* Detecting EMF Fields in Humans for Surveillance - A plea to the researchers - A Cancer cluster + conference report from Israel (reprint) - Decline of a couple of birds species (28/12/02)
Re: Detecting EMF Fields in Humans for Surveillance
Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves.

Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

reading your message I will remember that our data of altered EEG-signal, found and publihed in the last decade pointed to this effect of influencing human's behaviour. Equivalent data were found by other scientific groups but as well as WHO or ICNIRP have accepted these harmful influences.

I hope this patent will help us in the discussion about the biorelevance of time-slot-modulated electromagnetic fields used by new wireless techniques.

Lebrecht von Klitzing
Lebrecht von Klitzing, PhD, visit. Prof. (CN)
Lohstraße 170 A. D-23617 Stockelsdorf
Tel. 0451-496292. Fax 0451-880 5761

Dear Klaus,

This is a plea to researchers including Dr. Sianette Kwee, who may receive mail through your excellent list.

Public health science relies both on dose (actual absorption) and exposure (levels of agent present in an environment, potentially to be absorbed) in order to perform toxicology and epidemiology. Those of us in public health science who look at the entirety of a scientific literature such as RF bioeffects need researchers to provide us both dose and exposure levels wherever possible. This is necessary to protect people against cell tower radiation. Often the dosage alone in a study is insufficient to make an argument about towers, where all we can compare is power densities (exposure levels).

We need many more studies of all kinds with measurements in W/cm2 (exposure) and not just W/kg (dose).

Thank you for your kindness in communicating this public need.

Susan Clarke MMOC

A Cancer cluster + conference report from Israel

Roy, if it interests you, here is a report about A. a conference to the public in Israel and how experts sell the radiation issue to innocent citizens. B. the biggest cluster I ran into, happened here with 14 cancer cases in the same street (more than two times than in the cancer street in London) and 3 more cases not in the same street,but the same neighbourhood, and at the same place, horrors with animals.

This is it:A very big conference in Israel about the environment is happeneing these days, all the citizens in Israel are invited. Also a special part about the non-ionizing radiation already took place on the 18.12.2002. By the way the israeli epidimiologist Sigal Sadezki, who participates in the WHO EMF project, said that the WHO study is fund be the European union (not industry).

The most known specialists in israel, whose opinion it taken very seriously, they are the ones from the center of research of radiation, "Sorek" they are considered the most serious experts in Israel. They gave lectures also and there was also the representative of Israel in the WHO called Shialal Kandel. She said about the blood brain barrier that it was not found every time so it is ambiguous and if there is an effect in the BBB they don't know what it means. About the researches as whole: not replicated, some say one thing the other say opposite- nothing has only one meaning. If in the future they will find out an effect it will be significant because there are 800 millions users.

In Israel there are 5 million phones for 5.5 million people population. Dr Menahem Margaliot from " Sorek" said that the third generation will be 1.8-1.9 Gigahertz, a lot of very little antennes and if a person talks in a shopping center, he will not be connected to an outside base station but to an antenne on the acoustic ceiling. If there are base stations near schools, he says, then the child will talk with less radiation. "The phones are the source of the problem, if there is a problem as more elegant and little the phones are, the more close they are to the head, ". He said that we know this radiation from epidimiological studies back to the '30, and peole grew up and grew old near the transmitters (=they had long life...) and there was no problem.

"We have many Zorans" ( ironically to what he said, Zoran is one of two villages near radio transmitters, with high cancer and death rate). To the objection, that there are many reports about damages, he said "so the question is what happens when we lower the radiation" (I guess they market now the "low" radiation for the 3G as if many little antennes = low radiation..).

About the health question he said: "The physics problem there is not much to investigate about. What happens when we have a generation who grows up in low radiation is the question, there is a student who investigates now (his doctorat..) if really where we have many little antennes with low radiation gives low or high radiation, and he will say if there are red areas (more radiation) and then will come an epidimiolog in the future who will come and say that in the red areas there is more this and that or less this and that" ("this and that", these days, called sickness or illness. are they not allowed to say this word?...)

These people now made a special booklet very invested (the look, the colors, the quality of pages) published a week ago but written on it March 2002 about celullar phone. I will write you some things from there, they distribute it in the country for the people. "Is exposure to elecrtomagnetic radiation in the radiofrequency range dangerous to health? In high frequencies the radiaion causes to the heating of the tissue, and to biological damages which are called "thermal effect". But, by the last scientific knowledge, exposure to electromagnetic radiation under a certain level does not cause damages. This level is a lot higher than the level we are exopsed to in the daily life. There are reseaches and scientists who claim about damages of non-thermal levels, also in low levels, but they are not proven"

"How can one explain the heating feeling in the ear or head during a conversation? Probably, this feeling is derived from the heating of the battery and the handset, like electrical equipement and this is not connected to the radiation".

