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Re: The truth about EMF radiation
The auditory effect could be because of change in stiffness on the
middle-ear apparatus, caused by lowering of threshold of excitation of
muscles. Microwaves are indeed expected to depolarise nerves and muscle
cells, which would produce such a threshold change.

The "tired face" may reflect a neurological effect caused the same way
as the pathological loss of function reported by Hocking and Westerman
(see http://occmed.oupjournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/51/6/410). This
pathology, described by an MD neurologist, was caused by overexposure to
a CDMA (cell-phone) relay transmitter.

Either exhaustion of neurotransmitter or chronic constriction of blood
vessels might result in
"tiredness" of the face.

I think the writer reasonably has concluded that microwaves are the most
likely cause of the problems.


Hi Klaus.

Very interesting link you posted from Harlan Girard:

I quote:

Once the passive-radar cat is out of the bag, there's even a chance it
could evolve into a means of tracking people on the street. "But there'd
be a lot of technical challenges," because the human body is a poor
reflector of radio signals, says Shawn M. Herman, a researcher at
Numerica ..." -- Otis Port

Right. In other words, the human body is a very good receiving antenna
at some, perhaps many, frequencies.

This is exactly why there are complaints of electronic harassment and
electrosmog: If we were more reflective, there would be few complaints.

A word to the wise for cell-phone researchers . . ..

John Michael Williams


Implant the truth and they will come

Informant: John Mecca


Sorry Fellows. Denmark, just now one of the most interesting countries
when it comes to public discussion on EMF and cell-sites, is situated
just to the south of SWEDEN. And this is where I live. Here in Sweden
politicians and industry since (at least) 1996, called upon
international telecom industry that the people here are so "IT-mature"
so that the country is a "perfect place" to test new IT-technologies (a
geographic size appropriate to handle; a medium large population
statistically comfortable to deal which; a population very interested in
electronic interactivities; a large IT-company dominating the industrial
life and so on. The Swedish government is expecting raise of GNP as a
result of this: even television and radio broadcasted of the state now
begin to be digitalized! And that is why IBM became to test its
software, to began with in Sweden. Microsoft was to be followed for the
same reasons for example in cooperation with Ericsson, taking lead in
the BLUETOOTH technology (to day more or less a spectacular flop) and
the Wap-mobile phone (another monstrous flop). Just another word here
about Bluetooth. The application of this technique decided Ericsson to
test just in a small community: at Åland (the island between Sweden and
Finland, belonging to Finland. In Finland ("Nokialand " as they say) the
"Nokes" was amazed about Ericssons impudent behaviour. Putting "all eggs
in a basket" Nokia invested in -mainly- new mobiles for GSM. While
Ericsson with the Bluetooth concept and WAP did not work out very well.
So they afterwards put all remaining eggs in a basket: 3G. We know the
rest of the story. While only few citizens were interested in buying 3G
mobiles Sweden was a Eldorado for foreign companies building cell
towers, phones and so on. 99 percent of Swedish people was by the
government decision said to be "penetrated" by the 3G technology...
-This is what the European Union is expecting of us, they said. So this
is where we are right now. 3G is for the moment a large flop. The
government now say that NMT-system is soon to be turned off (the only
system that reach people in distant rural areas). 3G works only in small
"islands", in bigger towns, but not in rural areas. Links between GSM
and 3G is not functioning very well. Less than 1000 3G user are more
than disappointed. And what more is: all telecommunication actors are
suffering from new clients; have a shortage av cash; problems with
credits to build up the more than 20 000 cell towers they was contracted
for to get concession of this building.

Swedish authorities, like the SSI, the governmental radiation control
institute, speaks the same language as the politicians and the Ericsson
people. They all say, that ICNIRP, a private society, made it very
clear, that emissions from 3G is far, far below the Limits they propose.
So: non thermic effects is no concern to deal with. Of course this
situation is a pervert one: Sweden roles by a private organization
(ICNIRP) who set a standard of a non relevant "limit" for radiation. But
the government and SSI have a problem. Investigations says that more
than 50 percent of the people is "worried" about radiation from 3G,
although GSM already is a success. What to do? The SSI agency therefore
contracted one of Sweden’s authorities, a Public Relation company,
called "Kreab". The task was given: -To "immunize" public opinion from
fear from 3G. The battle of public attitudes just had started. I think
that the government and SSI is facing a tough journey: investigations
made shows that at least 10 percent of the population in Sweden
themselves says they are - in a way or another - oversensitive to
electrical devices - only at workplace! At the society as a whole some
500 000 among the population av nearly 9 million regard themselves as

And there we are. People against government and the companies. Companies
(and governmental authorities) trying to create "needs" very few so far
asking for. Government desperate looking for new paths of expanding the
GNP, and frighten further backlashes from "information technology". So,
for the moment we can notice a clash between government and the people,
all over the country: protests, demonstrations a lot of angry writings
in media.

