* Scientific Committee COST 281. Who denounces the false experiment and the absence of "Health basis" in the mobile telephony? (15/5/03)


Dear Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Giraud

It has been requested to present in Dublin COST 281 the enclosed documentation about TWO KEY POINTS, to revise the HEALTH ERROR in the mobile telephony

  • Does not exist any scientific basis: False experiment “Spherical Cow Concept”.
  • Censorship of vital health investigations during more than 30 years.

This documentation remitted to COST 281, was presented in Luxembourg on 24.2.2003 to the European Commission, WHO, mobile telephones’ manufacturers and to the selected group that it was supposed should revise the Precautionary Principle.

  • Not a scientific, neither a health basis exists:

In Europe it has been imposed (without any scientific demonstration) very hight powers of microwave that are emitted on the alive beings, and affect the children, girls and pregnant women.

  • Comply the instructions of a private company ICNIRP?

These powers are thousands of times over the powers that can cause biological alterations and evidently are based on a false experiment: The “Spherical Cow Concept”?, reported by Dr. Robert Becker. To heat “one centigrade a spherical mass of plastic filled with saline solutions”.

To heat a “dead mass”: Characteristics, Weight, Dimensions and the Time of radiation?. (Not yet any answer has been received)

It is known since decades that the microwave radiation can move the molecules and the cells of the alive beings in mechanical form. Is a physical form of violence that can modify the brain of children and to develop "irrational violence"?

  • Censorship of health alteration: The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB).

In Luxembourg was presented the information of Kathy Moran, Daily Express UK, (11/10/1999) about the alteration of the Blood Brain Barrier, carried out more than 30 years ago, replicated in USA, and that still today is censured. (To see enclosed)

Dr. L. Salford and Dr. N. Cherry report that a mobile telephone can alter the BBB of the user in just about two minutes. Alteration that reaches to 1,5 meters of distance.

I have advanced this documents by e-mail to the Scientific Committee COST 281 with the oral presentation in Luxembourg: But the Scientific Committee COST 281 has already rejected the presentation of the TWO KEY POINTS. (To see your e-mail)


  • The censorship on this vital health alteration, that affects the brain of the children, girls and pregnant women, is a penal offence?
  • How many patients and dead persons can cause to short and long-term?

In 1999, this strategy of health confusion was denounced as “non effectual course” and “delaying tactic” by the world expert Dr. George Carlo. And it can be summarized as “Creating illusions”:

Non-effectual course: "I am especially concerned about what appear to be actions by a segment of the industry to conscript the FCC, the FDA and The World Health Organization with them in following a non-effectual course that will likely result in a regulatory and consumer backlash”.

Delaying tactic: "Since I presented my findings, which they found surprising, they have failed to do anything. In that time there have been another 15 million users in the States and thousands more in Britain. From a consumer point of view the delaying tactic is not good but from a business point of view its great".

Creating illusions: "I am concerned that the wireless industry is missing a valuable opportunity by dealing with these public health concerns through politics, creating illusions that more research over the next several years helps consumers today, and false claims that regulatory compliance means safety. The better choice by the wireless industry would be to implement measured steps aimed at true consumer protection."

Yours faithfully
Miguel Muntané

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Dear Miguel Muntané Condeminas,

the program for the COST 281 workshop on "Mobile Phone Base Stations and Health" in Dublin on May 15 and 16, 2003, has now been decided by the COST 281 Scientific Committee.

Unfortunately, your proposal for contribution has not been accepted. I regret that I cannot give you a more positive response and would like to thank you again for your proposal and for your patience in waiting for the final decision. You can, however, still register as a non-speaker participant for this workshop. To do so it is sufficient to send an email to info@fgf.de. For your convenience I have attached the workshop program to this email.

With best regards,
Reinhard Giraud (on behalf of Gerd Friedrich)

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Los Soviéticos prueban que los teléfonos móviles causan daño en el cerebro.

Por Kathy Moran
Daily Express (United Kingdom)
10 de Noviembre 1999

La evidencia de que los científicos soviéticos usaron la radiación de telefonía móvil para causar daño en el cerebro hace más de 20 años ha sido suprimida, como será revelado hoy.

Documentos del servicio de inteligencia han sido censurados para ocultar el hecho de que los gobiernos occidentales han estado informados sobre el riesgo mortal de las microondas.

