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Thailand Shows There Is No Easy War Against Wildlife Crime

BANGKOK With an AK-47 assault rifle slung over his shoulder, Sompong Prajobjan roamed one of Thailand's lush national parks for more than a decade.

Environmental Group Draws Attention to 1872 Law by Threatening to Mine Posh Subdivision

SPOKANE, Washington An environmental group has staked claim to 20 acres of public land next to a posh subdivision to show just how antiquated the nation's mining laws are.

Bushmeat Trade Is Flourishing in "Hot Spots," Says Report

BANGKOK The market for the meat of animals killed illegally is flourishing in Kenya's capital Nairobi, one of many "hot spots" for a trade that is a serious threat to wild fauna, a report said on Wednesday.

Shell Cuts Back on Nigerian Oil Following Pipeline Fire

LAGOS, Nigeria Oil giant Royal Dutch/Shell said this week it was cutting back its Nigerian oil production by 20,000 barrels a day, following a leak and a fire on a major pipeline transporting crude oil to its export terminal in the Niger Delta.

U.N. Conference Votes to Regulate Perfume Wood

BANGKOK A U.N. conference voted on Wednesday to regulate global trade in agarwood, a fragrant wood highly coveted for perfumes in the Middle East and traditional medicines in Asia.

Animal Advocates Sue San Diego in Fight Over Seals on Beach

SAN DIEGO Animal advocates who want to protect seals living at a beach sued the city of San Diego this week, the latest episode in a standoff that's included at least two suspicious seal deaths.

Genetically Modified Pollen Travels Frighteningly Far and Other Stories

Bioengineered plants can sow their genes over many kilometers in just a single season, according to a new study. The findings give ammunition to those concerned about modified genes contaminating wild populations.

CITES Does Not Follow Standard U.N. Divisions

BANGKOK China and the United States join forces, Norway and Japan defy the European Union, and nobody gives a hoot about Israel. Meanwhile, African solidarity is shattered as divisions emerge between Kenya and the continent's southern neighborhood.

A Coalition of Labor and Environmental Advocates Endorse Policy Package for a Smarter, Cleaner, Stronger America

"FeederWatchers" Track Birds in Unexpected Places, Cornell Lab of Ornithology Seeks Volunteers to Watch Birds

Irrawaddy Dolphins Gain Trade Protection Under CITES; WWF Urges Countries to Stop All Live Captures


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