Betreff: EU draft on EMF on Human Health
Von: Eileen O'Connor
Datum: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 20:22:42 +0100

Please see enclosed report to the EU from Stelios A Zinelis M.D. 


I have forwarded the EU committee a copy of my recent power point presentation presented to the EMF Discussion Group at the UK Health Protection Agency.  Please make sure you take time to send information to the committee before 3rd November. Don’t feel you have to provide a full report, a short letter with details about your own symptoms and fears would also be useful.  Doctors, scientists, campaigners, every single one of us are stakeholders ‘have your say’ please take time to provide information to the EU committee as it is a golden opportunity to show that we are not a minority, it will help demonstrate that this is a global issue, we need to show a worldwide response and ask the EU committee to lead the way.


Also see further details about a new law in Greece.


My presentation and Dr George Carlo’s report is now available on the RRT website.


Thank you for your help.

Best wishes

Eileen O’Connor

Trustee – EM Radiation Research Trust


Dear Ms O Connor


I am forwarding this EU draft (Preliminary Opinion) 2006 about EMF on Human Health.

If you could please forward it to everyone in your list(in case they do not have it).

The response to EU should be by Nov. 3, 2006.




Stelios A Zinelis M.D.

Oct. 6, 2006


Dear all


For information, in Greece the Minister of Education on 10th of August 2006 signed a Bill which prohibits the mobile telephone masts, radar and high voltage lines to be within 500 meters of any school.


Best regards


Stelios A Zinelis MD, BA

Greek Cancer Society, Cefallonia.



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Public consultation on the SCENIHR Opinion on
Possible effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on Human Health

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) have their origin in diverse sources such as domestic, industrial and medical electrical appliances and devices as well as high voltage overhead transmission lines. Exposure to EMF has been increasing for instance with the growth in the use of appliances of the telecommunications industry and with a rapid increase in the installation of transmitter masts used as radiotelephone base stations.

In view of the Commission’s intention to prepare a report to the Council and the amount of scientific evidence that has become available since the publication of an earlier opinion by the CSTEE on "Possible effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), Radio Frequency Fields (RF) and Microwave Radiation on human health", of 30 October 2001, the Commission has asked the SCENIHR to both update the previous opinion of the CSTEE and to monitor new information that may influence the assessment of risks to human health in this area.

The Commission, in consultation with the SCENIHR, invites interested stakeholders to send their comments on the preliminary opinionby Friday, 3 November 2006 to the following e-mail address: In order that your comments can be given the fullest consideration by the Commission, please use this format .

You are requested to provide contact details in the event that the Commission would like to have further clarification on any technical issue you may have raised.

The outcome of the consultation will be published. The opinion, which will be finalised after consideration of the replies to this public consultation, will serve as a basis for future activities carried out by the Commission.

Contributions received will be published on this website, unless requests not to do so have explicitly been made.

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