Todavía cuando se anunciaba a primeros de esta semana que los científicos suecos habían realizado experimentos similares mostrando que el uso del teléfono móvil podría llevar a un aumento del riesgo de enfermedades como esclerosis múltiple, Alzheimer y Parkinson, sus descubrimientos fueron otra vez desestimados.

Hoy, Alasdair Philips, un importante investigador de los efectos de las radiaciones de microondas, revelará en una conferencia en Londres sobre los efectos adversos sanitarios de los teléfonos móviles que él tiene copias de los papeles originales que guardan las afirmaciones del equipo Sueco.

Alasdair Philips, que dirige el grupo de consumidores Powerwatch de Cambridge, dijo: "Es desconcertante que la gente esté aún intentando afirmar de que no hay evidencia científica de que puedan ser perjudiciales"

"Las personas necesitan que se le den los hechos completos de forma que puedan estar informados y tomar precauciones para protegerse de los efectos dañinos". Pero párrafos vitales han sido eliminados cuando la Agencia de Documentos del Servicio Americano de Defensa sobre las investigaciones Soviéticas de las radiaciones de microondas fueron publicadas a primeros de este año en el estudio Tim Rifart's "Remote Viewing".

Más tarde, cuando un defensor de Irlanda del Norte solicitó una copia del documento DST- 1810S-074076 como evidencia en la lucha contra las antenas de telefonía móvil en las escuelas, ella recibió un fajo de papeles prácticamente en blanco.

Los documentos sin censurar revelan que los científicos militares Soviéticos habían conseguido debilitar la Barrera Hemato-Encefálica con microondas del tipo usado por los teléfonos móviles. Que es conocido protegen al cerebro de las sustancias dañinas de la sangre.

Según Dr. Louis Slesin, editor de la revista Americana Microwave News, los científicos de la armada de EE UU habían conseguido repetir los experimentos soviéticos en 1977 - ocho años antes de que los teléfonos móviles estuviesen disponibles en Gran Bretaña. Pero a los 17 millones de usuarios de teléfonos móviles ingleses se les ha dicho de forma repetida por la industria y los organismos patrocinados por el gobierno que no existe evidencia científica de que los teléfonos móviles puedan causar efectos dañinos.

Dr. Allan Frey, que realizó algunas de las primera investigaciones Americanas, cree que existe "evidencia significativa" contra los teléfonos móviles. Dr. Frey posee documentos que revelan que el Departamento de Defensa de EE.UU. retiró fondos después de que tres estudios habían confirmado estos efectos.

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Soviet Proof That Mobile Phones Do Cause Brain Damage

By Kathy Moran
Daily Express (United Kingdom)
November 10, 1999

Evidence that Soviet scientists used mobile phone radiation to cause brain damage more than 20 years ago has been suppressed, it will be revealed today.

Intelligence documents have been censored to hide the fact that Western governments have long been aware of the deadly danger of microwaves.

Yet when it was announced earlier this week that Swedish scientists have conducted similar experiments showing mobile phone use could lead to an increased risk of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases their finding were again dismissed.

Today, Alasdair Philips, a leading researcher into the effects of microwave radiation, will reveal to a London conference into mobile phone adverse health effects that he has uncovered copies of the original papers which back up claims made by the Swedish team.

Mr Philips, who runs Cambridge-based consumer group Powerwatch, said: "It is mind-numbing that people are still trying to claim there is no scientific evidence that mobiles could be harmful."

"People need to be given the full facts so that they make up their own minds and take precautions to guard against harmful effects." But vital paragraphs had been removed when American Defense Intelligence Agency Documents into Soviet microwave radiation research were published earlier this year in Tim Rifat's 'Remote Viewing' study.

Later, when a campaigner in Northern Ireland applied for a copy of the document DST-1810S-074076 as evidence in the battle against mobile phone masts in schools, she was sent a sheaf of virtually blank pages.

The uncensored documents reveal that Soviet military scientists has successfully used microwaves of the type used by mobile phones to weaken the blood brain barrier. This is meant to protect the brain from harmful substances in the blood.

According to Dr Louis Slesin, editor of American specialist journal Microwave News, US army scientists had succeeded in duplicating the Soviet experiments by 1977 - eight years before mobile phones became generally available in Britain. But Britain's 17 million mobile users have been told repeatedly by the industry and Government-funded bodies that there is no scientific evidence that mobiles can cause harmful effects.

Dr Allan Frey, who carried out some of the earliest American research, believes there is "significant evidence" against mobile phones. Dr Frey's own papers reveal that the US Defense Department withdrew funding after three studies had confirmed these effects.

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