Betreff: Email regarding gene and melatonin
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Datum: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 21:28:04 EDT

Dear Dr. Carillo:    Sadly, it appears that BIG PHARMA has a "firm hold on you" -- you are "missing the point" re PREVENTION........
The issue re studies as to whether or not melatonin has the potential of preventing Alzheimers is separate from my appeal for release of information to the public that may greatly reduce the rapid rise in early onset Alzheimers (and other neurodegenerative disorders).   Obviously, it will take many years, as you pointed out, to conduct studies through the pharmaceutical companies.   Their biggest problem re melatonin has to do with the fact that melatonin is "not a drug" and therefor is not regulated by the FDA.   It is not in the best interests of pharmaceutical companies to pay for studies confirming the benefits of melatonin supplementation. 
If the drug companies combine melatonin with "regulated substances," the potential for adverse effects increases dramatically.  The "track record" re many medications of late reveals how tragic such efforts actually are.   The drug companies are desperately trying to produce costly medications that do the same thing as vitamins and supplements but continue to produce one product after another that soon require additional warnings and in some cases, removal from the market.
I pointed out in one of the studies I forwarded that there have already been over 340 melatonin studies -- most likely more than that because I was referring to references cited by only one study. 
Setting aside the issue as to need for future melatonin studies (as I stated, the big pharmaceutical companies have no reason to promote the success of such findings), the fact that the study re the ASTM Gene out of the genetics lab in Paris links autism-like disorders and other neurodegenertive problems, should be reason enough to inform the public that increasing melatonin levels may be helpful.  The Alzheimers' Organization can decide whether or not to add "....while awaiting further studies....." 
Chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR exposures even at low levels, have been found to be a potentially cancer-causing form of pollution.   A "beginning" toward learning more about the various exposures from cellular antennae, radio towers, high voltage powerlines, WiFi, etc. that may save brain cells for many, would be for the Alzheimers' Association to release some preliminary information (even tho based on a multitude of all sorts of studies), to recommend persons simply keep electrical and telephone items several feet away from beds.
The simple fact of the matter is that electric and telephone items close to beds have been known for many years to cause adverse changes to cells.   Based on just the two items I have reported -- the American Cancer Society's information from 1993 containing a file number with "RAD" as part of that file number and the information recommending moving electric items away from beds, should alone be enough reason to suggest to persons that such "cost-free action" just might help reduce symptoms and offer improved sleep.    As you know, "sleep" is a major concern re Alzheimers' patients.   The EMF booklet prepared by utilities' communications' experts with same recommendation is further proof that industry knows there are many reasons for concern. 
You are a scientist.   You know that there is very little in science that can be proven conclusively.  It is my hope that you are a "person with a conscience" -- a person with the intelligence and creativity to figure out a way to release some information to the public re "prudent avoidance measures re EMF/EMR....."  
Best wishes in your endeavors to help others........   Take care  -   Joanne
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