This is a positive challenge: so far IBM, Microsoft, Ericsson and other
mobile phone actors are rejected by the peoples masse. The situation in
Denmark is better - because they don’t have a single monopolist like
Ericsson, and because of that the politicians there not are some
depended upon such an industry.

Jan Åberg

Post Scriptum: Not to forget: 5 years ago the discussion on optofiber
cable, for distributing Internet "wide nation" in Sweden was proposed.
This concept was not tasty to Ericsson. They started lobbyism for the
"need" of wireless communication. In the first run, they, as we can see,
won the first round. The major investment in IT-technology has since
then focused on - 3G. This must be in mind, when explaining the
nationwide resistance against 3G. GSM is here to stay, and a good
compliment to optical fibre. 3G is a threat to optical fibre, and to GSM
as well. Therefore I see optical cable fibre as an urgent alternative to
these weird plan to a "wireless" world.


England Hereford-Worcs Mobile phone mast vandalised


Vandals have pulled down a mobile phone mast in Worcestershire - the
second in the Midlands in recent months.

The mast's owners, mobile phone company 02, say the vandals have caused
thousands of pounds of damage and mobile users have suffered a reduction
in the service as a result.

They believe the attackers broke through an unsecured fence before
pushing over the structure.

The 45ft high tower at Hampton near Evesham was toppled over after
supporting bolts were unscrewed.

Reviewing security

The company is installing a temporary tower to get mobile phone service
in the area back to its normal level and will be reviewing the level of
security at the site.

Last month a controversial mobile phone mast in the West Midlands, which
was blamed by locals for a cluster of health scares, was pulled down.

The mast at Wishaw, near Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, fell down on
Bonfire Night, again after bolts were removed from the base.

Residents have now bought the mast from a scrap yard and plan to sell
parts of it off as souvenirs.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2003/12/02 20:01:14 GMT



DownUnder. An appropriate use of force option?
Klaus FYI. This post from Queensland, Australia. A sign of things to
come in Europe? Regards and thanks for your excellent work.

Specialist Emergency Response Team (SERT) officers moved in, using the
new taser "stun guns" to remove a woman protester from a mobile phone
tower. An appropriate use of force option?


This story is from our news.com.au network
Source: AAP

Stun guns used to remove protester


POLICE used taser "stun guns" in public for the first time today to
remove a woman protester from a telephone company substation on the Gold

Julieanne Rodgers, 54, a long-time opponent of mobile phone towers,
climbed onto the roof of a Telstra building at the corner of Christine
and Bermuda Avenues at Robina around 4.30am local time(5.30am AEDT),
unfurling a banner with a peace sign on it. But she was not discovered
until around 8am when police were called. Ms Rodgers had pitched a tent
on top of the substation and told police she planned to stay there for
at least a week.

But after only 10 hours, Specialist Emergency Response Team (SERT)
officers moved in, using the new taser guns, which have been undergoing
operational trials for the past six months by the Queensland Police
Service. The guns are used at close range, with an electrical pulse
freezing muscles and immobilising the target for a few seconds.

Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson today defended the use of the weapon.
"There needs to be another step between the use of capsicum spray and
the use of a firearm by SERT officers," Mr Atkinson told Network Ten
news. "The taser is being trialled because it is believed that it may
well be an appropriate use of force option," he said.

But Queensland Council for Civil Liberties (QCCL) spokesman Terry
O'Gorman said police need not have used the guns. "It's just not on to
use a stun gun which uses a five-second 50,000 volt charge to enter a
person's body on a demonstrator," Mr O'Gorman said.

Ms Rodgers told Ten News before her removal from the Telstra building
she believed the radiation from mobile phone towers was giving people

Police have alleged she was armed with a live cattle prod and had used
it on a police officer.

They also allege she was armed with a spray bottle containing an unknown

Ms Rodgers will appear in the Southport Magistrates Court on December 10
charged with serious assault of a police officer, possession of a
restricted weapon, disobeying a direction given by a police officer and
climbing a structure.


Re food irradiation DownUnder (excerpt)


Also from Queensland, Australia.

Our protests have fallen on deaf ears. A food irradiation plant is to be
built smack bang in the middle of our most famous tourist city Cairns,
in order to (initially) export fruit to NZ. So the story goes. In truth
it's likely that all types of foods will eventually be irradiated
including our own supplies. NZ the raison d'etre.




Hum Group

Dear Hum Sufferer,

The Hum is still with us and causing misery to thousands of people, it
covers at least two continents and as yet there is no hope of relief.

I have recently started a Hum Sufferers web group to allow exchanges
between fellow sufferers and I am sending this email to all those who
have contacted me in the past.

Everyone is welcome to have their say but it is also important to show
the numbers affected and that this is a world wide problem, it is not
necessary to join in the discussions, just becoming a member will help,
numbers are important.

Go to the msn group web address, click on the "join now" tab, make up a
password and a nickname.


Best Wishes
John Dawes


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