Betreff: Frost & Sullivan - we're getting there
Von: Dr Grahame Blackwell
Datum: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 18:26:27 +0100

You may not have seen a recent post on EMF-Omega-News, or may not have thought it important.
I've just had a look at it and it is VERY important - they don't come much more significant than this.
Let me explain (before you look at the links).
The article is at
but it's only when you follow it through that you see its real signficance.
It goes via here 
to here
This is a Report from Frost & Sullivan - and it costs $6,000.00.
So what?
Well, the 'so what' is that Frost and Sullivan are one of the world's top consultancy groups, providing infomation and seminars to BIG companies
Those companies pay thousands of dollars for F&S advice and seminars because they base their long-term corporate strategy on F&S advice.
In other words, F&S have produced this Report as a strategic document that will inform policy in major corporates.
And this Report is looking at potential health hazards of mobile comms.
Any company that ignores this Report does so at their peril - they could find themselves being sued for massive amounts a few years down the line, as the law requires that companies do not expose their employees to potential hazards.  And this is a Report from an organisation with impeccable credentials, warning of exactly that possible risk.  NO major employer, a few years from now, could claim they didn't have access to that advice from a highly reputable source.
Which means that big business will be thinking very hard about whether it wants to take the risk of, for example, irradiating all its employees with WiFi or putting masts on the roofs of its ofice blocks.
It's very likely to put a major brake on the indiscriminate roll-out of this technology.  Any sensible business strategist has to deal with 'Risk Management' - it's a key issue in today's business world.  Even if they don't care a hoot for the public or their employees, they care very much for potential liabilities that could drastically reduce their profit margins, maybe even drive them into bancruptcy.
It's part of the 'Writing on the Wall' that I refer to on
You (we) can take some of the credit for this move by this world-class consultancy group.  They watch the signs, see the way things are going - and the way things are going in terms of public awareness on mobile comms is due in no small part to people like us.
As I said in a previous post, we're getting there.
Info from Frost & Sullivan site on this Report below,
F&S home page: 
Grahame Blackwell

Wireless Technologies - A Blessing or a Health Hazard

Pub Time: 2007/06


This Insight discusses several potential issues related to wireless technologies including: the connection between brain damage and several types of cancer and mobile phones, health hazards caused by transmitters, health hazards caused by WiFi technologies, extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, and interference between wireless devices and medical equipment. Although the Insight does not provide a final confirmation or denial of the claim that there exist potential hazards caused by the use of wireless technologies, it does refer to several studies that provide some evidence on this subject matter.

Wireless Technologies - A Blessing or a Health Hazard
Pub Time: 2007/06

Published by : Frost & SullivanFrost & Sullivan
Distributed by : Global Information, Inc.Global Information, Inc.

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