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3.Essential Contacts and Reading for Sainsbury's Milk Campaign

For pictures and a description in Spanish of an action last Saturday 
morning, 3 July, in which a field of GM wheat was destroyed by La 
Plataforma Transgenics Fora! see:

La Plataforma Transgenics Fora! is made up of a large number of 
groups and people from all over Catalonia who use direct action in 
order to stop the imposition of GM technologies.

They are calling for:
- an end to GM research;
- the location of GM fields to be made public;
- Catalonia to be declared a GMO-free area.

More info:
or or

Sainsbury's can't face truth about the depot blockades!!
07.07.2004 17:18

In 1999 the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) reps from 
every African nation jointly condemned Monsanto's efforts to force GM 
on Africa. Monsanto urgently called on PR company Burston Marsteller 
to tackle the crisis. The advice to the whole industry was never to 
admit that African farmers and leaders opposed GM and to pretend that 
all the opposition originated from white, middle class Europeans - 
specifically Greenpeace - who were happy for African babies to die in 
the interest of their extremist ideology. The biotech industry and 
their allies have since then blamed every anti-GM protest in Africa 
and every protest by peasant farmers on Greenpeace. Sainsbury's are 
now pretending that the joint farmer and activist blockade of their 
depots was arranged by Greenpeace - see emailed statement below. 
Greenpeace seem impressed by the action but have had to tell dozens 
of journalists who called them that this was completely independent 
from them....

 From: Parveen Johal [mailto:]
 Sent: Monday, July 05, 2004 2:06 PM
 Subject: Statement

 We're disappointed that Greenpeace has chosen to target us when this is
 clearly an industry issue. Overall all of our depots have responded very
 well in ensuring minimum disruption to service. Our milk does not contain
 GM ingredients. Milk is highly regulated and like all supermarkets, we are
 subject to stringent food safety controls. Our milk is sourced from
 British dairy farms that supply other UK supermarkets, like Tesco and Asda
 - as well as hotels, schools and hospitals. The Food Standards Agency has
 categorically stated that there is no evidence that milk from animals fed
 on GM crops contains any GM material.

 To offer choice to our customers, we have launched a new milk from cows
 fed on non-GM feed which is now in over 100 stores.

A Mole
re: Sainsbury's can't face truth about the depot blockades!!
07.07.2004 17:34

They also can't face the truth that Fair Farmgate Price protestors / 
farmers have got together with GM protestors as they failed to even 
admit that the blockades were also about the exploitation of farmers. 
Looks like they can't admit to the breadth of support for this 

A Farmer
3.Essential Contacts and Reading for Sainsbury's Milk Campaign
05.07.2004 18:49

Members of the alliance challenging Sainsbury's milk policies include 
the following farming, science and activist groups:

FARM: The Independent Voice of Farmers
FFA: Farmers For Action
FUW: Farmers Union of Wales
GEN: Genetic Engineering Network
GFA: Genetic Food Alert
I-SiS: Institute of Science in Society
SFA: Small Farms Association
SFFA: Small and Family Farms Alliance
WFA: Wholesome Food Association


Joint Sainsbury's Milk Campaign leaflet:

A Rough Guide to the UK Farming Crisis:

What's wrong with supermarkets?

Breaking the Armlock: alliance of 14 farming, environmental and 
consumer organisations fighting supermarket exploitation:

Genetically Modified Animal Feed:

Nine reasons why UK farmers should say NO to GM maize

GM Crops: Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff:

Tackling the farming crisis - together:

The National Farmers' Union: friend to big business, not to small farmers:

GM Milk Can Be Ditched Overnight
Steps to a GM-Free Future for the UK Dairy Industry

Off Your Trolley?: The Politics of Shopping:

Milk Prices:

Small Farms Association calls for Moratorium on GM Crops

29.3.04 Environmentalists and FFA Work Together
"Leading environmentalists and farmers representative bodies met on 
Saturday 27 March 2004 in Bristol to discuss the current situation 
surrounding the growing of GM crops in the UK and also the current 
serious situation regarding falling milk prices. It was decided at 
this meeting that a series of direct action campaigns would begin in 
early summer, the message to be sent being very clear - No to GM, the 
consumer does not want it and fair prices for farmers"

Farmers For Action: Dairy Industry News:

FARM backs Farmers for Action
"Congratulations to Farmers for Action (FFA) for forcing discount 
supermarket, Lidl, to drop its plans to cut farmgate milk prices by 
1.3p per litre. Farmers for Action's tried and tested tactic of 
blockading supermarket distribution depots paid off. farm members - 
and anyone else - can back up FFA's action and help ram home the 
message that farmers and consumers won't stand for farmgate prices 
below the cost of production by using farm's 'Fair Prices for Farmers 
& Consumers' stickers inside Lidl - and other supermarket - stores. 
FFA are also asking consumers to check up on the rumour that Lidl are 
importing milk from Poland to undercut UK dairy farmers. Please 
forward any evidence of such to: For 
more information on Farmers for Action, visit their website "

Daisy the Cow


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