Betreff: [EF!] Galapagos Needs Your Help!!!!-Allison Watson update
Von: Earth First! Media
Datum: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 11:23:15 -0700
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Subject: Call to Action: Galapagos Needs Your Help!!!!
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 19:19:05 -0700

Urgent Message from Captain Paul Watson!!

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is calling for a tourist boycott in
the Galapagos Islands until Galapagos National Park Director Edwin Nuala is

The president of Ecuador, Lucio Gutierrez, has removed Director Nuala, a
professional biologist and dedicated defender of the park, and replaced him
with a pro-fishing, pro-development, anti-conservationist named Fausto

This move will bring to an end the dedicated work by the National Park to
protect the Galapagos National Park Marine Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage
Site, from illegal fishing activities.  In short, the marine life of the
Galapagos will be devastated if this appointment stands.

Edwin Nuala must be reinstated.  The president of Ecuador is bowing to
political pressure from fishermen, many of whom have just recently moved to
the Galapagos after the crash of the fishing industry on the mainland.

The tourist industry actually brings far more money into the Galapagos
economy than fishing.  The tourist industry has been very silent about what
is happening in the Park.  The government of Ecuador must be aware that they
can't kill the goose that lays the golden egg and that the fishermen will be
the decline of tourism in the future. 

The impact of the decline in tourism must be felt and appreciated now before
it is too late.  Therefore, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is urging
people around the world not to visit the Galapagos until Director Edwin
Nuala is reinstated.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is also urging people to write, fax,
call or email the president of Ecuador with a strong message of support for
the Galapagos National Park Director Edwin Nuala.  He must be reinstated and
the fight to protect the Galapagos from corruption, illegal exploitation and
mob violence by fisherman must continue.

National Park Rangers are now on strike in support of Edwin Nuala.  All of
us who care about the preservation of these profoundly unique islands must
support the rangers and Director Edwin Nuala.

Since 2000, the SSCS, working with the National Park, has intercepted and
arrested dozens of illegal fishing vessels and seized thousand of shark fins
in illegal catches.

The appointment of this pro-fishing anti-conservation director will put an
end to our program of cooperation and our fast patrol vessel will be unable
to support conservation efforts in the Galapagos in the future.

The Galapagos National Park has seen crisis after crisis - each more violent
and threatening than the last.  This present crisis is the most serious to
date.  It will mark the first time that the political appointment of a
National Park Director has been authorized and the first time that the
President of Ecuador has directly intervened to shut down conservation in
the National Park.

Sea Shepherd urges you to contact these officials and express your support
of Edwin Nuala:

Presidente Lucio Gutiérrez
Palacio de Gobierno
Garcia Moreno 1043
Quito, Ecuador
Fax: (593 2) 580-735

Fabián Valdivieso Eguiguren
Minister of the Environment
Avenue Eloy Alfaro and Amazon
Quito, Ecuador
Telephone(s): (593 2) 2563429 or 2563430

Gladys  Eljuri De Alvarez
Minister of Tourism of Ecuador
Eloy Alfaro N32-300 Carlos Tobar
Quito, Ecuador
Telephone(s): (593 2) 2507559 or 2507560 or 2228304 or 2228305
Fax: (593 2) 2229330


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society welcomes your support.
To learn how to support our conservation work,
please visit us at

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
P.O. Box 2616
Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (USA)
Tel: 360-370-5650 Fax: 360-370-5651

Subject: Update on Allison Watson
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 17:43:58 -0700

Update on Allison Watson

The perjury charges against me have been dismissed.

             I would like to thank all those 
people who have supported me in my legal battles 
with the Federal Prosecutor's office in Seattle. 
Although I was never myself a target for 
investigation for any crime, I was being 
prosecuted for exercising my rights under the 1st 
Amendment of freedom of association.  You see, 
people that I know were targets of an 
investigation where there was so little evidence 
that the prosecutors had not laid any charges but 
were fishing for information.

             I don't trust my government and there 
is valid historical reason for not trusting my 
government. I remember the lessons of the 
Hollywood black lists and how careers and lives 
were destroyed because people were intimidated 
into giving information on their friends and 
family. Today answering that someone is a vegan, 
a member of an animal rights or environmental 
organization means that you could be providing 
information that would cause problems for other 
people. Questions like; are you now or ever been 
a member of an animal rights organization or an 
environmental group. The House of UnAmerican 
Activities demonstrated very vividly just how 
un-American such questioning is.

             I would never and will never answer 
any question of any Grand Jury without my 
constitutional right of legal representation, a 
right that was denied to me by the federal 
prosecutors in Seattle.   This is not about 
cooperation in the interest of society. This is 
about cooperating with a system that is working 
overtime to deprive all Americans of the rights 
guaranteed to us by that most noble of 
proclamations - the Constitution of the United 
States of America. I would rather die or be 
imprisoned than to diminish the rights 
established in that document and defended by 
brave patriots for over two hundred years.

             The bottom line is this; the 
government of the United States of America has no 
right to intimidate, harass, persecute and 
harangue its citizens to provide information that 
will lead to the deprivation of rights to other 
citizens or oneself for political reasons. The 
fact is that the present administration of the 
United States has declared war on both the 
environmental and animal rights movements. There 
is a political and career enhancing motivation by 
federal prosecutors to bring animal rights and 
environmental activists to trial. The 
administration wants heads and the federal 
prosecutors are striving to collect those heads.

