrows more than suggest that RF stimulus has an adverse health effect on the avian population.

We investigated a case here in Sydney, Australia, related in detail below, where exotic caged birds exhibited dramatic changes in breeding habits and other behaviour. The suspected cause - the digital RF signals of a nearby mobile base station, which had been upgraded from analogue, prior to the breeding season.

These caged birds displayed their distress as behaviour abnormality where by contrast, the birds used in Dr. Semm's controlled experiment lacked any such opportunity to reveal health or behaviour changes as part of the research project.

These reports give a strong indication that a study of caged birds set up outside the laboratory might well give meaningful results as to the behaviour and health outcome of birds subjected to environmental RF radiation in the real world. This would surely validite the empirical evidence, now accumulating, of adverse effects on the human population from this same source.

After all, where there has been an absence of technology sensitive enough to alert coalminers of the presence of poisonous gas in the coalmine - the caged canary has provided this service to man. To further illustrate, during the investigations of the caves, believed to hold stocks of the poisonous SARAN gas used by terrorists in Japan, (c. 1999) each searcher, already dressed entirely in high tech protective clothing and masks, was seen carrying a caged canary!

In our view, the birds in our 'real life' report, by their bizarre behaviour, communicated eloquently that some change in their environment was a major health hazard to their kind. There are also cases reported from Germany and New Zealand where uncharacteristic bird behaviour has been reasonably linked with RFR emitting installations.

In our view, Dr Semm's avian brain study is indeed pertinent to the case related here.

In a Sydney suburb, NSW Australia, a large number caged exotic birds developed uncharacteristic destructive behaviour which veterinary examination could not explain. Most of the birds refused to breed, the few that did ejected the young from the nest. Of two birds that survived only one was relatively normal, the other had no feathers. Some breeds became aggressive attacking mates. Most molted excessively a - sure sign of stress.

It should be noted that the residence where the birds were located in metal cages was 200 metres distance from a large electricity substation, operating at 50Hz and an analogue mobile phone transmitting antenna was at the same location. The birds had obviously tolerated this EMR environment with impunity until the upgrading of the mobile phone transmitter from analogue to the digital signal. Then the dramatic change in the health and behaviour of the birds occurred. Two pet dogs at the same address also became disturbed, refusing to sleep in their usual location.

At the same time, a neighbour's homing pigeons became too disoriented to perform normally.

In another case crows became restless and noisy, vacating the area soon after a mobile base station was installed on a high rise apartment building.

These reports of avain behaviour/health - indicate an intolerable change in our atmosphere for birdlife. The Australian report reveals a significant link between the digital signal in particular of radiofrequency radiation and avian health.

Reports of avian behaviour/health anomolies from London, Australia and elsewhere indicate that birds are sensitive to significant change in their enviroment. Prudent Avoidance - avian style!

Betty Venables Co-ordinator: EMR Safety Network International

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