Betreff: Essex and WiFi

Von: Dr Grahame Blackwell

Datum: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 13:41:30 +0100




You may have seen and/or heard all the media spin on the recent Essex study on electrosensitives.

You might also seen/have heard quoted a statement by the General Secretary of the Professional Association of Teachers that children are being treated as guinea pigs in a large-scale experiment (see e.g. )


It might come as some surprise that the 'guinea pig' quote originally comes from a media interview with Dr Mike Clark, spokesperson for the Health Protection Agency.  Any claim that this contradicts HPA assurances should therefore be addressed to Mike Clark of the HPA, not Philip Parkin of PAT.


Details of the HPA's apparently self-contradictory position can be seen at:


A reasoned analysis of the Essex study and its claims can be seen at:

The conclusion of this analysis is that the claim in the Essex press release that:

Study finds health symptoms aren’t linked to mast emissions

is open to serious question.


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