             For more than two years, the U.S. 
Department of Justice has been harassing me. They 
did not bother to explain their reasons to me. 
Big Brother apparently does not need reasons. I 
was first called in to be finger-printed. I was 
not arrested but subpoenaed. I was brought in 
again to give hand-writing samples. I was brought 
in again to give fingerprints a second time. I 
was called into the Grand Jury only to be told to 
come back again at another time. Two years of 
being subpoenaed and called in and appointments 
cancelled, and then subpoenaed again, without a 
reason given. The idea of course is to make 
someone believe he or she is being investigated 
for a crime without telling them that they are or 
are not, without being specific. Always vague, 
always demanding, and always intimidating.

             When I was compelled to appear before 
the grand jury, I was told that I would have no 
right to a lawyer to counsel me during 
questioning. I pleaded the Fifth Amendment. In 
response I was ordered before a Judge who told me 
I could not invoke the Fifth Amendment, after 
all, my name is not Oliver North. I was than 
brought before the Grand Jury where I promptly 
pleaded the First Amendment specifically 
concerned with the clause; nor shall be compelled 
in any criminal case to be a witness against 
himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or 
property, without due process of law. Being 
denied counsel is a denial of due process. I 
pleaded the 1st amendment citing that the 
government had no right to question me about my 
freedom of association with other persons. Again 
the Judge ordered me to answer the questions of 
the Grand Jury and stated that the 1st Amendment 
was not valid to protect me against questions 
aimed at chilling my right to be an activist.  I 
answered questions, but, as the transcript of my 
hearing reveals, the prosecutors bullied, 
intimidated and tricked me in a way that they 
believed they could bring perjury charges against 
me.  Ultimately, the government dropped the 
charges because we intended to prove how unfairly 
they treated me.  Also, critical evidence to 
demonstrate the unfairness of the process and the 
prosecutors' questioning of me had been destroyed.


According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer:

The government dropped the perjury charge 
Thursday after failing to produce transcripts of 
conversations within the Grand Jury room before 
and after Watson testified
"It happened by accident - totally inadvertent." 
Said Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Bartlett who 
explained that the documents were thrown out as 
the office was getting ready to move to the new 
federal courthouse.

Bartlett said that an employee threw out roughly 
ten years of paper tapes containing transcripts 
of grand jury proceedings in which witnesses were 
not present in the belief that there were 
electronic discs containing the same information.

The Post Intelligencer also reported: 

Seattle attorney Angelo Calfo sought to defend 
his client by showing that the prosecutor, 
Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Friedman, had 
constructed a "perjury trap," by tricking her 
into committing perjury. To further his argument, 
Calfo successfully sought an order from U.S. 
District Judge Marsha Pechman requiring the U.S. 
Attorney's office to produce transcripts of 
conversations in the grand-jury chambers made 
before and after Watson testified.

This could not be done because the transcripts had been destroyed.

Thursday, prosecutors dropped the perjury charges 
against Watson, which if she had been found 
guilty, could have brought her five years in 
prison and a $250,000 fine.

This was in fact a precedent set because the 
Judge ordered the Federal Prosecutor's office to 
provide depositions from the principles in 
attendance at the Grand Jury. The Federal 
Attorney's office chose not to provide these 
depositions and instead dismissed the charges.

The Post Intelligencer went on to report:

Calfo said Watson was ordered back before the 
Grand Jury last Thursday, but refused to answer 
Said Calfo: "Her position was: "I was called 
before the Grand Jury and falsely accused of 
perjury in a situation where I felt I was 
tricked. I don't feel it's fair to require me to 
continue to cooperate under these circumstances."

I was then charged with contempt and plead guilty 
to the charge on the understanding that it would 
be a misdemeanor conviction and not a felony and 
I will not have a probationary period. I could go 
to jail for a maximum of 6 months. I was ordered 
to appear for sentencing on November 17, 2004.

Having failed to prosecute me for perjury and 
having failed to intimidate me into cooperation 
with their Grand Jury, the Federal Prosecutor's 
office turned their attention on animal right 
activist and my best friend Gina Lynn. Gina Lynn 
is a very outspoken animal rights activist but 
she is not a criminal.

Thus the witch hunt continues by the Federal 
government to hunt down people suspected of 
defending the environment and protecting the 
lives of animals from cruelty and violence.

This is a strange nation indeed where terrorism 
is daily practiced on defenseless creatures, 
where eco-systems are plundered and turned into 
wastelands, where killing and destruction is 
defended in the name of profits and where 
compassionate people are the object of 
persecution for the crime of association with a 
movement that is attempting to stop the killing, 
the injuries, the tortures and the damage to 
wetlands, forests, lakes, rivers and the oceans.

I will be working to try and get my sentence 
minimized. The maximum is six months for contempt 
but I could receive a lighter sentence by the 
sentencing judge. It is worrying for me because I 
have an elderly mother that, as the only child, I 
am taking care of and I have obligations to my 
dogs, cats and to the work of the Sea Shepherd 
Conservation Society.

Letters of support would be very helpful. I would 
like to request that people who have supported me 
write a letter appealing to the Judge to consider 
my need to take care of my mother and to continue 
my work for the environment and for animals.

And finally, thank you all who donated to my 
defense fund. Without your support, I would have 
been railroaded by the prosecutors into being 
convicted of an unjust perjury charge which may 
have seen me incarcerated for up to five years.

In this respect, we have won. The federal 
prosecutors failed to send me to prison for 
perjury, failed to convict me of a felony, and 
failed to intimidate me into cooperation with 
their witch hunt.

For that I thank you very, very much.

Allison Lance Watson

Please send letters to:
  The Honorable Monica Benton
c/o Angelo J. Calfo
Yarmuth Wilsdon Calfo
2500 IDX Tower
Seattle, WA 98104

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