"Do cellular telephones cause to headaches, dizziness, fatihue and so on? Many users complain about that. By the scientific knowledge, it's likely they are not because of radiation, but not enough studies were conducted which could find out if the telephone causes it and if so what the reason is. Maybe these phenomenons exist, but they are derived from reasons that are not connected to the radiation like bad hearing, not convenient way of holding the handset, tension etc.

"Are some people more sensitive to the radiation? Maybe, but the phenomenon of 'Electrical Hypersensitivity' is not proven".

"Is there a recommendation to less exposure to the cellular phones? It seems that the phone doesn't cause damages to health, so probably there is no reason to a general recommendation like that. Still, worried people about health damages can decide to lower their exposure by a lower SAR rate or other."

"Can cellular phone radiation cause cancer? Probably not. Generally, the opinion of the professional bodies in the world, is that electromagnetic radiation does not count as a carcinogen, but there is a need for vast further research which will take several more years until it can be determined in high certainty".

The booklet is written by:
Ronen Hareuveni
Shiala Kandel
Ilan Eliaho
Menahem Margaliot

From a conversation with a nurse in a hospital, she tells about a boy with a tumor in the acustic nerve in his ear. He said from his own initiation: "I used to talk a lot on the cell phone with this ear." She says it's not the only case.

I personally know a guy with brain tumor on the side where he used to talk with the cell phone for 7 years, he used to feel heat waves, pains, punctures in the ear.

At the same time: (both this case and the booklet are from March 2002!)

A neigbourhood where 14 people got cancer, this illness rate is higher 7.5 times than the rest of the village. The citizens started to call themselves as people from Chernovil. The youngest who got cancer is 17 years old, the oldest is 73 years old. They are convinced the reason is 2 huge cellular antennes in the distance up to 700 meters from the sick people. 14 are sick in the same street, 3 more in the neighbourhood. Cats were born without ears and almost without tails, two of these cats died after 5 monthes. 40 sheeps died at once. 200 pigeons were found dead in one house. There were also cases of Hepatitis, a child that did not grow and other strange phenomenons.

The cancers they got:
2 Leukemia
2 Lymphoma
1 skin
4 bowels
1 bones
3 lungs
1 spleen

3 already died (published in the local newpaper on March 2002)

The cellular companies spokeswoman:
"I feel sorry for them , but there is no connection between the antennes and the cancer. All sites stand in the strict standards of the WHO and the EPA (the israeli EPA), the standard is 6 meters from the population".

"I went through 3 chemotherapy treatments and 38 radiations in a year. I still get radiations. I am not capable to work because the treatments make me ill, They did not agree to accept me to the army" (Abdalla Hdid, 20, got lymphoma)

Kolbo Haifa, 15.3.2002 by Hadid Rashi and Moran Karmin.

All the best

Original message from Roy Beavers, forwarded by Colette O'Connell and from the same persons as above Alfonso Balmori Martínez

The Independent
Independent House
191 Marsh Wall, London E 149 RS

Valladolid, 6th May 2002

Dear Sir:

My name is Alfonso Balmori and I am a biologist and ornithologist from Valladolid (Spain).

I am writing to you in order to send you my hypothesis about the decline of a couple of birds species, House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) and Starling (Sturnus vulgaris), in lots of British cities.

The hypothesis has its origin in my tracking of birds in a park in Valladolid (Spain) from 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2002. Even though this study is not finished yet, it seems the preliminary results led to the decline of several species as has happened in England. With the hypothesis I will present in the following, which has not been published, I pretend to opt for the prize that you have proposed, even in the non-scientific side: "will be considered for inclusion if the particular observation or theory proves to be the starting point for the final scientific explanation" (Michel McCarthy 16/5/2000 The Independent).

I have sent this letter by ordinary mail, could you please confirm its receipt and its acceptance for the context of your journal.

Now I will provide the evidence to support my hypothesis.

With best wishes.

Alfonso Balmori Martínez
C/ Navarra, 1 5ºB. 47007 Valladolid. Spain

Evidence of a conection between Sparrow decline and the introduction of Phone mast GSM (Global system for mobile communication)

Alfonso Balmori Martínez

"Disappearance of the Sparrow and the introduction of phone mast GSM correlate closely in terms of time".


Since the second half of the nineties Base Stations for mobile telecommunication have been spreading across the urban centres. These base stations have increased the electromagnetic contamination "electrosmog" in the urban centres. The fundamental reason is that these devices produce 900 and 1800 MHz pulsated waves that interfere in the nervous system of living beings. There exist many scientific studies that warn about the danger for health in human and living beings of this kind of electromagnetic radiation electromagnética (MRW: microwave radiation) (look for example G.J. Hyland: "Physics and biology of mobile telephony": The Lancet, vol 356: 1-8. 25/11/2000).

The circumstantial evidence of a connection between Sparrow decline and the introduction of Telecommunication Mast and Base Stations is strong. As the disappearance of the house Sparrow from the large cities correlates with the introduction of phone masts, the possibility that such cell masts (towers) are involved surely requires immediate investigation. The high frequency RF fields produced a response in many types of neurons in the avian Central Nervous System. Besides, some studies warn about the effects of these radiations on reproduction: Decreases in sperm counts and smaller tube development in rat testes (Dasdag et al., 1999) and increases in embryonic mortality of chickens, (Youbicier-Simo, et al., 1998).

Why have British Sparrow populations indeed collapsed in big cities but not in small towns?: The number of Telecommunication Masts in big cities and the use of mobile phones, in general, is much greater than in small towns. Big cities usually have more electromagnetic contamination, but this differs between areas (vicinity of Masts) and because of this the decline of these birds does not happen to the same degree in different parks or neighbourhoods or different cities. Small towns usually have the telecommunication masts located away from the urban centre because this is sufficient to maintain the coverage. Because of this birds are less affected in small towns and villages.

Telecommunication Masts usually are installed in high places in order to achieve more coverage for the signal. For this reason there is lower density power in lower places. These waves impact to the species in different ways depending on the breeding height, the height of singing, feeding, nest location, kind of nest etc. This is the reason for the decline of species that frequent roofs, aerials, phone wires or those with higher breeding height such us House Sparrows (Passer domesticus), Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) Magpies (Pica pica), but not those that live near the ground and vegetation like Blackbirds (Turdus merula), Robins (Erithacus rubecula), Wrens (Troglodytes troglodytes), or those that breed in cavities where they are more protected like the Blue Tit (Parus caeruleus), Great Tit (Parus major), Coal Tit (Parus ater). Apart from that, it is likely that each specie will show different susceptibility to these radiations.

In November 1999, in Scotland over one third of all Scottish Local Planning Authorities adopted or publicly committed themselves in to adopting precautionary policies as a direct result, by choosing to keep transmitter masts away from schools and residential areas. Two years later the demise of the House Sparrows appears to have been reversed in Scotland (Paul Kelbie 10/11/2001, The Independent). It is most likely that the same will happen in Northern Ireland very soon as there will be Planning controls on mobile phones masts, and the new regulations will be stricter than any other region of the U.K. (Marie Foy, 11/4/2002, Belfast Telegraph). So we might expect an increase in House Sparrows and Starlings in Northern Ireland in the next few years.

The electromagnetic field is the perfect secret agent: you cannot see it, you cannot smell it, you cannot hear it, you cannot feel it and its effects are slow but relentless

My investigation:

My study was carried out in the park of Campo Grande in the centre of Valladolid during 1996, 1997 and 1998, when there were just a few Telecommunication Masts in Valladolid, and the results have been compared with those for the current year 2002, when the city has been covered in its totality. Now there are, at least, 5 Base Stations of three telecommunication operators in the vicinity of this park.

There are several places in Valladolid where birds have disappeared with levels of radiation between 2 and 10 V/m. In recent years, lots of carrier pigeons got lost because of the electromagnetic fields coming from theTelecommunication Masts and Base Stations.

Provisional results

Birds tend to avoid places with high levels of electromagnetic contamination. Some "silence areas" clearly exists where there are no song males. 11% of the species of breed have disappeared slowly from the park (2 of 17) The number of song males of several species have decreased.

November 27-02:

Hans-U. Jakob, 1.12.02; http://www.gigaherz.ch/555/ - excerpt from the German text translated by EMF-Omega-News

London: at the Wednesday morning, November 27-02, on Radio BBC was to hear that in England the bird experts, bird protection societies and ornithologists strikes alarm, because in London within a year a decline of the sparrow population around one-quarter were assessed. Something that never existed before. The people are shocked and riddles around. For mobile radio-expert, that is meanwhile generally nothing mysterious. London belongs to the capitals of Europe with the thickest electropollution. Mobile radio-field strength of 4V/m are on public places almost everywhere the standard. That is yet far beneath the political limit values, however yet much further above the biological limit values.

Confessed is that carrier pigeons, owls and tower falcon already in 1.4V/m stops with the upbringing of cubs. So one may not be surprised, that even the toughest and adaptableest in the bird world, the sparrows of London, abandon the brood business at 4V/m. Just as are propagation damage known in the cattle from high-frequent E-fields-strengths of 0.6V/m.

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